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EXCLUSIVE: "The Hellenism of Northern Epirus, against the resurgence of Albanian nationalism"

A very successful event of the "Himara Union" in Constantinople Cultural Center in Athens, entitled "The Hellenism of Northern Epirus, against the resurgence of Albanian nationalism.

IntThe event, was participated the Mayor of Himara Mr. Vasilis Bolanos. This was also the President of HURP Vangelis Doules. The Greek parliament attended by the New Democracy MP and former Minister Efripidis Stylianidis, PASOK MP Michalis Pantoulas, MP LAOS k.Makis Voridis. There is also a politician of Northern Epirot LAOS Harallambos Karathanos. Among the speakers was Mr. Chrysanthos Lazaridis and Mr. Stavros Lygeros, journalist of "Kathimerini".

The event began with one minute silence in memory of Hero of Hellenism, Aristotle Goumas. Then emotion caused by the special viewing audiovisual material in which speaking parents and brother of tragic murder, Aristotle.
The MP of PASOK, Pantoulas, on his speech focused on the presentation of anti-Hellenic and invasive reports of Albanian textbooks and presented a diary from World War II, which proved the Hellenism of Northern Epirus..... more see:

New flirting Greece - Israel

Ongoing exchanges of visits, while attempting to meet Netanyahu-Erdogan in Athens

To Bima

With a rapidly evolving to the Hellenic - Israeli relations that began in the summer after the exchange of visits of Mr. Papandreou and Benjamin Netanyahu.

Cooperation in the fields of defense, economy, high technology, energy and tourism has been on the table by both governments, which is evidenced by the constant visits of government officials.
Indeed, Greece is seeking the arrival of Mr. Netanyahu and the conference on climate change in the Mediterranean, to be held under the auspices of the Greek Prime Minister next Friday, October 22, the "Star Hotel" of Vouliagmeni in Athens.

Recalled that the Conference will be present the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in a sign that Hellenic - Israeli relationship is not competitive with Ankara....................

Read more in Greek newspaper To Bima:

Snap Polls to Follow Kosovo Government Collapse

Emergency elections look set to be announced in Kosovo on Monday after the junior government partner, the Democratic League of Kosovo, LDK, decided to withdraw from its coalition with the Democratic Party of Kosovo, PDK.

Lawrence Marzouk

If, as is likely, the assembly is dissolved on Monday, elections will now be held 45 days later, on December 2.

The move comes one day after the acting President, Jakup Kransiqi, who is a member of the the PDK, announced elections would be held on February 13 following the resignation of the country’s president, Fatmir Sejdiu, last month.

LDK’s decision has caught their partner, PDK, and other political parties by surprise. A series of emergency meetings are currently being held in Pristina to determine the next political moves.

Deputy Prime Minister Hajredin Kuci of the PDK told Radio Free Europe that LDK’s decision had put the country in an ‘institutional crisis’.

“An emergency election can be one of the ways to get out of the crisis as soon as possible,” he said.

In a statement announcing the LDK’s decision to break the government coalition today, the party said it would withdraw it’s deputy prime minister, ministers and deputy ministers from the government on Monday after carefully analysing the latest developments in Kosovo.

The LDK added that it ‘remained committed to being a powerful contributing factor in all the important processes of democratic government’.

Valdete Daka, Head of Kosovo's Central Election Commission, CEC, said that it would face a major challenge if extraordinary elections are to be held.

"If the Kosovo Assembly is dissolved on Monday, then for us it will be very difficult," Daka told the television station KTV.

"Sincerely I hope this will not happen because the CEC would be in a difficult situation.”

NATO foreign and defence ministers conference

ANA-MPa/A joint announcement by the Foreign and Defence ministries, following the conference of the Alliance's foreign and defence ministers in Brussels on Thursday, in which Foreign Minister Dimitris Droutsas and Defence Minister Evangelos Venizelos participated, said that "Greece has assessed in principle positively the present plan of the new strategic doctrine presented to the member-states by NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, while the new administration structure model, that was prepared by a committee of senior officers, will constitute an item of further processing."

