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“Kosovo would face isolation without agreements"

PRIŠTINA -- Kosovo would have faced a total international isolation if it had not accepted agreements with Belgrade, Priština team chief Edita Tahiri has stated.
Edita Tahiri (Beta, file)
Edita Tahiri (Beta, file)
She stressed that the political dialogue with Belgrade “is a closed chapter”, Priština-based Albanian language daily Zeri reports.
Commenting on the agreements reached in Brussels, she admitted that the footnote was not something that the Kosovo government particularly liked but that it was the only possible solution.

“The footnote was accepted as a starting option, with Brussels’ promise that they would do more so the five EU member states, that still have not recognized Kosovo’s independence, would do so in the following period,” Tahiri explained.

She pointed out that the Priština authorities were working hard in order to fully implement the agreements that have been reached so far.
Turkey, Berisha meets business forum

Turkey, Berisha meets business forum
On the second day of his official visit in Turkey, Prime Minister Berisha participated at the first Albanian-Turkish forum of Business and Economy, organized by the Union of Commerce Chambers and Turkish Stock Markets.

In this forum there were 100 prestigious Turkish investors and business representatives, and more than 60 representatives of the Albanian business.

In this forum was present the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, Ali Babacan, and the Chairman of the Union of Turkish Chambers and Stock Markets, Irfat Hisarcikloglu.

Deputy Prime Minister Babacan considered this visit as very important in a time when the economic and commercial exchanges between the two countries have multiplied, while the Turkish investments have overcome more than 1 billion USD.

By the end of the meeting, the Prime Minister, Berisha and the Deputy Prime Minister Babacan signed the Cooperation Memorandum between the Albanian and Turkish Posts.

Berisha meets the Head of Turkish Diplomacy

On the second day of his visit in Turkey, the Head of the Albanian Government held a meeting with the Turkish Foreign Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu.

In this meeting was valued the excellent cooperation between the two countries in the national security, under the NATO framework, and they emphasized the important, stategic and moderated role of Albania in order to reinforce peace and stability in the region and wider.

The Foreign Minister underlined that Berisha is in a true friend country, and everyone have the pleasure to welcome him in Turkey. In this contest, Minister Davutoglu felicitated Berisha for the 100th anniversary of independence.

Davutoglu valued the important achievements of Albania, especially in the economic performance, underlining that the Albanian economy, thanks to the successful policies and reforms of the Albanian government has overcome these difficult times for the world economy.

On his behalf, Berisha thanked him for the readiness and cooperation, and reiterated the gratitude of all Albanians for the support that Turkey has given to Kosovo and its international recognition.

Jahjaga: No territorial division or exchange

Jahjaga: No territorial division or exchange
The Kosovo President, Atifete Jahjaga, reconfirmed Prishtina’s position that there will be no territorial division or exchange with Serbia.

During a meeting with the journalists, for her first anniversary as President, Mrs. Jahjaga rejected categorically these options.

She underlined that there will be no Serbian local elections in Northern Kosovo, and this position was supported by the US and EU.

As regards the general elections, the Head of the Kosovo State declared that it is a right o anyone who has two nationalities to vote in this process.

“This process can be realized through embassies. It would be good if our neighbor, Serbia, would have an embassy in Kosovo for realizing these elections”, Jahjaga declared.

Prime Minister Hashim Thachi has also declared his position against any attempt for dividing the Kosovo territory, or for granting any special status to Northern Kosovo.

Friday, April 6, 2012

George Goro and Anesti Dhimojani, to "super visit" in Washington next month

Invitation, by the Himara Society, for the governments leaders in The Himara Region

The had of the Himara Municipality, George Goro and the leader of the district of Vlora, Anesti Dhimojani, will be special guests in Washington DC from the Himara Community in USA.

Meetings provided the Congressman and Senators, but also representatives of the Diaspora himarotes, in U.S..

In Focus of Meetings: Local Autonomy, Properties and Governance of the Community`s responsibility.

