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PM denies he "threatened" Albanian politician

GADŽIN HAN -- Ivica Dačić says that "nobody can blackmail Serbia" - and that "if somebody thought they could play with Serbia - they were wrong."
This is true, said the prime minister, "even if their name is Jonuz Musliu."
Dačić in this way responded to accusations made by the ethnic Albanian politician from southern Serbia, who said Dačić had threatened him during a meeting in Belgrade on Thursday.

"There have been no threats in the conversations with the Albanian representatives from southern Serbia, unless it's a threat that everything will be within the Serbian Constitution and laws," Dačić told reporters as he was visiting Gadžin Han.

He then noted that Musliu "previously asked for an interpreter, and now won't talk with me until the Kosovo ambassador is present", that Musliu was not invited "to dispense political lessons - and should not come if that's what he intends to do."

"I reminded him that there was no Kosovo ambassador, and he, during the conversation, conditioned the solving of the problems of Preševo and Bujanovac in the same way as is the case with Serbs in northern Kosovo," Dačić was quoted as saying, and adding that he "pointed out to that the Albanians from southern Serbia had not been discussed during the talks in Brussels."

"Representatives of the international community are welcome, but nobody should mediate between the Serbian government and our citizens," Dačić said, noted that he "did not go to the meeting to negotiate with them," and added:

"I am the prime minister, and I held a meeting with their representatives, because the government had adopted a report of the Coordinating Body for Preševo, Bujanovac and Medveđa, led by Zoran Stanković, which contains the seven points."

The prime minister said he had tasked "certain minister" to work to urgently solve all the problems that had been "listed":

"We agreed to hold another meeting after three months and analyze what had been done," he said, and stressed that it was in the interest of the Albanians from the south to integrate into the Serbian state:

"If I was able to find common ground with (Hashim) Thaci, I guess I can do the same with the Albanians from southern Serbia."

Dačić then said that the meeting did not discuss concrete issues, but political topics "which they impose," such as "the issue of the flag and the right to flag."

The prime minister stressed that the Albanian representatives had met with Thaci before traveling to Belgrade, and repeated that there had been "no raised voices - because I did not invite them to argue with them."
Shkelqim Cani: Those who violated law will answer
Shkelqim Cani: Those who violated law will answer

Shkelqim Cani: Those who violated law will answer Shkelqim Cani, Minister of Finances, declared for Voice of America that all tax-office and customs employees who have violated the rules will answer before the law.

“In these eight years, it wasn’t the opposition criticizing tax and customs offices, but the international institutions that have made different public evaluations for their perception. Business has kept relations with the tax offices and customs, in very brutal conditions. The people who have done these actions are there. Regardless of the opposition’s frequent reports, they are still at work. They have created these relations. We will give them a chance to change mentality and the way of working, which for the moment is taking care of their pockets rather than the state’s. Some of them has robbed so much, and they certainly will face the law. Everyone who has violated the rules will face law”, Cani declared for the VOA.

NATO Secretary General holds talks with Greek leaders in Athens

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen thanked Greece for its enduring support to the Alliance including its support of Smart Defence projects despite tough economic times after his talks with Greek Foreign Minister Evangelos Venizelos in Athens on Thursday (10 October 2013). "This is a question for all of us: how to deal with increasing security threats, at a time when our budgets are under pressure," the Secretary General said.

He said the best answer to that question is cooperation between Allies, partners and other international organisations like the European Union.  Mr. Fogh Rasmussen said Greece plays “a valuable role” in these areas, as it participates in a number of multinational projects with other Allies to improve and build capabilities at a more affordable cost. He stressed Greece’s important contribution to  building cooperation with partner countries, especially those in the Middle East and North Africa.
Fogh Rasmussen said that next year, Greece will take over the European Union’s rotating presidency at a pivotal moment in the evolution of Europe’s defence capabilities and that the European Council on defence in December 2013 represents a real opportunity to create a stronger Europe. “And Greece, as the next EU presidency, will have a major role in turning those commitments into real capabilities”.
The Secretary General said he looks forward to “strong leadership from Greece, as we work to make Europe, and NATO, stronger”.
Mr. Fogh Rasmussen also praised Greece for its contribution to NATO led operations.
The two-day visit to Athens also includes talks with President Karolas Papoulias, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, and Defence Minister Dimitrios Avramopoulos on issues including NATO’s security agenda, progress in Afghanistan and NATO’s summit next year.


  Published the Resolution for the Cham issue in the Official Government Journal  

Tirana surprises Athens, on the eve of the visit of the Greek Foreign Minister Evangelos Venizelos, next Monday in Tirana

The very debated last year, the Parliamentary Resolution for the Cham Issue, is published today for the Official  Government Journal . In spring, the resolution vote was followed by debates in Parliament , because this act was not published just this time .
In this resolution states that " it is time that the issue of the rights of citizens with Cham origin reconsidered by both parties ( Albania and Greece ) , in the spirit of the Treaty of Friendship , Cooperation and Good Neighborhoods Safety, the signed and ratified by both countries. "
This Resolution seeks to solve the issue of property and other assets inalienable of Cham population, in accordance with internationally recognized documents .
The Albanian Parliament" charges the government of the Republic of Albania to this resolution make it known to governments and international institutions can contribute to solving the problem ."

The Himara Community, criticizes Athens, and Vice Chairman of the Albanian Parliament Vangel Dule, for not inclusion in the agenda of talks between Foreign Minister of Greece, Evangelos Venizelos and the Albanian state, the project of EU, for the registration of property tittles in Himara Region.


Land registration and road signs in Albania's south coast assisted by €1.5 million European Union-funded project implemented by OSCE. (21/07/2011)

TIRANA, 21 July 2011 – This EU funded €1.5 million technical assistance project, implemented by the OSCE Presence in Albania was presented today in Tirana. This project in a key touristic region of Albania aims to complete the first property registration and updating of existing registration for some 60,000 properties in coastal areas of the country from Palase Gjolek in the north to Xarre. This will give owners clear legal title and boost the potential for investment in the region. The project also includes new street signs installed in Saranda, Selenica, and Armen, and soon to be installed in six other areas (Golem, Qender Vlora, Orikum, Lukova, Delvina and Dhiver) at a cost of €103,000.