It was added that "as was observed by the Foreign and Defence ministers, in the present phase of the process, the plans of the above texts that are under processing respond to the options made by our country."

Thursday's conference took place in the framework of preparation for the NATO summit, that will take place in Lisbon in November and it it examined the entire spectrum of the major issues preoccupying NATO.

More specifically, the Alliance's Foreign and Defence ministers, according to the same announcement, "discussed the new strategic doctrine, with the new structure of forces, the issue of anti-missile security, the reforming of the Alliance's organisations, NATO-EU relations, the procedures for the saving of resources and all relevant issues that will be finalised at the conference of NATO heads of state and government."

Albania's Berisha calls for information campaign on visa liberalisation


TIRANA, Albania -- Prime Minister Sali Berisha urged his cabinet Monday (October 11th) to organise a public information campaign on the benefits and restrictions of pending EU visa liberalisation. During a meeting with lawmakers from the ruling Democratic Party, Berisha said he wants all methods of advertising used. Visa liberalisation enables Albanian citizens to travel without visas in the Schengen zone, but only for a 90-day period, without being able to ask for a residency permit or work, Berisha pointed out. The government wants to avoid a scenario similar to that in Macedonia and Serbia, whose citizens travelled to Europe and then asked for asylum after being included in the Schengen zone last December. Following last week's decision by the European Parliament to support the lifting of visas for citizens of Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is now up to the Council of the EU to give final approval next month. Albanians are expected to travel without visas by the end of the year.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

SEDM meeting in Tirana

TIRANA (ANA-MPA) -- A joint statement issued after a Southeast European Defence Ministerial (SEDM) process meeting here underlined the need for cooperation between the countries of the region, while noting that countries aspiring to become NATO members should be supported in their efforts.

Addressing the meeting, Greek Defence Minister Evangelos Venizelos emphasised that a political evaluation of SEDM and the multinational brigade SEEBRIG should get underway, reminding that the SEEBRIG HQ will be based in Greece between 2011 and 2015.

Moreover, he said that the global economic crisis, developments in NATO and the EU are issues that will have to be taken under consideration.

On Monday, Venizelos had bilateral meetings with his counterparts from Albania, Montenegro, Turkey and Ukraine and other countries represented in the meeting.

Albania, latest update

Albanian F.M. Haxhinasto: Maritime boundary agreement with Greece will be reviewed again

Agreement on maritime borders with Greece will be reviewed again. The statement comes from Foreign Minister Edmond Haxhinasto under which, both tow countries are under analysis and exploration of various possibilities for achieving a solution respecting the constitutional obligations.

Anyway,Tirana is currently present, by serious shock, to keep the government Berisha, which is reflected in the great crisis that has gripped the government, lot of corruption of members of government and parliament from the coalition in power.

see video:

President Tadic, meets U.S. secretary of state Hillary Clinton

12 October 2010 | 09:26 -> 18:50 | Source: B92, Tanjug
BELGRADE -- United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Belgrade this afternoon and started her visit to Serbia.

Clinton, Tadić are seen in Belgrade (Beta)
Clinton, Tadić are seen in Belgrade (Beta)

Clinton arrived here from Bosnia, for meetings with top Serbian state officials, and first met with Serbian President Boris Tadić.

Speaking at a joint news conference after the meeting, Tadić stated that Clinton's visit was the second visit by a high-profile U.S. official to Serbia, which allows the two countries to build their relations on a new basis.

He pointed out that the challenges Serbia is currently facing are such that the country needs partnerships and cooperation with the biggest powers like the U.S.

The Serbian president recalled that this is the second in line of bilateral visits after the visit of U.S. Vice-President Joseph Biden, which according to him shows that after a number of years of misunderstanding and poor communication, Serbia is finally building relations with the U.S. on new foundations.

Tadić also said that he confirmed Serbia's determination to build a strategic partnership with the U.S. during his meeting with Clinton, adding that "Serbia also wishes to close the chapter on its dark past by arresting war crimes indictees Ratko Mladić and Goran Hadžić"...............................

more see:

Clinton Urges Bosnians to Reject Nationalism, Adopt Reforms

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke in Sarajevo today and urged Bosnians to "reject the false promise of self-serving nationalist agendas" and push forward with reforms.

