Friday, February 1, 2008


The Albanian newspaper “SOT” comments an article about the “Mort Ceremony” of Archbishop of Greece Kristodoulos, under the title: “The Greek archbishop Kristodoulos buried as the spiritual general of Greek Army, such where Khomein of Iran”

The article which represents a “manifest of Albanian extremist media” comments the great figure of Archbishop Kristodulos during the mort ceremony, accompanied by Hellenic Army Troops. Inside the article, the comment offended the history of Greek Orthodox Church and the spiritual indication with Hellenic people and Greek army. Other alls the article referred the Archbishop of Albania Janulatos, named “The Greek Army General in head of Albanian Orthodoxy” since he has come in the Albanian territory in 1991. This ceremony was a military religious spectacle which removes the Greece by NATO alliance” wrote the article.

In the end, the article calls all the Albanian orthodoxies to be united with Albanian people not to joint the Hellenism strategy which wants to conquer historically Albanian territories. The article menaces the Greek orthodox Community evoking and calling the orthodox of Albania to be united with the Albanians not with Greeks because this adventure “should have the consequences of Greek community in Anatoly of Turkey after the First World War”.

By the Albanian Government has not any reaction about article even the measures and security of Greek community is not guaranteed by authorities. (?) NATO with 1200 troops installed in Albania is insufficient to control the Albanian paramilitary and extremist groups most of them are member of Special Forces.

Annyway the article of “SOT”does not represent the "friendly relations" between Athens and Tirana even the newspaper some times has been object of accuses against many personalities of albanian VIP society. The rethoric used by newspaper “SOT”, must take in consideration by Europol and NATO security forces which are working togather with albanian authorities for stability, security and the war against terror and organized crime of our region and particulatly for cooperation to joint albania in NATO and EU alliance.

Thursday, January 31, 2008


Albania plans to interfere in Kosovo, when the leader of government Berisha is making the “emergence action plain” to conquest all Albanian institutions, economy, politic opposition, juridical system, business initiatives and particularly to have powerful control on southern Albania.

Photo: An old slogan picture of Albania under the dictator regime

Albania has drawn up plans to help Kosovo counter any blockade Serbia might impose in response to a declaration of independence by its southern province, Albania's prime minister said Wednesday. The Prime Minister Sali Berisha said Albania would open up road, sea and air links for the breakaway province, which is populated mostly by ethnic Albanians. "We have a plan to react in case of Serbian blockade in order to diminish the consequences of it in Kosovo," Berisha said in an interview during a visit to Brussels. He said the plan included granting Kosovo use of Albanian airports, the seaport of Durres and securing the road from Kosovo to the Albanian coast.

Anyway the leader of government Berisha is making in reality the “emergence action plain” to conquest all Albanian institutions, economy, politic opposition, juridical system, business initiatives and particularly to have powerful control on Southern Albania which offers about 65% of public funds of the country. The appointment of new top persecutor from northern begins in accordance to replace most important of than 14 persecutors from southern Albania, while the Justice Ministry and high Juridical Tribunal are replacing time ago. In addition the police authority have the rights to incurring the private correspondence and mobile telephony under the promises of “The war against corruptions and organized crime” but in fact this institution composts the most important instrument to shot any "element which oposes the democracy"

The government replaced also the General Director of Financial Administration putting an ex Director of Albanian Secret Service. The objectives according to Albanian press are clears: “to raise the public funds by business economy and public taxes using pressing metodes, most of them are established in southern Albania, particularly the Greek business which is passing burdensome taxes situation regarding in relations with Albanian authorities.

The Albanian opposite analists said often that “the Prime Minister Berisha is actually very power full leader” and very dangerous in his politically history since 1991”. Abusing under the slogan “Every thing for Kosovo” with a friendly ship relations of American investment such is “BETCHEL COMPANY” the most corrupted investment of Albania which is constructing the High Way Tirana Pristina, he is putting a new totalitarian system which menaces the democratic institutions and communities controlling everything beginning from parliament. It’s very significative the efforts of government to approve project laws and after to send to parliament which are replaced by the interests of the Greek community particularly for the lands and proprieties.

The Albanian government has encouraged giving total support an incurring sector inside Financial Ministry replacing the Superior State Control (The Administrative Tribunal of the State is only constitutional responsibility institution which controls the public finances of Albanian government). This sector, known as “Intern Auddition Control” is making the role of “politic attorney” accusing many opposite rivals for corruption as a pressing to frighten every alternative opponent or person during last politically mandate, when a number of personalities of Albanian opposite are accused by Prime Minister Berisha for corruption, such is the last confrontation between government and Albanian Football Federation.

The proclamation of Kosovo Independence and the declaration of Berisha to help economically the Kosovo people after Serbian blockade could bring series of dangerous consequences encouraging the Albanian nationalism and paramilitaries groups to begin an offensive against southern Albania (Northern Epirus Region) under the name of “Natural Albania”. Voices by the Albanian media said that the government can approve laws to put new taxes to help Kosovo even the most northern population of Albania supporter of premier Berisha do not pay taxes since 1991. The new organization of General Attorney, the "democratic reforms of Juridical system" and financial administration under total control of Prime Minister Berisha contents clear politically differences between north and south communities when the human rights continue to be a demagogy as long as both the Albanian politically opposite, media and the other democratic institutions are conquered by nationalist syndrome of leadership.

By another part the most power state of Europe, Albania continues to send troops in Peace Missions of the World, a paradox which based to the demagogy to joint to NATO and EU without build democratic institutions and to respect the human rights values. Not only the Kosovo matter but also the strong repressive propaganda as “The Last Kilometer to joint NATO” makes the situation of the country controlled often by “Stalinist Demagogy” since “to build Nuclear Thermo Central” and “to export the energy in Italy” even Albania actually has not sufficient energy for the economy.

The uncertainty circumstances of post Kosovo Independence and a possible escalation of ethnic conflicts on the region should have negative impact in Albanian stability particularly for the tragic situation of economy which is raising the inflation over 8%.