Speaking at the project presentation, Ambassador Ettore Sequi, the Head of the EU Delegation to Albania, said: “Clear property titles and legal certainty are essential prerequisites for prosperous development of the country and attracting foreign investment. Only when such a system is finally in place will Albania become an attractive location for foreign investors to establish operations leading to employment generation.”
The Head of the OSCE Presence in Albania, Ambassador Eugen Wollfarth, stated: “The project will assist the Government in increasing security of tenure, which is crucial for the sustainable development of the coastal area. It will also provide a basis for officials and lawmakers to formulate appropriate laws, policies and procedures to establish clear property titles and to protect this right.”

The project collects and processes property-related data and facilitates public participation in a transparent process that will provide public institutions with the information required to accurately determine and protect property rights. It offers natural and legal persons the opportunity to provide documents and information demonstrating a right to property and to request legal recognition of this right. All documents and maps collected and generated under the project will be handed over to the Immovable Property Registration Office.
The project, which receives additional funding from the Governments of Greece (€100,000), the Czech Republic (€50,000) and Switzerland (€30,000), is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2011.

For further information, please contact:
Artes Butka
Press & Information Officer
Tel: + 355 4 2228 320, + 355 42 228 479
Fax: + 355 4 230 752
Delegation's website:
Political and Public Affairs Unit of the OSCE Presence in Albania,
Sheraton Tirana Hotel & Towers, 1st Floor,
Sheshi “Italia”, Tirana, Albania,
Tel: +355 4 235 993,
Fax: +355 4 244 204,

Rama meets Police leaders

Rama meets Police leaders
The Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama,  started his first speech with the Police leaders by underlining to severe cases that took place in the recent day, the kidnapping of a minor in Fier and the finding of dozens of robbed icons from our common heritage, to emhpasize the situation of order and security in Albania.

“We have inherited an alarming unbraiding of the State Police, since the cursed year 1997”, Rama declared.

“This situation came after the Police Leadership became hostage of the clientelist interests”, Rama added, declaring that it is a historic mission to return public safety in the life of every Albanian, in their property and in our common property.

“Our battle is to back off the crime as never before. This means that the Stte police will take the responsibility to defend every square meters of the Albanian Republic”, Rama declared.

“This commitment is the cause of the deep reforms undertaken by the police”, Rama added.

“The reform that has just started and that has only finished the first phase, will affect the entire chain of responsibilities and will turn the quality of human resources to the service of the Albanian people, under their blue uniform. This first phase of the reform has taken the first step to approach the state police with the citizens”, Rama declared.

“The transformation of the State Police aims to create a partnership with the citizen”, Rama added.

“Merging the Traffic Police with the Public Order police, with the citizens taking police service from a unified office, will increase the quality and effectiveness of our work”, the Prime Minister stated.

Rama warned legal reforms at the Interior Service Control to clean the police ranks from crime and corruption. The Government leader emphasized two messages for the new leaders of the State Police.

“Mothers, women and children of this country deserve protection”, Rama declared.

Rama concluded his speech with what he considered the most important part of it, which should be implemented first by the new leaders.

“Look your subordinates in the eye and chose the best of them. Don’t look on the right or on the left. You are the servants of the Albanian people and of no one else. I wish you success. From us you will receive only support”, Rama declared.

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Muslims, Mosque will be built

Muslims, Mosque will be built
“The Muslim Community is interested only with the permit that regards the mosque. There are 23 years that the Muslim community is waiting for the construction of this mosque. As for the other buildings, everything can be verified through the respective institutions. The mosque is preserving all urban norms for the distance between another building, which is on the property of a private owner. This is not on the Muslim Community property, and it will be built by its own investors. We are interested only for the part for which we have a permit, and this is what matters for us”.

This was the declaration of the Muslim Community a few weeks ago, regarding the construction permit of another building close to the cult object that will be built. The permit stated that this polyfunctional center would be built eight stores high and three others underground.

Although with a construction permit, the polyfunctional building had no relation to the cult object, since the latter was being built by the Muslim community, while the Polyfunctional Center by another investor.

The Namazgja mosque project has never reflected the image of a polyfunctional center, and the project of this center does not reflect the cult object of the mosque.

The Albanian Prime Minister declared one day ago in the meeting of the National Council of Territory that the construction of the polyfunctional center was suspended. Mayor Lulzim Basha, and also leader of the opposition, declared that this action also interrupted the construction of the mosque.

But the Muslim Community, same as a few months ago, explained with a press release that they need to clarify the devotees and the public opinion, that as Prime Minister Rama declared in his statement, the mosque’s project will keep going on and it enjoys full support from the government. As for the property, the Muslim Community declares that they have been guaranteed by the government to find a suitable solution based on the current laws.
Chief of Police takes oath

Chief of Police takes oath
Artan Didi will be the new General Chief of State Police. He took the oath this Thursday Morning, before the police troops.

The former General State Police, Hysni Burgaj, was the one handing over the State police flag to him.

“In this solemn moment, by respecting the actions of all generations of the Albanian police; by honoring and respecting the blood of the fallen officers and of those who have been injured on duty, and on behalf of the Albanian State Police, devoted to defend our country and our public safety, by guaranteeing a rigorous implementation of the raw, and under my personal honor, I swear to keep with honor the flag of the Albanian State Police”, Didi declared.

The Interior Minister declared that not only the new Chief of the General Police, but all Police structure will have his support and that of the government.

“One thing that unites us more than ever in all General Police positions, is the high mission for the sake of the Albanian citizens and on behalf of the law, in order to guarantee the public order I our country, which is very necessary in the war against crime and corruption”, Tahiri declared.

Didi returned to the police ranks after leaving it in 2005. One of the most important duties in his career was the leading of the RENEA Forces, when he led a series of successful actions. Formerly wounded on duty, Didi left the police after the rotation of power in 2005, when he led the Public Safety Directory.