Himariotes leaders, come to the USA, after a controversial decision of the Albanian government regarding the properties in Albania, which do not meet the criteria of the Himara Community for properties.

Proceedings of the meetings include talks with the senator and congressman, including the head of the American Orthodox Church.,

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Romania ratifies SAA with Serbia

BUCHAREST -- The Romanian Senate has ratified the Stabilization and Association Agreement between the EU and Serbia, said reports on Wednesday.
The Senate ratified the SAA with a total of 78 yes votes, five votes against the document and three abstentions.
During the relevant plenary session, Romanian Foreign Minister Cristian Diaconescu said that Romania was pursuing a policy of constant support to Serbia's European integration.

Romania has thus become the 26th EU member to ratify the agreement, and the last country remaining to do so is Lithuania.

The SAA between the EU and Serbia will come into force when it is ratified by all 27 Euro-bloc members.

The agreement was signed in the spring of 2008.
Less income from tourism

Less income from tourism
The recent Bank of Albania official data show that besides the much proclaimed tourist boom, the tourism incomes have fallen for the second consequent year.

According to the bank, the economy profited 1.69 billion EUR from tourism, or 4.6% less than one year ago. The tourism official figures have shown a paradox in the last years, with declarations of an increase of the number of tourists on one hand, and the falling incomes on the other.

The tourist industry in Albania peaked in 2009, when the revenues reached 1.3 billion EUR. But after that year, that number has fallen, although the government reports that the tourist number grows each year. Albania is a country with a high current deficit, since the need of economy for currency is bigger than what it is provided from exports, emigrant remittances or other sources from abroad.

This, experts have seen tourism as one of the main sectors that could increase the currency in our country, for not damaging the stability of the national economy and that of our currency. But this hasn’t happened so far, because the tourism revenues are almost equal with the money that the Albanians spend for holiday or travels abroad.
RBA: We will resolve the property issue

RBA: We will resolve the property issue
Under the motto “Government destroyed property”, the Red and Black Alliance, together with two associations of former landowners organized a meeting in which they discussed about the solution of this problem.

Kreshnik Spahiu, leader of the Red and Black Alliance, declared that during these 22 years, the political parties that have led Albania have completely destroyed the Albanian landowners’ properties.

“We are in a situation where people are felt betrayed, the chain of the legal and sub-legal acts deriving from Law &501, which in fact was a national betrayal for plunging the Albanian society into a chaos that puts the territory competely out of control, and makes Albania the first state in Europe that doesn’t control its own territory. This has caused the Albanians to not be able to get their property recognized, properties that they inherited from their parents and that has been won with blood and hard work from their predecessors”, Spahiu declared.

Agim Toro, General Secretary of the Justice for Property Association declared that the cost of the failure to compensate the property of the legal owners mounts up to 30 billion EUR.

“We will never forgive the politics for leaving Albania outside the EU after 20 years of democratic governing. This happened because the communist mentality for assessing the property keeps being the same as in the past”, Toro declared.

The associations of the former landowners signed a declaration for joining the Red and Black Alliance. The propositions and suggestions that will come out of this meeting will be attached to the RBA program that will be presented for monitoring at the National Assembly that will be held on May


Dick Marty to testify in organ-trafficking case

Judges in a trial of alleged organ trafficking in Kosovo have said they will call Council of Europe envoy and ex-Swiss senator Dick Marty as a witness.

Marty was the author of a report in December 2010 implicating high-ranking members of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) in the murder of Serbian and Kosovo Albanian prisoners and the selling of their organs.

In the current trial in Pristina, seven suspects led by former Kosovo health secretary Ilir Rrecaj and Lutfi Dervishi, a prominent Pristina urologist, are accused of taking part in an illegal organ-trafficking network and illegal transplants at the Medicus clinic.

