Saturday, May 24, 2008

Nikolic: There will be war if Kosovo joins Albania

Vice President of Serbian Radical Party, Tomislav Nikolic with a view that there will be war in Europe if Kosovo attempts to join Albania.

In an interview for Magazine Spiegel Online, Nikolic says that his view is not to argue, rather to converse with the European Union. To the question what he wished to speak to the EU about, Nikolic answered that the EU can no longer decide without Serbia's consent, reports Serbian paper "Blic".

"Why no one for Kosovo did not offer the Cyprus solution? Cyprus is recognized as a country, even though its North section doesn't exist, this is a fact. I feel like someone has raped me. Now the EU wishes to send its "Mission" as an occupator of Kosovo. Why no one discussed this with us? Maybe we would have accepted this mission based on resolution 1224." said Nikolic.
To a comment that Serbia's politics makes the position of Kosovo's Serbs more difficult and as a realist he should know Kosovo will never be a part of Serbia, Nikolic disagreed saying Serbia will prevent Kosovo from entering all world organizations.

If Kosovo, because of Serbia's politics will opt out for an option to join with Albania, so it could join world organizations, Tomislav Nikolic believes war is imminent.
"You can be assured there will be war in Europe. Or do you believe Bucharest will look with ease at its Hungarian population who will ask to join Hungary! Not us, rather Europe will finally have to accept reality. Many countries in Europe and world wide will not recognize Kosovo, because of this." says Nikolic.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


In the presence of thousand persons coming not only by Greece but also from USA and Albania, the Metropolitan of Konica, Andreas spoke for more efforts for the rights of Hellenism about their Autonomy in Northern Epirus”.

In the event in Konitsa the municipality near albanbian border, held last Sunday was present the Prefect of Gjirokaster Spyros Xeras, the Provincial Region of Pogoni Takis Meintis, the President of the Federation of Associations of the Northern Epiriotes of Greece «Agios Kosmas of Aetolia» Spyros Zotos, a former president of «OMONOIAS» Gjirokaster Bezianis Theodoris, the former secretary Vangelis Papachristou, the representatives of the Himara Community, the Federation of Associations Dropolis in Northern Epirus, the Youth of Northern Epirus Federation and other.

Mr. Andreas said that «Northern epiriotes must claim a right to self determination and to defense of their national identity, to be gentlemen in their property, to have cultural autonomy, and to make investments and infrastructure in the territories” notes the Epirus newspaper “Proinos Logos”.

For the first time that one Albanian President meets the head of Greek Community of Albania and the Mayor of Himara Region since 1991. The official visit previsted on Saturday May 24 in Himara Municipality by the Albanian President Bamir Topi became in a critic moment when against Vassilis Bollanos the mediatic opinion is using the “biggest Albanian national offensive” to attack until to the "penal accuses" the head of Greek Community of Albania.

The Albanian President during last visit in Athens in November 2007, promised to the Greek counter part Karolos Papulias and the Himara Community to come back the lands and proprieties of people of Himara Region, but until now nothing has made progress. On February 2008, the NGO of Himara Communities protested over the Albanian institutions for the “land propriety autonomy of the region” accusing the Albanian government as responsible of the dangerous situation of the human rights for proprieties which are stolen with decision of Albanian institutions including the tribunals.

Another critic moment is the atmosphere against Hellenism in Albania, when only in Himara Town has been some provocative demonstrations as the last killing when a native pensioner of Himara Region of Greek origin was killed extremity by an Albanian man, terrorizing other people.

Anyway the most important event by Himara, was the failed effort to arrest the Mayor of Himara and the Head of Greek Organization Vasilis Bollanos by Vlora`s Persecutor Office, after a “secret information” published about a possibility arrest of Mayor of Himara “under abusing public funds” which where motivated politically by Tirana national strategy, to send in isolation the Chairman of Greek Ethnic Minority of Albania.

At 10.00 AM, the Albanian President Bamir Topi will meet the Mayor of Himara Vassilis Bollanos and his staf, when at 11.00 AM, President Topi, will take part on Conference organized by Himara Municipality and Himara Community for the Development of the Region.


Since the politic represent of US Embassy in Tirana Lisa Tepper who visited Himara on the end of 2000 after local violent elections to meet directly politically the people and the represent of “Omonia Organization”, other personalities of Washington in Albania did not made any official invited, even Himara has been “visited as tourists” by high represent including USAID General Director Andrew Athens, the special Ambassador Frowik, and other US ambassadors in Albania.

