Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nicholas Gage`s visit in Northern Epirus (Southern Albania), reactions in Tirana

Spahiu: Gage`s calls, violate the sovereignty of the country

A Declaration known as Greek
lobbyist in the U.S. where Nicholas Gage urges Albanians to choose their own nationality has triggered the reaction of The Deputy of High Council of Justice, which considers the appeal inadmissible.

According to Kreshnik Spahiu, the change of nationality made by a court and such calls cause an artificial increase of minorities.
"We are in an extremely dangerous situation where there is an issue and the tendency of citizens to change their nationality from Greek Albanian, Albanian from other nationalities. In hundreds of cases within a year, this poses a risk because there is an unacceptable tendency not moral, not ethical, not national, that violates the integrity and sovereignty of the country and where many citizens and many decisions to be unlawful under this tense political situation in Albania, cause obviously an artificial increase in the number of different ethnicities andminorities, which does not reflect reality ", - said Spahiu.

Given the large flows to the requests of citizens in the south of the country's courts to change nationality, Spahiu requires the attention of courts, lawyers' community, Albanian
diplomats but also all over the state law. Declarations against Nicholas Gage, made yesterday some politicians also known as Sabri Godo, Sabit Brokaj and the Chairman of Cham Party Shpetim Idrizi, who stressed that the arrival of Gage in Albania can be considered as the beginning of instability to declare an independent Northern Epirus.


When Nicholas Gage, backed the Human Rights in Albania, before to the
US Congress in 1996
THURSDAY, JULY 25, 1996 House of Representatives,
Committee on International Relations, Subcommittee on
International Operations and Human Rights, Washington, DC.

Mr. Gage.
Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I want to applaud you and the Committee for holding this hearing on Human Rights and De- mocracy in Albania because this unfortunate country is once again heading toward one-man rule and only the strong efforts of the democratic world, especially the United States, can save it from sliding back toward dictatorship. I am here to speak about the Greek minority, but I am equally concerned about deprivation of political rights for all Albanian citi- zens because only where democratic institutions function freely and 18 the rule of law applies equally to all citizens can any minority feel secure.

The state of democracy in Albania today can be seen in a few fig- ures. In the Albanian Parliament today, members of Berishas party hold 122 out of 144 seats and there are seven deputies from other parties. Eleven elected deputies are boycotting Parliament in protest to the fraudulent elections of May 1996. In those elections, Berisha's party "won" 87 percent of the seats, something that is im- possible in any real democratic country. I do not know in history where that has ever happened where elections were free.

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