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Albanian PM Sali Berisha visits Vatican

Pope Benedict XVI and Albania's Prime Minister Sali Berisha, pose during a meeting at his private library at the Vatican

December 12, 2009.

Dangerous hatred against the Greek leader in Albania

Albanian extremist, call traitor leader "Omonias" Vassilios Bollanos

Some so-called association jointed in Fier, requested by the Berisha government, response about "provocative anti Albanian declaration" from the Leader of Himara and Omonias, Vasillios Bollanos.

According to them, Bollano should be sentenced to prison for "anti-Albanian statements. During today's protest, the president of an association 'patriotic', Kristaq Ziu, has asked the citizens not to be indifferent.

Slogans that fall into the eye were: 'traitor Bollano to go on trial' and 'Bollano in prison'.

The response came just two days after Bollanos statement that 3 / 5 of the population in the south of the country are Greek.

In Fieri Prefecture, located 35 km north of Vlora Gulf in Adriatic Sea, lives a large Greek vllah orthodox community, big part of them are emigrants in Greece.

Note: Apparently, some extremist Albanians, seems not normal, that the Greek ethnic community who live thousands of years in their own lands, which is a national asset for the Albanian state, should not show any alternative opposition, calling the anti Albanian any request addressed to the Albanian government, at the same time seeking visa liberalization with the EU!!!
Albanian developments

Athens may use veto to Tirana, before the liberalization of visas between Albania and EU

by Stavros Markos*

Photo: Vice US President Joe Biden with Vasilios Bollanos, Mayor of Himara and president of "Omonoia"
Down: The people of Himare protesting for rrobery lands by Albanian mafia

The Albanian government, has passed a normative act, in parliament blocked by the opposition, moving a step forward from its obligations to EU, to make the census of general population

But all this, thought by international analysts, can be a dangerous game of Tirana, which is using nationalist pressure through national media, to threat the Greek community living in Southern Albania, known as Northern Epirus.

There are more than 10 years, that Tirana has been propagating, the Population Count will be set, but in fact has blocked this process. Precisely at a time when international institutions, Tirana eventually require this registration which included nationality and religion, organs of "independent justice and prosecution" Albanian, make the next show: require a court to condemn the popular leader of the Greek Community President and also the mayor of Himara, Vassilios Bollanos.

It is understandable that the pressure on Greek leader in Northern Epirus, as it is inexplicable why the fact that Attorney of Province, requires not explain the fact that as an "Albanian citizen convicted earlier by this Court of the province, travels with VIP visa out of border Albanian, and meet in Washington with U.S. Vice President?

In this case, the reason that makes me write, is that the legitimacy of the Albanian judiciary is compromised with nationalist politics, was run by the Albanian leadership and the policy conducted by national media. As such, it can provoke a reason, that the Greeks of Albania, to abandon without limitation the legitimacy of the Albanian institutions and autonomous self declare them, to protect civil and political rights that own indigenous population in Northern Epirus.

Do not forget one important fact: Prosecutor charges Province, were targeted in two fundamental problems of the Albanian nationalist methodology. First, local residents of Himara, must get a construction permit in areas outside the Municipality, only by the Tirana government, ignoring the elected of municipality.

Secondly, the Albanian Government still has not completed the process of return of property in the area of the Ionian coast, which is inhabited by indigenous Greek inhabitants. This makes that, Mafia supported by policy, to use methods for robbery with falls documents, territories as is the case of Kakomea Beach.

In both the facts, that the prosecutor charges against Vassilios Bollanos, this means, the official removal of indigenous population, favoring the replacement of the Greek population in Albania, as was done in all cities of southern Albania (Northern Epirus), Saranda, Vlora, Korca, etc.
According to World Bank, in its report for Albania 2003, movement of population from north to south of Albania, is made for electoral purposes and profoundly nationalistic goals.

In 2007, the World Bank Panel,investigated that an entire village inhabited by ethnic Greek of Himara, was destroyed by the police of the Albanian Government.
Based on these facts, the aim of the Albanian leadership, is simultaneously to block the registration of the population and to establish the Albanian opinion that "the risk to our sovereignty, comes from Greece"

Finally, the Greek community in Albania, will face fierce pressure to Albanian nationalists, for whom this process of counting population, could bring dangerous results and fictitious.And until then, Europe for Albania, will appear at the end of the tunnel.

