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“Plan for Kosovo will be done in few weeks”

BELGRADE -- Serbian parliament speaker Nebojša Stefanović has stated that a plan for Kosovo is being drafted and that he expects it to be done in the next several weeks.
Nebojša Stefanović (Tanjug, file)
Nebojša Stefanović (Tanjug, file)
He added that the platform would be presented in parliament.
Stefanović told Radio Television of Serbia (RTS) that he would soon discuss the plan with President Tomislav Nikolić, government’s Office for Kosovo Director Aleksandar Vulin and other members of the government.

When asked whether the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) expected the Socialists to support the change of the ruling majority in Novi Sad, the speaker said that he did and that the talks between coalition partners were underway.

He said that he would schedule a new parliament session for August 29, stressing that a debate on the budget review, new public procurement law and law on anti-corruption would follow soon.

The speaker explained that several judicial laws should be discussed at a session on Wednesday.
Berisha: Referendum for immunity

Berisha: Referendum for immunity
The Albanian Prime Minister, Sali Berisha, declared that the immunity for high rank officials should be lifted, and the majority decided to address to the opinion of the Albanians in a referendum. The Prime Minister declared that they majority will submit the referendum request in the first two weeks of September.

“Immunity is an important obstacle for the investigation of high rank officials. It is dishonest and unjust that the government representatives and judges still have immunity. I hope that this referendum request will not be valid only for the majority MPs”, Berisha declared.

Asked about the Secret Service director replacement without consulting the US partners for this move, the government leader declared that Albania has an excellent cooperation with USA in the safety area.

“I am convinced that our cooperation with the US will be better. The security consults with Albania’s main ally are constant”, Berisha declared.

As for the ban of Top Channel’s journalist from entering the Greek territory, the Prime Minister declared that this is a problem that is being treated with seriousness.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Serbian, Russian presidents to meet in September

BELGRADE -- Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin will meet in Sochi on September 11.
Tomislav Nikolić and Vladimir Putin (Tanjug, file)
Tomislav Nikolić and Vladimir Putin (Tanjug, file)
The two presidents will discuss a document on strategic partnership that was prepared earlier, daily Večernje novosti writes.
Putin will welcome Nikolić in his Bocharov Ruchei summer residence. The meeting was agreed during the Serbian president’s participation at the United Russia congress. The date of the meeting was set in the meantime.

According to some announcements, Nikolić and Putin will, aside from bilateral relations, discuss Russia and Serbia’s Strategic Partnership.

This will be Nikolić’s second visit to Russia in just several months. He visited Moscow only a few days after he had won the presidential election in May.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


A delegation from the U.S. State Department will be arriving in Istanbul on Wednesday to begin a first round of talks with the Turkish government geared towards coordinating increased help for the Syrian opposition.

This visit is the first to take place within the framework of an agreement reached between Turkey and the United States on taking joint action on the situation in Syria, a decision which was reached during U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's trip to Turkey on August 11th. The delegation, led by Acting Assistant Secretary Beth Jones also includes representatives from the Ministry of Defense and the U.S. Intelligence Organization.
U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton said on Aug. 11 that Washington and Turkey were looking at all measures to help the insurgents, including a no-fly zone. Clinton had told reporters after talks with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu that their countries needed to get into detailed operational planning on how to assist the rebels and bring a halt to the violence. Asked if discussions included options such as imposing a no-fly zone over territory that Syrian rebels claim to control, Clinton indicated that was a possible option.
The 'operational mechanism' on Syria which came into being during Clinton's visit earlier this month is part of the Obama administration's efforts to promote a transition to democracy in Syria through interactions with countries of the same mindset and increased interactions with the Syrian opposition. During this first meeting, the U.S. delegation, led by Elizabeth Jones will broach the issue of increasing operational planning with the Turks and possibly establishing a no-fly zone. The meeting will be held at the Turkish Foreign Ministry in the capital Ankara on Wednesday and will be closed to the press.
State Department Spokeswoman Victoria Nuland mentioned tomorrow's meeting on Tuesday, by stating, "Remember what the secretary committed to when she was in Istanbul, which was an interagency conversation, U.S. and Turkey sitting down together to share the operational picture, to talk about the effectiveness of what we're doing now, and about what more we can do," State Department Spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said Tuesday. "This is a bilateral conversation across the interagency. Our position on this one hasn't changed. We are providing nonlethal assistance to the Syrian opposition... but also, increasingly, training for those future leaders of the NGO sector, some of the types of groups that the secretary met with when she was in Istanbul," Nuland said.
NATO deploys 700 special troops to Kosovo

NATO deploys 700 special troops to Kosovo
NATO will deploy another military unit to Kosovo this October. 700 German and Austrian troops will serve as quick intervention forces.

