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Albania: Whistle-Blower Found Dead


Published: September 12, 2008
A whistle-blower who uncovered evidence of public corruption and deceptive practices by a contractor in a Pentagon-sponsored arms deal was found dead on a mountain road on Friday.

Last year, the whistle-blower, Kosta Trebicka, 48, provided The New York Times and American investigators with evidence that AEY Inc., an American company, had bought aging Chinese cartridges for Afghanistan’s army and police forces, repackaged them in unmarked boxes that obscured their origin and claimed the ammunition was from Albania.

His accusations shook the Albanian government and the Pentagon. Mr. Trebicka had told reporters for The Times several times that he feared for his safety. He was found dead near his vehicle, and no cause of death was announced. Albanian investigators said an autopsy would be performed.

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Flash news

Killed Kosta Trebicka, the most person known as the strong man who knows everything about Gerdeci scandal in Albania. Trebiska according to albanian agencies is killed during a touristic treep in Southern Albania.

Trebicka is an important man in Albania who has acused the Prime Minister Sali Berisha and his government for implication inside Gerdeci scandal of Abanian Army.

Kosta Trebicka was known also for the curagios information to the albanian opinion about implication of the family of Albanian Prime Minister and former Defence Minister Fatmir Mediu to the Gerdeci Case.

Trebicka wad killed in a critic moment for albanian justice which had accused the Defensse Minister Fatmir Mediu and member of albanian government including the Prime Minister Berisha.

According to "News 24 TV" Trebicka was linked with american intelligence service CIA for about the investigation of trafficking weapons of albanian army and albanian mafia and was top person who knows every thing for Gerdeci Blast scandal of Albania last March 2008.
Trebicka has been the only testimony to the US Congress about Albanian trafficking weapons.

Contiues the scandal in "Could Water" in Vlora city between the National Guard and greek citizen owners.


Terror and psikologic pressing to the member of Patsos family by Criminal Policy of Albania. 10 hours of the family Patsos to be passed in Police District of Vlora, under the pressing to firm a document which prohibite any reclaim against the Albanian state.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

All Albanian Press supports the propriety rights in Vlora conflict. Militarily Helicopter used from Tirana against the rights of citizens.


"GAZETA SHQIPTARE" comments the conflict between the National Guard and owners as the rights of the propriety of every citizen which holds original documents to the Albanian corrupted authorities. "Its in our rights to build every thing according to laws and the licence taken by Vlora Municipality" said one member of Patsos family for the newspaper. In addition four personnel of National Guard are under Penal Proces accused as "violation of private propriety".

"SOT" newspaper, comments under the title "WAR IN VLORA BETWEEN NATIONAL GUARD AND OWNERS..."

Over the rights of the propriety, the violence used by Albanian authorities to the owners, most of them women, the newspaper comments also the scandal inside Albanian authorities, the Government Residence office of Vlora and Propriety authority. The propriety authority of Vlora is supporting the rights of owners, while the Residence Government wants to "legalise" whith out laws a big territory under the name "of Teritory of Government Residence of Albania". Is not very cleare ask the newspaper, why the Police Department of Vlora does not support the rights propriety of citizen but is one instrument which take directives from Tirana violating the Albanian laws and Constitution.

The newspaper "PANORAMA" comments the incident between the National Guard and owners as a dangerous precedent to escalate a social conflict. The conflict continues since 15 days ago and Albanian authorities continue to prohibit the propriety rights of owners who have came from Greece where they are emigrant. But is very important the observer of "PANORAMA" in which the Albanian author
ity has used Military Helicopter against citizens in "Could Water". Many military troops has been transported with a tecnic group came by Tirana to observer and control the situation, sended by office of Prime Minister Sali Berisha, comments "PANORAMA"

In addittion a document tells for the penal acuse made by the Building Construction Company to the National Guard Authority for violence used by 4 military personnel to the private territory.

The situation comments the media is very critic in Vlora even some international institutions including OSCE, The Helsinki Committee and the Greek Embassy are observing the conflict.
"Briefing News"

Patsos Family calls Athens to help for the propriety right.


