Sunday, January 30, 2011

Vasilis Bolanos, re confirmed the President of OMONIA

Ag. Saranda. V
asil Bolanos confirmed as chairman of the organization 'OMONIA' for a three-year mandate.

During the 8th Congress of the ethnic Greek minority organization, the chairman of OMONIA's re-elected, stopped at noted of the most important moments of the activity of this organization.

He conforms that minority is in the forefront of European integration of Albania and expressed pride that Greece supports this process of integration.

Meanwhile according to the press, the head of HURP, Vangel Dule present at the 8th Congress of Omonia organization, has been very critical of some greek governments that have passed in these 20 years in Greece, which, according to him have not done enough minority.

In this context there was his demand that immigrants homogeneous gone from Albania to Greece, can enter the Greek parties and made part of decision-making and their policies towards the minority.

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