According to the indictment, the clinic carried out at least 30 illegal kidney removals and transplants in 2008, using donors from poor Eastern European and Central Asian countries, who were promised about 15,000 euros ($19,750) each.

"Dick Marty claims he has some important information on this issue so we will ask him what sort of information he has and what the sources of this information are," presiding judge Arkadiusz Sedek from Poland said.

In his report on wartime abuses Marty had alleged that senior KLA commanders, including current prime minister Hashim Thaci, had been involved in organised crime and organ trafficking during and after the war.

The report set out claims that organs were taken from prisoners, many of them Serbs, held by the independence-seeking KLA rebels in Albania in the late 1990s. Both Kosovo and Albania denied the accusations and rejected the report.

In his document, adopted by the Council in Europe in 2011, Marty said he had found "credible, convergent indications" that the wartime organ trafficking "is closely related to the contemporary case" of the Medicus clinic. and agencies


They grab the peopreties of the Greeks in Himara!
Albanian investitors with helpful in power, wherever in Himara Region

At full development is the attempt by Albanian abusers - as investitores to usurp Greek fortunes of Himara! "Back" to them all, puts the new mayor George Goro, a few months after taking office!At the same time and apparently to satisfy the extreme nationalist elements in the region, the Mayor proceeded to another decision that causes the strong opposition of the Greek element, which is the removal of the bust of Aristotle Goumas, who was murdered "because he spoke Greek," the precinct of the temple where he had installed last summer.

The policy of the new mayor - who was supported by the Socialist party Edi Rama comes to reverse-that of its predecessor, and President of "Omonia" Vassilis Bolanos, who had faced strong attempts of Albanian businessmen to "occupy" the property the Greeks and to prevent illegal construction, which has taken a heavy toll altering the character of the area.
The Union HimariotesThe negative developments outlined for the Greeks in general and the environment of Himara, communication refers to the Union Himariotes "The Himare" which refers to "dangerous and irresponsible behavior" of the new municipal authority. Even in front of a new negative situation that goes to create initiative to establish taken directly link victims in the Palermo area in order to help them to trial to defend their property. The Union's complaint focuses on three specific cases:

- The first attempt at the seizure of the so called 'bag "through the courts, property Cheimarioton 150 families. The decision of the Supreme Court had recourse Albanian, V. Bolanos, the case returned to court at first instance, but the trial was not represented by the Municipality, which is anything but random is considered.- The second is the orgy of illegal building in all areas of the torrent of Albanians "investitores", causing irreparable environmental damage to Dhermi, Yalta and Logaras.

Finally, the Union Himariotes, refers to the transfer of the bust of Aristotle Gouma from the Church in his grave, accusing the Mayor that this could have been avoided if he had granted a license and not mislead his family to the contrary until the last minute.

The Union, in another part of communication, points out that the only good thing is shown by the current mayor, is to project as its own, projects that were launched by the Administration of Vasilis Bolanos. Even attempting to put an end to the mudslinging and propaganda against the former mayor, inviting anyone who has any information on the responsibilities of abuses and illegal construction, to publish immediately.The Greeks of Himara once tested and certainly beyond the pressures and protests collections, are necessary and the intervention of the Greek State

Danish ambassador: Albanian Elections? "They will find ways to manipulate"
Danish Ambassador criticizes Albanian society has received corruption, not daring to oppose.
Regarding the elections, the Ambassador said that there are no institutions to stop election fraud

The Danish ambassador in Tirana, Karsten Jensen is displayed again with an interview for "Gazeta Tema". an Albanian newspaper. Speaking to the issue of the president, Jensen said that Albania has had some valuable presidents, who have defended the independence of the institution. He mentioned the ball in this case. But Jensen, commenting Topalli names and Nanos said the country needs a president with clean hands. "I think it is in the vital interest of Albania in July to elect a president with clean hands, the pandjekur from past and present. A president with whom everyone wants and shook hands and most importantly be a representative of Albania's future, not past, "said Jensen.