The news was announced by the daily “Der Spiegel”, stating that the troops will replace an Italian peacekeeping unit.

This is the third time within one year that the German soldiers from the Reserve Operations Division will deploy to Kosovo.

According to Der Spiegel, the German government has tasked these troops to help stabilizing the situation in northern Kosovo.

“The security situation in Kosovo is alarming. Despite the presence of 5800 international soldiers and 700 Italian peacekeeping forces, the situation is still delicate in the northern border with Serbia”, the German newspaper states.

Quoting General Rainer Glatz, Der Spiegel adds that there are serious chances that the situation might deteriorate in the upcoming months.

For this reason, the 700 German and Austrian soldiers are prepared for dangerous situations that might be too hard to handle by the normal troops.

Intl. community urged not to reduce presence in Kosovo

BELGRADE -- The Serbian government's Office for Kosovo urged the international community Thursday to act in line with UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon's report.
The Office called on the international community to keep its presence in Kosovo in the same numbers as before until those responsible for the murders of over 1,000 Serbs were found and prosecuted.
Commenting on a statement by Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci that Serbs are becoming increasingly satisfied with the overall security situation in Kosovo and that the question about their safety is not a key issue any more, the Office for Kosovo urged the international community to expedite the investigation into the allegations about human organ trafficking.

The Office also demands from the international community not to hesitate in determining a fair compensation for a total of 33,411 housing units owned by Serbs and other non-Albanians in Kosovo that were destroyed, damaged or taken away from rightful owners prior to and including 2000, and for another 930 housing units destroyed in the March 2004 pogrom.

The office points to two murders of Serb returnees in the village of Talinovac, several assassination attempts at returnees to the village of Žač, beatings of returnees in the city of Peć, blasting of the home of the Đoković family in downtown Priština, all taking place over the last three months alone.

It also pointed out that nine years had passed since the murder of Serb children in the village of Goraždevac, a crime nobody had yet been prosecuted for.

WAZ Sells Stake in Albania’s Vizion Plus

Germany’s WAZ Media Group has sold its stake in Albania’s broadcaster Vizion Plus TV back to its previous owners, the latest move as the company pulls out of the Balkan region.
Besar Likmeta
Tirana WAZ’s stake in Vizion Plus has been acquired by the minority stakeholders in the company, the Dulaku Borthers, Tirana-based construction tycoons who also founded Vizion Plus’s parent company, Mediavizion.
WAZ controlled 67 per cent of Mediavizion from 2009. Until its recent sale it was the only foreign media group present in the Albanian media market.
A spokesperson for WAZ confirmed the sale to Balkan Insight but declined to comment on the reasons behind the company’s move. In the last two years the German company has downsized operations in Southeast Europe.
In July WAZ sold its 50-per-cent share in Politika, Serbia's oldest newspaper to Moscow-based OOO East Media Group. Politika is now owned 50 per cent by the Serbian state and 50 per cent by the Russian company.

In January, WAZ Media Group sold its three Macedonian newspapers to Orka, a local company owned by Orce Kamcev.

The three dailies, Dnevnik, Utrinski Vesnik and Vest, which hold a considerable share of the newspaper market, were the only ones in the country owned by a big international media company.
In 2010 WAZ's director Bodo Hombach announced that WAZ intended to withdraw from the Balkans, blaming abuse of power and collusion between governments and oligarchs for hampering the media group's business operations.
That year, WAZ sold off some of its main newpapers in Romania and Bulgaria.
The WAZ Media Group is active in Germany, Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Russia and Serbia. The group owns 24 daily newspapers with a circulation of over 2.5 million copies, 13 weekly newspapers, 175 popular magazines and trade journals, 99 advertising journals, and approximately 400 customer magazines, printed by the group’s own printing operations at 12 locations in Europe.
The "Golden Down" of the Greek Parliament Member, against the emigrants, crash with Greek polices in Korinthos

