Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wikileaks: Gjunkshi requires 7 thousand USD per soldier. Iraq will not Albanian peacekeepers are due to corruption

Since the Albanian media treats the issue of killing of a soldier Albanian peacekeeping in Afghanistan as a terrorist act, investigative media attention, has criticized the corruption and the inability of the Albanian forces, to fight in the first line of attack, although the Albanian soldiers, are trained and dressed with uniform armed same western countryes, they have no military motive, also due to poor history of Albania, as it not combat never in a real war front. (SManalysis)

Gazeta "Tema"
This is kabllogrami that former U.S. Ambassador to Tirana John Withers, sends Washington with concern that Albanian troops are sent on missions abroad are unprepared because they are sent there by using corrupt practices. A concrete name that emerges is that of Chief of Staff of Armed Forces, Xhemal Gjunkshi. It requires 7 thousand USD for a soldier going to Iraq. If you do not have money, then they are required to take credit. Because of these corrupt practices, Iraq admits no Albanian soldiers in his country. Disaster for Albania is that they will need to turn soldiers into the country without completing the mission in Iraq and thus could not repay the loans they have taken to pay corrupt officials. For this reason, they will be sent urgently to Afghanistan, to receive full salary and pay the babëziturit of this country. Full kabllogrami below:
..........According to unofficial evidence, superior commanders require 7 thousand USD for a soldier who wants to be sent to Iraq or Afghanistan. This amount represents half of the payment that a soldier receives from international sources during the six-month mission, assuming that the daily wage is 80 USD. Most officers can not pay this amount before starting the mission, so it was required to obtain a loan, which can pay regularly by sending half the payment they receive when they are deployed. Even after these payments, the amount that an Albanian military takes is good for an Albanian military and many are willing to pay bribes. But recently there have been complaints. In October, a group of soldiers from the regiment of commandos wrote an unsigned letter to the Albanian government and sent a letter to U.S. Embassy, ​​claiming
Colonel Xhemal Gjunkshi , commander of the regiment, requesting bribes and is involved in other corrupt schemes; they threaten to send these complaints to the New York Times newspaper.




Albanian Army Officer Killed in Afghanistan

One Albanian solder has been killed and another gravely wounded on Monday in southern Afghanistan after an attack by gunmen in Afghan police uniform, officials said.
Besar Likmeta
ISAF soldiers patrolling in Kandahar. Souther Afghanistan | Photo by : Allauddin Khan | AP
Monday’s shooting occurred in the village of Robat, near Kandahar. The NATO troops had gone there for a meeting about opening two schools and a health center, the Albanian defense ministry said.
“Unexpectedly, the local police opened fire with five automatic weapons and a light machine gun,” the ministry said. 

In the ensuing firefight, the two officers of Albania’s peacekeeping mission Eagle 4 were shot and gravely wounded.

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