Danish ambassador says the problem with elections in Albania, lies on fraud and failure to stop it.
"Albania has no independent institutions to stop the fraud to occur. It is not the fault of the law. Human insight will find ways to cheat, no matter how voluminous and detailed is the election law, if the will to observe and institutions to monitor and institutions to implement there. Danish electoral law is a simple brochure compared to your law, but have no problem with elections, "said Jensen.

Regarding corruption, Jensen issues critical to Albanian society and the media, saying that seems to have accepted corruption and have the courage to respond.
"It's very easy to blame whoever is in power at a time when corruption with such intensity actually possible only if the join game and many others quietly accept it. It is also a matter of personal integrity, of having the courage to say no. Winning history of the Albanian people about outstanding bravery and sense of honor, it is sad to notice that corruption in practice is normally accepted by most political and social segments of society, "said Jensen.
by  Stavros Markos

Fatal failure of Athens, to protect properties in the Himara Region
 We ask: Where are you going Athens?

"Himara", has passed a certain stage in crossroads, due to the bureaucracy of the greek politics
About 8 thousand, are members of the Himara Community, who have taken Greek citizenship, who are suffering the consequences of the Greek economic crisis, and bound properties are selling because they want their children, be educated in Greece.

The failure of Athens to create optimal conditions for generations educated in Himara, and to effectively protect universal human rights, has led to their parents, remember that they are "selling children's future", which is a product that, equal to the Albanian national strategy under "development plains" to assimilate the popullation.
Funding through the EU and OSCE in particular Greece, to register the Ionian Coast properties, especially in Himara Region, has been associated with draft laws approved by the Parliament, which does not return properties of himariotes families, but deepens the crisis by adopting elements of the Mafia, to buy land "free" under total bankruptcy of the Greek diplomacy.

It looked good, as Kakome case when Himara Union, protested before the Albanian Embassy in Athens, for property rights, even before the Greek Parliament, but Greek politics, "sold Himara interest, and require the Water Agreement with Albania."

It is irresponsible action, participation of the Deputy Ambassador of Greece, who took part, in the section of the tourist Develompent Plan in The Himara Municipality, to create the idea that Greece supports this plan, only because enforcement was a company from Greece, which benefited 200 thousand euros, when no study has been completed and without going to the Council of Territory of Albania, while still remain unclear, the involvement of Omonia, in this scenario.

Apparently, Athens, continues to play with the cards "in Himara globalization" or tries to lead the population to share "discretionary", because it does not stop this offensive nationalist in Tirana.
In an analysis, my colleague Panagiotis Barkas, has announced an escalation of Ethnic Property crash in Southern Albania, as far as Athens, has issued its limits of the national interest, in the service of its policy of economic expansion in Tirana , for which, Athens has finally failed.

The failure of Athens to protect freedoms and human rights above all identity and properties in Albania, is fatal. Greek parliamentarians once, pride for Himara, but now, who pinned down back, and these eight thousand himariotes unfairly, been using for their votes, by propagating the Issue of Northern Epirus, but Athens, no chance to raise never, to the international forums.

As a result of this policy, families himariotes, should protest looting being done to their lands, who must understand, what their land, if purchased very cheaply, because the Albanian legislation, favoring the Mafia and provokes divisions between himariotes families.

Today in Tirana, was a "story", in which the Socialist Party of Albania, will propose a law that funded construction of a university hospital in Preshevo, Southern Serbia. While in Tirana, are talking again, to begin the process of land registration by the OSCE. This also requires the Himara Municipality, which is subject to Tirana. We ask: Where are you going Athens?

The Himara Community, and "Coast Association" against the Albanian Ombudsman

Both associations, are not included in the Agreement between Albania and NGO Advocate

The Himara Community, and "Coast Association, oppose Agreement Albanian People's Advocate, with non-governmental organizations that protect human rights because they are not invited to this meeting.

