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Vremya Novostei: The shadow of Greater Albania

11 December 2010 | 17:35 | FOCUS News Agency
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Pristina. On Sunday Kosovo will hold early parliamentary elections – the first after Kosovo declared its independence from Serbia in February 2008, the Vremya Novostei writes.
Election results will set the future configuration of the power and the perspectives of the Belgrade-Pristina negotiations, planned for the beginning of next year.
The tension in Kosovo and the increasing popularity of the radical forces may fail the upcoming dialog and lead to a new Serbian-Albanian armed conflict.
The leadership of the Serbian state and the Serbian Orthodox Chirch already called for Kosovo Serbs to boycott the elections. In addition, many Kosovar powers are openly raising the issue about the establishment of the Greater Albania on the Balkans, which means forced restructure of the frontiers on regional level.
Over the last days the situation in Kosovo got really tense and there were the fist blood stains – the leader of the local Muslim community has been killed in the town of Leposavic.
The early elections in Kosovo turned into an inevitable condition for unprecedented political crisis, which stated in late fall.
After the resignation of 59-year-old president Fatmir Sejdiu handed in the end of September, the ruling coalition of the Democratic League of Kosovo and the Democratic Party of Kosovo of 42-year-old Hashim Thaci broke apart. And Thaci decided to forced the events.
On November 2, he initiated parliamentary voting on the non-confidence vote, which was backed by the members of his party. Acting president Jakup Krasniqi had nothing left to do but call early elections within short deadline.
“With regard to his zeal to assume monocracy for his party, Hashim Thaci’s actions are logical,” says Agron Bajrami, editor-in-chief of the Kosovar Koha Ditore newspaper.
“Sejdiu’s resignation, the following schism within the lineup of the Democratic League of Kosovo and the separation of the ruling coalition made Thaci believe that he will achieve serious victory at the elections and will be able to form a cabinet without the participation of his traditional rivaling partners.
With regard to the social-economic problems, cabinet’s resignation is nothing something that came by surprise – the trade deficit of Kosovo reached EUR 1.5 billion. However, the prime minister missed to account another very important factor – Kosovo’s image before the world community. There is not any other country in which the government calls the MPs to oust the cabinet. This is a precedent seen in Kosovo. This fact undermines the trust of the European Union and the other international institutions in the maturity of Kosovo’s democracy and may freeze the process of international recognition of our independence,” Bajrami says.

Chams, raises "officially" against Greece

Shpetim Idrizi: Greeks avoid dealing with the genocide facts

However, the Conference on Chames, did not speak anything about Admiral of the Albanian Fleet , who charged and executed as an enemy by the dictator Enver Hoxha, in the interest of the Greek National Issue and NATO.

TIRANA-launched today the fourth international conference, "The issue of the Cham and the challenges of the future", organized by the Institute of Studies for Chameria, in cooperation with the Institute of History in Tirana and Abanologjike Studies Institute in Prishtina.
The theme of the conference deals with the history of the Chams, issues of diplomacy and international law of human rights and culture of the Albanian Cham population.

In his speech, the leader of the DUP Shpetim Idrizi, today urged confrontation with Greek Cham genocide researcher. He stated that until the 1990s, Greece has manipulated the public opinion about genocide Cham. "Greek State has managed to manipulate its opinion of internal and external to the Cham issue.

Because the "so-called Greek studies", were published more than ours and more in English, said Idrizi.
In addition to scientists and researchers from Albania, taking part in this conference 14 professors and scholars from the USA, Turkey, UK, Kosovo and Greece (!).

However, the Conference on Chames, did not speak anything about Admiral of the Fleet Forum, who charged and executed as an enemy by the dictator Enver Hoxha, in the interest of the Greek National Issues and NATO.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Albanian poll: Greece is the second greatest threat after Serbia

Albanians hate Greeks, thus seen as enemies of the Albanian nation

Unfortunately, once again, Albania neighbor, come to remind Greece of the true threat that feeling and thoughts regarding Greece. According to a report in the Albanian newspaper "Mapo", the research conducted by the Institute of International Studies, on which country, is the greatest threat to Albania, showed that respondents consider Serbia as the biggest threat to first positional 51,6% (partly justified by Kosovo) and second Greece with 47.9% share. After came to Italy with the astonishing rate of 0.5% .... When asked which country had an impact on the Albanian government for the period 1992 - 2010, 44% of respondents Italy 35% Greece, 12% of the U.S. and 9% in Serbia.
As shown in the annual remittances of 1 billion euros of Albanian immigrants in Greece have not affected the Albanian public opinion, nor the fact that hundreds of thousands of their compatriots are building right now the country with money who worked in Greece.

