Friday, July 11, 2008


Stavros Markos (World Security Network Foundation Associate)

The daughter of the Albanian Prime Minister, Argita Maltezi is cooperating with foreign companies so as to exploit the scenic Ionian Coast of the Greek populated regions in Albania.
More specifically the company “Best Property Albania" represented by David Hentsell, is one of the contractors which will cooperate with the “Legal Office of Maltezi Group”.

Recently the representative of the Albanian Socialist Party Erion Brace made a statement around the aforementioned in the Albanian Parliament. He accused the Prime Minister Berisha of corrupting politically and economically foreign companies in collaboration with the Legal Office of his daughter Argita Maltezi.

According to highly reliable local information, the most important lands and properties are owned currently by Greeks. Moreover the efforts of the Albanian Mafia to take over those lands which constitute the so-called “Albanian Riviera” are also well known and documented.
On early July 2008 the city of Vlora`s Periphery Council approved for the second time the “Kakomea Project Beach” in collaboration with the “Club Med”. According to the Parliamentarian Erion Brace, the daughter of Berisha is linked directly both “Club Med” and the “Best Property Albania".

On June 2008, the well-known Albanian publicist Fatos Lubonja accused the Albanian Mafia of supporting politically the Prime Minister Sali Berisha.

Lubonja appeared on a TV along with the Tourism Minister of Albania Ylli Pango and the Director of World Bank Project for Ionian Coast Jamarber Maltezi (son in law of Prime Minister Berisha).

Lubonja commented that the attacks against the Mayor of Himara Vassilis Bollanos and the Greek minority were made by the Albanian media linked with organized crime figures in the construction sector in order to take over the land and built a series of bungalows and tourist facilities.

In overall the Greek minority in Albanian is on a collision course with Berisha centered around the intention of the latter to proceed with the plans of his government on the tourist industry. It has to be noted that the above have galvanized to a great extent the Greek communities and there are fears of riots over the coming weeks.

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Monday, July 7, 2008


Not only the Mayor of Himara Vassilis Bollanos but also the targets to “implicate” member of the Greek Community of Himara Region continue to raise the antagonism between Tirana and Athens.

This is a document sent to one of protesters in Himara Town from Persecutor of Vlora, which on April 10, protested at front of Police Department of Himara. The document of Persecutor Skender Dauti, underlines for penal process addressing to Andrea Beleri as “person who has take part during the violent protest at front of Police Department of Himara.

The penal process against not only to the Chairman of Greek Minority and Mayor of Himara Vassilis Bollanos but also to other Himara citizens with Greek nationality could bring new “diplomatic sentiments” between Athens and Tirana, even Albania media supported by leadership of Tirana, continues to raise the anti Hellenic rhetoric, since member of the Greek community of Himara Region are actually the protagonist of Albanian tribunal.

Sixe years ago, five member of Himara Community protested during the local election at front of Himara Municipality holding on the hands the Greek flag, carried by the court of Vlora as anti Albanian protest. Now after six years other ten himariotes will procede by the Tribunal of Vlora against their national sentiments and the human values, to have the rights to espress free their nationality as citizen of a country such as Albania which wants to joint in EU.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

John M. Nomikos (RIEAS Director)

Ioannis Michaletos (RIEAS Junior Analyst and Editor at Southeastern Europe in World Security Foundation)

Two nations that have been constantly active in world?s history since antiquity are the Greek and Jewish one. Since the era of Mosses and Ulysses those two nations have inexorably been associated with all the historical developments in the Mediterranean region and with active to every worldwide event worth mentioning. It would be interesting to illustrate that these two great nations have quite a few common elements as regarding to their history of national fulfillment and their aspirations in various historical periods.

The Jewish Zionist movement that was founded in the late 19th century by Theodor Herzl had a significant historical analogy with the then ?Grand Idea? of the Greek independent state. The Greek as well as the Jewish Diaspora was split in those that promoted the inclusion of all members of each nationality into a single nation state; and to those that had great economic and social interests and firmly believed that such a move would impair their live hood. The strong Jewish community in the Ottoman Empire feared that a newborn Jewish state would destroy ?as it happened- centuries of constructing extensive commercial networks in an area from Danube to Egypt.