Saturday, January 5, 2008

Security News on the Region
Russian aircraft carrier Kuznetsov in Montenegro?

12:32 P.M. EST DATE: FRIDAY, JANUARY 4, 2008

Lambros (Papantoniou), happy new year to you.

Q: Happy new year to all of you. Thank you very much. In the Balkans, any readout of the today’s meeting between
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and the Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, Ivailo Kalfin?

MR. MCCORMACK: Right. Well, you heard from them. They talked a
little bit upstairs about some of their discussions, but they talked
about Kosovo, they talked about the Balkans, they talked about U.S.-
Bulgarian ties. They talked a little bit about Iraq and Afghanistan
and the efforts that the Bulgarians have under way in Iraq and
Afghanistan. The secretary thanked them for that. Talked a little
bit about the upcoming NATO ministerial as well as the NATO summit in which they will address issues related to NATO's future as well as
NATO membership. And that's really sort of the long and short of it.

Q: Can you be more specific on Kosovo? What did they say

MR. MCCORMACK: Approximately, they talked about the state of
play and the way forward.

Q: Okay. The next question is, according to reports, Russian
fleet including one aircraft carrier will be off the coast of
Montenegro this coming Sunday, January 6th, in order, as they say, to
face any Kosovo crisis using 57 war planes via the Montenegro air
space. Any comment, Mr. McCormack, since there are in Kosovo 1,600 U.S. troops and 17.000 NATO troops?

MR. MCCORMACK: I'm not aware of those reports, Lambros.
The Albanian Government uses KESH as pressing against the Press.

Since one month ago, the must problematic of economy of the country the Albanian Electro-Energetic Corporate “KESH” continues to interrupt systematically the energy to Television A1, as a part of Media Group Company 2K. According to “Shekulli” newspaper, KESH is continuing to violate the liberty of Media in Albania, using as pressing instrument of Government Berisha against critically and opposition alternative.

A1 is only TV channel which informs the public opinion about the escalation of the violence of aalbanian authorities in Vlora`s Region against "The Alliance for Protection of Vlora`s Gulf", a NGO which has requested to Election Central Commission by Vlora`s Community a referendum to stop the build of Energetic Park by “Petroliffera” Company.

10 years ago the PM Berisha was claimed as “enemy of freedom and the press” by International Media Organizations. “The most recent case has been the flagrant and unjustifiable attack against the fourth power, whose freedom is severely endangered” expressed the exponents of Mjaft Movement last April in a meeting in center of Tirana.

Friday, January 4, 2008

The albanian police special forces used violance aganist green peace protest of "Vlora` Goulf"

Photo" The albanian special forces bring from Tirana using violence against peace protesters of Vlora`s people.

Dramatic situation in Vlora Region. Violance and terror against hunderts member of "The Alleance for Protection of Vlora`s Goulf" where are confronting with police forces sent by prime minister Sali Berisha.

In adittion the Aleance for Protection "The Goulf of Vlora" has proclamed a protest in the place of the Vlora`s Municipality. The situation according to regonal journalists could provoceate big protests of Vloras` people next days. The Municipality of Vlora and the Community united has requested referendum for the buld of the energitic projets such are AMBO and Petrolifera Rafinery including decines of Thermocentrals. Last year, the Central Election Commission has voted against a referendum firmd by 14 thousands firms of Vlora`s citisens about the future energitic Park Construction.

According to daily "Shekulli" The Energitic Park is building near regional northern borders with Municipality of Narta an old region populated by greek community, known for great resouces of Narta`s Lake which have been against togather with people of Vlora for the construcion of the Energitic Parc by albanian and foreign investitores including AMBO Pipeline and Petrolifera Company..

In a Press Conference togather with the "MJAFT Moviment" The Alliance urges to make a big pacific protest on Sunday near of the building of Special Police Forces, supporting by vlora`s people.

Monday, December 31, 2007


The Mayer of Himara Municipality wins the "Person of the year 2007" voted by the World Hellenic Organization:”NOIAZOMAI”. According to greek media, Hellenes Abroad and in Grece have voted Vassilis Bollanos for great effors to protect hellenic values in Northern Epirus and for his declaration on TV Albanian Station “Top Channel” saying” “KOSOVO AND NORTHERN EPIRUS ARE SIMILAR QUESTIONS”
For the declaration of Bollanos reacted not only the Albanian politic opinion but also Athens has been against any alternative solution reacting: “The Kosovo matter is not analog with Northern Epirus Issue”. But actually regarding the possibility “Macedonian Veto” of Athens by Greek polling opinions, the Northern Epirus or “Hellenic Kosovo” claimed by Hellenic Federation of the World is considered as more important national Greek Issue, which must resolve before Kosovo Status for Independence in condition that Greece must help Albania to joint to NATO and EU. Greece is the only NATO`s and EU country which could make veto to Macedonia name both for Kosovo Independence, if Skopie does not change the Constitutional Name as “Macedonia” while Tirana to begin for solution the Northern Epirus Issue before Kosovo decision.

In June 2007, the Pan Epirotic Federation of America, a strong brunch of Greek American Lobby in USA, urges to call Washington, EU and Athens to take extreme measures to Tirana including the stopping process of Albania to EU and NATO.