Saturday, June 14, 2008


Nikolaos A. Stavrou

(Professor of International Affairs (Emeritus) at Howard University)
Copyright: Nikolaos A. Stavrou on line

A dangerous illusion shapes Greek foreign policy in the era of post-Balkanization of the Balkans. It is the illusion of unsustainable self-importance displayed by the chief Greek foreign policy maker when in fact her role resembles that of a classic tap dancer, performing a choreographed task for the amusement of a pre-selected audience. Like classic Harlem tap dancers, the rhythm and intensity of performance are determined by the duration and intensity of the applause. Thus at the conclusion of the most recent appearance in Washington the Greek foreign minister seemed ready to trade the dignity of the Serbian nation and the honor of Greece in pursuit of resolution of what has been known as a "name issue".

The latest deal obligates Greece to "help sell the Kosovo" bitter pill to a demoralized Serbian nation in return for an acceptable substitute for FYROM. Such deals set in motion dangerous precedents and ominous implications for Greek interests and national security. A successful linkage of the Kosovo-FYROM issues, achieved by the chief handler of Greek officials in Washington, Nicholas Burns, leaves Greece vulnerable to future Balkanization; make no mistake about it.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Continues the pressing to Tirana by the Greek American Lobby for the rights of the Greek Minority in Albania.


On the letter to US Secretary Rice, the Congressman Bilirakis as the Co Chair of the Greek American Hellenic Affairs, expressed his concern about the violation of the basic human rights in which the Albanian authorities do not respect the International Agreements.

Refereeing the ant Hellenism rhetoric used to the leaders of Greek Community by Albanian authorities particularly the Case of Himara`s Mayor Vassilis Bollanos, the Congressman Bilirakis calls the State Department to observe strongly the developments between Greek Albanian relations regarding the Greek Ethnic Minority for some issues that the Albanian authorities do not respect.

One week ago the World Council of Pan Epirotic Federation in Washington urges to the Albanian Government and his PM Berisha to respect the agreements for the human rights to the Greek Ethnic Minority.

650 missille bought by China in 1996 menace Tirana

The newspaper "Agon" urges for new "Gerdeci Blast" after the albanian military experts have rejected the ordain of DM Gazment Oketa to demontate missiles bought by Berisha in 1996, all Cinese productions.

According to "Agon" there are 250 air missiles and other 400 counter antitank missiles bought to the 6 milion $ in 1996, when in Balkan Region was agreed the "Deyton Peace Agreement"

The ammunition process of arsenal army after collapse “Civil War of 1997” in Albania, has periodically critiqued by Pentagon and NATO particularly after Berisha wined for the second time the politic elections in 2005. The Albanian Defenses Ministry has made export after demilitarized its arsenal of munitions in territory with about 120 thousand tone distributed to the 28 military bases considered very dangerous for population who live near of deposites. Acctualy inside albanian deposites are about 90 thousand tone munition.

One of important issue that accused Albanian PM Berisha and former DM, Mediu about “Gerdeci Case” is the contraband of Albanian munitions which are inquiring by Foreign Military Secret Services including NATO. Pentagon has requested general inquiring for Albanian corruption to the Army and General Attorney has opened penal process to the high governor represents.

The Albanian Ombudsman calls the Government to take extreme measures for about 26 munition bases which menace the population around military territories. The deposits when are put the missiles according to “Agon” there are 15 km out of Tirana and could explode again if the Defense Ministry does not react noted the newspaper..

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Elisabeth Maragoula(European Union Affairs Editor)

Which presidential hopeful will best lead the US into a new era will not necessarily be the best for its foreign policy in the Balkans. The US has maintained hegemonic policy in the Balkans throughout the 1990’s, fueling turmoil, and just recently supported another break-up in the region - Kosovo’s independence. Conservative Republican John McCain and Democratic heavyweight Hillary Rodham Clinton, both with a track record in US foreign policy, would likely continue the same policy, while, newcomer and Democratic candidate Barack Obama could likely be more questioning.


The newspaper “Korrieri” today edits a head article under the title “The Economic Project of Unification of Greater Albania”. The Newspaper underlines the economic commons legislative strategy to unit the economy both in Albania and Kosovo, to make common investments between Albanian industrialists and companies that operate between tow independent countries, as the first step to be virtually the politically unification of Greater Albania.