The Himara Community, and "Coast Association" are two non-governmental organizations, with a wide activity in the protection of human rights and private property, especially in the Ionian Coast of Albania and exclusively in the Himara Region.

Below we give them notice by the Office of the Ombudsman of Albania.

Ombudsman and Civil Society organizations sign cooperation agreements

Tirana on 03.04.2012


People's Advocate has today signed a Cooperation Agreement dt.03.04.2012 with Civil Society organizations.

The cooperation agreement between the Ombudsman and Civil Society organizations have broad areas of cooperation and for the size and goals intended to be the first of its kind in the history of the Albanian transition.

Attending this important event; z.Ettore Sequi, Head of EU Delegation in Tirana, Mr.. Eugen Wollfarth, OSCE Ambassador in Tirana, Mrs.. Deborah Jons, deputy ambassador of the United States of America and Mr. Marc Leiddeker, Head of the Council of Europe Office in Tirana, have considered this very important agreement of cooperation for democracy and protecting human rights.
Clonel Pashaj: Fishing fleet endangered by Greek pressure

Pashaj: Fishing fleet endangered by Greek pressure
The General Secretary of the Red and Black Alliance, As. Prof. Dr. Myslym Pasha, declared that the Albanian fishing fleet is being threatened by the Greek pressure and that the Corfu channel is another submission of the Albanian government against the Greek aggression.

Pashaj declared that the government has removed the interior laws of the terrestrial and maritime borders, emphasizing that the Corfu Channel is the only border between the two countries.

“The violation of the border line is an aggression in the territorial integrity”, Pashaj declared.

European Union condemns anti-gay remarks by senior Albanian Cabinet member

TIRANA, Albania — The European Union on Tuesday condemned remarks by an Albanian Cabinet member that people participating in a gay pride celebration scheduled for May should be beaten.
Deputy Defense Minister Ekrem Spahiu, who also heads a small royalist party in the governing coalition, said last week that those who join Albania’s first gay pride parade on May 17 “should be beaten with batons.”

The EU’s office in Tirana condemned “any discriminatory rhetoric as well as any incitement to hatred or violence.”
Albania has applied to join the 27 nation bloc and Brussels issues annual reports on the country’s progress in meeting EU entry requirements.
The EU “strongly urges the Albanian authorities to ensure that such behavior is not repeated,” it said in its statement.
Prime Minister Sali Berisha also criticized Spahiu’s remarks as “unacceptable,” while Albania’s Ombudsman Igli Totozani and 48 Albanian non-governmental organizations also condemned the comments and asked the politician to apologize.
Human Rights Watch called Spahiu’s words “terrible.”
Albania passed an anti-discrimination law in 2009 and also allowed same-sex weddings the same year. But there is still widespread homophobia in the small Balkan nation. This is the first time the gay community has felt safe enough to march, but the minister’s comments have been seen as stoking possible violence.
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The Himara Union of Greece, seeking explanations from the Municipality for properties

Albanian constructors mentioned as "occupiers" in Himara lands, for which no one knows who has given a construction permit in Yale Dhrymades and Llogora.

The Himara Union of Greece, following the statements of "Coast Association" and the Himara Community, for the property

Through a press release, The Himara Union of Greece, has requested to The Himara Municipality, to provide arguments, in connection with properties of 150 families himariots, which are not represented by the Municipality, in a court session.

At the time, the absence of the Municipality, to put in the place the bust of Aristotle Guma, in a square of Himara, has caused great tenssions from members of this community.

Meanwhile, in a statement, mentioning the name of Alban Xhillari as "occupiers" of Jali, Drymades and finally in the Llogora, for which the Municipality, has been silent and has not stopped construction giant that made ​​by his company.

The statement mentions an escalation critiquing the activity of the Himara Municipality, if not given explanations about their plight.

Anyway,  The Himara Union of Greece, following the statements of  "Coast Association" and the "Himara Community", for the property of the Himara Region.

