Saturday, November 1, 2008

Serb Metropolitan Amfilohie Radovic visits cemetery of Serbs solders in Shkodra, Northern Albania

Photo: the cemetery of British solders dead during WSW in Albanian Territory

"10.000 Serbs solders martire for the Independence of Albania both from Ottoman Empire and fascists in WSW", declared in Shkoder Mitropolite Radovic.

During his visit in northern Albania, he went to visit also the orthodox Church accompanied by the Serb and Montenegrin community in Shkodra. Mitropolite Radovic known as his efforts against the Independence of Kosovo and headed the last protests in Montenegro against the decision of Montenegro Parliament to regonize the Kosovo State.

Radovic declare that: "We must rebuild the cemetery of Serb solders martires in Albania as the Montenegrin and Serbs have built for other solders including German and Italian fascists to remember the history" noted News 24 TV.

Approximately 8500 Greek soldiers, heroes of the battles for resistance against Italian invaders in 1940, still are unexplored in the territories of Northern Epirus (Southern Albania).

Friday, October 31, 2008

Serbia seeks Europe help in Albania organs probe

By Ivana Sekularac and Benet Koleka

BELGRADE/TIRANA – Serbia said on Wednesday it will ask the Council of Europe to persuade Albania to agree to an investigation into allegations of trafficking of human organs taken from Kosovo Serbs during the 1999 conflict.

Serbia's War Crimes Prosecutor Vladimir Vukcevic said Albania's Prosecutor General Ina Rama had rejected a request to allow an investigation into the allegations made by former U.N. war crimes prosecutor despite evidence presented on Monday.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sllavo Macedonians party in Albania to hold its first congress

But Tirana must change the costitution

Macedonian Alliance for European Integration, the party of Macedonian minority in Albania, is set to hold its first congress on November 9, Makfax correspondent said. According to Prespa newspaper, a paper run by Macedonian community in Albania, the congress comes after many years of hard work.

Macedonians in Albania expect the upcoming event to be a congress of unity and unification.They expect the party to do its outmost to ensure that Macedonians in Albania may exercise fully and effectively all their human rights on equal terms with others in society.
Macedonians also expect to be entitled to higher posts in public life.The congress of the Macedonian alliance for European Integration will be of high significance to the party's preparations for elections slated for next year.

Anyway, Omonia" The Greek Ethnic Organisation in Albania sent request to Prime Minister Sali Berisha in Tirana for the oficial greek language, noting that neighboring Macedonia had already declared Albanian its second official language, Macedonian Radio TV reported Tuesday [19 August 2008].

Between Athens and Tirana there are diferent estimated about the Greeks of Albania called northern epiriotes. Tirana speaks for 60 thousand while Athens said over 450 thousand.
Tirana prohibits to the ethnic minorities to have politically rights while continues to hold intensive propaganda on international relations demanding the joint to NATO alliance as the democratic victory standards of Albania

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Photo: The Greek Special Forces embarked on first attack reactions ship
The island Sasonos, which historically and geographically belongs to Ionion islands group, a front at the entrance to the Gulf of Vlore is a strategic point of maximum importance as it controls the Strait of Otranto. The rocky island of 4.5 square kilometers of land granted by the Treaty of London (1864) together with the Ionian Islands in Greece but the Greek government and the inert Sason ... appears to be a Turkish soil, as the Turks occupied the city of Vlore.
In 1912 the General Konstantinos Georgantas, commander of frigate "PINEIOS", raised in Sasona the Greek flag and 25 soldiers disembark in island. In 1914 a decision of of Venizelos government transferred Sasenos to Albania and removed the Greek flag. Then the island occupied by Italy and Germany, representing a submarine base in WWS.

.....With the signing of the Treaty of Paris in 1946, Greece goes to annexation of the Dodecanese, but not in Northern Epirus, which was released by the Greek Army heavy toll. In 1951 manufactured naval base with underground facilities for nuclear submarines of the Soviet fleet.