 Security News. defencenet. gr
EYP the Greek Intelligence Service, has arrested the leader of the Albanian armed 
Identified and arrested the leader of the group of Albanian armed men who shoot and burned the Greek flag on the slopes of Helmos 

The arrested of an paramilitary group, after identification of voice and information security division by EYP, the target, arrived in Kalavryta  region.
 Immediately after the publication of the video on "" mobilized thousands of citizens all over Greece especially in areas where there has been monitored by any "strong Albanian", from Greek security forces.Eventually localization was Kalavryta where the police were concerned  and found the house he was staying. This time the group leader detained in the police station and interrogated in Kalavryta region. While investigations continue to identify and arrest the remaining Albanians, which are, the 'economic migrants' group.

The surveys will participate and benefit our team of National Intelligence to determine if the Albanians acted on their own or in collaboration with other groups.Note that the group may be involved and woman which is making the video.

These are the photos of the Albanian leader, of the gang which with Kalashnikov guns set up the video shocking shooting the Greek flag while cursing the country and its people with threats of execution even within Greek territory.

All photos of 'economic migrant' like all the rest of the group from the region of Kalavryta, and Albanian seems to have a particular tendency to photograph the beautiful landscapes of the country hates, while they are also fond of motorcycles .

Even on the image with the helicopter data registration 5B-KCA ​​this particular "economic migrant" seems to have long worked in the villa operator maintains and even in Kalavrita has private helicopter.

original in Greek:,Synelhf8h_o_Alvanos_toy_vinteo.html
Fires damage olives and fruit trees

Fires damage olives and fruit trees
Hundreds of olives have been burned near the Dhermi village by an intentional fire. Police announced that they have arrested two persons in Vlore for arson.

The fires concentrated at the Hondraq neighborhood in Dhermi. The locals gathered to put the flames out until the firefighters arrived on the scene. But the fire still grew in massive proportions by burning down hundreds of olive trees and other fruit trees of this area. The Vlore firefighters, aided by the Pashalimani Firefighter Base, have been able to take the situation under control.

The Vlore Police arrested two people accused of arson.

Meanwhile, more than 400 hectares of olives and other fruit trees have been burned in the Pajove commune, Elbasan. The flames have also damaged two houses in a deep area which cannot be used anymore for habitation.

The fires might have been lit by shepherds, but they might have also been intentional for damaging the fruit production in some areas. The owners have asked the help of the police, who are investigating.

Strong fires have also broken up in Kurbin of Burrel, while the firefighters have been unable to act, due to the difficult terrain. The fires have reached towards Bulqize in several sources.

All forest service employees are concentrated in putting out the fire coming from Mirdita to Dibra. In Kurbin, the fire is going towards the Skanderbeg mounting by putting in danger some houses in the Skuraj village.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Unknown Declaration of Ahmet Zog in 1931: Himara, Korca, Gjirokastra are Greek territories

    Greek media issues from the archives an interview King Zog, in 1931 while traveling to Vienna

    Recognizes that "the Albanian kingdom, the Greek land, but must observe the limits that have  international agreements"

"Shekulli" newspaper


"I admit that the Albanian kingdom really has Greek territories. Korca, Himara, Dhruvjani, Gjirokastra ... ". The author of this sentence-bomb? Ahmet Zogu, the hand itself. At least so claims an author Costas Maris, who cites an interview given Ahmet Zog in 1931 remote shin during a trip to Vienna in unhealthy condition. Kostas Maris has published his article which quoted Ahmet Zog interview in 1931, about a month ago. Greek author writes: "This declaration seems so paradoxical from the lips of the former king of the Albanians themselves, Ahmet Zogu, but it was published in Bird's own interview for the Greek daily" ELLINIKI "in March 1931."

see more in Albanian:
Top Channel's reporter banned from Greece. Ministry reacts
Top Channel TV

Top Channel's reporter banned from Greece. Ministry reacts
The Albanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs asked explanations from the Greek Embassy in Tirana regarding the prohibition of Top Channel’s journalist from entering Greece, claiming that he was a threat for the national security of our neighboring country.