Italian Website by the Mayors Network Supports Greek People

by Areti Kotceli
Two Italian Philhellenes, Marco Galdi, Mayor of Cava dei Tirreni, and Giuseppe Moscatiello, Mayor of Baronissi, recently announced their decision to donate their salary to the Greek people.
Italian mayors are making one more step forward by calling for the financial support of the Hellenic Red Cross through the website with the slogan: “Support Greece and Build a Europe of Peoples”.
“We ask for free economic aid to the Hellenic Red Cross, however small, provided repeatedly for 12 months, both the tangible sign of our feeling and being one people, the people of Europe”, explains the message of the Coordination of the Network of Mayors and the Hellenes of Italy.
“No one can allow Greece to be thrown out of the European Union. On the contrary, we must enhance the European plan, thanks to which we’ve lived through sixty years of peace and prosperity. By helping Greece, we also help ourselves”, points out the President of the National Association of Italian Municipalities, Dr. Graziano Delrio, in his letter that is published in the website.
The creation of the solidarity portal is the fruit of the collaboration of the Network of Italian Mayors with the Federation of Hellenic Communities in Italy.

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Greek ambassador in Tirana: maritime boundaries, no new negotiations

Patzios: Northern Epirus, belongs to history

Greece is concerned that a request addressed to Tirana for the autonomy of Northern Epirus, may be forcedAnkara to seek autonomy for Western Thrace.

TIRANA, Athens does not have the slightest predisposition to question the decision of the Constitutional Court. But, it is clear that we should find a way to face stagnation in which it is introduced this issue. "

So says Nikolaos Pazios, Ambassador of Greece in Albania, in an exclusive interview for "Forum Journal" when asked about Maritime Agreement between Albania and Greece. Pazios also states that the Greek government is open to receive proposals to the Government.

Meanwhile, when asked what is "Northern Epirus", the Greek Ambassador in Tirana has clearly stated that the treatment that was done in the past issues and often the interpretation of history according to the interests and well-known practice of nationalist elements using history for purposes of them, not only are useful but contain the risks. Meanwhile, Ambassador Pazios refused to answer questions on the Cham issue and political actuality.

Note, SManalysis

While the communities of Northern Epirus, organize parties seeking change the status in Northern Epirus to the Greek indigenous community, which risks to lose the properties, on the other hand, the Greek government, the statement expressed through its ambassador in Tirana .

Meanwhile, the Greek diplomat Alexandros Mallias, through an analysis of Greek diplomacy calls, undertake negotiations with Tirana, for conditional recognition of Kosovo, to grant autonomy in Northern Epirus.

Greece is concerned that a request addressed to Tirana for the autonomy of Northern Epirus, may be forced Ankara to seek autonomy for Western Thrace. 

Source: "Gazeta Shqiptare"
Etnos Newspaper
HRUP: At the crossroads

Twenty years of HRUP Party celebrated in Albania, the political entity through which mainly expressed by "Omonia". Attending the event was organized in Tirana, including Deputy Foreign Minister Dollis D. and M. Giannakou MEP.


According to Greek Newspaper, "Ethnos"h HRUP, has entered a critical juncture after the detachment of many minority and especially after the government's cooperation with the two major Albanian parties, which do not appear to derive substantial benefits to Greek minority ...

USS Enterprise in Piraeus

The very first American nuclear powered aircraft carrier “Enterprise” anchored off shore of Palaio Faliro, south of Athens, on Wednesday morning, 49 years after its last visit to the capital. The Big “E”, the longest carrier in the world and the first nuclear carrier in the US fleet, was accompanied by the cruiser USS Vicksburg and will remain in Athens for at least three days before sailing for the Suez Canal and then on to the Persian Gulf for its 22th and final deployment. The majority of the Enterprise’s personnel, nearly 5,000 sailors, marines and aviators, of which roughly 950 are women, disembarked from the vessel for shore leave in the greater Athens area.