On 3 December 1961 rupture of relations occurred USSR and Albania and interrupted diplomatic relations between them. Tirana quickly expel all Soviet advisers, mobilization of reservists to go and close the naval base, even all the military equipment of Soviet origin was there. Albania ceases to be a member of the Warsaw Pact. This development mobilizes the Greek side which recognizes the geostrategic importance of the island.

In 1962 The General Quarter of Marine in Athens organized the action plain to the island Sason code-named «ANTIPATREIA» together with CIA, the Central Intelligence Agency in cooperation with the Special Forces of the Greek Army. The objective of the operation is to recover the island Sasonos, to entrance in actions other pionts of special greek forces to liberate Northern Epirus, under the commander Lieutenant-LOK K. Kollias..... but the Plain where stoped for other secret reasons....

"8500 Greek soldiers, heroes of the battles for resistance against Italian invaders in 1940, still are unexplored in the territories of Northern Epirus (Southern Albania).
The Greeks in the region for many years systematically seeking the creation of cemeteries organized effort as a minimum performance to soldiers but also as a minimum-human moral obligation towards these heroes of the Greek nation, who wrote with their blood by a the most glorious page in modern Greek history.
These efforts, however, on the way to the standing intolerance of the Albanian state motivated with nationalist policy which, in the context of the overall strategy against the Greek minority the continuing of the violation of human rights, and raises obstacles in this action as a result of the dead remain still unburied."


New allegations in organ trafficking case

28 October 2008
As the Albanian prosecutor rejects a request to investigate organ trafficking, B92 reveals new information related to the case.The authorities in Tirana will not allow Serbian War Crimes Prosecutor Vladimir Vukčević to carry out an investigation into the existence of a clinic in the Albanian village of Gur, near Matia, where members of the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) allegedly brought the Kosovo Serbs they had kidnapped, and where they removed their vital organs, the media in Tirana reported.

Albanian Chief Prosecutor Ina Rama rejected Serbia's demand to examine the accusations Karla Del Ponte had put forward in her book, the media said, according to Tanjug. The refusal to allow an investigation into the issue was also confirmed by the Albanian Prosecution's statement for the media on Monday, which was issued immediately after Rama's meeting with Vukčević and his associates in Tirana. This news came as B92 TV prepares to air its exclusive program dedicated to the case this evening at 21:00 CET. A B92 Investigates team has exclusively been searching in Albania for places where the organs of people from Kosovo were allegedly traded.....

"The B92 team also saw documentation that reveals Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha, under pressure from KLA leader and former Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj, ordered the security forces to destroy all documentation that had any connection with the disappearance of Serbs from Kosovo, their transportation to Albania and organ harvesting. The documents B92 saw also suggest that there are witnesses who could confirm that Haradinaj organized the transfer of Serbs from Kosovo to Albania when the 1999 war was over."


Great their contribution to the demographic and revitalization of the population Interesting findings from research by Professor Ch. Kassimi

Immigrants are a key feature of employment in the continent and have a structural role in the economy. Particularly on agriculture is crucial to their participation.

This has been found among others in research of sociologist Chr. Kassimi, professor in the Department of Rural Economy of the Agricultural University of Athens.The investigation of Mr Kassimi showed that employment in agriculture is now a matter for immigrants.

It also represents a factor of the local community, because their presence has contributed to the demographic and renewal of Epirus. The average age of immigrants in the continent is around 30 years. The Albanians have a family structure in their migrations. Most here have their families are usually youth and whose size will increase even more.

But the Albanians gradually moved outside agriculture and in occupations such as construction. Not that there are employed in agriculture, but reduced their presence in this area. This is the product of long-term stay in Epirus and greater social inclusion, which gives them the opportunity to claim a better position.

more see in greek:

28-10 - 2008
Albanian students of the Lyceum in Argiroskatro show fanaticism and aggressively against the Greeks children when they where organizing the anniversary of "OXI Day".