It seems that feelings of guilt created by the Greek people of various NGOs and politicians, known for unacceptable behavior by the latter to foreigners was not enough to affect the "negative" image of Greeks in the Albanian public.
In short, it seems that the Greeks as a people, as political elites want to maintain friendly relations and cooperation with them as friendly neighbors, they regard us as the second greatest threat to their country. The question arising from this research is simple.

This attitude of Albanian neighbors have really thought the Greek political and economic elites, or once again be explained as a normal reaction of the Albanians that the famous Greek "nationalism."
Interesting is that in every area of the Albanian Greek life, the economy, the business, art, culture, music, family, etc., Greece is regarded as friendly countries, and for self-determination rights of the Greeks in southern Albania, Albanians hate Greeks, thus seen as enemies of the Albanian nation.

Former Croatian prime minister Ivo Sanader arrested

Former Croatian prime minister, Ivo Sanader, wanted in connection with an anti-corruption probe, was arrested in Austria on Friday.

Former Croatian prime minister Ivo Sanader arrested
Prosecutors suspect Ivo Sanader of being behind a plan to create slush funds for his conservative HDZ party when he was in power from 2003 to 2009 Photo: AP

Mr Sanader left Croatia on Thursday shortly before parliament lifted his immunity from prosecution. Earlier yesterday, an international arrest warrant had been issued for him.

Prosecutors suspect him of being behind a plan to create slush funds for his conservative HDZ party when he was in power from 2003 to 2009.

Mr Sanader denies the accusations, saying they are politically motivated.

Mr Sanader was arrested in Salzburg province, Austrian interior ministry spokesman Alexander Marakovits said. "He will go to the Salzburg provincial court and then the authorities will have to decide what will happen with him in the next days or the next weeks,"

Mr Sanader resigned unexpectedly and with no explanation in July 2009. His ruling HDZ party expelled him in January.

Remarks With Albanian Foreign Minister Edmond Haxhinasto Before Their Meeting

Well, I am delighted to welcome my colleague and the minister from Albania here to Washington for discussions on the full range of issues. As you know, Albania is a partner and a friend that we value greatly and an ally within NATO. And so there is a lot to discuss and much to work on going forward.

FOREIGN MINISTER HAXHINASTO: It is a delight for me to be here today and I thank Secretary Clinton for creating this opportunity. This visit will reaffirm the great friendship between our two countries, will affirm that the United States is a strategic ally for Albania, is our partner in meeting the challenges that we have as NATO member countries, but also is a partner in our bilateral agenda, always has been supportive of the good things that happen – happened in Albania with democracy, with strengthening of democracy, the peace contribution in the region. And also we want to see – we put some perspective in our agenda regarding bilateral relations, regarding strengthening the economic ties, and, of course, the friendship between our two people.

SECRETARY CLINTON: Thank you so much, Mr. Minister. Thank you all.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Registering property in Ionian coast, Diaspora Himara in Athens and Tirana, is ready for the project of cooperation with OSCE

Himara Union in Greece, Discussion with Mayor Vasily Bolanos for the Registration process of properties by OSCE

Great interest of Himara diaspora in the United States, Canada and Europe.

On the occasion of the recent developments regarding the property issue and the forthcoming registration of properties on the Ionian coast by the OSCE, the Himara Union in Greece, gathering organized has invited the mayor Vasilis Bolanos to be informed immediately about the developments and how they need to do as democratic process.

There are alos Great interest of Himara diaspora in the United States, Canada and Europe.
On the other hand, are important measures taken by the two Communities of Himara based in Tirana and Washington, but also by non-governmental association of Ionian sea, in which, it becomes possible to undertake the registration of properties and lands, based in accordance with the Constitution of Albania.

This process should consist, in the return of full properties to natives and Orthodox religious community, before the year 1942, and never the registration of land with 7501 law, but under the way of legal successor.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Greece claims full interest for the Community in Turkey

Event for ethnic Greeks of Istanbul at Euro-Parliament

Greece remembers for the Greek minority in Istanbul, and forgets that in Southern Albania, continue to deal lands of ethnic Greeks

BRUSSELS -- The restoration of the human and civil rights of the displaced ethnic Greeks of Istanbul was the main issue at an event hosted at the European Parliament on Wednesday, following an initiative by Greek MEPs Marilena Koppa (PASOK) and George Koumoutsakos (ND).