Greece Joins Israel-USA Military Exercise in Southern Mediterranean

Greece is participating for the second time in a large-scale aeronautical military exercise called «Noble Dina 2012» organized by Israel and the U.S. The exercise  is already underway in the area of the eastern Mediterranean and is expected to be concluded on April 5. Part of the exercise is conducted in the region south of Kastelorizo and south of Cyprus up to Israel’s territorial waters, an area of ​​particular interest for Greece and Cyprus.
The military operation scenarios emphasize on  anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare operations,  prohibition of military aircraft operations and SAR/CSAR operations according to exercise scenarios provided by Israel. This is the only such activity since the «Reliant Mermaid» exercise which involved  SAR / CSAR operations at the time of the Turkish-Israeli approach that is now suspended.
The Greek side participates in the exercise with a frigate, a submarine and F-16 Block 52 + aircraft. Greece  was unable to provide a  maritime patrol aircraft,  because it does not have one at the time.  Last year, an attempt was made to use a C-130 in that role, an attempt that apparently was not very successful so this year the Greek side did not provide any aircraft.
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British government to monitor emails, web use

LONDON -- The British government will be able to monitor calls, emails, texts and web visits of everyone in the country under new legislation set to be announced soon.
Internet firms will be required to give intelligence agency GCHQ access to communications on demand in real time.
The Home Office says the move is key to tackling crime and terrorism, but civil liberties groups have criticized it.

Attempts by the last Labor government to take similar steps failed after huge opposition, including from the Tories.

A new law, which may be announced in the forthcoming Queen's Speech in May, would not allow GCHQ to access the content of emails, calls or messages without a warrant.

But it would enable intelligence officers to identify who an individual or group is in contact with, how often and for how long.

In a statement, the Home Office said action was needed to "maintain the continued availability of communications data as technology changes".

"It is vital that police and security services are able to obtain communications data in certain circumstances to investigate serious crime and terrorism and to protect the public," a spokesman said.

"As set out in the Strategic Defense and Security Review we will legislate as soon as parliamentary time allows to ensure that the use of communications data is compatible with the government's approach to civil liberties."

But Nick Pickles, director of the Big Brother Watch campaign group, called the move "an unprecedented step that will see Britain adopt the same kind of surveillance seen in China and Iran".

"This is an absolute attack on privacy online and it is far from clear this will actually improve public safety, while adding significant costs to internet businesses," he said.

"If this was such a serious security issue why has the Home Office not ensured these powers were in place before the Olympics?"

Even if it is announced in the Queen's Speech, any new law would still have to make it through parliament, potentially in the face of opposition in both the Commons and the Lords.

The previous Labor government attempted to introduce a central, government-run database of everyone's phone calls and emails, but eventually dropped the bid after widespread anger.

Then Home Secretary Jacqui Smith did pursue efforts similar to those being revisited now, but the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats continued to voice their concerns.

Then shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling said the government had "built a culture of surveillance which goes far beyond counter terrorism and serious crime".

Lib Dem home affairs spokesman Chris Huhne said any legislation requiring communications providers to keep records of contact would need "strong safeguards on access", and "a careful balance" would have to be struck "between investigative powers and the right to privacy".

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Greece:: Majko? Never, d`not forget!

April 1999: C 130 Hercules of the Hellenic Air Force from Athens to Tirana, comes to help the Albanian prime minister personally, to save his daughter, newly born

Greece is shocked by the response of Pandeli Majko, former prime minister of Albania, in the years of crisis, Serbia - NATO for Kosovo in 1999

Today, the Kosovo Albanians, are grabbing land in Himara, presenting Albanian passport, while in the summer of 1999, former Greek foreign minister George Papandreou asked, Prime Minister Pandeli Majko, to block the flow of Albanian Kosovar population, in south of Albania, mainly in Himara Region

Dozens of articles but also excitement for Orthodox Christian former prime minister, Pandeli Majko, by the Greek press.