Stavros Markos*
World Security Network

Journalist, analyst on organized crime in the Balkans & NGO Director. Markos Stavros, born in 1965 in Vlore, Albania, is an award-winning investigative journalist in Tirana. He has worked with BBC Radio, Albanian Television TVS, France Television TF1, TF2, TV5, Italian Television RAI, Athens Media Sesk and more, specializing in Balkan organized crime. He is directing NGO activities around minority issues and has served in the directory of TV Stations and newspapers.

Escalation of Cham Community to Athens

Tahir Muhedini: Cam question, a tragedy with "genocide consequences"

The Voice of America

For the first time in June 28 elections to the Parliament of Albania was elected as a member of the ruling Justice and Integration, the party that protects the interests of the cham community.

The Cham community currently, has two parties which represent its rights, Party of Justice and Integration and the Party for Rights and Unity.

The guest Muherdini, was in the studio of TV program of "The Voice of America" in Washington on December 11...

see more on video:

"Omonia" reactions to Tirana

The attacks against Bollanos, are targeted against all Greeks in Albania



The National Democratic Union of the Greek minority "Omonia", had denounced many times in previous communications, coordinated the systematically attack of the Albanian press to the General President of our organization.

We also repeatedly denounced the judicial authorities of Vlora on aggression and prejudice shown many times over the Mayor of Himara and General Chairman of Omonia.

These attacks are targeted not only to Mr. Bolanos but against all "Omonia" and the Greek minority members.

more in Greek:

Italy warns escalation of crisis in Albania

Photo: Topalli with Italian President Napolitano
down: April 1997, Italian PM Romano Prodi, accompanied by armed groups in Vlora

A surprise visit of the Albanian Parliament Speaker Jozefina Topalli in Rome, has alarmed the political stability in Albania

Albania's government has extended a four-year-old ban on the use of most private boats and yachts, as part of efforts to fight widespread smuggling. A decision published Friday renews the ban until 2012. It applies to the use of all small vessels, yachts and speedboats owned by Albanian citizens. Illegal boats can be confiscated.

The law that prohibits private boats marine, returned to parliament for blocking again, an uncontrolled movement of naval boats, which can be used by contingents of organized crime, say pro-government news agencies near Berisha.

The law that categorically violates basic human rights, it seems that is returned with an Italian influence in Albanian politics.

In Rome Jozefina Topalli, had short time available, meetings with top leaders of state including President Napolitano. The reason is that a rapid economic crisis in Albania, destabilizing the country and can bring large exodus of immigrants, which Italy had been unprepared along the civil war, in 1997.

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World Security Network Newsletter

Barack Obama: The Way Forward in Afghanistan and Pakistan

U.S. President Barack Obama spoke to cadets at the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, New York on December 1st 2009 about the way forward in Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is our privilege to mail you President Obama's important address on his strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan.

This strategy is fully in line with what our non-profit World Security Network of more than 50 experts has promoted over the last four years, including a new focus on the tribal areas (FATA) in Pakistan and local peace-making, especially a new double strategy of power and reconciliation. See our former WSN newsletters below the speech for more details.

Arrived in Albania, British lawyers required by the Cham community

Legal Solutions for the "Cam issue"

Photo: Former Prime Minister Fatos Nano and Shpetim Idrizi. Nano contributed personally to support politically Shpetim Idrizi, as representatives of the Cham community in the Albanian parliament

According to Albanian press, have arrived in Tirana yesterday, representatives of one of the most prestigious legal company from Britain, invited by the Justice and Unity Party, the purpose of issue recognition Cam and file the necessary establishment, the legal prosecution of this matter in the courts international.

On Friday, representatives of this company met with historians Pellumb Xhufi, Beqir Meta and Ahmet Mehmeti, to recognize the historical aspect on the Cam population during World War II and the events preceding background.

