Saturday, February 5, 2011

Death toll of Albanian protest rises to four

TIRANA Feb 5 (Reuters) - An Albanian opposition protester shot in the head during ananti-government protest two weeks ago died in a hospital in Turkey on Saturday, bringing the death toll to four, an opposition lawmaker said.

After two weeks in a coma from a bullet in the forehead, Aleks Nika, 36, died before doctors could operate on him, Socialist Party lawmaker Gjovalin Kadeli told Reuters.

The political situation in Tirana remains fragile with the government on a possible collision course with the opposition as well as the president and the prosecutor general. Opposition rallies and marches on Friday were peaceful.

Barbed wire was removed from Prime Minister Sali Berisha's office on Saturday, two weeks after the fatal shootings that shocked the NATO member and EU applicant Balkan nation.

U.S. Ambassador Alexander Arvizu said he was concerned by the conflict between the institutions, according to a Voice of America transcript in Albanian of a Saturday interview.

However, Arvizu said Albania was not a failed state and saw it as a functioning democracy finding its way with time.

Washington has backed Albania's prosecutor in investigating the killings and the violence, offering also technical criminal experts, and Arvizu said he had made clear U.S. support for independent institutions to Berisha.

Albanian prosecutor Ina Rama is investigating the shooting deaths and violence by protesters and has issued six detention orders for the chiefs of the republican guardsmen, which police have not carried out.

The guard's commander, Ndrea Prendi, told a parallel parliamentary commission of the ruling Democratic Party that the guards only shot blanks and live rounds into the air. Television footage has shown two protesters fall dead outside the government building after shots rang out from the courtyard of the building.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The next events in Tirana

George Tenet and Pyrro Dimas, will be honored with special award by The Himara Community

Has started, under the direction of the Executive Director of the Himara Community Stavri Marko, the group which will develop ceremony in Tirana, to award honorary titles, two World personalities from Himara, George Tenet and Pyrro Dimas.

The tow personalities honoring of the world, as former CIA Director George Tenet and the World Weightlifting Olympic champion, Pyrro Dimas.

According to Executive Director of the Himara Community Stavri Marko, the group organizer, is divided into specific tasks, to honor with an official ceremony in Tirana, where guests will be too, figures, personalities and senior representatives of diplomacy and politics.

Demetrio Lazaris for MEGA Mayor`s Candidature in Himara

Bolanos and Lazarus for the second time will run in Himara

After three years, comes back the similar crash for the Municipality of Himara, Demetrio Lazarus, who had run for the Democratic Party, will announce, the candidacy in Himara tomorrow, along with the new MEGA Party, of the Greek Minority.

Vasili Bolanos and Demetrio Lazaris had been in the public attention by Himara Community, especially in the race set with transparent from Himara Administrative elections, in 2007.

Demetrio Lazarus is members of the Himara Community.

Albania: How likely is a civil war?

"It is the only nation in the world, which, although divided into three religious communities live in peace and brotherly in a country where the inhabitants are proud to declare they are Albanians. But is not it? Indisputable fact is that while Albania has a heterogeneous their ethnic or religious characteristics of the population accepted the urban model, namely Albania for Albanians first and then for anyone else. However, recent developments and events of 1997 clearly demonstrates the vulnerability of this country.

The state institutions, with the huge financial scandal, had dissolved completely and if the UN did not intervene under the leadership of Italy, Albania today will not exist. The conflict then was killed about two thousand people. The recent riots of January 21 in which three people died recalled the events of '97 and the fragile balance of the Albanian state.

The social tension

The recent riots are only the culmination of an underlying tension between the government of Prime Minister Sali Berisha and the opposition Socialist Party, headed by the mayor of Tirana, Edi Rama, who accuses Berisha that he rigged parliamentary elections of June 2009 to keep the power. The conflicts and divisions of the Albanian society is not only political.

The two main tribes

If the riots judged superficially appear to be two political parties fighting for power, but a deeper analysis will give a different opsi.To Socialist Party has more support from the southern Albanian towns where the majority live Tosca (Tosk), while the majority of the Democratic Party is Gkegs (Gheg).

These are the two main tribes of Albania.

The race is the same as that of Kosovo, Macedonia Montenegro and southern Serbia (Presevo and Bujanovac). Between these two nations are eternal diferences. The ghegs fully embraced Islamism, which after so many centuries is in their subconscious, but at the same time retain many of their original traditions such as law, the law of the feud, known as Law the "Doukatzini Lek". They are two thirds of the total population in Albania. The Toscs (Tosk) living in southern Albania, and most of them are Christians. An and their geographic boundary as there is Shkumbin River, Tirana is a neutral ground for both population groups.