About Himara and the Greek Community often the Human Rights Reports of US Department has been mostly critic to the Albanian Government. Tirana does not know the existence of the Greek Community in Himara Region, a paradox very interesting when never in Albania has not made General Counting Population, even the “Protocol of Corfu” on 1914 gives total autonomy of the Himara Region. Also the massive corruption and abusive forms to stole lands and proprieties of Himara people and orthodox religion community, the “intransparence” of Albanian institutions about the individual and collective proprieties of Himara Region has been often requests to the US Embassy not only by the member of Himara people who live Albania but also from US citizen by himara`s origin.

The indifference of the US Ambassador in Tirana for the violence and dangerous events made in Himara Region against Hellenic people must take in consideration any escalation by US authority in Albania. The explosive blast to the Byzantine Churches, the incident of people of Himara with Police Department and the last terrorist act against a native of Himara are consegiuences of a tolerance by the Albanian authorities which do not have especially control to the extremist groups and nationalist rhetoric which often used against people of Himara.
The US Embassy has been suporter of the human ritghs in Albania particularly for the greek minority during the period after communist collapse.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Security News

Greek Military Acquisitions on the Rise

5/19/2008 (
By Ioannis Michaletos

Photo: FREMM vessel. The Greek Navy has ordered six frigates by autumn 2008

Greece and Turkey are historically known as traditional foes that accumulate vast military arsenals, preserving a delicate balance of power that breaks out occasionally with ‘hot’ incidents, inevitably involving the air force and the navy in the Eastern Aegean. Over the recent period, Greece has proceeded in acquiring new weaponry from international producers, while Turkey continues to pressure Greece on a variety of issues. One item of note is the heightened role being played by France as an arms-producing nation in equipping the Greek armed forces for their next-generation needs..


The Chams issue in Hague

High International Tribunal of Hague has been visited by a team represent of Chameria Association, an Albanian organization.

According to reports in the Albanian press, the newspapers «Balkan» wrote about the intention to appeal from the organization «Chameria» to Hague. The publication referred to the represent of organization who met with Foreign Ministry represents of Netherlands, U.S., Britain, Italy and Greece

Among other they call for international conference the restoration of «Albanian minority» in Greece and the recognition of «Genocide of Cameria». They also call for «property of the chameria population, ecct, notes the Greek Daily “Elefteros Tipos”.
original see:
Τρίτη 20 Mαΐου 2008 «Τσάμικο» στη Χάγη ......

Monday, May 19, 2008

Geopolitical News

Kosovo new party aiming ‘Greater Albania’ emerges

A new political party of Ethnic Albanians in Kosovo is created with its main goal of unification of “all Albanian regions” into one country known as ‘Greater Albania’ which the international community categorically rejects. The initiators of National Party for Greater Albania are public persons known with influence in USA and on the areas inhabited by Albanian in Balkan Region. The Chairman is Avni Kilnaku.

Last week in Tirana tow national parties proposed to Albanian Parliament to recognize the Diaspora Citizenship of Albanians who live by long time out of Albanian frontiers as opposite Communist System during Cold War of Stalinist regime of Albania.

According to information from Pristine, the new party will call to the referendum firstly, the Albanians in Albania, Kosovo and FYROM to vote for the unification of the “Albanian Nation”.
Tow important parties of Albanian State Democrats of PM Sali Berisha and opposition socialist of Edi Rama, are working intensively to penetrate to the Albanians of Kosovo and FYROM politically.

The strong influence of PM Sali Berisha to the northern Albanians known as Gehgh community with Albanians of Kosovo and FYROM has begun early. The Democratic Party of Berisha is much closed with LDK of ex President of Kosovo Ibrahim Rugova, while in FYROM Berisha has strong supporters by the premiers of Democratic Party, Arber Xhafferi and Mehdu Thaci.

A referendum requested by National Party of Kosovo brings geopolitically challengers in the area regions by Albanians which implies Greece, Bulgaria and Serbia. Firsts step for unification of Kosovo with Albania is claimed by Communication and Transport minister of Kosovo who declared for two citizenship of Kosovo Albanians in the end of June.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Albania's PM quizzed on crime, corruption, Kosovo and Russia

Sali Berisha is Albania's prime minister and former president who came to power by defeating the Communists. He was elected on a promise to take Albania into NATO and the EU, but Brussels is worried about the lack of progress in the fight against crime and corruption.
That is one reason why Albanians have not been granted visa facilitation and liberalisation rights, the first issue put to Sali Berisha by Sergio Cantone, EuroNews' Brussels Correspondent: "Prime Minister Berisha, welcome to EuroNews. Do you think that Albania is being discriminated against, from a visa facilitation point of view, compared with other western Balkan countries?