Tuesday morning on the Greek national anniversary in Gjirokaster, another of the areas oppressing the Albanian state, denying the minority identity, in the event of the Greek school students on the anniversary of the "OXI" incidents occurred.

The Albanian high school students caused a grave incident, singing the Albanian hymn and offesing Greece, leading to stop the outbreak. While the official Albanian state has been careful with the «neutral», to allow attackers Albanians, to cancel the parade. It is yet another proof that the Albanians orderly move to «eliminate» the Greek minority, and even project basis, as they have at times indicated in «Justice» representatives of the Greek community in Albania.

The Greek state, is once again indifferent and does not monitor what is happening. At the same time, seeking the efforts of Albanian state for albanian schools to oppen in Greece, the Greek schools in Albania are target definitely to close.

More see:,

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The Speaker of Albanian Parliament Jozefina Topalli called today Athens to ratify the Stabilisation Association Agreement of Albania with EU from the Greek Parliament. The declaration was made during a meeting with Albanian Diplomatic Missions in the world.

Topalli used "diplomatic menaces" to Athens regarding the "stopping process" of Albania to joint EU. Only three states, France, Germany and Greece have not made the ratification of agreement from their parliaments.

Six months ago Topalli declared to the "Korrieri" an Albanian Newspaper that "regarding the Greece blockade invitation for FYROM joint to NATO, is not similar issue with Albania" speaking exactly: "Albania is not Greece".

Mjaft! Movement to Frattini: "NO al RAZZISMO"

During the meeting of Italian FM Fratini with PM Berisha at PM Quarter, the altopalante of MJAFT Movement songs the Mussolini's Fascist Marching Song - Giovinezza.

27 October, 2008, Tirana
Mjaft! Movement reacted against the discriminating actions that Italian government is undertaking to divide the Italian students from the emigrants' children so that they study separately as well as some other initiatives which are pure racist-oriented reforms.

As the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Franco Frattini was entering the Prime Minister's Office along with his escort, Mjaft! Movement's activists were holding a banner saying "No al RAZZISMO". The banner caught the eye of the Italian delegation and reporters


Italy's Frattini optimistic about visa liberalisation for Albanians

TIRANA, Albania -- Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said he believes a visa liberalisation regime with Albania is close to completion. His comment followed a meeting Monday with Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha in Tirana at which Berisha briefed him on efforts by various Albanian institutions to meet EU conditions.

"Prime Minister [Sali] Berisha has kept the promises he gave to Europe. This opens the way to achieve positive results for all Albanian citizens," Frattini said. Albanian officials showed him the new biometric passports and electronic ID cards, key conditions for completing the visa liberalisation process. Frattini and Berisha also discussed bilateral economic relations, signing five accords aimed at boosting Italian investment in Albania.

But between Italy (The Italian Investments such are "Petrolifera" and Energetic Parc in Vlora`s Gulf helped by interference of the Bush Administration) and Germany has begun a diplomatic crash for energetic investments in Albania. Berlin as first protagonist aids to Tirana from EU, is very preocupied for german investments in Albania, while Rome continues to support diplomatically the entrance of Albania to NATO and EU.

Germany, France and Greece are the only countries that has no ratified still now the protocol of Stabilisation Association process of Albania to joint EU and NATO.

Albania limits banks investment in overseas parent banks

Reuters. Albania cuts to 10 percent banks' exposure to parent banks. Albanian move refers to investments, placements, deposits.
By Benet Koleka
TIRANA, Oct 24 (Reuters) - Albania's central bank said on Monday it had cut the amount of investment foreign-owned banks operating in the country are allowed to have with their parent institutions, in an attempt to spread risks.
The new rules mean that foreign-owned banks can only invest or deposit 10 percent of their capital with their overseas owner, down from the previous level of 25 percent.