In the afternoon they will meet with lawyers who have contributed to the Cam issue, as Mentor Nazarko, etc.. to recognize the Greek and international legal framework and to achieve in developing a legal solutions package.

At the end of these meetings, on Sunday the chairman of Justice and Unity Party, will hold a press conference to express the achievements of these meetings about the Cam resolving issue.

According to Albanian media, the "prestigious British company" is one of the most recognized international law and conflict issues.

Justice and Unity Party faithful to its promise to resolve Cam issue, vows that will lead to Strasbourg property issue and if necessary issue in The Hague for genocide, says for the Albanian media, Shpetim Idrizi, Chairman of the Party.

Arias: "Who wants to be president of a country that turns into a Central American Albania?"

Costa Rican leader Oscar Arias said a restrictive decree suspending some civil rights in Honduras remained in place despite promises by the nation's de facto leader.

Condemning the Honduran coup as a throwback to Latin America's ugly history, Costa Rican President Oscar Arias said Tuesday that the country can't have free and fair elections until its de facto government lifts a repressive decree that silenced opposition media and forbade public gatherings.

``What kind of democratic elections are these, in which public meetings cannot take place without the authorization of the army?'' Arias said.

``What kind of democratic elections are these, in which the media can be closed for opposing unspecified `government resolutions?'

``Only the most forgetful of people could read this decree without experiencing memories of a terrible Latin American past.''

Arias, who won the Nobel for his work resolving the civil wars in Central America, has served as a mediator in Honduras' three-month political crisis.

He stepped in after Honduran President Manuel Zelaya was forced out of the country at gunpoint because he had insisted on a controversial referendum the courts had ruled illegal.

Zelaya later sneaked back to his country and sought refuge at the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa, which he refuses to leave until he is restored.

The government installed after his ouster says Zelaya must face treason charges and insists that regularly scheduled elections set for Nov. 29 are the only solution to the political deadlock.

``We are being subjected to curfews every day,'' said Martín Pineda, secretary general of the opposition Democratic Unity Party.

``We don't know if on election day we're going to be allowed to stand in poll lines.''

Arias said the solution can't come from elections alone.

``My message to the candidates is: who wants to be president that is not recognized by the international community?'' Arias said in an interview with The Miami Herald. ``Who wants to be president of a country that turns into a Central American Albania?''

albanian newspaper:

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bollanos: Since 7 century b.c. Albania where inhabited by Greeks

On the World Human Rights anniversary day, the President of "Omonia" Vassilios Bollanos calls Tirana to make the general counting population. "In Southern of Albania 3/5 of total population are greek, without the epresence of Greek vllahs" Bollanos has shocked the Albanian opinion.

The Chairman of Omonias and Himara Municipality Vasiliosl Bollanos claims that the Greek presence in Albania and especially in the south of the country is much greater than what is stated earlier by Albanian scientific institutions.

Bollanos has used international day for human rights to put another strong statement to trace many others said before. Bollano stated that Albania is a territory inhabited by Greeks in the seventh century BC, who founded the city Dyrrahut, Durres today. For Bollano, three fifths of the population in the south were speaking Greek to Greek, while another part is that speaking Greek again Vlach language.

According to estimates of Albanian Government made last April, the Greek population in Albania composed by 1% of 4.2 million inhabitants. Sources from Athens made by Northern Epiriot Federation said that the Greek minority in Albania is more large than presents Tirana, is between 600 to 700 thousand while according to CIA Fact Book for 1989, the estimates there are about 12% of total population of Albania of 3.2 million inhabitants.

According to State Departament, Albania member of NATO Alliance never has made democratic census in the country.

see video:

Macedonia Party Calls for VMRO Resignation

Menduh Thai: Next step, FYROM must install protectorate forces

Skopje | 10 December 2009
DPA leader Menduh Thaci
DPA leader Menduh Thaci

Macedonia's opposition ethnic Albanian party has called for the government to step down due to its inability to deliver a Euro-Atlantic future to its people.

Macedonia has exhaused all its chances, Menduh Thaci said after the country did not get a green light for the start of its EU accession talks due to the unresolved name spat with neighboring Greece.