In absence of the Greek Ambassador, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned a representative of the Greek Embassy in Tirana. Mr.Evangelos Tsolkas, who met with the General Secretary of the Ministry, Gazmend Turdiu.

After the meeting, the Foreign Ministry says through a press release that they have followed with great concern the mishap with Mr. Marin Mema, who was stopped at the border and was not allowed to enter Greece.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that the blocking of free movements are against the will expressed by both parties in their mutual relations, and it gives a non positive signal.

Turdiu asked the Greek Embassy representatives why journalist Marin Mema is considered unwanted in Greece.

Ylli Rakipi, from the Albanian Journalists’ Union, condemns Mema’s prohibition from entering the neighboring country by saying that Greece has major problems to solve, rather than following such “medieval” methods.

“It’s regretful what has happened. Before being a protest by the Albanian journalists and the public opinion, it’s a very regretful thing because we don’t want to return back in time. We know the values of democracy, which are the free movement. And a journalist cannot be stopped from speaking; he cannot be told that he must not speak. The Albanian authorities must press hard on this case that sounds ridiculous, but in fact is very serious. The Albanian authorities must stop this acting of the Greek counterparts”, declared Ylli Rakipi, chairman of the Albanian Journalist Union.

Top Channel’s journalist Marin Mema was banned this Sunday noon from entering Greece, at the Qafe Bota border checkpoint. The Greek police told him that he was a danger for the national security of their country.

This biased decision of the Greek side might be coming as a pure and unjustifiable revenge, since Marin Mema has realized news reports regarding the heritage of the Albanian Chams in the Greek village of Margellic, Gumenica and Filat. He has also realized a report dedicated to Kristo Negovani and his successors at the Negovan village, inside the Greek territory.

Greece seeks more time for cuts, reforms

ATHENS -- Greece needs more time to implement tough financial reforms and spending cuts, PM Antonis Samaras has said, adding that Athens is not asking for more money.
Antonis Samaras (Beta)
Antonis Samaras (Beta)
He told German daily Bild that it would not be good for Greece to leave the eurozone.
“It would result in a disaster for Greece and in an economic collapse,” AP has reported.

“Let me be very clear: we are not asking for extra money,” Samaras was quoted as telling Bild. “We stand by our commitments and the implementation of all requirements. But we must encourage growth, because that reduces the financing gaps.”

“All we want is a little ‘air to breathe’ to get the economy going and increase state income,” Samaras added, without specifying any timeframe.

“More time does not automatically mean more money,” the Greek PM stressed.

Before he came to power, Samaras vowed to request the postponement of the unpopular austerity measures for two years. However, Greece needs to implement the measures in exchange for two international bailout packages that will allow the country to survive.

Some German politicians have talked openly in recent weeks about the possibility of Greece leaving the euro, and the vice chancellor, Economy Minister Philipp Roesler, has said that the idea of a Greek exit has "lost its horror."

Jean-Claude Juncker, head of the Eurogroup, the body representing the finance ministers of the 17 countries that use the euro, travels to Athens Wednesday afternoon for talks with Samaras and his finance minister, Yannis Stournaras. The Greek prime minister then heads to Berlin later this week to meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and on to Paris to see French President Francois Hollande, AP says.
Albanians arrested in Greece for terrorizing village

Albanians arrested in Greece for terrorizing village
Two Albanian citizens, 18 and 22 year old, were arrested by the Greek Police in Florina. A press release of the northern Greek city says that they were arrested near the border with Albania, while they were trying to leave Greece.

The Greek authorities say that the two young men had terrorized the residents of the Klidhi village, at the Verias Prefecture, by shooting in the air with their machine guns.

According to the same sources, the Albanians were riding on a motor cycle around the village roads, and started shooting in the air. The frightened residents notified the police that started an operation for finding the suspects.

Three hours later, the Albanians were caught near the border while trying to cross to the Albanian side. Police found seized AK-47 machine guns and 65 bullets.

The preliminary investigations show that the Greek authorities had been looking for the 22-year-old, suspected of clandestine traffic.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Menduh Thaci meets Sali Berisha
Top Channel TV

Menduh Thaci meets Sali Berisha
The recent developments in Macedonia were the focus of the conversation between Prime Minister Sali Berisha and the leader of the Albanian Democratic Party in Macedonia, Menduh Thaci.