Just is the time that the borders of Albania and Kosovo are “inexistent” and the idea to unification after a decision next July by Pristina to naturalize the Albanians of Kosovo with Tirana as Albanian giving citizenship is the last barrier for unification of Albanian nationalist aspiration.

The economic project is claiming by the head of Albanian Industrialist Confederate Gjergj Buxhuku who declares for “Korrieri” the strategy which is waiting to approve by Albanian Parliament.

Since 2006, the Kosovo citizens are free to pass Albanian borders without taxes including vehicles, when most o them have Albanian passport. According to Albanian legislation, every Kosovo Albanian citizen could have Albanian citizen if studies in Albanian University or possesses a private activity.

Last month, a new Nationalist Party in Kosovo claimed to hold referendum for unification of Albanian lands including Kosovo and Western part of FYROM. According to Albanian Political Annalist Koco Danaj “The Natural Albania is more possible to create son as possible than to make the Independence of Kosovo, because the Albanians are more solid to organize the self referendums where live in their lands in five countries of Balkan Region which has not any cost by International Community”.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


The Socialist Party Newspaper “ZERI I POPULLIT” appeals the International Community to observe the Legislative and Constitutional systems in Albania, after strong pressing used by Prime Minister Sali Berisha to opposite the President candidatures to the Supreme Court of Albania.

Albania to the crucial Constitutional interference from the totalitarian system installed by PM Berisha, who having in control General Attorney and Juridical System, wants full control to the President immunity to the Supreme Court of Albania.

more in Albanian:
PM receives George & Barbara Bush

Greek Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis and his wife Natasa Karamanlis on Wednesday received former US president George Bush and former first lady Barbara Bush at the Maximos Mansion government house in Athens, as Greece's prime ministerial couple hosted a luncheon for the parents of the current US president.

George and Barbara Bush vacation in Greece on almost an annual basis, usually as guests aboard a private luxury cruiseship owned by the Latsis shipping family. In the past, several Bush grandchildren have joined their grandparents in Greece for a summer holiday in the east Mediterranean country.

No official information was given on the itinerary of this year's cruise, although in past years the former US first couple visited several islands in both the Aegean and Ionian.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Photo: "Albania in NATO", the sllogan of PM Berisha

The Albanian Opposite calls the General Persecutor to be more transparent about the “Gerdeci Case” after Pentagon Official decelerate on VOA by the V/Under Secretary Daniel Feita about the trafficking of weapons of Albanian.

The newspapers “Korrieri” and “Shqip” accuse the Albanian Government which is implicated for “Gerdeci Case” selling weapons “under illegal way” to the problematic countries such as Chad, to anonymous “groups or persons” that they are on the “black list countries” of USA and NATO.

“Korrieri” accuses also the General Persecutor for the indifference to inquire the responsibility of government for the “trafficking weapons” by MEICO ((Military Export Import Company)) and other persons linked with weapons contraband by the Albanian Munitions Deposits.

According to information, “Gerdeci Case” a massive explosion when on March 15, 2008, died 26 and inured 400 persons, is more an Albanian inter problem, while NATO and Pentagon are very preoccupied for the trafficking of Albanian munitions and weapons from deposits of Albanian Army.

On an interview to the Italian newspaper “Corriere Dela Sera” the Prime Minister Sali Berisha accepts the weapons contraband made by Albania since the Yugoslavia conflict of 1992 and now. Berisha who continues to have control on the General Persecutor is defending the ex Defense Minister Fatmir Mediu to have the Parliamentary Immunity, after the request of Attorney Office to be taken as penal procession for “Gerdeci Case”.

From other side, PM Berisha has begun the politic campaign in Albania under the slogans “Albania in NATO”. Is not clear if the tour of Berisha who propagands the Joint Albania in NATO as “successful” of his personally efforts and the government or is wanting to justify the instability of economic reforms, corruption, organized crime and the trafficking weapons that Albania must to take in analyze by NATO meeting as candidate membership on July 9, 2008.

Even the Albanian government continues to accusing for selling weapons to Chad, the Parliament approved to send Military Mission in Chad, the last paradox of the country which aspirates to joint to the NATO alliance in the end of 2009.