Conference brings together regional police chiefs

BELGRADE -- Countering organized crime is only possible with open cooperation in the region, Ivica Dačić said as he addressed the Balkan Region Police Chiefs Conference.
"The Serbian Interior Ministry has always been considered an important partner in the fight against organized crime, which primarily includes the smuggling of drugs, weapons, vehicles, people and counterfeit banknotes," the Serbian prime minister, who also serves as interior minister, told the gathering in Belgrade on Thursday.
He said that with the development of technology "also strengthens and cyber crime, " and underlined Serbia0s "significant role in the strengthening of regional cooperation and establishment of regional peace and stability."

The first regional conference of its kind is organized jointly by Serbia and Italy, and was also addressed by directors of Serbian and Italian police forces, Milorad Veljović and Alessandro Pansa.

The conference brought together police representatives of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Greece, Hungary, Montenegro, Moldova, the Serb Republic, Romania and Slovenia.

Alessandro Pansa said that his country has 13 liaison officers in the Balkans, and is very interested in cooperation with the countries of the region.

"The aim is to neutralize all the organizations involved in illegal activities in the Balkans that are spreading their influence to the EU," Pansa said, adding that since 2006 to date "a large number of criminal organizations has been dismantled."

Dačić underlined that Serbia "has a significant role in the strengthening of regional cooperation and establishment of regional peace and stability" and noted that relations in the region are "on a high level."

He said that Serbia will confirm its commitment to European integration through screening, as well as its determination to boost the fight against organized crime, which is a permanent challenge and requires flexibility and adjusting to the situation in order to be able to respond to new circumstances more efficiently.

The prime minister stressed that Serbia has been facing a double problem in recent years – an increase in the number of illegal immigrants entering Serbia, but also an increase in the number of asylum seekers from Serbia, and said that improved cooperation between countries "solves this."

Dačić announced a joint conference of the Serbian government and the Council of Ministers of Bosnia-Herzegovina for the end of next month, and recalled that joint sessions were previously held with the governments of Macedonia and Slovenia.

"Number of asylum requests drops"

Addressing the conference, Ivica Dačić said that the number of requests for asylum abroad filed by Serbian citizens dropped significantly relative to previous years and that the government implemented a series of tangible measures to cut the number of false asylum-seekers.

Dačić added that over the past few years, Serbia has faced a double problem, embodied in the increase in the number of illegal immigrants entering Serbia and an increase in the number of requests filed by people from Serbia applying for asylum in other countries.

He added that at the same time, Serbia is facing the pressures exerted by the EU to reduce the figure as soon as possible.

Dačić said that the trend of rise in the number of illegal immigrants entering Serbia continued in the first half of the year.

“Over 6,000 illegal crossings were prevented, which constitutes a drop of 32 percent relative to the previous year, when around 9,000 illegal entries were prevented,” the prime minister said.

The greatest pressure of illegal immigrants was recorded on the border between Serbia and Hungary and the border between Serbia and Croatia.

Dačić said that Serbia is on the transit route from Turkey and Greece to Hungary and most illegal immigrants are either transiting through Serbia or staying there for a while, abusing the institution of the right to asylum.

According to him, the immigrants mostly come from Afghanistan, Palestine and Pakistan and their number increased over the past few years.

"All Balkan countries are tackling illegal migration which has intensified over the past few years due to visa liberalization and the situation in the Middle East," Dačić said and added that regional countries need to cooperate on solving the problem so that the Balkans "could be a safer place."
 An Imported population is placed " legally " in Himara and Lukovo Region

The government of Sali Berisha , has registered assets and buildings, by the Office of the Property Registration and the Agency for the Legalization of Abusive buildings , " Aluizm "

Do you know what is the number of buildings which have legalized with abusive or corrupt methods registered in the Himara and Lukovo Region ? About 200 , 300 , 500 , 700 .. ! ? ?

A secret report which will be published in the media at the moment, for the rehabilitate of the Ionian coast , was submitted to the Prime Minister Edi Rama, from an important foreign security institution .

Analytical report shows all activity corrupted of the Registration Property Office and the Agency for Legalization Properties of the Buildings Abusive " ALUIZM " who have registered against the law, hundreds of items, which belong to non native inhabitants of Himara .

The figures are alarming, but starting from Kakome Tourist Village , which results in corrupt acts of selling , the act provided by ALUIZM ownership , and ending in Llogora . Most mortgage documents , have been archived in the famous Quartier of Perivolos , in Drymades .

But meanwhile, concern is the fact that hundreds of non- autocton inhabitants, have come to live in an area, which is changing ethnology- religious relations of the Himara Community , a historical precedent with complication consequences for stability.

 The law approved by the Albanian Parliament, categorically prohibits abusive legalization of buildings Ionian coast, while no ownership title can not be approved in the Himara Region, without official records to complete the entire property by the OSCE.
 Down the Albanian flag and painted the monument of Albania square in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki. Spray painted the marble slab and took along the Albanian flag

The perpetrators spray-painted the front of the plate while before they leave the point
 and took along the Albanian flag. recalled that the inauguration of the park made ​​by the Mayor of Thessaloniki, Yiannis Boutari, Oct. 4 and then civic group announced its opposition in practice the administration of the Municipality of Thessaloniki.



Albanian art-trafficking ring broken up

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama inspects stolen art in Tirana, 9 October 2013 Prime Minister Edi Rama called for an end to the "lamentable plight of our heritage"

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Albanian police say they have foiled an art-trafficking ring seeking to sell hundreds of works of art abroad.
Prime Minister Edi Rama said the artworks seized - reportedly more than 1,000 - could fill an entire museum.
Among them were paintings, icons and murals thought to have been taken from churches and cultural centres in south-east Albania and Macedonia.
Their value was estimated at hundreds of thousands of dollars, Albania's Top TV reported.
Welcoming the police operation, Mr Rama said the artwork had "risked joining the long list of works that have crossed the country's borders".
He said it was one of the largest operations against art trafficking, but that it marked just the beginning of a campaign in which he appealed to Albanians to "redress this lamentable plight of our heritage".
Experts say that Albania's Orthodox churches have been plundered of much of their art work since the fall of communism, and that the trafficking of stolen art is widespread.
"[Albanian society] has forgotten that this might be our temporary house, but it remains the perennial abode of generations to come and we owe it to them to pass on the country we inherited from our ancestors," the prime minister said.
State news agency ATA reported that two men aged 39 and 51 had been arrested, and that two other suspects were wanted.

