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Athens, February 10, 2008

Photo, Reuters: The Greek Parliament Masoleum.

The Foreign V/Minister of Greece Theodoros Kassimis, met with “Omonia” delegation (The represent of Greek ethnic minority in Albania) as the first official contact of Athens with Greeks of Albania for challengers in Balkan Region. During the meeting Kassimis expressed the decision of Athens, Foreign Ministry and Greek Government to reorganize the Greek minority from “Omonia” to a large representation of all the peoples who are included inside Hellenic heritage in Northern Epirus Territory (Southern Albania).

The meting was organized by Foreign Minister Dora Bakogiani, in occasion of measures which obligate Athens to take in high consideration any escalation of Balkan Stability after self declaration of Kosovo Independence.

Kassimis said to be closed the époque of “Omonia” which since 1991 has been represent of Greek Minority of Albania, even “Omonia” has not part of politic pluralism of Albania, prohibiting by Albanian parliament to represent as politic party of Greek minority, considering the politic and civil rights of Greeks in Albania failed. Also the Albanian government never has realized a general population counting to be known officially since 1991 under the democratic individual declaration of the Greek minority who live in Albania an exactly number registered

However, “Omonia” is going to change the politic profile as the heard of Hellenic heritage, seeing for the big challengers in Southern Balkan Region with the self declaration of Independence of Kosovo. The territory when live the Greeks are the beautiful nature of dozens of Byzantine Churches and the oldest Hellenic culture even the people most part is emigrated in Greece and USA. Omnonia has been represented in Albanian parliament inside HRUP an Albanian Politic Party which has represented the minorities’ and ethnic group’s electorate in Albania.

Actually, the Pan Epiriotic Association of America which historically has played big international role for Northern Epirus Issue particularly for the friendly ship relations with State Department for the rights of Northern Epirus people has called Albania to respect the rights of Greeks in Albania. During 1994, when the relations between Athens and Tirana where in critic faze, the President of US Bill Clinton, urged a diplomatic mission the Ambassador Sheffer to go Tirana to liberate 5 members of Omonia, denied as “politic prisoner” of Albanian tribunals and the authoritarian system headed by ex President Sali Berisha. In 1995 the Chairman of Foreign Relations Committee of the House Represent of US Tom Lantos, visited together the represent of PAOKA the Southern Albania to be known in reality the critic situation of the human rights of Greeks in Albania.

The pressing of Washington continued with European Commission wich makes VETO by the Greeck decision , blocking the Aids for Albania.

The totalitarian system guided by ex president Berisha, brings the anarchy to the Albanian Civil War of 1997, after the Pyramids schemes collapse which had transformed the country. “Omonia”, continued to be the epicenter of friendly agreements between Albanian and Greece. But since 1997 exactly 10 years, “Omonia” has lost the historically identity of Hellenic heritage transformed as a NGO of Albanian making “never democratic elections” inside the Greek minority. Now is the time to be reflected may be to transform inside to the Northern Epirus issue as long as the Northern Epirus people, must want more, firstly to have the politic and civil rights in their territory………….

Monday, February 11, 2008


Photo: Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis, centre, is shown with officials of the ethnic Greek villages of Dermisi and Aliko, both in the Gjirokastr district of southern Albania, during a tour of the region in January 1999. Karamanlis, who was the main opposition leader at the time, was on a hand for the ground-breaking of a new aqueduct. Archbishop of Tirana and All Albania Anastasios is also shown standing to the right of Karamanlis. ANA-MPA photo / A. Voutos.

The Greek Prime Minister Kostas Karamalis met Monday, February 10, with Archbishop of Albania Anastasios at “Great Maximus” in Athens. During the meeting Karamalis – Anastasios which spent tow hours, they spoken about the Orthodox Church and the Northern Epirus people seeing the big politic changes in South Western Balkan Region, says a report of Greek Public Television NET.

During his visit in Athens, Archbishop Anastasisos met also with leader of Opposition Papandreu and the Head of Parliament Shufias.

The Greek Orthodox Churches in Southern Albania when lives a large Greek ethnic community is passing a dangerous period of destructing and vandalizing many of Byzantine Churches. One week ago the necropolis of antic center of Apolonia was destructed while in Korista Region the cemetery of Byzantine church of Mborie, has been attacked by vandals.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Chronology, the International Court of Justice 1935

Photo: The first page document decision of the International Court of Justice addressed Albania, by The League of the Nations in 1935 for the Rights of Greek Minority.

Albania has been penalized by the International Court of Justice for the Greek schools in Northern Epirus Autonomous Province in 1935 which has been closed by Albanian authorities. The original document tells clear the obligations of Albania for the rights of minorities. The Protocol of Corfu May 5, 1914, gives a large autonomy of Northern Epirus Province in Southern Albania.

Actually, the Albanian authority continues to not recognize The Protocol of Corfu since 1940. The agreement witch was signed by Greece, Albania and the Great Powers recognizing Northern Epirus' Greek character and accept its autonomy. The religious, linguistic and educational rights of its population, military, courts and greek institutions are established.


Photo: The Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha

Evangelos Tavos, the Greek Parliamentary Represent of Socialist Party, accuses today the Albanian government for disaster measures against Greek business and investments installed in Albania. Tavos wars financial authorities which make penalty to Greek economy particularly in Southern Albania when live the hard of Greek ethnic community.

Tavos also calls all the Greek business member of minority to protest against authorities which only last tow weeks are intensified penalties to the business.

Southern Albania community and Greek business are together the most important of public funds of Albanian economy. But the Albanian government wants to take funds to replace the finances of the “Patriotic Investment Tirana Pristina High Way” penalizing economy and private initiatives of Albanian citizens.

The Greek investments size about 650 million euro since 1999 and Greece is first country which has the most investments in Albania particularly to the fields of mobile telephony, banks, agricultural economy and industry.

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