Saturday, January 3, 2009

Top secret meeting of Bollanos with Greek FM in Athens

Contacts at the Foreign Ministry had these days the chairman of «Omonoias» and Mayor Himaras B. Bolanos, who "was found in the eye of the cyclone" in Albanian Opinion because of the defense the greek minority, which asked the Greek parliament to approve conditioned the Association Agreement between Albania and the EU, if there are no commitments to resolve the politic requests of the Greek minority.

Clearly and must be taken into consideration by the Greek Parliament the memorandum submitted by the «Omonia», but holds great debate what is happening in the internal affairs of minority and because «Omonia» continues through HRUP to participate in the Berisha government, which complains simultaneously in Athens that does not respect minority rights.

The secret probably lies in the forthcoming elections in Albania and balances that would keep the leadership of the minority, if it has a minimum satisfactory election results. Omonia called Tirana for the electoral law, which is disapproved by the the Greek minority as antidemocratic law against democracy and prosperity of Albania.
However Albania claimed as first diplomatic priority the joint NATO alliance leaving the efforts hopes by Greece for agreement with EU.

Just on January 1, 2009, Greece holds the Presidency of OSCE, one very difficult year for Albania which will hold the politic elections under unaccepted strategy for free elections process.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Adminral Kuznetsov. A Russian giant in the Aegean Sea

ATHENS, January 2.-Deck-based aviation of Russia's heavy aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov will hold exercises in the Greek airspace in January, the Greek National Defense General Staff said on Friday. "The exercises will take place on January 3-4 and on January 8-10 southeast of Rhodes Island and on January 11 south of Crete," the General Staff said.

The exercises will be held in international waters but the aircraft will fly in the Athens airspace, the General Staff said. Russia announced in 2007 that its Navy had resumed and would build up a constant presence in different regions of the world's oceans.This move of Russia motivated the interest of many western embassies in Athens and especially the American.

The Russian presence in many places on the international theatre is rising. One of the exercise areas is adjacent to Attalla and east of Tarsus of Syria. An area that Turkey is disputing Cyprus rights of oil drilling. According to government circles, that wished to remain anonymous, the permission for the military exercises is a "Double Message" to Russian and the USA.The time frame of the exercises is on a peculiar coincidence of increased Turkish violations of Greece FIR.

According to Russian officials admiral Kuznetsov and the escort ships departed from the navy base at Severomorsk, and have been cruising outside the strip of Gaza, monitoring hostile Israeli Air Force operations. The Russian media include many reports about the exercises in the Aegean and they characterise them as of very "High importance and symbolism".It is very interesting the probable reactions of the Turkish Air Force in the reserved regions as the may complicate ever more the already tense situation in the Greek Archipelagos of the Aegean

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Rights Group Seeks Impeachment for Albania Ethnic Greek Mayor

Tirana -The Albanian Human Rights Group, AHRG, asked on Sunday the government and parliament to impeach the ethnic Greek mayor of the town of Himara in Southern Albania, who asked Greece not to back a key deal seen as a vital step in Albania’s EU bid.

“The request by Bollano for Greece no to ratify Albania’s Stabilisation and Association Agreement with the EU, is in breach is breach of Albania’s constitutional order in which are sanctioned the notions of indivisibility, unity and sovereignty of the country,” reads the statement from the Tirana based NGO.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008


The private car of editor Mero Baze is burned after a terrorist attack during the night

Photo: The editor of "TEMA" Mero Baze

The car of the editor of "TEMA NEWSPAPER" Mero Baze is burned totally even the Albanian authorities continue to inquiring the terrorist attack against most investigative journalist in Albania to explore the corruption of Berisha`s government and the links with Balkan mafia connection.

Mero Baze who has been the closer friend of PM Berisha for several years, has denounced the corruption of the family of PM Berisha linked with "Gerdeci blast", "The Fasllic issue", 'The ARMO privatisation corrupted process" and other important massive corruption in Albania during the governance of PM Sali Berisha.

Socialist Party of Albania and the union of Journalists, have condemned the terrorist attack against Base and call the government to inquire the attack against the press.

The police authority declared for the inquiring of the act that "the car is burned after an electric contact inside the car".

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The President elected Barak Obama must stop the Bush strategy to destabilize Greece.

by Lambros Papantoniou
Washington D.C.

Tirana changes diplomacy, Jozefina Topalli Speaker of Albanian Parliament declared: "Greece is the only country that we are waiting to ratify the agreement with EU, but NATO is more imporant".

The Albanian parliament speaker Jozefina Toppali, declared for "ORA NEWS TV" an independent media in Tirana, that the integration of albania to NATO and EU is inevitable under a process in which Albania is realizing all the reforms to joint the euro Atlantic structures".

Anyway Topalli said also for the moment the goals of albanian diplomacy, is to realize successfully the joint of Albania to NATO alliance, even there are until now about 16 countries of alliance that have ratified the welcome of Albania to the next meeting of NATO in April 2009."

Asked why Greece continues to "hold in obstacle" the agreement of the stabilisation process of Albania with EU previsted to ratify by the Greek parliament, Toppali said that: "Greece is only country from 26 that has not still now ratified the agreement to joint Albania in EU, justifying the last violent protests in Greece, but is important to understand the goal of the Albanian diplomacy to have now as important priority the joint to NATO alliance, and we hope that Greece will have important role to help Albania joint the alliance".

One month ago, the Greek politic organisation in Albania "Omonia" sent strong message to Athens to stop any agreement with Albania, particularly to joint EU, if Albania does not regonize the southern Albania as autonomous region of Northern Epirus respecting the politically and civil human rights of the Greeks of Albania.

In addition, Albania passed the electoral law last day by parliament, but "Omonia" has declared to abandone the next politic elections if the electoral code shoud be voted.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Albania, Security News

Burned Byzantine church in Narta, Vlora`s Region, unknown the vandals

Photo: Orthodoxe Monastir of Zvernetsi, Narte.
According to “News 24 TV” an old Byzantine Church has burned in Narta, center of the Greek Community area, 10 km in northern Vlora town.

The church is burned totally even the inhabitants helped by authorities make every efforts to stop the fires.

This case is unique regarding the systematically attacks against orthodox churches in Southern Albania particularly Christian Byzantines more of 800 year existence. The Byzantine church of Narta is one of important cult of the Greek Ethnic Community area between Aulona and Apollonia old Byzantine centers of the region a front of Adriatic Sea.

Unknown the vandals but the event has happened during the period of Christmas day, when the region is populated by thousand inhabitants most of them are emigrant in Greece.