Photo: Northern epiriotes during a demonstration in Vlora City against Berisha Dictature of 1997

At 13.00 the special troops from Tirana of National Guard installed in "Could Water" in Vlora City, crashed with dozens persons, many of them women, members of Patsos family, confronting face a face after a provocation made by guard troops . The prestigious TV station "News 24" linked directly with Vlora`s studio, tells for crash in thee moment of guard offensive against them.

Patsos family calls the Greek State to help seriously from aggressive intervention of Guard gunned Troops against their private territory and to resolve the problem. They have denounced to the Vlora`s Military Persecutor today for the second time the incident with National Guard while called the Helsinki Committee of Albania and other human right watch groups including Greek Helsinki Committee to use the human rights instruments against "fascist junta" of Albanian Government.

The Police Department of Vlora continues to stand "neutral" when the Head of municipality and Socialist Party suported the right of citizen propriety against vandalism of the Albanian state.

The incident is observing from OSCE in Vlora District and the Greek Embassy of Albania.

"Gazeta Shqiptare" today calls the albanian politic to observe the nationalist inisiative of Athens against albanian interests for about the "Northern Epirus Question"
But in fact, even the Greek citizens who live in Albania are also European citizens, against them continues the pressing from Tirana to prohibit the Civil and Politic Rights, an indifference very signified by accepted politically conjunctures of Athens.
Tow more important issues the civil and politically rights continues to be not implement by Albanian government. First, the Greeks of Albania called "Northern Epiriotes" have not the right for Greek official language, never to be since 1991 a politic represent known as Greek Politic Party of Albania even Tirana as member of Council of Europe has ratified the agreement about the rights of greek minority. Last July 2008, the Greek Organisation "Omonia" called to Tirana to know the Greek official language as the second language of Albania.
But the important issue of the civil rights of the Greeks of Albania is the question of proprieties. The Albanian mafia supported by Albanian administrate continues to take teritores who live member of Greek community such are, Saranda, Himara, Narta, Kortsa, Vlora, Lukova ecct.
According to Albanian and international press the "most important manager" which collaborate to sell the lands and proprieties of Greek community of Albania is the legal office of daughter of Prime Minister Sali Berisha, Argita Maltezi.
Only during this week, in Vlora City the member of Greek community are confronting with National Guard of Albania which wants to stole for the second time their proprieties.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The tensions in Balkans and Southeastern Mediterranean

Greek Army chief in the U.S.

After invitation of the Head of Joint Staff, General Michael Mullen, the Armed Forces Chief of Staff General Dimitris Grapsas, will visit the U.S. from 15 to 19 September. The two heads will work together on issues of mutual military interest. The Armed Forces Chief of Staff will also be accepted by the Deputy Defence Minister Gordon Egland and Secretary of Defense for Homeland Security issues Paul Mc Hale. In addition, General Dimitris Grapsas, will visit the Norfolk (Virginia), which will be updated in HQs SACT.

According to today's publication of the "forum" to avoid U.S. government to set dates for the realization of ellinoamerikanikon defence talks (high level talks), the holding of which was scheduled for June in Washington. While that had been prepared by committees of experts, Greece is still awaiting the American invitation. According to Athens, the starting date for the talks may postpone for autumn. In these talks the Americans expected to raise issues directly related to their military presence in our country, the Balkans and Southeastern Mediterranean. Among the issues that will put the Americans is the extension of the wharf for the docking K14 nuclear powered aircraft carriers and submarines at the base of Souda, creating a security zone around the base, extending the runway, the use of the Navy Hospital Chania for the U.S. military personnel and possibly come again the question of extension of extraterritoriality.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Vice Admiral (ret) G. Demestichas H.N. Honourable Chief of Hellenic Fleet

Just by glancing at the Balkans’ and the South-Eastern (SE) Mediterranean’ map, one can see the uniqueness of this particular area. It consists of continental countries and islands; it connects three (3) continents while being the cradle of civilizations. Moreover, this area was also the field of intense competition among its people of the coastal states, world’s superpowers as well as strong economic interests. In this area, great religions and many national movements were developed. .........................

