Saturday, April 7, 2012

Jahjaga: No territorial division or exchange

Jahjaga: No territorial division or exchange
The Kosovo President, Atifete Jahjaga, reconfirmed Prishtina’s position that there will be no territorial division or exchange with Serbia.

During a meeting with the journalists, for her first anniversary as President, Mrs. Jahjaga rejected categorically these options.

She underlined that there will be no Serbian local elections in Northern Kosovo, and this position was supported by the US and EU.

As regards the general elections, the Head of the Kosovo State declared that it is a right o anyone who has two nationalities to vote in this process.

“This process can be realized through embassies. It would be good if our neighbor, Serbia, would have an embassy in Kosovo for realizing these elections”, Jahjaga declared.

Prime Minister Hashim Thachi has also declared his position against any attempt for dividing the Kosovo territory, or for granting any special status to Northern Kosovo.

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