Berisha expressed once again his condolences to Mr. Thaci for the passing away of the President of Honor of ADP, Mr. Arben Xhaferri.

“Mr. Menduh updated me with the recent developments and the stances of his political force. I guaranteed him that our major priority is the guarantee of further freedom rights of the Albanians in Macedonia, same as the peace and stability of this country. We support the cooperation efforts between the Albanian political forces in Macedonia together with the other ethnicities in this country, as the best interest of peace, stability and Macedonia’s EU integration. The conversation followed in a through mutual understanding”, declared the Albanian Prime Minister, Sali Berisha.

“I had the opportunity to thank the Albanian Prime Minister, on behalf of my Party, for the honors they gave to Arben Xhaferri.  I had the chance to update Mr. Berisha about the recent political developments in Macedonia, the efforts of ADP to establish cooperation bridges with Albanian and Macedonian political forces, in order to accelerate the EU and NATO integration of Macedonia. Same as before, I guaranteed the Prime Minister that ADP will lead a righteous and persistent policy in favor of the Albanians and in a constructive line for the regional democratic process  that serves to integrate the entire Balkan in EU and NATO”, declared the leader of the ADP, Menduh Thaci.

“Serbian Nikolić to meet with U.S. president in September”

BELGRADE -- Serbia’s President Tomislav Nikolić will meet with his U.S. counterpart Barack Obama at the UN General Assembly session on September 25.
Tomislav Nikolić (Beta, file)
Tomislav Nikolić (Beta, file)
This is according to Belgrade-based tabloid Kurir.
Nikolić will on September 25 attend the UN General Assembly session when former Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremić will take over the presidency.

“Vuk Jeremić is taking over as the UN General Assembly president on September 25 and a large number of top world politicians will be present, among others Barack Obama. Obama may be one of the speakers but it is certain that Nikolić will have an opportunity to talk to the U.S. president,” a source told the tabloid.

The Serbian president’s office told Kurir that they would have more information next week.

“We will have more information in a few days and we will be able to give a concrete statement then. Everything is uncertain so far,” the Presidency stressed.

Aside from Jeremić, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the Brazilian president are expected to address the participants of the session.

Car bomb kills nine in southeast Turkey

ANKARA -- At least nine people, including four children, have died from a car bomb in a southeastern Turkish city of Gaziantap near Syrian border.
The scene of the explosion (Beta)
The scene of the explosion (Beta)
"The toll from this terrorist attack is now nine dead, including four children," said Turkey's Deputy Prime Minister Besir Atalay on Tuesday.
“The toll rose from eight after a 12-year-old girl died from her injuries,” he added.

The latest number of injured from the blast was also higher at 69, with four people in critical condition, while most of the others suffered slight injuries caused by shattered glass, the minister was quoted as saying by AFP.

Atalay accused rebels of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) of being behind the powerful blast that went off close to a police station and set fire to several vehicles including a city bus carrying some of the victims.

But the PKK denied carrying out the attack in a statement published by the pro-Kurd Firatnews agency.

"Our forces have nothing to do with this attack. We do not attack civilians," the party said.

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack which came on the second day of the Muslim feast of Aid al-Fitr, which marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadan.

Gaziantap, a main city in the region, has so far been spared the violence wrought by PKK rebels since they began their battle for autonomy in the Kurdish-majority south-east in 1984.

The conflict with the PKK, which is considered a terrorist organization by Turkey and much of the international community, has claimed some 45,000 lives over nearly three decades.
Alberto Maritati: "what adventure ?" Stopped for a 'mistake' in Greece for "Illegal Immigration"

Former Head of Italian Anti Mafia, stopped in Corfu

"Quotidiano di Puglia"