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Unprecedented challenges 

Stopped exercise " ANDROMEDA 2013 " because "enter in play"  the Turkish frigate "Heybeliada" 
Turkish descent stealth corvette ; F 511 "Heybeliada" butts in Andros carrying out since yesterday - and exclusively revealed the "D" - the joint aeronautical Greek-Israeli exercise " ANDROMEDA 2013" was eventually result in the interruption of the current phase and transfer of tomorrow.
As mentioned absolutely authoritative sources of the Ministry of Defence of the Turkish corvette " could scan the entire scenario of the exercises and tactics that would follow the PA the Navy and the Israeli Air Force through sophisticated sensors available ."
Of course it would not be possible and the circumstances be exercise in the presence of such a platform sensors in the central and southern Aegean and this demonstrates the level of challenge of Ankara.
Please note that this is the first time that Turkish warships through seeking to interfere in a joint Greek-Israeli exercise that it can mean .
News section

The Golden Dawn Murder Case
Larry Summers and the New Fascism

Monday, October 7, 2013
By Greg Palast for Truthout
On September 18, hip-hop artist Pavlos Fyssas, a.k.a. Killah P, was stabbed outside a bar in Keratsini, Greece.
Larry Summers has an air-tight alibi.  But I don't believe it.
Larry didn’t hold the knife:  The confessed killer is some twisted member of Golden Dawn, a political party made up of skin-head freaks, anti-immigrant fear-mongers, anti-Muslim/ anti-Semitic/ anti-Albanian sociopaths and ultra-patriot fruitcakes.  Think of it as the Tea Party goes Greek.
Following Fyssas’ killing, other groups of dangerous psychopathic misfits, namely the European Union and Greece’s governing coalition, moved to ban Golden Dawn.
Over the weekend, Greece’s rulers arrested six members of Parliament who belong to Golden Dawn.  Apparently, Greece’s political leaders prefer democracy as defined by Egypt’s General Sisi to the precepts of Aristotle and Thomas Jefferson.
To my friends on the Greek Left:  It’s sickening to watch you cheer the arrest of Golden Dawn parliamentarians.
Mark my words:  You are next.
Listen up:
My investigation reveals that behind the banning of Golden Dawn, besides the usual European distaste for democracy, is something far more sinister:  the ruling parties are distracting the public from their own involvement in the crime.
The rise in violence and hate-crimes is no surprise. The official unemployment rate in Greece is 28%, and over 60% among young men.  No wonder desperate youths are wrapping batons in Greek flags and beating immigrants: When people are pressed to the wall, they hunt for their tormentors –– and too often find their fellow victims to blame.
Economic devastation breeds fascism.  In the 1930s, the hungry and angry sought relief in hyper-patriotism, racism and pogroms.  In the 1980s Reagan Recession in the USA, when factories shut down in the Midwest, the hopeless unemployed joined right-wing skinhead cults and went on a killing rampage –– beginning with the murder of Jewish journalist Alan Berg and ending with the bombing of a government building in Oklahoma, killing 168 people.

Vultures Over Athens
Golden Dawn is a symptom of the nation's illness, not its cause.  Unfortunately, the Brown-shirts go after easy targets –– Pakistanis, Gypsies, Africans, whoever is different and easy to whack.  It's a lot easier to stab a hip-hop rapper than it is to go after a hedge-fund shark.
The real culprits behind the suffering are well camouflaged.  So let me name some:  In Greece, we begin with billionaires Kenneth Dart and Paul “The Vulture” Singer.
Dart and Singer bought up Greek government bonds for pennies on the dollar.  While the holders of 97% of Greek bonds agreed to accept a loss of 75% of their value, Dart and Singer demanded several hundred percent more than they paid.  Then Dart and Singer threatened the dead-broke Greek government. If Greece did not pay this ransom, Dart and Singer would declare Greek bonds in default.  Every bank in Europe holding these government debts as reserve funds would face technical bankruptcy; the value of government bonds worldwide would implode in value and the entire hemisphere would face a new financial collapse.
It was financial terrorism, and the Greek government gave in.  It paid the full ransom demanded.  Dart grabbed over half a billion dollars ($513 million) from the Greek treasury –– and only the gods know how much Singer has pocketed.    [Get the full story on Singer the Vulture, read Billionaires & Ballot Bandits and Vultures' Picnic.]
How was this vulture food paid for?  With “austerity” — tightening a belt that’s already not much bigger than its buckle.  To pay Singer and Dart, the Greek government announced it would fire 15,000 workers.
What’s sick is that the ruling coalition (or misruling coalition) does not say this is to cover the payoffs to the vultures.  Rather, the government says it is the just punishment Greeks deserve for their "laziness and greed." The victims’ punishment is called, “austerity.”