Sabina Arslanagic

After meeting with top government officials and speaking to university students, Clinton opened the new United States embassy in Sarajevo.

In a speech at the new embassy, Clinton told those gathered that she had urged the students, as she urged every citizen, "to reject the false promise of self-serving nationalist agendas, those will lead only to more distrust, disunion, stagnation and poverty.

"No one will create a stable and prosperous future for this country stoking the animosities of the past... The only way forward lies in working together toward shared aspirations so you can create jobs, attract investment, and build a better life for everyone."

She encouraged the newly elected Bosnian leaders, many of whom were present at the embassy, "to reflect the interest of the voters by moving promptly to form an inclusive and functional government and then proceeding with consitutional reform."...........................



Saranda today counts around 50 thousand inhabitants, of which, about 70% are coming from different regions of Albania, after 1990. Arrivals of large population, is dedicated after creating great propaganda of nationalist politics, to change the ethnic composition of the border region with Greece. However, rather than to see, tourist perspective of Saranda and its region, including the Park of Butrint, yet other regions of Ionia, as Ksamil returned, as an anachronistic site ugly development, building hundreds of apartments abusive. Today thousands of apartments, have remained without being sold to Albanians, in numerous cases, would could have been bought from diaspora, Kosovo and FYROM. Saranda and Ksamil, projected from Tirana, to be dishonored in a national center for Albanian patriotism, have lost any value as Mediterranean center, while likely a panoramic full of bunkers, nothing in common with contemporary value of tourism.

Albanian updatate!

The DP of PM Berisha, leads the political opposition request: "Please do not protest with up to date 9 November 2010, as far as Brussels to decide finally for our visas"

The Democratic Party of Sali Berisha, calls the political Opposition and its leader Edi Rama, to do the patient and to stop protests across the country, until the European Commission with the date November 9, 2010, to decide finally for free visas regime."

Let`s to be know them where Albania has achieved democracy, everything can be forged to show Europe that "Albanians deserve to be equal in the European family."

The political Opposition entities, has one year, in which does not recognize political past elections and protests in various forms throughout this time, including a hunger strike in the middle of the capital Tirana. Finally they has decided to resume protests across Albania, the fall of the Berisha government, and to bring the country to early elections.

Evangellos Venizelos in Tirana for defense ministerial meeting

Attention, open in a new window.

Monday, 11 October 2010 19:42
Within the framework of the meetings, Defence Minister, Mr. Arben Imami, is holding with the representatives of 16 countries of South-East Europe, a special attention was paid to the Minister of Defense of Greece, Mr. Evangellos Venizelos.

Among other things, Minister Imami repeated once again the special assessment of the Albanian Government for Greece in the framework of support provided for approaching Albania into the European Union and the successful completion of the process of free movement for all Albanians.

The two ministers in addition to the positive evaluations in the framework of military cooperation to the estimates of the two counterparts of Defence, significantly affects the strengthening and deepening of bilateral relations.

The two counterparts supported further sustain to cooperation with all the Balkan countries.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Lieberman" After solving the conflicts in the Caucasus and Cyprus, and after making peace between Serbia and Kosovo, then the Europeans can come here and “we will listen to your advice.”

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman told foreign ministers of Spain and France: "Solve your own problems in Europe before you come to us with complaints. Maybe then I will be open to accepting your suggestions," in a dinner meeting with them on Sunday evening.

Lieberman emphasized to Bernard Kouchner and Miguel Moratinos that "Israel will not be the Czechoslovakia of 2010," at their meeting at the foreign ministry offices in Jerusalem.

“What about the struggle in Somalia, North Korea, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan and Sudan?” he asked. “Instead of talking now with the Arab League about the future of a referendum in Sudan, or discussing the explosive situation in Iraq in 2012, the international community is applying great pressure on Israel.” Lieberman said that while the international community was talking about bringing about calm in the region, it would likely cause the exact opposite and “bring about an explosion like what happened after Camp David in 2000.”