LECCE - Overwhelmed by an unusual destiny in the blue sea of ​​August. "Dull, outrageous and provocative. I'm really disappointed. I love Greece, I come here for 40 years, but what has happened to me has really shaken, though in the end I received an apology. " In Italy is 21.30, in Greece the time zone is 60 minutes past when Senator Alberto Maritati answers the phone.The day was, he says, an exhausting mixture of misunderstandings on the edge of the water border and international intrigue. Among inadvertent overruns, courtesy flags hoisted and do not like, stamps on identification documents, and even the shadow - turned out to be grossly untrue - illegal immigration. A nightmare. All this is topped by the relationship, historically vitriolic, between Greece and Albania. To unravel the suddenly annodatasi inextricably, it took the intercession of the Italian Embassy. "Yet, we decided just to take a Sunday drive," gnash their teeth over the phone Maritati.Senator Pd is at home in the land of Greece. The family has a house on the island of Erikoussa, a slice of paradise that floats about ten miles north-west of Corfu and 14 from the Albanian coast. There Maritati also hosted, it seems in recent days, Massimo D'Alema. And from there yesterday, the party of the senator decided to sail for a sortie on the high seas: Eleven people around aboard a boat of 12 meters flying the Italian flag. "With us there were also a family of Albanian parents and two children, who lives in Erikoussa regularly for 20 years, and two other Albanian women: one with Italian citizenship and the other graduate student at the University of Salento." The route described by the boat is on the road which leads to Saranda and Porto Palermo, Albania, neighbor across the strip of coast of Corfu. "That's where the waters of the border - says Maritati - are just a mile in some places even less."Easy trespass. In fact, "Inadvertently we ended up in Albanian waters." And at that point has run a scout approached the land of the Eagle-faced: "A police officer asked us why we had not raised the Albanian flag." Wants to practice, but does not require, that is exposed - in addition to the flag "mother" - the vessilo courtesy of the country in whose waters you surf. "We apologize, but we were asked to show our papers. They were all in order, of course. They gave us a flag and have stamped. But from that moment we started our misfortune. " With the Albanian flag courtesy in sight, the boat reverses course and heads towards Erikoussa. But once in Greek waters, take a new control. This time by the Hellenic Coast Guard: "They asked us why we had the Albanian flag, we responded that we are an Italian boat, they replied that there is greek territory."The atmosphere is already vibrating, and falls entirely: "We have asked for the documents, and from that moment on they started to treat us badly telling us that we should follow in Corfu. One of them also simulated the gesture of arrest. It was almost like they were dealing with an enemy country. " The suspect is essentially one: illegal immigration. Not really caresses, given the recent crackdown by the Greek legislation and the maze of visa and clearances required. Maybe some short tones and bureaucratic misunderstanding there was, maybe not, but it was too late to clarify quietly. 

 Once in Corfu, Maritati there is, is furious and sets in motion the diplomatic machinery: operates the local Italian consul, it mobilizes the ambassador ("Thank the efficiency of the Italian civil servants'), the case falls. But the bitter taste remains: "I do not understand a lot of dullness and this state of emergency by the Greeks against the Albanians. In 40 years I have never seen such a thing. And we were also forced to return from Corfu on our island in the dark, among many risks. " Odyssey. It could have been much worse, after all. It could sprout from nothing intrigue

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Poll: 49 percent of Serbians support EU accession

BELGRADE -- Serbia’s EU accession is supported by 49 percent of citizens while 25 percent are against it, shows a poll conducted by the government’s EU Integration Office.
According to the poll, if a referendum was held, 49 percent of Serbians would vote in favor of the country’s EU accession, 25 would vote against it, while eight percent of the people do not know what their answer would be.
The poll shows that the citizens’ support to the EU is two percent lower than in the last survey. There is also three percent less of those are against the EU accession.

41 percent of the citizens believe that the EU membership is a good thing, 28 that it is bad for Serbia while 31 percent believe that it is neither good nor bad.

Of those who would vote against the EU accession, 19 percent would do so because they believe that the membership would not bring anything good to Serbia, 14 percent is against the EU accession due to conditions, blackmails and pressures while 15 percent could not say why they would vote against it.

68 percent of the citizens believe that the reforms should be carried out even if they were not a condition for the EU accession.

According to the poll, 41 percent of the citizens say that combat against corruption is one of the most important things since it directly affects their lives.

The largest number of citizens sees the Kosovo issue as the main obstacle to Serbia’s EU pathway, the poll shows.

62 percent of Serbian citizens believe that problems between Belgrade and Priština should be solved regardless of whether it is requested by the EU.