The Austerity Fairy Tale
My children often ask me, “Daddy, where does ‘austerity’ come from?”  And I tell them:
Once upon a time, there was a good fairy named John Maynard Keynes. He wanted to stop depressions, financial crises and suffering, so he conceived of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.  He said, When a nation’s foreign exchange earnings drop (say, if the price of oil rises or Greek tourism falls because its currency is over-valued), the countries taking the poor nations’ money, rich countries like Germany and the USA, would lend it back via the IMF.
By this rule, the rich lending to the poor, the world prospered and lived happily ever after … until the 1980s, when a wicked witch, known as the Iron Lady, and America’s gaga grandpa, Reagan of the Rich, insisted that the IMF and the World Bank beat poor nations with a stick called, “structural adjustment.”
Nations facing destitution because of higher oil costs, currency imbalance or predatory interest rate demands were “structurally adjusted.”  Structural adjustment is a cruel and debilitating potion of mass firings of public employees, cheap sell-offs of national assets and deregulation of corporate profiteering.  This ripping the wings off the better angels of government is called, “austerity.”
The good fairy Keynes had warned about this evil potion, this snake oil called “austerity.”  Cutting government spending during a recession, he said, will only make things worse. 
And that’s what happened:  In every single case, the “adjusted” nations’ economies were devastated. 
Structural adjustment reached its cruel apotheosis in the early 1990s under the guidance of the World Bank’s Chief Economist, one Larry Summers.
But then, in 1997, Summers’ post was taken by Prof. Joseph Stiglitz.
In 2001, I met Stiglitz whom I’d heard was quietly expressing grave doubts about austerity and structural adjustment à la Summers.  He agreed to go public.  Over several hours of discussion, which I recorded for BBC TV, Stiglitz charged that IMF-imposed austerity was “ a little like the Middle Ages, when the patient died they would say well, we stopped the bloodletting too soon, he still had a little blood in him.”
Stiglitz detailed for me the ill effects of the “structural adjustment” demands, including “free” trade, which he likened to the Opium Wars; bank deregulation, which he found ludicrously dangerous; privatization, which Stiglitz called “briberization”; and budget-cutting austerity.
The budget cuts and free-market nostrums, Stiglitz told me, were as cruel as they were stupid.  And he said of those who profited off these IMF diktats, “They don’t care if people live or die.”
Stiglitz went on to win the Nobel Prize in economics for his skepticism of Markets über Alles.
So how, a decade after austerity, briberization and all their cruelties exposed and discredited, did Greece (and Spain and Portugal and too many others) end up under austerity’s bloody grip?
To begin with, in 2000, Larry Summers, as US Treasury Secretary, successfully demanded the World Bank fire Stiglitz and purged the Bank and IMF of austerity apostasy.
Why?  Austerity may fail the public, but it’s damn profitable for those on the inside.
All you need is a riot and a few dead bodies.

The IMF Riots
Among Stiglitz’ stunning revelations to me was his description of “the IMF riot.”  I showed him confidential World Bank and IMF plans for the nation of Ecuador. These included what seemed to be a warning to that nation’s finance minister that austerity could lead to violence in the streets, “social unrest” — which the World Bank recommended be crushed with “resolve”. In Ecuador, “resolve” meant tanks.
Did the IMF really write the riots into the plans?
Yes, Stiglitz said, matter-of-factly. “We had a name for it ‘The IMF Riot’”.
When a nation is “down and out, [the IMF] takes advantage and squeezes the last pound of blood out of them. They turn up the heat until, finally, the whole caldron blows up”.
And that’s what we’re seeing in Greece.  It began in May 2010, when some sick, misguided berserker set fire to a bank in Athens and killed four bank employees.  The killings did the trick:  the Left’s protests against insane austerity and banker gangsterism came to a halt.
Still, people could see that the austerity medicine was making Greece ill. So, they put their hopes in a new party, Syriza, which, from nowhere, became the second highest vote-getter in Greece by promising to oppose austerity.  Once in parliament, the faux-Left Syriza completely sold out its positions.
That leaves Golden Dawn, although diseased by racism and violently bent, it is the only one of Greece’s top four parties to stand firm against rabid austerity and the economy being chained like a beaten dog to Germany’s currency.
In 2010, the bank burning was used to discredit protests by the Left.  Today, once again, the Greek government, dancing on its hind legs, begging for a biscuit from German bankers, has used a murder as an excuse to outlaw the only major party dissenting from the austerity suicide pact.
I wish I could say that the reason Golden Dawn is being banned is because of the violent bend of its racist followers.  But that’s just not what’s going on here.
Dimitris Kazakis, the leader of Greece’s true progressive party, the United People’s Front (EPAM), has spoken out against Golden Dawn’s racist violence — and the greater danger of the bogus charges created to arrest members of Parliament.  He scolds Greeks, reminding them that this is how the military dictatorship seized power in 1967.
So, who are the real Fascists?
Fascism, as defined since the days of Il Duce, is the official combine of government and big business.  By that definition, Golden Dawn is the only non-Fascist party among Greece’s top four.  And that is why Golden Dawn has been targeted for elimination.
I hope my fellow progressives will excuse me for not applauding.
* * * * * *
Greg Palast is the author of the New York Times bestsellers, Billionaires & Ballot BanditsThe Best Democracy Money Can Buy, Armed Madhouse and the highly acclaimed Vultures' Picnic, named Book of the Year 2012 on BBC Newsnight Review.
 Jerusalem Post

Greek PM calls ties with Israel ‘strategic, long term’