The foreign minister added that he does not expect the European Union to solve all of the world's problems, but he expected the EU to solve problems on the European continent. “I don’t expect you to solve the problems of the world, but I certainly expect that before you come here to teach us how to solve conflicts, you will deal with the problems in Europe and solve those conflicts” Lieberman told French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner and Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Moratinos, who arrived on Sunday for a day of talks in Israel, followed by a day of talks in the Palestinian Authority. Lieberman said that after solving the conflicts in the Caucasus and Cyprus, and after making peace between Serbia and Kosovo, then the Europeans can come here and “we will listen to your advice.”

"In 1938 Europe placated Hitler, sacrificing Czechoslovakia instead of supporting it, and gained nothing from it," Lieberman said. "We will not be the Czechoslovakia of 2010, we will stand up for Israel's vital interests."

Following the First World War in 1918, the state of Czechoslovakia (today the Czech Republic and Slovakia) annexed the Sudetenland border region, whose population were mostly German nationals.

Twenty years later, Hitler demanded that the region be returned to Germany, and Britain and France agreed. A year later in 1939, Germany conquered the rest of Czechoslovakia proper by force.

President Obama Boosts Giannoulias’

The President speaks at a fundraising event held in Chicago in support of the Greek American senatorial candidate.

Chicago, IL.- President Obama came to his hometown on Thursday to enhance the battle of his basketball teammate Alexi Giannoulias to keep Obama’s old Senate seat in Democratic hands.

“All my friends in the house”, Obama told the cheerful crowd at the Drake Hotel, for a fundraising event for the Greek American senatorial candidate Alexi Giannoulias, followed by a private dinner. Both events enhanced Giannoulias’ war chest with $750,000.

Beyond the presidential visit, first lady Michelle Obama is scheduled to host a fundraising event for the Democratic nominee this coming week in Chicago. Vice President Joseph Biden has headed two fundraisers for Giannoulias.

“I hope you’re fired up in these last few weeks,” the President said. “It’s up to you to defy the conventional wisdom once again.”

Recalling the warm November night in Grant Park when he appeared before a roaring throng as America’s first black president, Obama said that event “just gave us the chance to make change happen. That was the start, not the finish of the journey.”

“Two years later,” he said, “the success of that mission is at stake.”

“I have, still, some sore ribs to prove it,” he said. “And we’ve seen that in the campaign. He just keeps plowing ahead.”......................

more see:

Albania: Government, Opposition, counts for 1 million new Albanian passports

"The Socialists say that Europe expect 1 million Albanians, who will seek political asylum in the EU" said Berisha, in a communication with the media, "this is a lie open by opposition, he says."

Even after the establishment of the European Parliament for visa liberalization, in Tirana is back a new conflict. Having taken due to 1 million biometric passports distributed by the Albanian government for its citizens, which are capable of moving without visas in the EU, Berisha has attacked the political opposition leader that is making propaganda in contrary to the national interest of the country.

"The Socialists say that Europe expect 1 million Albanian
s, who will seek political asylum in the EU" said Berisha, in a communication with the media, "this is a lie open by opposition, he says."

In contrast, the political opposition leader Edi Rama, accuses Berisha government, though it has grown from economic poverty, the number of unemployed in Albania.
"In Albania, there are added 1 million unemployed as a result of failure of governance reforms," said Edi Rama today at a press conference.

In fact, the visa liberalization, is seen as a "new exodus officially" towards Europe, an event which has archived past him bitter, of exodus of Albanian immigrants, who attacked ships as in 1991 and during the "Civil War "in 1997.

Several months ago, Prime Minister Berisha, had called the Albanian political opposition, as "the most dangerous Mafia in the Balkans", while the opposition leader Edi Rama, said that in mid-October, to resume protests to the fall of
the corrupt government of Sali Berisha .

EP urges Albania to inform public about visa liberalisation

TIRANA, Albania -- The EP rapporteur on visa liberalisation for the Western Balkans, Tanja Fajon, is urging authorities in Tirana to inform citizens about the rules of EU visa liberalisation in order to avoid possible abuse.