Monday, October 27, 2008

Serbian prosecutor in Albania on organ trafficking

AP, LLAZAR SEMINI October 27, 2008 9:58 AM

TIRANA, Albania-Albania's top prosecutor on Monday met the Serbian war crimes prosecutor who is probing claims that Albanian separatists killed Serb prisoners for their organs during the 1999 Kosovo war. Vladimir Vukcevic handed the Albanian prosecutor the material the Serb side has gathered on the case so far, his spokesman Bruno Vekaric said. Vukcevic is probing claims that mass graves containing the remains of slain Serbs could be hidden in Albania. Vekaric said Monday's meeting was very good "despite totally different positions" on the case. He said the U.S. embassies in Belgrade and Tirana played an important role in setting up the meeting.
Kosovo and Albania have denied any knowledge of the alleged crimes.

Albanian Prosecutor-General Ina Rama said Albania would supply "all the required support" to facilitate Vukcevic's work, according to her spokeswoman, Holta Zhiti. Allegations of organ-trafficking involving Serbs killed during Kosovo's 1998-99 war first surfaced in a book by the former chief U.N. war crimes prosecutor Carla Del Ponte.

In "The Hunt: War Criminals and Me," Del Ponte wrote that, according to her sources, between 100 and 300 mostly Serb civilians were transported by truck from Kosovo to a house near the Albanian town of Burrel, about 55 miles (90 kilometers) north of the capital, Tirana.
There, the younger ones allegedly were picked out and killed by Kosovo guerrillas, and their organs were later sold abroad, the book says.

Albanian Foreign Minister Lulzim Basha has called the allegations "inventions and absurdities."
Thousands of people were killed in Kosovo as Serb security troops cracked down on ethnic Albanian separatists. The conflict ended after NATO bombed Serbia in 1999. Hundreds of Serbs and ethnic Albanians are still missing from the war. Kosovo declared independence from Serbia on Feb. 17.

28 October 1940 "The Great OXI"
the Glorious Epoque of the Hellenic Spirit
"UN envoy proposes administrative division"

27 October 2008
An Albanian language daily writes that the head of a UN Belgrade-Priština dialogue team has proposed "administrative division".According to Koha Ditore, Andrew Ladley, who heads the UN Standby Team of mediation experts on six points of the UNMIK reconfiguration plan, suggested that this division applies to northern Kosovo.

Quoting international and Kosovo Albanian sources, the newspaper reported that the New Zealand diplomat met last Friday, "far from the scrutiny of public", with President Fatmir Sejdiu, Premier Hashim Thaci and Deputy Premier Hajredin Kuci, to officially inform them about his proposal. The representatives of the Kosovo institutions "did not allow the UN envoy to present his proposal, and simply broke off the meeting", the Priština paper said.

Daily Express said that the Kosovo government officials confirmed that they met with Ladley, but denied he had given them any written document. "The meeting concluded that Kosovo functions as an independent state and we recognize only the document of envoy Ahtisaari," Kuci told this newspaper.

He said that there is little chance that this UN expert will receive agreement for the six points. "There can be no other solution for Kosovo except for that contained in Ahtisaari's document, which was also the result of a compromise," Kuci stated.
Albania preserves its Ottoman past

Exploring the museum towns Berat and Gjirokastër

Jocelyn Chan , North Shore News
The driver of the Albanian minibus, or furgon, sped from Tirana to Berat in fourth gear.

During that time, the furgon flew over huge potholes and narrowly avoided head-on collisions. Then it nearly hit a bomb bunker while the driver passed a horse-drawn buggy on a hairpin curve.

Never mind that roads were mostly mud or gravel: if half the fun is getting to one's destination, fun meant hopping on a furgon for $5, shutting my eyes tight and clutching the armrest hoping to get to Albania's seldom visited but fascinating UNESCO-designated museum towns alive.
Three hours later, the driver called out "Berat! Berat!" and I was in what Albanians consider to be their country's most beautiful town.