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu lauds Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras for tough stand against neo-fascist party.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu meets with his Greek counterpart, Antonis Samaras, in Jerusalem.
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu meets with his Greek counterpart, Antonis Samaras, in Jerusalem. Photo: Amos Ben-Gershom/GPO
Greece views its new and improved relationship with Israel as a strategic, long term partnership that is not dependent on the fate of Israel’s relationship with Turkey, Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras told Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Tuesday.
The comments, according to diplomatic officials, came during a meeting the two leaders had as part of the first Israeli- Greek government-to-government meeting. Samaras arrived in Israel along with eight of his ministers to hold a day of intensive bilateral meetings during which some 10 agreements were signed in a variety of fields from public security to tourism and culture.
Among the issues Netanyahu raised with Samaras was the EU settlement guidelines set to go into effect on January 1. The guidelines call, among other elements, for Israel to sign a “territorial clause” before entering into any new agreements with the EU that would stipulate that the agreement is inapplicable in east Jerusalem, the Golan Heights and the West Bank. Israel has said it would not sign such a clause and the two sides are currently negotiating over the implementation of the guidelines.
Greek Foreign Minister Evangelos Venizelos discussed the matter during a meeting with Deputy Foreign Minister Ze’ev Elkin. Elkin said that Venizelos supported Israel’s position on this matter, and has made his position clear to EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton.
Elkin said that Greece’s position on this matter had added importance since it will be taking over the EU’s rotating presidency on January 1.
Israeli officials have expressed confidence that a resolution to the issue can be found, citing the support of political leaders in a number of European states.
Among the areas of cooperation Netanyahu and Samaras discussed was the possibility of creating a gas triangle – Israel- Cyprus-Greece – with Greece the hub of Israeli and Cypriot gas exports to the rest of Europe.
Israel’s ambassador to Greece, Aryeh Mekel, said this government-to-government meeting “constitutes the peak in the new and upgraded relations between Israel and Greece that began some three years ago. As opposed to the past, today there is close cooperation in a number of fields.”
Mekel said there has also been a dramatic change in Greek public opinion, which in the past was negative toward Israel, but which today is in favor of close cooperation.
“In the long run this could be the most important element of the improvement in relations,” he said.
The flowering in Greek-Israeli ties began in 2010 and coincided with the sharp deterioration of Israeli-Turkish ties.
Netanyahu, during his meeting with Samaras, praised the Greeks for taking a tough stand against the neo-fascist Golden Dawn Party and arresting six of the party’s MPs following a public furor over the murder of an anti-fascist rapper by a Golden Dawn member.
In a joint appearance with Samaras after their meeting, Netanyahu said he wanted to commend his government for its “resolute opposition to neo- Nazism, anti-Semitism and racism. You have taken important steps, courageous steps that demonstrate clearly that Greece is a land of tolerance and freedom.”
He also commended Samaras for the way he has handled Greece’s economic crisis, and encouraged Israeli businessmen to “go and invest in Greece, it’s probably a very good deal.”
Netanyahu said the “smart money should be going to Greece now, as the smart money should be going to Israel always.”
One area where the two countries do not see eye-to-eye, however, is Iran, although the differences were not aired in public. While Netanyahu repeated his mantra that the pressure must be kept on Tehran, diplomatic officials have said that Greece – whose economy has been hurt by the sanctions it has imposed on oil imports from Iran – is in favor of giving Iranian President Hassan Rouhani a chance to prove himself, and that the West should perhaps ease up on some sanctions as a good will gesture.
During his public comments Netanyahu said that the Iranian regime sought a partial agreement that will ease the sanctions that have significantly hurt the Iranian economy.
“Of course what they want is merely the relaxation of sanctions without the real cessation of Iran’s program to develop military nuclear capability,” he said. “That is unacceptable. The sanctions must be continued, they must be strengthened until the Iranian military nuclear program is dismantled.”
Samaras, in his public comments, tellingly did not mention Iran.
Vandals attack the Greek antic town, Amantia in South East of Vlora

President "should travel to Kosovo this week"

PRIŠTINA -- Tomislav Nikolić should travel to Gračanica this week "and be the first Serbian official to go to Kosovo after the agreement reached by Dačić and Thaci."
(Tanjug, file)
(Tanjug, file)
FoNet and Blic are quoting the Albanian language daily Tribuna, published in Priština, which said that officials "close to the participants of the dialogue in Brussels" said that the decision to ban Serbian officials from traveling to Kosovo was "unreasonable" as they were at the same time expected to encourage Serbs to take part in the elections.
Ivica Dačić should travel to Kosovo next week to visit two returnee villages, in southern and northern parts of Kosovo.

According to this report, Priština and the EU have said that they had received guarantees from Dačić that he would not campaign in favor of the united Serb list.

The newspaper also said that Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić should travel to Gračanica this week.
Edi Rama: cultural heritage at risk

"Trashëgimia kulturore" Rama: Beteja sapo ka nisur 

Police seize, ancient Byzantine icons

Prime Albania minister Edi Rama in a press conference reacted in connection with the theft of works of art. He said the state, in which the cultural heritage today is alarming and scandalous.

Albanian PM , has been made the declaration during the delivery of stolen ikons of the Orthodox Chrch of art which were seized yesterday by a police operation inTirana.
Ankara provokes Athens and Tel Aviv air military exercises

 Turkey sent the stealth Frigate "Heybeliada" on the Greek waters


In a direct challenge mainly to Greece and the Greek Armed Forces , but also to Israel with one movement type " North Korea " , Turkey today sent the most modern warship , the domestic shipbuilding corvette design stealth, the F-511 "Heybeliada", in the middle of yesterday's Greek-Israeli exercise Aeronautics and within striking distance firearm from the coast of eastern Attica.To Turkish ship came out of the Dardanelles yesterday and followed march south-southeast .

For this reason , the Greek Navy frigate class "Standard  Koundoriotis " is
monitoring  Heybeliada which has exactly the same weapons and more advanced sensors .The ship entered the territorial waters of Greece in 07.00 , and came very near A4 zone conducted by the Greek- Israeli exercise and then came along the way ... Southwest of the coast of Attica, near Athens.All this while the " Koundoriotis " had identified that the sensors were open , so the passage is anything but harmless it was.Then came the sea area between Macronisos and Kea .There is a second Navy Greek ship was on alert for monitoring the Turkish frigate.
It is the first time such a sophisticated craft like Heybeliada send from Ankara on the shores of Attica and certainly it concerns showdown on the part of Turkey and message in Greece and Israel , since only random is not that sailed into the region Greek- Israeli exercise.


Greece, Israel to hold joint aeronautical exercises
Two Greek fighter jets (file photo).
Two Greek fighter jets  

The Israeli regime receives more than three billion dollars from the United States in direct foreign assistance every year. Tel Aviv also gets USD 70 million more in military aid for its missile systems."
Related Interviews: 

Greek and Israeli Air Forces are set to stage joint aeronautical drills in the coming days, Greek Hellenic Air Force says.

According to a statement released earlier this week, the drills, part of a Greece-Israel Military Cooperation Program, will kick off on October 9 in Athens’ flight information region (FIR).

The statement said a group of F-15 and F-16 fighter jets will participate in the exercises along with navy forces.

On October 16, Greek combat aircraft and fuel supplier airplanes belonging to Israeli regime will also take part in the drills, which will happen in the region of the western Peloponnese, it said.

In March, Tel Aviv said the Israeli regime, the United States and Greece launched a joint two-week Mediterranean naval exercise called ‘Noble Dina.’

“Noble Dina, one of the navy’s scheduled annual exercises, is part of the security cooperation between the Israeli navy and foreign naval forces,” the Israeli military said in a statement.