The event, entitled "Ethnic Greeks of Istanbul: Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow", was attended representatives of the Ecumenical Federation of Constantinopolitans (E.FE.CON.), members of the European Parliament and foreign diplomats.
Koppa underlined that the issue is not bilateral but concerns Turkey's EU accession course, while Koumoutsakos pointed out that the need for "systemic intervention" in the area of human rights is underlined in Turkey's progress report.

According to the group's president, Prof. Nikos Ouzounoglou, the federation was established in 2006 and includes up to 30 organisations from around the world.

However, Greece is remembered for the Greek minority in Istanbul, and forget that in southern Albania, continue to be looted by the Albanians, the lands of ethnic Greeks, precisely in a decisive moment in the Balkan geopolitical space, the creation of Greater Albania.

The Tsams rise again in Greece ...

"Proinos Logos" Newspaper

Last year, the representatives of Cham Community, stated their decision in 2011 to celebrate the "Day of Genocide of Chams" in Igoumenitsa (!), Since they can travel without a visa in our country.

The "Day of Genocide of Chams' celebrated in Konispoli of Sarande, near the Greek-Albanian border in a protest march, which heard the familiar slogans against Greece, will made in our territory. writes "Proinos Logos"....................

The role of

However, the Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha, trying to extricate himself, in theory at least, the pressure ... "Chams", like the idea of "Greater Albania" to ensure the European course of his country. In an interview in Swiss newspaper «Tages-Anzeiger», said that "a new change in the border region was the cause of losing our European perspective in the next 20 years.

He added: "The position of Albania is clear, the majority of citizens wants to enter the EU, and any further change in Balkan borders will deter our goals. We must respect the principles of the EU and to cooperate with our neighboring countries to open their borders and the movement of citizens of different countries to be free. "The attitude is, however, does not change reality. Sali Berisha, working with the party of "Chams" and not make the public disapproves of chauvinistic views.

USA and Greece help northern Albanian people

Aid to flood-stricken Albania

TIRANA (ANA-MPA) -- Greek ambassador to Albania Nikolaos Pazios, accompanied the embassy's military attaché Col. Panayiotis Farantatos, toured flood-stricken areas of northern Albania on Wednesday, while also flying over water-covered regions in one of two search-and-rescue helicopters provided by the Greek military to assist in humanitarian efforts.

One of Wednesday's missions included the transport of aid to the village of Pentari, in the country's north.

Amb. Pazios also met with the commander of the Albanian military forces participating in the flood relief operations, Jhemal Gjunkshi, who briefed him (ANA-MPA) on the situation on the ground and thanked him for the aid and assistance provided by Athens.

"The assistance provided in such situations is an expression of solidarity towards our friend, the Albanian people," Pazios said.

US to assist flooded region in Albania


TIRANA, Albania -- New US Ambassador to Tirana Alexander Arvizu pledged on Tuesday (December 7th) that Washington will assist Albanian authorities in dealing with the flood-related crisis in Shkodra. In his first meeting with Prime Minister Sali Berisha, Arvizu praised him for managing the emergency situation successfully. Strengthening bilateral co-operation was the focus of the meeting. A day earlier, Arvizu presented his credentials to President Bamir Topi.

In the Shkodra region, water levels have dropped, but thousands of hectares remain under water. Countries from the region and the EU have also pledged to deliver emergency aid and assistance.

Aid to flood-stricken Albania

TIRANA (ANA-MPA) -- Greek ambassador to Albania Nikolaos Pazios, accompanied the embassy's military attaché Col. Panayiotis Farantatos, toured flood-stricken areas of northern Albania on Wednesday, while also flying over water-covered regions in one of two search-and-rescue helicopters provided by the Greek military to assist in humanitarian efforts.

One of Wednesday's missions included the transport of aid to the village of Pentari, in the country's north.

Amb. Pazios also met with the commander of the Albanian military forces participating in the flood relief operations, Jhemal Gjunkshi, who briefed him (ANA-MPA) on the situation on the ground and thanked him for the aid and assistance provided by Athens.

"The assistance provided in such situations is an expression of solidarity towards our friend, the Albanian people," Pazios said.

Bosniak Leader Shot Dead in North Kosovo

A Bosniak political leader in Kosovo's Serb-run north has been shot dead by unknown assailants, the Associated Press reports.


The victim, who has not been identified, was shot dead in his car and his companion was wounded.

Kosovo police said the shooting took place in Leposavic and that the victim was a leader of Kosovo's minority Bosniak community and worked with the authorities in Pristina.