A few decades

In the past Gheges were organized into tribes and Tosca lived in semi-feudal community .Before the Second World War Ghges dominated Albanian politics, but after the war many of Tosca found in power with the new Communist government . The communist dictator Enver Hoxha tried to suppress these cultural differences to the homogenization of the Albanian society. Albania declared as the first atheist state in the world and established 'saints' only people who belong to the Albanian nation.

The genesis of Albanian national ideology began during the revival of ethnocentrism in the last century, dominated by the slogan "The religion of Albania is Albanian and God is the single Albanian state."

Established eternal prayer to the deity it (Albania) and established the Feast of the Albanian reality. The Albanian flag is the only thing that unites all Albanians.

The Albanians claim that the double-headed eagle flag indicates that this is the land of eagles, while the origin of the double-headed eagle from the flag of the Byzantine period.The headed eagle was a symbol of Orthodox Byzantium, which symbolized power in the east and west. Or in other one's head eagle symbolizes secular government or the monarchy and the other the spiritual reality of the state, namely, religion.

Friday, February 4, 2011

The property issue in focus of the Albanian press agencies

Seacoast Association and Himara Community: OSCE must make transparency, the property goes to the legal generations

Only by the Municipality of Himara counted about 20 thousand inhabitants
distributed in three countries, Albania, Greece and USA, with dual citizen ship.

Tirana, February 4, 2011, NOA- a meeting called by the Coastal Association and the The Himara Community, were ordered to land registration process on the Ionian coast, become under the principle "properties to the legitimate owners."
During the meeting they requested that the OSCE, and the Spanish Company and sub contractors Albanian, to have transparent in restitution coastal residents.

The two most important associations in the Ionian coast, the Coastal Assotiation and The Himara Community, gathered in Tirana and reports for members of both associations in the field, the project, which was to begin on 15 January this year, what will happen and can degrade.
This degradation, according to them will come if the authority of the OSCE and the Spanish company "Terrace" that manages the project and does not implement the practice requested by residents and local autonomous area of Regions, Himara, Lukovë, Xara, Ksamil, for that, the property goes to the legal owners.

According to Niko Nesturit, President of Seacoast Association, a group composed with members both the Himara Community, will represent the interest of thousands of field residents who require the return of property in origin, while for the Executive Director of The Himara Communityt, Stavri Marko, has interest in total return lawful property, is top priority, which has taken approval of thousands of American citizens with dual citizenship and Greek in origin from Himara.

Only by the Municipality of Himara counted about 20 thousand inhabitants
distributed in three countries, Albania, Greece and USA. Meanwhile, the participants pointed out that the people of Himara residents and the diaspora, will resolutely viewing process which should have the right trasparency officials from the OSCE, the EU and in particular the seriousness of contracting firms under contract, to implement this project by the most important for region, and developing tourism in the area.

Albania Opposition Brings Tirana to Standstill

Tens of thousands of Socialist opposition protesters rallied in four Albanian cities on Friday, in an effort to put pressure on the government of Prime Minister Sali Berisha and force early elections.

Besar Likmeta
Tirana The rallies, which were held in the cities of Vlora, Lezha, Korca as well as the capital Tirana, were the third wave of protests launched by the opposition in the last three weeks. Police said that no incidents were reported and the protests passed peacefully. In Tirana, the thousands of protesters that showed up brought the city to a standstill. The marchers avoided the area of the capital where government offices are located in a clear effort to avoid confrontations with police.

Today's rallies come two weeks after an initial protest, held on January 21, turned violent when several hundred marchers attacked the police barricade set up to protect the prime minister’s office, using sticks, stones and Molotov cocktails.
Police responded with tear gas, water cannons and later with live ammunition fire, leaving three dead and dozens wounded.

“The government killed them,” protesters shouted as they walked down Tirana’s streets on Friday. Others called for the resignation of Prime Minister Sali Berisha and lashed out against corruption in his government.
Last week's rally in Tirana, held in remembrance of the three victims of the first protest, was peaceful despite rising political tension in the country.

Sky Petroleum opens new office in Albania

Sky Petroleum, Inc., an oil and gas company, has opened a new office in Albania.

Located in the Sky Tower, Tirana, Albania, the office will focus on the development of the Production Sharing Contract, or PSC, with respect to the three exploration blocks, Four, Five and Dumre, previously announced on June 24, 2010.
"We are delighted to be opening our office in Tirana, as a first step in establishing operations for our project in Albania," stated Karim Jobanputra,

Sky Petroleum's CEO. "As we move forward on the many issues related to the exploration blocks, we expect to announce additional operational developments in the near future."
The PSC has a seven-year term with three exploration periods. Upon commercial discovery of gas, the agreement allows for development and production periods of 25 years plus extensions at the company's option.

Block Four is located in southeast Albania, bordering on Greece; Block Five is located in southwest Albania next to the Adriatic Sea; and Block Dumre is located immediately north of the Kucova oil field. Based on analogous discoveries, it is believed that the prospects contain significant hydrocarbons.

Ismail Kadare Defends Albania’s Independent Institutions

The renowned Albanian writer has taken a strong stand in defence of the country’s independent institutions, which are accused of orchestrating a coup d’état during the January 21 unrest.

Besar Likmeta

“For the Albanian mentality, independent institutions, for reasons we all know, don’t yet have the weight and shadow of the state.

"There are no hymns or impressive rituals for them, however it is these institutions, more specifically the respect for them, that will determine our future,” writes Kadare in a comment for the Albanian language newspaper Ylliria in New York.

“It’s not an exaggeration to say that the breach of their independence should be seen as a catastrophe,” Kadare adds.

Kadare’s reaction is considered to be particularly strong because the writer has hardly ever involved himself in Tirana’s loud political debates. The 75-year-old writer is the winner of the Man Booker and the Prince of Austurias prizes for literature, and is a perenial candidate for the Nobel prize.

The January 21 protest in Tirana turned into a riot when several hundred marchers attacked the police barricade set up to protect the prime minister’s office, using sticks and stones. Police responded with tear gas, water cannon and later with live ammunition fire, leaving three dead and dozens wounded.

Prime Minister Sali Berisha and his ruling majority have declared with increasing intensity over the past week that the unrest was part of a failed coup d'état. Berisha has accused the general prosecutor, the president, the secret service, the opposition and the media of being part of a conspiracy to overthrow him.

“The normality of life is destroyed by man itself …when he is not normal. Such a human being perceives normality as something foreign, even dangerous,” writes Kadare.

“It is well known that an abnormal country is ruled well, but governed badly,” he added.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nicholas Gage`s visit in Northern Epirus (Southern Albania), reactions in Tirana

Spahiu: Gage`s calls, violate the sovereignty of the country

A Declaration known as Greek
lobbyist in the U.S. where Nicholas Gage urges Albanians to choose their own nationality has triggered the reaction of The Deputy of High Council of Justice, which considers the appeal inadmissible.

According to Kreshnik Spahiu, the change of nationality made by a court and such calls cause an artificial increase of minorities.
"We are in an extremely dangerous situation where there is an issue and the tendency of citizens to change their nationality from Greek Albanian, Albanian from other nationalities. In hundreds of cases within a year, this poses a risk because there is an unacceptable tendency not moral, not ethical, not national, that violates the integrity and sovereignty of the country and where many citizens and many decisions to be unlawful under this tense political situation in Albania, cause obviously an artificial increase in the number of different ethnicities andminorities, which does not reflect reality ", - said Spahiu.

Given the large flows to the requests of citizens in the south of the country's courts to change nationality, Spahiu requires the attention of courts, lawyers' community, Albanian
diplomats but also all over the state law. Declarations against Nicholas Gage, made yesterday some politicians also known as Sabri Godo, Sabit Brokaj and the Chairman of Cham Party Shpetim Idrizi, who stressed that the arrival of Gage in Albania can be considered as the beginning of instability to declare an independent Northern Epirus.


When Nicholas Gage, backed the Human Rights in Albania, before to the
US Congress in 1996
THURSDAY, JULY 25, 1996 House of Representatives,
Committee on International Relations, Subcommittee on
International Operations and Human Rights, Washington, DC.

Mr. Gage.
Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I want to applaud you and the Committee for holding this hearing on Human Rights and De- mocracy in Albania because this unfortunate country is once again heading toward one-man rule and only the strong efforts of the democratic world, especially the United States, can save it from sliding back toward dictatorship. I am here to speak about the Greek minority, but I am equally concerned about deprivation of political rights for all Albanian citi- zens because only where democratic institutions function freely and 18 the rule of law applies equally to all citizens can any minority feel secure.

The state of democracy in Albania today can be seen in a few fig- ures. In the Albanian Parliament today, members of Berishas party hold 122 out of 144 seats and there are seven deputies from other parties. Eleven elected deputies are boycotting Parliament in protest to the fraudulent elections of May 1996. In those elections, Berisha's party "won" 87 percent of the seats, something that is im- possible in any real democratic country. I do not know in history where that has ever happened where elections were free.

more see:

Albanian political row to hit tourism, growth

Wed Feb 2, 2011

* Political crisis may harm economic growth, investments

* Tourism to suffer in what was expected to be boom year

* Solution of crisis could lessen economic impact

By Benet Koleka

TIRANA, Feb 2 (Reuters) - The recent political violence and deep hostility between Albania's main parties are damaging investors' confidence and tourism prospects and could hit the growth of the economy, analysts and officials said.

The Albanian economy was one of the few in Europe to grow during the global crisis, but the prolonged dispute over the 2009 election result, which led to three anti-government protesters being shot dead in January, risks causing serious economic damage.

The political situation in Tirana remains fragile with the goverment on a possible collision course not only with the opposition but also the president and the prosecutor general, though a mass opposition rally last week remained peaceful. [ID:nLDE70R1VF] [ID:nLDE70N0N2]

Though picked as the number one destination of 2011 by travel guide publisher Lonely Planet, Albania has already seen tour operators cancel bookings because of the violence in a year that was expected to increase tourism revenues.

Shots fired from the courtyard of the prime minister's office killed three opposition protesters at a Jan. 21 rally against alleged corruption and electoral fraud. Police, backed by the prime minister, refused to arrest six chiefs of the republican guard over the deaths. [ID:nLDE70K23A]

"It has first hurt (Albania's) image because the bad memory of 1997 has made a comeback. The most affected industries are exports and retail," said Ornela Liperi, editor of the economic magazine Monitor, referring to widespread violence in 1997.

In the longer term, it affects potential investors, analysts said. Albania has the opportunity to attract Italian textile investors pulling out of Tunisia.

The shootings prompted the European Union to tell the Albanian government and opposition they must act urgently to end their row and restore order if they wanted to achieve their goal or joining the bloc. [ID:nLDE70P2DH]

After the unrest in the late 1990s, the Albanian economy grew steadily at an average of 6 percent a year until 2008, when it suffered from the global crisis but still kept growing, recording 4.1 percent GDP growth in 2010.

Anastas Angjeli, a former Socialist economy and finance minister, said the long-running political crisis that led to the protesters' deaths was also damaging the economy.

"... economic growth will be lower not only because of ... the global economy but now also because of the effects of this (political) crisis," said Angjeli, now a private university rector.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nicholas Gage visits southern Albania: To strengthen the Northern Epirus as it was once

"The Chams, as 14 million Europeans are collaborators of Fascism"

Argirokaster "The
newest Party , Mega of the Greek minority, received at the headquarters in Argirokaster, one of the famous names of the representatives of the protection of Greek ethnicity, Nicols Gage, known as Gatzogianis. "I returned to Albania after a long period of time", said Gage, who comes back in his support for Northern Epirus. "I have to say that the term of Northern Epirus should take the value of old and minorities are precisely those which should contribute to this.

The Northern mainland of Epirus, should be strengthened as before. You have to take part in elections", - said of Greece known lobbyist in the U.S..
In addition, Gage has further affected the theme of the Census. "Every citizen has the right to state as ethnically and simultaneously feels may declare religious affiliation. I hope this time the process is fair and that registration does not diminish the number of Greeks living in this country, under the claim of lack of physical in housing, as evidenced earlier ", - said Gage.

Asked about the existence of an issue Came in the region and property of the Chams in Greece, Gage said that this issue can not be resolved by the two countries, since it is a European issue. "After World War II 14 million Europeans were expelled from their places of origin because it collaborated with Nazism, here came in, and rights. I can not tell if this is right or wrong but I can not get the solution for the moment ", - said Gage.
During the meeting with representatives of Megas, Gage also spoke to the Albanian crisis, considering it as disturbing and not in harmony with garlic steps so far by Albania.
"Gazeta 55": Greece is seen behind the deadly protests in Tirana

The Albanian newspaper near PM Sali Berissha accuses Greece involved on January 21,

The Journal "55" near to the government of Sali Berisha known for the anti-Greek publications in Albania, in an effort to charge the tragic consequences of the demonstrations on 21 January in Albania (where are killing three people) anywhere except the Albanian government, an incredible conspiratorial theory and scenario.

From the first moment Sali Berisha has accused the leader of the Albanian opposition used that criminal elements and organized crime to overthrow the government. The «GAZETA 55», citing a source Albanian immigrants in Athens involving Greek nationalist circles with strong ties to the Greek state and Greek officials - as reported, who facilitated the Albanian underworld operating in Athens, between them and people without legal papers, to come to Tirana to overthrow Berisha.

Unfortunately, such articles which consider all the suffering of Albanians from Greece for many years every day and not only found in the 'picturesque' marginal type and widely distributed in newspapers. Surprising is that we never saw a reaction of the Greek diplomatic missions! Truth role in Albania visa except what to do tourism?!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2011's tourism hotspots: what to do in Albania


Albania, a former Eastern-bloc country rebranding itself "a new Mediterranean love," is set to be one of the hottest destinations of 2011.

Named top of Lonely Planet's "countries to visit in 2011" last year and an "emerging destination" by the Financial Times, the country offers low prices, a good climate and a rapidly-developing infrastructure.

Visitor numbers were up 42.5 percent for the first three quarters of 2009, the most recent figures published by Albania Tourism, and although the majority of visitors still come from neighboring states such as Kosovo, Albania is putting itself on the map.

The Financial Times lauded the country's "quiet, affordable Mediterranean beaches" and rugged landscape, while Lonely Planet predicted "Albania won't be off the beaten track for much longer."

So what can this year's tourists look forward to when planning a trip to Albania?....more:

Political Crisis Turned Violent Threatens Albania’s Undoing

Albania has been in the grips of a political crisis since 2009 elections, which opposition forces say were fraudulent, and ongoing protests came to a head on 21 January when National Guards opened fire on protesters in front of the Prime Minister’s Office, killing three people and wounding dozens of others.

Edi Rama, leader of the opposition Socialists, accused Prime Minister Sali Berisha and Interior Minister Lulzim Basha of orchestrating the “bloodbath”, and called for their arrest. A preliminary investigation into the incident showed that the bullets that killed the protesters had indeed come from the National Guards. The General Prosecutor’s Office ordered the arrest of six National Guards, but the police refused to honor the request.

On 30 January, police in Tirana said they had arrested three people who allegedly made death threats against Rama.

A parliamentary commission charged with investigating the 21 January violence has reportedly asked mobile companies to provide them with lists of phone conversations involving senior state officials. However, opposition forces have criticized the move, expressing skepticism on how the parliamentary commission will use this power. Rama said such a request was illegal and represented the parliamentary commission’s “plan to implement a system of violence and scare people”. The Socialists purportedly fear that if the commission is granted access to mobile phone records it could abuse this power and use it against opposition figures rather than senior state officials.......................................more see:

Monday, January 31, 2011

Albanian opposition to hold new anti-government protest, as calls for compromise ignored

TIRANA, Albania — Albanian opposition parties say they will hold a new protest rally on Friday, ignoring international pressure for compromise in the wake of deadly anti-government demonstrations in the country's capital.

Three opposition supporters were shot dead and more than 150 protesters and security officers were injured in Jan. 21 clashes between demonstrators and police.

The plans for the latest rally were announced Monday, despite a plea by President Bamir Topi in a rare televised address for political rivals to hold compromise talks.

The opposition Socialists are demanding that conservative Prime Minister Sali Berisha hold early elections over allegation of corruption and vote rigging in the previous 2009 general election.

Berisha has refused the demands and accused the Socialists of trying to stage a coup. He repeated the claims Monday in the latest sign of tension.

"The (attempted) coup d'etat has dealt a strong blow to the main project of the Albanian nation — its integration into Europe," Berisha told a cabinet meeting.

Albania, one of Europe's poorest countries and now a NATO member, is seeking to join the 27-nation European Union, though the tiny Balkan country of 3.2 million suffers from a still-weak administration and widespread corruption.

European and U.S. officials have repeatedly called for restraint from the Socialists and the governing Democrats, and pressed for a compromise to resolve the crisis.

But rival parties remain in dispute over an investigation into the deaths of the three demonstrators during the clashes on Jan. 21.

Opposition lawmakers want the constitutional Court to declare a parliamentary investigation illegal, because they say it violates public officials' right to privacy. Members of the investigation committee have said they will examine telephone records of opposition parliament members, the country's president, its prosecutor general, the head of the secret police and journalists as part of a probe of the clashes.