The statement also said the naval exercise was “an opportunity for mutual learning and for strengthening of the cooperation with its [Israel’s] allies.”

The Israeli regime receives more than three billion dollars from the United States in direct foreign assistance every year. Tel Aviv also gets USD 70 million more in military aid for its missile systems.

Meanwhile, on October 3, the US Department of State said a prolonged government shutdown would hinder military aid to Israel, the largest recipient of US foreign military aid.

“The State Department's ability to provide military assistance to Israel and other allies in the time frame that is expected and customary could be hindered, depending on the length of the shutdown,” State Department deputy spokeswoman Marie Harf told a news briefing.

The US government began a partial shutdown on October 1 after the Republican-led House of Representatives and the Democratic-led Senate did not agree on an emergency spending bill to fund the government.

The lawmakers remain at loggerheads over the budget, with Democrats refusing to give in to Republican demands for cuts in President Barack Obama's healthcare reform -- dubbed Obamacare.

The stalemate that has left more than 700,000 government workers furloughed, halted many government services and closed 400 national parks and monuments.
New Book of Mustafa Nano: I'm ghegë
 nano libri

New Book  is really touches a sensitive topic, Toska and Ghegs, north and Soth, Dardan or Epiriot is an analytical overview on Albania yesterday and today, rich with historical information and quotes.

"Officials can campaign only in northern Kosovo"

BELGRADE -- The procedure for Serbian government officials to enter Kosovo remains almost unchanged, writes the Belgrade-based daily Danas.
(Tanjug, file)
(Tanjug, file)
Belgrade, Priština and Brussels agreed during the government of Mirko Cvetković that Serbian officials would sent their requests through EU's offices in Belgrade, and in Priština, to the government there, whose decision would come back the same route.
The novelty is that Priština "will be assisted by EULEX in making its evaluation," the newspaper said it learned unofficially from diplomatic circles in Brussels.

This is the "mechanism" that was agreed in Brussels late on Monday by Ivica Dačić and Hashim Thaci, who were meeting with EU's Catherine Ashton.

The same sources said that Serbian officials who wish to go Kosovo now have to determine whether they are going as civil servants or as representatives of political parties.

The newspaper said it was told that they will be able to visit "only monasteries of the Serbian Orthodox Church" south of the Ibar - "provided they do not make political statements, but there is speculation that Priština in this regard will not be exclusive."

But there will be no restrictions in northern Kosovo, where Brussels and the Kosovo authorities wish to have a high Serb turnout in the municipal elections on November 3 - there, the article says, "whoever wants to can go any time."

The "mechanism" could create the conditions for First Deputy PM Aleksandar Vučić, as president of the SNS party, to travel to Kosovo during the campaign, diplomats in Priština have speculated.

According to the original plan of Belgrade, Vučić should go to Leposavić on October 23, and President Tomislav Nikolic to Gračanica on October 10.

Nikolić's adviser Marko Đurić, who took part in the talks in Brussels on Monday, would not comment on the report nor specify whether and when Nikolić and Vučić would go to Kosovo.

He stated that "the public will be notified in time" and that he "could not speak about the specific details of the mechanism for the visits," because the negotiators wish to avoid the impression of there being "winners and losers."

According Đurić, the mechanism will operate in accordance with the Brussels agreement on free movement and the current protocol.

Đurić also denied the speculation heard from diplomats that Belgrade was under pressure "from the international community" to remove Aleksandar Vulin "from the Kosovo process."

According to the newspaper's sources, PM Ivica Dačić was allegedly trying to "persuade the West that Vulin was working behind his back in Kosovo."

The daily also reported that "diplomatic circles are saying that Brussels, in order for as many Serbs as possible to turn out for the local Kosovo elections, is tolerating Belgrade making its own election list, but not the war against all other Serb options.
Plani i Zhvillimit te Himares; Miratuar nga KKRT



The Himara Community and Coastal Association : Himara and the Ionian Coastal territory, is controlled by mafia

Berisha government approved the strategic Development Plain of Himara Region , but in fact its territory, does not controlled by the state, but by the Albanian mafia groups and clans, using paramilitary units formalized as " private police effectively "

Two official associations,that of the fall of communism, are fighting for the legitimate rights of the Ionian Coast Region and in particular of Himara Region. The Himara Community and The Coastal Association, have come in commoner conclusions, alarming that the region is heading towards breaking the ethnic balances as a result of missing of control by the Albanian State and re-forcing officially by the Albanian Mafia.

In the report made ​​public, evidenced a clear lack of security , which blames the control over the territory of the Albanian state , which is left " free " by criminal and mafia groups of the country, which control about 90% of GDP of the tourism in Himara Region. .

Starting from the unresolved problem of ownership,the  associations, expressed critical about the lack of transparency of the OSCE , which manages a program funded by the EU, for the registration of property titles to the entire Ionian coast .

This deliberate silence, has made the previous government, to adopt legal acts based on Law No: 7501 , in order to record abusive of mafia groups, which are not indigenous as the people of Himara, who have built and forcefully to protect by paramilitary forces and the state .

The opposite happens for the indigenous inhabitants of Himara , which can not record without any title of ownership over the property registration process from OSCE.

Bulldozers and trucks to transport heavy, moving night and day, while the state police, intentionally been left in the shade without authority . The country is controlled by paramilitary forces which represent private policemen uniforms .

Development Plan of Himara , was approved by the Berisha government , but it is a facade, all areas that do not allow this plan, is being built too fast, without any planning permission .

But a clear lack of energy and vandalism as on private property and the Orthodox church, has added uncertainty of the residents, who do not trust the Albanian state, albeit community who pay 100 % electricity. .
The Himara Community and Coastal Association, calling on the government Rama , to make authority and control security of all territory, creating the premises for the immediate return of the native inhabitants properties and to cancel all concessions of the Berisha government, award procedures for public beaches and registration property , by selecting the Mafia clans .