Lifting the regime may be used in different ways and this may become a problem for the government, Fajon said Sunday (October 10th). "Citizens have to understand they cannot stay longer than three months [and] they cannot work or apply for citizenship, as this might trigger some countries to reapply [the] visa-regime," said Fajon. Next month, the EU is expected to give the green light to last week's decision by the EP, lifting the visa regime with both Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Separately, Foreign Minister Edmond Haxhinasto said visa liberalisation will also bring possibilities for the youth to study abroad or participate in short term training programmes. He added that the decision to lift the visa regime is historic.

Meanwhile, the ministry of education announced that 40,000 new university students will start the new academic year Monday. This ministry's motto this year is Quality.
Islamic Attack against Emil Kusturica in Turkey

Image Attack Islamists and gray wolves in the famous film director Emir Kusturica in Antalya, where he was invited by the organizers of the festival movie "Golden Orange" to participate in the jury.

The attack had been prepared by the Turkish media, which launched fierce attack on the famous film director this week, because "supporting crimes against Muslims in Bosnia."

An opportunity seized members of the Grey Wolves and other right-wing organizations have created both episodes yesterday's inauguration of the festival, and this morning, outside the festival grounds, threatening to kill Kusturica.

Kusturica arrived in Antalya yesterday and the first time the noise surrounding his presence here was great. ...

The famous director once said that this is all part of a "propaganda" against the government and that there are political reasons for disapproval, he decided to leave the festival and a few hours ago left the country, saying: "In this environment can not be art! "

Emir Kusturica was Muslim and became a Christian, saying he "got religion we had before we understand the Turks 500 years ago, when all the Serbs were Christians.

Τμήμα ειδήσεων Department news

PM Berisha inaugurates Lukovë-Plazh road during a two-day visit in Southern Albania

Prime Minister Sali Berisha was in Lukova commune, in Saranda in the course of a two-day working visit in Southern Albania. The prime minister inaugurated there the Lukovë-Plazh road, built on a state budget investment of about 140 million lekë. The 3.6 km road is added to the new infrastructure along the Ionian coast and that lead to the sea, part of project on connecting the Ionian villages with the coast.

PM Berisha expressed his pleasure at the inauguration and ensured that within the first 6-month period next year, the Albanian citizens from Morina and Kukësi up to Konispol will move via new roads.

During his meeting with Lukova residents, the prime minister said he was happy at the European Parliament giving nod to visa-free regime for Albania citizens and considered that a fair and objective evaluation of the efforts and torrents of sweat as well as of the successful reforms implemented during the recent years.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Police clash with anti-gay protesters in Belgrade

10 October 2010 | 11:43 -> 18:30 | Source: B92
BELGRADE -- In downtown Belgrade, Serbian police (MUP) officers clashed with protesters rallying against the Belgrade Pride gay parade.

Strong Gendarmerie forces trying to regain control (Tanjug)
Strong Gendarmerie forces trying to regain control (Tanjug)

Serbian President Boris Tadić reacted to the violence by saying that "the state is ready to get tough with the hooligans".

The toll for today is more 120 persons injured, the number which includes 102 policemen. The rest are civilians, some of whom were innocent bystanders. A number of the injured sustained severe traumas.

Latest reports say the the tension was subsiding in the streets of Belgrade.

There were several incidents since this morning and MUP Gendarmerie and other special units were using armored vehicles and tear gas, trying to regain control over the rally. Police clashed with the rioters near Palace Albania, where they were pushed back from Terazije Sq. The protesters were shouting "Go to Kosovo" at the officers...............................more see;

In Region of Deropoulis, Berisha congratulates the EU visa liberalization

Prime Minister of Albania, "forget" that 90% of the population in the south of Albania, Northern Epirus, continue from 20 years to move without a visa.

Berisha's visits to the Greek community, was named as a diplomatic self initiative, which consists of balancing the Greek Albanian relationship, just on the one hand, the Albanian government, is promoter of the inspiration of the Albanian Mafia, to "occupied territories" of the Greeks in the South of Albania, through its institutions, Registration Properties Offices, Notaries, Courts which helped as always by the state police, and in turn presents another view, the "love and full respect that the leader of the Albanian politics, has to care for the Greek Community".