Saturday, April 19, 2008


Photo: Mimarakis and Bakogianis

With the ministers of Defence and Foreign Relations Ef.Meimaraki Nt.Mpakogianni meets Saturday prime minister, less than a 24-hour period since the visit Nimits in Athens. The agenda of contacts and the Kosovo issue and balkans, but also the visit of Karamanlis in Moscow after Easter.

In a statement, Mr. Meimarakis said that there was a wider review of the issues of foreign and defense policy. Answering a question about the name “New Macedonia” on FYROM, Minister said that “we are not talking at the moment were named in the sense that you put it. We have the characteristics, and we expect negotiator's proposals”. In another question, if discussed Afghanistan and Kosovo g. Meimarakis replied positively and, finally, asked to comment on the intervention of the President of LAOS C. Karatzaferis in the House, about journalists - and the possibility of media control by the government, Meimarakis said.

shortly afterwards the Dora Bakoyanni said that the Prime Minister had discussed with the whole of foreign policy issues. In a similar question on “New Macedonia” the minister made it clear that not ushered in nomenclature. The important thing is that the negotiation continues, we are far from being reached on the name, he said.

On Saturday, speaking in a Panhellenic Conference of PASP, the Chairman of the Panhellenic Socialist Movement Georgeos Papandreus reiterated that Greece supports negotiations under the UN and that there is unanimity among the political forces in the so-called red line

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Autonomy is only solution for Greeks in Northern Epirus

The declaration of Vassilis Bollanos for the newspaper “PROINOS LOGOS” of Ioanina

”For autonomy of Northern Epirus has indirectly reason to think”. The new chairman of Omonia, the Ethnic Greek Minority of Albania and Mayor Vassilis Bolanos his declarate for newspaper “Proinos Logos” is very cleare: “I would not change anything from what I said earlier about autonomy”

In particular he said: «demanding an improvement in human rights, self-regulation of our estates, and the use of our language in public administration. We demand the right to know what history will our children and not to us but to suggest. If all this talk makes about the autonomy, we want it. And he added: I would not change anything from what I said earlier about authonomy”.

In an interview with the Director of Kerkyraikis newspaper «”Proinos Logos” George Katsaiti, stressed that the pointless at the moment when changes in the Balkans. The geopolitical situation requires us to renew our positions, to have a clear position on how we want the Greek minority. This of course in politics not pleases everyone.

Mr. Bolanos speaks for new organization inside Omonia, the Greek ethnic Minority, which became very soon a strong and clear position in Albania and on International issues.
Mr. Bolanos maintains that there is only provisional president, as some people want to show. Says on: «We recommended E Committee which will draft the new statutes. The E Committee will consider the proposals and come from the Northern Epirus exception of Albania and that are interested in upgrading the organization. This process will result in the conference, which adopted the new statutes. I do not believe that there will be elections for the institutions. You just have to improve the statute and will go to a registered conference .

The chairman of OMONOIA underlines the frictions that remain of the Greek minority in the Albanian state. “We have a problem with public order, with the institutions of law and order. The police pushed and causes. Yet the problems with the property. We have problems with the churches, problems with robberies. All are aimed at altering the population in Northern Epirus.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Albanian politic against the Himara`s people and the Leader of Greek Ethnic Minority Vassilis Bollanos

In Albanian Parliament many member represent, have raised the tones against the Head of Himara Municipality Vassilis Bollano calling the General Attorney to inquire and to penalize Bollano as implicated during the people of Himara protest against the Police Department of Himara.
Photo: Spartak Ngjela

One of member represent as independent in Albanian Parliament Spartak Ngjela called the Albanian President Topi to cease Bollano and to send to “appear before a national court for his declaration against the interest of Albanian State”.

Also, the rhetoric against the Head of Greek Minority of Albania Vassilis Bollanos, spoken other member parliament, the former Prime Minister Pandeli Majko, the Head of Foreign Relations in Parliament Prec Zogaj and the former Foreign Minister Arta Dade of Albanian opposite, while some other nationalist leaders such as Sabri Godo called Prime Minister Berisha to control the Albanian territory and to send Special Forces in Himara Region. .

During a interview on “Top Channel TV” Bollano has rejected categorically any aggressive rhetoric and responsibility against people of Himara accusing the police station department of Himara as authors of Himara`s incident.

In Albania, after Bukaresti Summet, NATO and foreign security inteligences are strongly obbserving authorities for any escalation to the politic destabilisation of the country, including the security and safety of the Greek Minority in Southern Albania.

ONE YEAR AGO.....Himara Mayor said TIRANA - "The Greek minority in Himara, southern Albania, has the right to push for the same solution like Albanians in Kosovo, Vasil Bollano, the Mayor of that municipality has said, calling those areas Vorio Epirus (Tuesday 24 April 2007)

"January 2008"

Daily Press BriefingTom Casey, Deputy SpokesmanWashington, DCJanuary 11, 2008


QUESTION: A follow-up. If the Greeks of Northern Epirus in Albaniawill elect their own prime minister, like the Kosovar Albanians inSerbia, I'm wondering, Mr. Casey, if Undersecretary Nicholas Burns,with the same token, will congratulate such a Greek prime minister ashe did yesterday for Hashim Thaqi?MR. CASEY: Oh, Mr. Lambros, what an unfair question!

Mr.Lambros, as you know and as everyone well knows, Kosovo is a veryunique situation, and it -- (audio break) -- and settlements are not aprecedent for any other region.And as you know, that's long been a consistent part of U.S. policy.more:

"December 2007"

The Head of Municipality of Himara Vassilis Bollano had a tour and meetings in USA. He met with US Orthodox Archibishop Demetrius and some other high functionaries of Greek American Lobby of America.

Also Vassilis Bollano met with high represents of State Department during his tour in Washington. Bollano had special meeting with Member of US Congress as Congressmen’s Bilarakis and Sarbannas.

Monday, April 14, 2008


The Greek Dep. FM Kassimis concludes Albania tour.

Photo: Berisha and Kassimis during first day of the trip in Albania.

Deputy Foreign Minister Theodoros Kassimis on Sunday concluded a tour of southern Albania municipalities and villages that host ethnic Greek communities, and following his talks in Tirana with Albanian leadership.

In comments in the town of Korce, Kassimis called on representatives of ethnic Greek communities to work together and avoid divisions and splits. "I believe that with assistance and cooperation by all, and of course, building on the foundations of good-neighbourly and friendly relations between the Greek and Albanian governments, we will be able to achieve the vision of allowing people who migrated to Greece for a better future to return to their homeland, the land of their forefathers, to work and prosper," the Greek minister said in Korce.
A day earlier, he visited villages in the Sarande region -- Livadia, Mesopotamos, Vouliarati and Dervitsani -- before also attending a memorial service at the Vouliarati cemetery hosting the graves of Greek servicemen that fell in action during the Greek-Italian war (1940-1941) in the area.

Kassimis and the Greek delegation also visited a Greek-language, appropriately named "Homer", in the coastal area of Himare, where75 local children are instructed in Albanian and Greek. In Sarande, Kassimis and the Greek delegation toured a local military hospital whose construction in 2004 was financed by Greece's defence ministry, and which is today staffed by Greek military physicians and nursing personnel.
Note: The albanian press has cencured the trip of Kassimis on Albania focusing the visit of Greek V/Foreign Minister only in Himara (as insident diplomatic), Saranda and Argirokaster, when inside the trip where regiones both Korca and Narta. Also Kassimis during his trip had met the Prime Minister Sali Berisha, the President Topi and the head of Parliament Topalli.