Today’s situation in Albania and the “Western Balkans” area, which is comprised of the artificial states that arose from the disintegration of the Former Yugoslavia, remains unstable. This situation, is in contrast to the Eastern Balkans (Romania, Bulgaria) since their recent accession in NATO and the forthcoming accession in the EU, creates the prerequisites for stability and peace.
This instability in the Western Balkans, which was intensified by the recent facts regarding Kosovo and FYROM and the observed exaltation of the minorities subjects was due, to a large scale, to the unredeemed policy that creates problems in the viable coexistence in Kosovo, FYROM, Serbia and Montenegro, with relevant extensions also in Greece. For all of the above-mentioned reasons, Western Balkans are considered as an active area of possible crises. Despite the end of the armed conflicts in the area of Western Balkans, the danger of resurgence has not disappeared since the tension focus still exists; hence, no serious problem has essentially been resolved. Moreover, the fact that all these countries support their European orientation and they are seeking for their accession in NATO and the EU, does not improve the situation because the course towards the aforementioned goals is long and unsure (of course with the exception of Slovenia that is the only nationally homogenous country with the fewer economic and political problems and a member of the EU). The multicultural societies are possible to operate effectively, as long as they do not offend predominant rights of neighbour states, or else they become the centre of future turmoil. The particularities of the Balkans must be taken into serious consideration for upcoming planning in order to settle down the “past passions” as well as not to create claims for the next generations.

Specifically, the course of the Western Balkan countries towards NATO seems to be controlled by the USA, which in their strategic aspirations’ framework, for the reassurance of willing, certain and completely controlled satellite-countries in the Balkans, find the “appropriate prerequisites” in the Western Balkans, under the present situation.

"In Western Balkans, Albania remains the “big question” since, in spite of its course towards the EU, a fact that is suspending itself, the vision for a “Greater Albania” concept is not prevented. According to the Plan of the Albanian Academy for “the solution of the national problem”, the following objectives are published:

Kosovo’s independence
Autonomy of the Western FYROM area
Special regime for Montenegro
Recognition of the Albanian minority (which actually does not exist) and Minority Rights in Greece. The unacceptable behaviour during the scheduled visit in Albania of the Greek President of Democracy, in early November 2005, demonstrates the actual intention of the county or the spirit that has been promoted among its people. At this point, we would like to mention that the terms have been inverted. Any change in the borderlines is not desirable. Nevertheless, in the case of such a change in the Balkans, Greece, and only Greece against Albania, factually claims Northern Epirus, as it was agreed by all Western Forces that were fighting in the Word War II against Nazism. .............."
The propriety scandal of Vlora


Photo: Albanian Newspaper "KOHA JONE".

The high represent of Republican Guard the General Ndrea Prendi is observing the confrontation between the Albanian Authorities of Residence of Government and the legitimate owners in “Cold Water” quarter of Vlora. The owners Patsos Family came from Greece when they live since 1991, have raised their right about the propriety to the represent of Government Residence but has not any reaction.

According to Albanian Newspaper “KOHA JONE” the conflict is in high risk since one week ago, between guard’s troop, and private polices which have a contract with the Building Company.

Anyway according to newspaper the owners in collaboration with Company have opened penal process against Guard troops which armated with guns have menaced the right of propriety destructing the border.

Photo: Guard troops have destructed the border prohibiting the owners to build inside their teritor licenced by Municipal autorities of Vlora City. Inside is the vila residence of Dictator Enver Hotza.

In addition the represent of Patsos Family Rozalina Patsos, has called the Greek authorities to observer and to take in consideration their rights as Greek citizens who are old owners in Vlora City declaring that: “Albania continues to violate the human rights and proprieties of members of Greek Minority mugging proprieties by old Patsos generation”.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Albania sends more troops to Iraq

TIRANA, Sept. 4 (Xinhua) -- A new batch of 120 Albanian soldiers left for Iraq on Thursday, bring the country's total troops in Iraq to 240. "Albania feels proud of its peacekeepers and its cooperation with the U.S.," said Prime Minister Sali Berisha at the send-off ceremony for the contingent.

Albania has already had 120 troops serving under U.S. command at Mosul airport in southern Iraq. The new troops will serve in another part of Iraq, but still under U.S. command.
Albania has been taking part in EU-led mission in Bosnia, NATO-led mission in Afghanistan and the U.S.-led forces in Iraq.

The western Balkan country has also sent troops to Chad and the Central African Republic to join the EU peacekeeping mission there. Albania, along with Croatia, signed accession protocols with NATO in July after they were invited to join the 26-member alliance at a NATO summit in April