The leader of the Democratic Party of Albanians, DPA, said he was not taken by surprise with the political strategy of the Prime Minister and ruling VMRO-DPMNE party leader Nikola Gruevski to avoid solving the long running spat.

"Both Gruevski and VMRO-DPMNE want to resume their historical mission dating back 100 years ago i.e. to annex Macedonia to Bulgaria," he said.

He urged the junior ruling coalition party, the ethnic Albanian Democratic Union for Integration DUI, to quit the governing coalition and to stand in defense of Albanians' interests.

Macedonia Opposition Slams Government Over Name

It is true that Greece abuses its EU and NATO membership to block Macedonia from entering these organisations, but the current politics of self-pity and blaming others will not help the country progress, Macedonia’s opposition said.

“The people expect from you to solve problems and not make excuses and point fingers at others,” Branko Crvenkovski, the head of Macedonia’s main opposition party, the Social Democrats, SDSM, said, urging Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski to define his so-called “red line” in the name dispute with Greece, a point beyond which he is unwilling to compromise.

He stated that SDSM sees the preservation of the Macedonian national identity as its so-called ''red line''. That means that the country's language and nationality remains known as Macedonian.

Crvenkovski’s remarks come after EU Foreign Ministers in Brussels postponed a decision to give the country a start date for accession talks with Macedonia due to Greek opposition. Ministers said they will discuss a date during the Spanish EU presidency, which spans trough the first half of next year.

Several hundred people on Wednesday staged a protest in front of the EU office in Skopje to express their dissatisfaction.

“We must not miss the chance that we are given to solve the row with Greece in the next six months,” Crvenkovski said.

He argued that Gruevski has already gambled away a chance to solve the row before the ongoing EU Council, thus depriving his country from the possibility of removing the final obstacle in its path towards its two strategic goals, EU and NATO membership.

“The only chance that was missed is a chance to erase ourselves from the map of nations and erase our own identity,” Gruevski replied to these accusations from Brussels.

Greuvski has in the past implied that the opposition, given a chance, would give up the crucial Macedonian identity stands. He has been constantly accused Greece of making maximalist demands in the name talks.

Macedonia has been an EU candidate country since December 2005. For a number of years the country did not fulfill necessary accession criteria, but in this autumn’s progress report the European Commission said Skopje is ready to start talks, and recommended member states extend a start date.

However, Greece has all along said it will block any decision to give Skopje a start date pending a solution to the 18-year-old name dispute with the country. In April 2008, Greece also blocked NATO's invitation for Macedonia’s membership in the Alliance for the same reason.

Athens claims Macedonia's official name implies territorial demands over its northern province, also called Macedonia.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Greek Media on Balkan Developments: Greeks must finally understand that, its national interests are in great risk

The Turkish in Western Thrace, proclaimed the government president, have the flag and propagate through the Internet's historical inaccuracies, at the time that Athens to spent in meaningless panel television for the young of Exarchia

While Tirana wants to charge a Trial to punish again the President of the Greeks of Albania in Northern Epirus, Vassilios Bollanos for the seconde time.

Bollanos Trial, an Issue as priority of candidate country Albania, inquiring by the European Parliamentary Socialist Group, since 2008

Greek-speaking organization condemns trials of members, local mayor (14.07.2008)