Last Friday, tens of thousands of pro-opposition supporters attended a peaceful rally to honour the three demonstrators.

Athens decides evacuation of Greeks wishing to leave Egypt

Greece's foreign ministry on Sunday decided to send military aircraft to evacuate all Greeks from Egypt who desire to return home, as tens of thousands of demonstrators defied curfews and remained on the streets demanding the resignation of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, and the death toll reaching 102 and thousands injured, according to reports by the international media.

According to available information, all the Greeks in Egypt are well in health.

The foreign ministry made the decision in cooperation with the Greek defence ministry, and is in constant contact with other countries also planning evacuation operations.

According to a foreign ministry announcement, "activation of the repatriation plan for Greek citizens in Egypt desiring to return to Greece was decided this morning (Sunday) at a meeting chaired by deputy foreign minister (for overseas Greeks affairs) Dimitris Dollis".

"The relevant planning provides for the dispatch of military planes, in a follow-up to agreement reached with the national defence ministry at the outbreak of the crisis" in Egypt, the announcement said.

"Due to the situation prevailing in Egypt, the departure of the aircraft will take place when the necessary conditions for the safety of the Greek citizens who have expressed desire to be repatriated are ensured," it added.

The ministry further said that Greece's Consular authorities in Egypt are in constant contact with the Greek communities in Egypt, as well as with the Ecumenical Patriarchate, adding that according to information that has been received, all the Greeks in Egypt are well in health.

It said that the Greeks in Egypt have been instructed to remain in their residences, due to the conditions prevailing in the streets.

The ministry also said that it is in constant coordination with the other European and non-European countries that are also planning repatriation operations.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Albanian police arrest 3 in alleged murder plan

TIRANA, Albania (AP) — Police said Sunday they detained three people suspected of conspiring to murder a top opposition leader at an anti-government protest, as the opposition said it would not back down from its campaign against the ruling party for alleged corruption.

The three people detained were planning an attack during a Friday protest march called by Socialist Party leader Edi Rama to honor three supporters killed during a massive demonstration earlier this month, police said.

One of the suspects threatened Rama after his vehicle was damaged during the chaotic Jan. 21 rally, police said in a statement. A Tirana court ruled Sunday that the men could be kept in detention for a month pending further investigation.

The opposition said Sunday it would resume anti-government protests in Tirana and then continue in other cities, although no dates have been set. Rama insists on the resignation of Prime Minister Sali Berisha's government and claims that the conservatives rigged the 2009 vote.

Berisha has refused to resign and has accused the opposition of trying to stage a coup.

Rama repeated his call to the international community to intervene to stop what it called the government's attacks on independent institutions. The opposition is angry over a request by a parliamentary committee formed by the governing Democrats to see telephone records of opposition lawmakers, the country's president, its prosecutor general and the head of the secret police as part of an investigation of the deadly clashes.

"With every day it becomes more difficult to keep up stability in this country," Rama said at a news conference after a meeting of the opposition coalition.

"We are ready for dialogue and compromise but we shall never accept the status quo of this regime," he said.

Tensions rose sharply earlier this month when the country's deputy prime minister Ilir Meta resigned amid allegations he tried to influence a state tender for a hydropower station. The opposition wants Berisha to hold early general elections.

Three opposition supporters were shot dead and more than 150 protesters and security officers were injured in the Jan. 21 clashes between demonstrators and police.

The European Union and the United States have urged restraint from the Socialists and the governing Democrats, who agreed to cancel a protest of their own scheduled for Saturday, calling on them to consider dialogue to manage political differences.

Vasilis Bolanos, re confirmed the President of OMONIA

Ag. Saranda. V
asil Bolanos confirmed as chairman of the organization 'OMONIA' for a three-year mandate.

During the 8th Congress of the ethnic Greek minority organization, the chairman of OMONIA's re-elected, stopped at noted of the most important moments of the activity of this organization.

He conforms that minority is in the forefront of European integration of Albania and expressed pride that Greece supports this process of integration.

Meanwhile according to the press, the head of HURP, Vangel Dule present at the 8th Congress of Omonia organization, has been very critical of some greek governments that have passed in these 20 years in Greece, which, according to him have not done enough minority.

In this context there was his demand that immigrants homogeneous gone from Albania to Greece, can enter the Greek parties and made part of decision-making and their policies towards the minority.