Unprecedented! Thessaloniki Parade Cancelled Due To Protests

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Unprecedented! The military parade on the anniversary of OXI-Day in Thessaloniki has been cancelled after protesters insulted the President of the Republic, Karolos Papoulias. Papoulias was ‘weclomed’ with boos by crowds of protesters. They raised banners and chanted the usual slogans “Thieves!” and “Traitors!”. The President of the Greek Republic felt deeply insulted and decided to leave the parade as protesters were hindering the official parade start.

Karolos Papoulias – President of the Greek Republic

“It’s a shame on such an occasion, I’m sorry for the protesters choosing such a historical day that belongs to the people” Papoulias told reporters upon his withdrawal, adding “I fought against the Nazis at the age of 15. Now they shout “Papoulias, Traitor! What traitor?”

Riot police arrived and tension rose and the President was forced to leave the area under strong police escort. At the same time, all politicians, deputies, and even the Defense Minister left the VIP podium as the atmosphere became very tense and it could get out of control due to the crowds of protesters, groups of people to participate at the parade and spectators.

Greek media report that the protesters were members of some left political parties, “Indignant Greeks, workers at social programmes and even Iraklis FC fans but not more than 500-600 people.

According to latest information, some groups of civilians supposedly to parade joined the ‘parade’ of protesters.

Video: Thessaloniki – Protesters … parade

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The riot police withdrew, spectators and protesters started to walk chanting slogans, turning the ‘military parade’ into a protest! Meanwhile some protesters took place at the VIP podium while civilian groups parade…

It is the first time that a parade has been cancelled (if not due to extreme weather conditions), an unprecedented case, we have never seen before