"The charges against 10 Greek minority members by the Albanian judiciary have led to an immediate and strongly worded reaction from the Himare Community, a Greek organization. In a declaration distributed to the media yesterday [9 July], it described the charges levelled by the Vlore Prosecutor's Office as unjust, claiming that "their only guilt" is that "they are Greek." It also accused the judicial and public order authorities in Himare of systematic violence against the minority, adding that the purpose of it is "to eliminate the Hellenic elements from their own lands." Referring to the cases brought against members of the minority over the past few years and, in particular, against [Himare] Mayor Vasil Bollano, this organization, with Stavri Marko as its executive director and Theodhori Bollano as the chairman of its steering council, concluded that "Albania is a terrorist state." Himare's Greek-speaking people declared that "these acts are part of a broad plan for terrorism, violation of morality, and methodical economic paralysis." This plan, they claimed, shows that "Albania, a country that will be integrated into the EU and, starting from yesterday, is a NATO member with the blessing of Greece, is demonstrating once against that it does not deserve to be part of the Euro-Atlantic institutions, because it violates fundamental human rights, such as freedom of speech, the right to declare one's nationality, and property rights." The statement cited the arguments on the basis of which Himare's Greek-speaking community has reached the aforementioned conclusions. "It should be recalled that there is still an ongoing case initiated in 2003 against five of our compatriots simply because they staged a protest rally in favour of legitimate elections. There is still an ongoing case initiated in 2006 against two of our compatriots simply because they protested against the illegal interruption of the electricity supply. The mayor of Himare will be put on trial simply because he legally exercised his powers within the boundaries of his municipality," the declaration said. For this reason, it called on the Greek people "to stand by the people of Himare in order to prevent the eradication of Hellenism from Northern Epirus." Meanwhile, in an appeal to international organizations they called on them "to intervene with advice and help Albania become a modern European state."

Bollanos Issue

The prosecutor of Vlora asks again the "crucifixion" of Vassilios Bolanos

Wednesday, 09 December 2009 NENANEWS AGENCY

by Vassilios Jatrou

After repeated accusations by Court marathons, the expected deep in the Albanian state, known for his anti-Hellenic lines observed in the region by prosecutor of Vlora Petriti Mala prepared with classes again calls the crucifixion of the President of Omonia and Mayor Vasilis Bolanos Himara.

The category of abuse of position of the mayor and falsification of data is a¨ ¨ "Christmas gift" for Vasilis Bolanos by the Top Prosecutor of Vlora Region.

moree see:

Dangerous "Cafeneio Dialogues" by the leaders of Albania


by Stavros Tzimas

Photo: Albanian government troops, riding on armored vehicle trying to quell a riot, Tirana, March 12, 1997

.....In live coverage from the floor of the House, the day before his meeting with Papandreou and Gruevski in Prespa, Prime Minister of Albania Sali Berisha, attacking the opposition leader and Socialist Party leader Edi Rama, with ratings cafe....

And he goes back. Pick up the gauntlet and answers from city hall, his mayor of Tirana, about the same tone: "You are mentally disturbed," behave like the Führer. " .......................

.....Let us not forget that in September 1998 supporters of Berisha took on assault weapons and tanks to the presidential residence and the then Socialist Prime Minister Fatos Nano fled underground and fled to Skopje to escape.

...and This time, the spirits are lit again and the country through the most serious political crisis than the 1997, when the people rose up, took up arms against Sali Berisha, considering the offending because they lost their homes in the pyramids and Albania saved at the last moment the civil bloodshed thanks to the intervention of the international community. .....

more see in greek:

Interview: Cocaine trade in the Balkans

Interview Ioannis Michaletos*

7 Dec 2008

The state of Montenegro filed an application to join the EU, on Monday the 15th of December, a process that will inevitably be associated with issues concerning security in the state and organized crime, as it has been pointed out numerously by the international authorities and press.

The following text derives from an interview to the Daily Montenegrin newspaper "DAN", in Podgoritsa and the Editor Marko Vesovic (Published 16/12/2008)

1. What is you information on the link between money laundering and serious forms of organized crime in Montenegro?


First of all we have reports made by international organizations, such as the annual EUROPOL report or the regional reports by the UN office in Vienna and the State Department’s reports that verify on the existence of money laundering operations and organized crime presence. Moreover newspaper articles from reliable editions, such as the Italian La Stampa, or the Der Spiegel in Germany, plus countless of other information coming from the Balkan media and unofficial talks in conferences and international meetings.

In general there is a unanimous assessment that Montenegro is being used as a base for m.................

more see:

Link in the Montenigrin language:


Albania Court Reviews Greek Territorial Deal

Albania's constitutional court began on Tuesday a review of the legality of a territorial agreement with Greece, which delineates the continental shelf between the two countries in the Ionian Sea.

The legality of the agreement was appealed by the opposition Socialist Party which claims that the government is handing Albanian territory to its neighbour for unclear political benefits.