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dačić and Thaci reach agreement in Brussels

BRUSSELS -- Ivica Dačić said late on Monday after his meeting with Hashim Thaci that it was "one of the most successful meetings in Brussels."
Serbian politicians will be allowed to go to Kosovo during the election campaign, he said.
The meeting of the two prime ministers was held under the mediation of EU High Representative Catherine Ashton.

Dačić said that they also agreed on the participation of the Serbs in the Central Election Commission and that 12,000 more Kosovo Serbs in the four municipalities in the north would be included in election rolls.

Thaci said after the meeting, which took the form of a working dinner, that it was constructive, but avoided answering whether his government's ban on visits of Serbian officials still applies.

Thaci said that "all Serbian officials will be allowed to come to Kosovo if they meet the official procedure and submit a request to the authorities in Priština."

Ashton invited the two prime ministers to another meeting in Brussels after Priština decided it would not allow Serbian officials to travel to Kosovo during the campaign for the November 3 local elections, and Dačić's warnings that he could "withdraw from the negotiations in Brussels."
The results of the online voting

The Golden Dawn goes to 15%, 
First entry: Tuesday, 8 October 2013,

To limit lead the New Republic against SYRIZA slightly reduced their rates and the strengthening of the electoral influence of the Golden Dawn, reflected in Open Web Ballot which began Tuesday, Oct. 1 and ended two days later on Thursday , 3/10.

Was attended by 1368 people included in the database for our Newsletter. This vote was aimed to record the reactions of citizens on the issue raised by the arrests executives and members of the Golden Dawn. While participants were asked to respond and fixed political questions concerning the show winning, suitability for prime minister and voting intentions.

The first question we had to answer participants vote concerning the motives for the arrests of members of the Golden Dawn. 51% responded that they were politically, 43% criminal, while 6% had "no opinion".

Monday, October 7, 2013

Is the Greek armyready for use missiles, S - 300?
According to the mostly important portal, for the Greek security,, after a surprising request of Turkey, to protect the rights of its minority not only in Trache, but also in Dodecanise, the Army General Staff of Greece, has given orders to missiles S - 300, to be on the alert for any possible attack on Greek territory.

The news, at the same time also coincides with the fact that the Russian general, are assisting in the largest military exercise in Parmeon 2013.


Statement of the Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey in Response to a Question Regarding the Declarations of the Spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece Regarding Turkey

The recent steps taken in Turkey in the field of minority rights are well known and duly appreciated by those following this issue. The reforms carried out in order to meet the legitimate demands of our citizens who have minority status are in fact part of a comprehensive reform process being implemented in Turkey and demonstrate that there is no discrimination against our citizens.
As a result of the reforms progressively implemented, the situation of the Greek Orthodox Minority in Turkey is far better than the Turkish Minority of Western Thrace who -despite living in Greece, known as the birthplace of democracy and a member of the EU for thirty years- are denied the right to elect their own religious leaders, denied the right to state their ethnic identity, denied the right to develop their educational institutions, prohibited from exercising control over their own religious foundations and whose media outlets are subject to pressure. Furthermore, the situation of the Greek Orthodox Minority in Turkey is also far better than Greek citizens of Turkish descent living in the Dodecanese who, for the past forty years, have been prevented from receiving education in Turkish and electing their religious leaders,

Therefore, we believe that if a country, which itself does not apply the judgments delivered by the European Court of Human Rights against it, rather than offering advice in this regard, followed the example of Turkey in terms of reforms in the field of Minority rights, this would help minorities to become a bridge of friendship between the two countries.

Why has Albania hired Tony Blair as an adviser?

The country is a big fan of the former Labour leader – and wants him to help it join the EU
The flag of Albania … very New Labour.
The flag of Albania … very New Labour. Photograph: Getty Images
Age: In its present form, 100. It was formed by the Treaty of London in July 1913, which freed it from the Ottoman yoke after many centuries.
How many centuries? Oh, I don't know. This Wikipedia entry is enormous.
Bit of a sketchy peg for a Pass notes – an anniversary three months ago. It is inspired by some BREAKING NEWS.
Go on. Tony Blair has just been appointed Albania's special adviser.
I hope that means he plans to live there. Unlikely at present, but he will be setting up an office in the capital, Tirana.
Sounds pricey. Mr Blair's services do not come cheap. You are being unduly cynical. He is not being paid, and the office will be financed by unnamed international organisations.
What's in it for Blair? Protection of his legacy. Albania is the only country where New Labour is still in vogue. A modernising New Labour government under former basketball player Edi Rama was elected in the summer, with the help of Blair's old ally at Number 10, Alastair Campbell. "Edi looks on New Labour as one of the success stories of the centre-left in Europe of our lifetime," says Campbell.
And why do they want the man himself on board? They think he can help get Albania into the EU.
What does Blair say? "I'd love to see this country join the family of European nations."
Marvellous. They must adore him. Indeed. He has been a hero ever since he supported the Albanians in Kosovo in one of his early and more successful wars. There are apparently numerous children in Tirana called Toniblir.
How sweet. Perhaps he could become president. Quite possibly. The country is very anglophile and is reputed to have offered the throne to the cricketer CB Fry in the 1920s.
Not to be confused with: JP Morgan Chase, Zurich Financial Services, the government of Kazakhstan, or any of Tony Blair's 467 other clients.
Do say: "Gezohem qe te takova". ("Pleased to meet you" in Albanian).
Don't say: "Nigel Farage ka dëgjuar se Shqipëria mund të bashkohet me BE-në?" ("Has Nigel Farage heard that Albania might be joining the EU?")
Polling with 43,000 Greeks


The Golden Dawn the second Party in Greece
On the website "Tromaktiko", published a poll in which the Golden Dawn is becoming the second party with 18.9% , dispelling theories fall of electoral strength.
Please, note that the poll was the only tromaktiko approaching the actual rates of the Golden Dawn in 2012 elections .
Specifically , the unweighted sample based on 43,564 participants parties receive:
Syriza 29.7 %Golden Dawn 18.9%New Republic 18%PASOK 8.7%KKE 6.6%ANEL 5%Mayors 3%
Beyond that , the weighted sample that takes into account geographical and age characteristics , the Golden Dawn remains the third political force . Specifically, the parties receive: