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A full mobilization is the Greek expatriates in the U.S. and culminating processes to find a solution to the issue of the name of FYROM. Specifically there are entries in full-page newspaper «The Hill» and «Politico», the two prime political newspapers covered the "Washington Times" source of information for members of the House and Senate and their staffs, which indicated that 130 members of the Congress have called for the FYROM to stop the actions.

The entries, which highlight the fact that among the legislators who have signed the amendment to include the Democratic presidential candidate Barak Obama, published by the National Coordinating homogeny organization of Greeks (The National Coordinated Effort of Hellenes) and cooperating closely with the senators Snoou and Menentez, who had the day before yesterday published an opinion article in the «Washington Times».

Information indicates that today - or tomorrow at the latest by-Barak Obama will make a statement on Skopia extremely positive for the Greek positions, which will be mentioned in the letter sent to Mr. Rice on the matter. Where been released this statement, will coincide with events of the Greek Diaspora in New York.
U.S. Election: The Emergence of Idealism or Redefinition of Realism

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Commentaries By Nikolaos A. Stavrou

The world is looking with interest and anticipation at the political drama played out every four years in the United States. After one of the most contentious primary seasons, the two parties selected their presidential candidates for the November 4 elections. Now, in an atmosphere of irrational enthusiasm, special interest and ethnic groups clamor for attention and pursue meaningless pre-electoral declarations from the two candidates to advance their causes. It is the season for transparent illusions and, as usual, inevitable disappointments. As history shows, pre-electoral promises, particularly in foreign policy issues, are rarely translated into post-electoral policies. But every new beginning raises expectations for a better future. This time the hopes are high that matters will not ultimately follow Giuseppe Mazzini's dictum of "things changing in order to remain the same."

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FM addresses Greek-Americans to their vote

"Northern Epiriotes are obligated to vote next politic elections"

"We are determined to deal with the problems and move forward, all together. In this difficult environment, Greece is going through a period of change and reform," the minister said.

Lastly, Bakoyannis underlined the government's continued commitment to giving overseas Greeks the right to vote in national elections from abroad, noting that this was a long-standing demand and desire of expatriate Greeks throughout the world, while accusing main opposition PASOK and the other opposition parties of "delaying tactics" on this issue.

"For the Greek government, giving a vote to expatriates remains an important commitment that we will continue work hard to bring about, with a deadline at the end of this year," she said, adding that two draft bills had already been tabled and a third would be following soon.

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General Petreaeus comments Senate decision to joint to NATO, Albania and Croatia

Just What We Need: New Reasons to Go to War

By Sheldon Richman

"Does anyone wonder where the government obtains the authority to promise to go to war over Croatia and Albania? It is simply taken for granted that the government may do this. That’s what governments do. In the United States, it’s what presidents do. Especially this president, who has asserted extraordinary autocratic powers in the last seven years".

A few days before Gen. David Petraeus confirmed for Congress how overworked the military is in Iraq, President Bush was in Croatia talking about the significance of inviting that country and Albania to join NATO.

“Henceforth, should any danger threaten your people, America and the NATO alliance will stand with you, and no one will be able to take your freedom away,” he said.

Any danger. Under the supposed obligations of NATO, the American people will be committed to go to war if necessary to protect Croatia and Albania from ... anyone. Macedonia could be next, if Greece can be bribed to go along.

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Neglect and disrepair' leads Corfu dissidents to seek split from Greece

New self-rule party will fight in next election · Government accused of not investing in island

Helena Smith in Athens The Guardian,
Friday September 26 2008
Article history

The small village of Agios Gordis on the west coast of Corfu. Photograph: Oliver Koenig/AP
Nearly 150 years after it was united with Greece, unrest is mounting on Corfu, the country's premier tourist destination, amid unprecedented calls for autonomy from Athens.
With the embattled Greek government ensnared in scandals barely a year after its re-election for a second term, disquiet is growing on the island.

Dissent is such that community and business leaders enraged with the wayward practices of politicians they see as distant and corrupt have set up a party to press for self-rule.

Archbishop Anastasios of Albania to visit Cyprus

By Staff Reporter 26.SEP.08

Archbishop Anastasios of Albania will be visiting Cyprus next week at the invitation of the Archbishop of Cyprus Chrysostomos II. According to a statement issued Wednesday by the Holy Synod of the Church of Cyprus, Anastasios arrives here on October 2 for a seven-day official visit.

While being here, he will be received by the President of the Republic Demetris Christofias and visit holy sites.

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Europe Report N°196 25 September 2008
Kosovo’s Fragile Transition

Kosovo has taken first state-building steps, but the inter­national community has not met its commitments to provide adequate support. A rule-of-law mission (EULEX), the EU’s biggest ever European security and defence policy (ESDP) operation, was agreed in February 2008 but has only started to deploy. The International Civilian Office (ICO), projected to supervise independence, is a shell.
The UN still functions in part as an interim administration, negotiating arrangements for Kosovo Serbs with Belgrade. The Ahtisaari plan, on the basis of which 47 states have recognised Kosovo, has been undermined by the international organisations meant to help implement it. The EU and U.S. are struggling to come to terms with Russia’s attempts to portray its support for breakaway regions in Georgia as a mirror image of what they did in Kosovo.
Most urgent now is for the EU to make EULEX fully operational before year’s end and use its leverage with a Belgrade government that wants membership to begin to make pragmatic accommodations to Kosovo’s new status.

Albanian Press about the strong measures of PM Sali Berisha "to fight corruption and organized crime".

Albania risks to come back to the 1997 if the Parliament will approve laws which are against the human rights values, said the Socialist Party during a declaration for the Albanian media. The Albanian Government is making a project law to control the Secret Service of Interior Ministry known as SHKB replacing the National Secret Service SHIK.

According to Albanian politic opposite, the decision of PM Berisha may send the country 10 years ago regarding the tragedy Berisha History of 1997, when the President of the Country split Albanian in tow parts declaring "Civil War" and sending military forces to combat with "rebels" in southern albania.

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The Greek Press..Newspaper "STOXOS":

"Dangerous negotiates for Hellenic National issues"

"Apart from the question of the name of FYROM, is expected to discuss the issues of Cyprus, the crisis in Georgia, the challengers in ballkans and more generally in the Caucasus, bilateral issues and the impending takeover by the Greek presidency of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)".

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Photo: King Zogu Villa in Durres
Tow standards of Albanian government are showed by Albanian press those days:

First, the conflict since one month in "Could Water" in Vlora City between owners Patsos family and special police forces of Republican Guard. The Albanian authority have known the propriety of Patsos family in 1993, sequestered since Dictature Regime by "Government Residence Directory" of Vlora, wining the right in 2008 to build according to Vlora`s Municipality licenced decision and finally conquested with special forces again, for the second time last days.

Photo: Special Albanian Forces against property rights in "Could Water" of Vlora City

Second another standard, under the decision of Albanian Government on 2005 which come back to know to the owners King Zogu the building inside the zone of the Government Residence of Durresi "The Vila of King Zogu" giving the right to build a Casino according to decision licenced by Durresi Municipality.

Why tow standards of Berisha`s Regim for the property issues of albania?

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What does the Berisha`s Government think about the road sign in Italian language on the High Way Vlora - Tirana? Is the zone populated by Italian Minority?