The court is expected to hear arguments for and against the agreement from opposition lawyers and representatives of some of the highest institutions in the country, including the President's office, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Defense, the Navy and others.

The agreement signed by Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha and his Greek counterpart Costas Karamanlis in late April in Tirana, created a stir of controversy in the local media which accused the Albanian government of giving 225 square kilometers of its territorial waters to its southern neighbour.

The media accused Berisha and the Ministry of Defense of not delineating the division of the continental shelf according to the equidistance principle of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, UNCLOS, on which the agreement was based, a charge which the Ministry of Defense has flatly denied.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bollano issue; Tirana wants to restart the crisis with Greece

Paradoxes: "For building permits, the residents of Himara, should ask Tirana to build and live or not in their land"

Photo: US, V/President Joe Biden with Mayor of Himara Vassilios Bollanos in Washington November 5

Another attack against Mayor of Himara, Vassilios Bollanos by the Prosecutor of Vlora (directly the Government of Tirana), in connection with construction permits from administration of Himara Municipality, provides for native of Himara Region.

The charge is utterly ridiculous, demanding a criminal proceeding for several administration officials and its Mayor Vassilios Bollanos.

It is unclear to the last pressing target in Albanian from Tirana opinion to Mayor and President of Omonias, Vassilios Bollanos, in a long and critic political crisis in the country, when Albania has passed it`s limits of a democratic state and when the political opposition requires the removal of Prime Minister Sali Berisha.

Anyway, not only the President Vassilios Bollanos already attacked politically by Courts of Albania, but there are other 5 himariote who raised Greek flag in Himare during the local elections in 2003 , while political charges are for 10 others.

Also, other 15 himariotes, continue to be charges, under indictment by the political prosecution of Vlora, for the attack at the police department in April 2007, for which they had declared that "they want to be guaranteed to protect their families from the Greek police and not from the Albanian fascist polices".

EU FMs' conclusions on FYROM "satisfactory" for Greece's positions

Photo: On Red color the states pro FYROM vote in UE

Brussels. Greek foreign ministry sources described as "satisfactory for Greece's positions" the reference to FYROM contained in the text of conclusions of the EU Council of Foreign Ministers-General Affairs adopted on Tuesday morning by the EU foreign ministers following the political agreement they reached on Monday after long deliberations.

More specifically, the text agreed does not contain any reference to commencing EU accession negotiations with FYROM in March, but instead states that the Council will return to the issue during the next EU presidency, which is assumed by Spain on January 1, 2010.

The Council of Ministers, in its conclusions, welcomed the progress achieved by FYROM in a number of important issues and the fact that the country has to a large degree faced the fundamental priorities of the partner relationship. The smooth implementation of the Stability and Association agreement is expected to facilitate further steps, according to the conclusions, while the presidential and local elections of 2009 fulfilled most of the international standards.

It further said that implementation of the Ochrid Framework Agreement remains an essential element of democracy and a just state, and stressed that the reform program must continue.

More specifically, the conclusions said, continuation is necessary of the effort to combat corruption and ensure the independence and objectivity of Justice.

The Council of Ministers further noted that the European Commission has recommended the commencement of accession negotiations with FYROM, and that it will come back to this issue during the course of the next EU presidency.

The conclusions further stressed that the maintenance of good neighborhood relations, including a mutually acceptable solution to the name issue following negotiations under the auspices of the UN, remains essential, adding that the Council of Ministers encourage the recent positive developments in relations between Greece and FYROM.

Albania's Ruling Majority to Hold Major Rally

Tirana | 08 December 2009 |
Campaign Democratic Party rally in Tirana
Albania's Democratic Party and its government allies are expected to hold a major rally in Tirana on Tuesday, commemorating students' protest in 1991 that are considered to have been the beginning of the end of the former Stalinist regime.

However, for most local observers the rally is seen as a show of force by Prime Minister Sali Berisha, in response to the opposition protest in late November seeking a partial recount of the ballot of the 28 June parliamentary elections.

The rally comes in a tense political climate, following weeks of personal jibes and accusation of corruption between Berisha and opposition leader Edi Rama.

The two opponents have hurled increasingly harsh insults at each other, accusing the other of homosexuality, domestic violence, insanity and fascism.

Since the new parliament was reinstated in September, the Socialists’ 65 elected deputies have boycotted its sessions, halting the passage of legislation that requires more than a simple majority.

The boycott has poisoned the political climate in Albania and both European and American diplomats have called for a political solution in order not to hamper the country's reform process, vital for its EU integration.

However, both Berisha and Rama have refused to bulge from their hunkered position, keeping parliamentary life in suspense.

The Socialist and the Democrats, the two main political powerhouses in Albania since the end of the Stalinist regime of former dictator Enver Hoxha in 1991, have a long history of political animosity, usually following disputed electoral processes.

Albania has yet to hold elections which fully respect internationally recognised standards. However the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe that monitored the June polls said the process showed marked progress compared to previous polls, especially in terms of voters registration.

However, the politicization by both the parties of the ballot counting process, which was delayed for days, the use by the government of public employees and resources during the campaign and political pressure on the media by both camps, remained a serious concern to be addressed, the election monitoring body said.


Albania continues to demonstrate a total politic crises inside its institutions including the Parliament, which continues to be boycotted by opposition until the resignation of PM Sali Berisha and anticipated new politic elections

Photo: Poster of Tirana Municipality, denouncing the violence against women by police department of Tirana

Monday, December 7, 2009

EU Decides Over Macedonia’s Accession Talks

Skopje | 07 December 2009 | Sinisa-Jakov Marusic
Macedonians still hope on positive outcome
Macedonians still hope on positive outcome

Despite intense speculation, it is still not clear whether Macedonia will secure a start date for its EU accession talks at the regular EU foreign minister meeting scheduled for Monday.

Although the European Commission and the European Parliament supported the start of negotiations with Skopje, the chances of Macedonia securing a start date are slim due to Greece's objections.

Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski is due to arrive in Brussels Monday, where according to local media he will ask member states to grant Skopje a start date, noting that there are plenty of opportunities further down the EU accession road for Greece to block Macedonia's progress.

“Although no one from the government has confirmed this, Gruevski might try one last push to convince the EU heads to vote in favor of (extending) a date,” Utrinski Vesnik wrote. His Greek counterpart George Papandreou is due to arrive in Brussels on Thursday, and media do not exclude the possibility of a meeting between the two prime ministers.

The most probable outcomes for Macedonia at the summit are that foreign ministers will postpone the decision on a start date for later in the course of 2010, media speculate. This could mean that a date could be given at the next EU summit scheduled in March.

Until then, the EU Council may recommend in its conclusions that Macedonia and Greece work more intensively on settling their 18-year-long name row. EU ministers might also commend Macedonia’s progress in fulfilling the EU accession criteria.

Last year Athens blocked Skopje from entering NATO due to the name row. Athens claims that Skopje’s constitutional name, Republic of Macedonia implies territorial claims towards Greece’s own northern province which is called Macedonia.

The latest round of UN sponsored bilateral name talks and the recent direct meetings between the two countries' high officials have resulted in a general warming in relations between the neighbours but produced no compromise.

Observers see a chance for a settlement of the row, citing the relatively new and strongly positioned governments in both countries, as well as the European Commission's recommendation that member states extend Skopje a start date for accession negotiations.

Berisha continues to call the leadership of political opposition, as “sophisticated mafia”

While Tirana, targets in a regional security conference focusing on developments in the political crisis in Albania, Berisha has blamed the opposition as connected with the mafia

Tirana - Prime Minister Sali Berisha, said today that Albania is the only problem that crime has to do with the mafia, is that it will be hit with the same status as criminal gangs. During a speech at a Security Conference in Tirana, Berisha stressed that he would be taken more measures against what he calls cupola underworld related segments of the opposition.

Furthermore, the head of government said the measures taken by the government's right along these years, made to disappear boats and rescued hundreds of lives. "Law on boats saved hundreds of lives. No more drama from the boats in our waters. Cave wall of organized crime in our country ", said Prime Minister.

Meanwhile for lawyers and opposition have rejected the law for Anti mafia, which constitutes a violation of the Constitution and the Human Rights in Albania. Thus, as referred Berisha Law moratorium of speedboats, preventing them to be exercised by the people constitutes a flagrant violation of basic human rights.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Albanian politic parties will decide for the future of FYROM existence

Menduh Thaci: “If for a short time, does not solve the problem in Skopje, there may be inter-ethnic tensions in FYROM”.

The two largest Albanian parties in Macedonia, DUI and DPA will analyze the situation and recent developments of which depends on the Macedonian Euro-Atlantic perspective.

Albanian political factor predicts the course of developments before and after December 7, when it is expected that Brussels will decide to give or not to begin negotiations on Macedonia.

Hope that there will be good news from Brussels and that Greece will show constructiveness”, said Ali Ahmeti for media. "We will develop two parallel processes over the way of finding the final solution. One, a compromise that is not repeated Bucharest in 2008, but unlike it, and the second, after December 7, Macedonia and Greece, will enforcing in a certain period to find a sustainable solution to the name issue ", stressed deputy DUI Talat Xhaferi.

Meanwhile, the Albanian Democratic Party leader Menduh Thaci has ordered the Macedonian leadership to give up which irritates the Greek sentiments. He stressed that if for a short time does not solve the problem, there may be inter-ethnic tensions.

"The Compromise in my opinion is that the prime minister will give strong guarantees in decision-making centers in the world that will change the name, its identity and would finally admit that Macedonians are Slavs and have nothing in common with antiquity, and that FYROM can only continue to build as a multi-ethnic, because on the contrary, the tendency to be built on ethnic grounds, is hopeless, "said Thaci

According to surveys conducted by various organizations, 95 percent of Albanians in Macedonia support the country's membership in NATO and the European Union.

Vatican, Albania and conspiracy against the king of Greece Metaxas

The ambassador of Italy to Greece, Emmanuel Grazzi, revealed that Ciano had asked him how it was possible to "find some Albanians, to kill the king of Greece (?)

At a reception shortly after Christmas of 1940, in Rome, attended by almost all foreign diplomats, Foreign Minister Ciano, response to the Vatican delegate, who asked him about his plans in Albania, was heard to say, with a voice to the watch foreigners that Greece "is so poor that only a fool would covet.

A week later he wrote that Ciano, in his ‘Calendar’ for 'the entire road construction project in Albania towards the Greek border. Besides, when Italy occupied Albania in April 1939, again to sleep in Athens, telegraphs to the Italian Ambassador Emmanuel Grazzi in Athens "to visit as soon as the prime minister, General Metaxas, and to assure that the rumors of Italian preparations to Greece are absolutely false and move agents provocateurs.

The Ambassador Grazzi in his book "Il Rrincipio della fine” (1945) reveals that on April 30, 1940 had a meeting with the minister Ciano, upon invitation, and after discussion, Ciano, pretending that supposedly wonder, consulted the ambassador of how it could "to find some Albanians, who would kill the king of Greece????

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Extraordinary Congress of HURP on December 19

New strategy in Southern Albania to include more Northern Epiriotes to vote for their politic and civil rights in Albania will conduct the Congress of HURP. New names, personalities in field of public relations will be present at Congress.

At a meeting in Tirana, HURP decided to be held extraordinary congress on 19/12/09 at the Academy of Arts in Tirana.

The Bureau decided to invite the extraordinary Congress from delegates of all the legitimate rights of the conference representatives from all Northern Epirus clubs operating in Greece. The move was introduced in the opening that would make HURP in Northern Epirus living in Athens. This proposal at the meeting became from the president of HURP Vangelis Doules, which was unanimously accepted.

According to Albanian Press, the conference as the supreme organ of the party will define responsibilities and key in the positions of emigrant from Northern Epirus, who have permanent residence in Greece. Also many of our compatriots who are in Greece will have the opportunity to participate in the Secretariat and the governing board of the party.

According to Chairman of HURP Doules, with following these developments we hope to begin a new period of better cooperation between Northern Epirus residents in Greece who are in our native village and those living in Greece.