Kosovo will hold snap elections on December 12 after several months of political turmoil, and it is not yet clear how many residents in the north, which is backed by Belgrade, will take part in the polls. Kosovo Serb political leaders have called on residents to boycott the vote.

Kalashnikov from Albania for "tow revolutionary terrorists group"!

Proto thema Newspaper

Mysterious people joining the two largest active organizations, the sect and the Revolutionary Conspiracy of Cells of Fire seek the Greek Counter-Terrorism in an effort to solve the Gordian knot of modern urban guerrilla warfare. As the days passed, both supported the view that the previous weekend authorities struck at the heart of domestic terrorism, but the heart of the Rebel sect.

The weapons found at houses, have not used any such attack and found similar but not matching the heavy weapons had sent a photo along with a notice sect rebels, while two of the six arrested were wanted for involvement in organizing Conspiracy Cells of Fire.

"The arrests are an executive arm of an organization that has not yet certified the identity of the" highlights, the Newspaper "Protothema" writes. A Security officer, adding "It is estimated however that the sect and the Revolutionary Cells have common denominators."

Under absolutely reliable information, there are four items focused upon the Police

It is estimated that the new generation they belong to both members of the sect and the members of the Core of Fire taken from the tank by themselves Exarchia recruiters. The authorities estimate that there are two - four people aged over 40, known Exarchia Square that move in theory the threads of modern urban guerrilla warfare.

In both cases, so that the sect and the nuclei have the same funding source. That is, the money for weapons, the cost of houses etc. managed by 2-3 people who supply both the sect and the nuclei of Fire. The money from bank robberies that might have made jointly by members of both organizations. For this reason they have been targeted more than eight robberies in Athens, Thessaloniki and the region.

The recent announcement of the conspiracy of Cells of Fire sent in mid-November to undertake the task of explosive packages, similar in many respects to those sent by the sect. The police believe that after upgrading the Core, where notices to write 2-3 people who produce the texts of the sect.

• The weapons ultimately found not to belong in the arsenal of sects.
Most differ from the arms of photo sent by the sect and that the police are looking for suppliers who probably are the same in both organizations. Specifically, the police refer to 2-3 offenders who through Albania and Crete have supplied the two organizations with heavy weapons.

Dr. Shlomo Shpiro
(Deputy Head of the Political Studies Department at Bar-Ilan University in Israel. He has been closely cooperating with Greek academics for almost two decades)

The Hellenic Airforce is in action over the skies of Israel for the first time in its history, helping fight the flames of Israel’s worse-ever natural disaster. Greek firemen are battling the blazes alongside their Israeli counterparts. Thousands of Israelis, stranded in their homes, are standing on rooftops cheering as Greek fire-fighting aircraft swoop over the flames one by one, discharging great amounts of water over the gigantic flames which threaten to engulf Haifa, Israel’s third-largest city.

Over 40 Israelis were killed yesterday in the country’s biggest-ever forest fire. The fire started on Thursday morning at Mount Carmel, in the north of the country, and within hours spread over hundreds of square kilometers. Early suspicions may point to arson: in the past, terrorists were known to ignite forests in an effort to lay waste to Israel’s vast efforts to plant trees in such an arid land. Many thousands of citizens were hurriedly evacuated as the security forces struggled to cope with a fire totally out of control. A bus full of young prison-service cadets, rushing to save prisoners in a nearby prison, was engulfed by flames and 40 of its young occupants were killed. Entire villages were laid waste. Forest fires are uncommon in Israel and the country does not have any aerial firefighting capabilities. As the Israeli fire service reported its inability to cope with such a massive disaster, Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu set about calling Israel’s friends all over Europe for help.

The first to respond were Greece and Cyprus. While such European giants as Germany and Britain were asleep, Hellenic pilots were climbing into their cockpits for their short flight to Israel, while dozens of Greek firemen, well trained in dealing with large forest fires, volunteered to help Israel. Four Greek firefighting aircraft arrived at Israel’s Ramat David air base early in the morning. They were greeted by the Commander of the Israeli air force, General Ido Nechoshtan, who simply said “the skies are yours”. The Greek pilots were joined by Israeli navigators and immediately began filling their planes with sea water and dumping it over the flames, which already reached the eastern areas of Haifa, an industrial metropolis of a million citizens. Greek efforts were bolstered by Cyprus’s only fire-fighting helicopter, which arrived from Larnaca, and by 100 firemen from Bulgaria. Firefighting efforts are now frantically concentrated on saving lives and preventing further urban areas from being consumed by flames.

When Nazi Germany conquered Europe, including the Hellenic Republic, the United States Senate wanted to keep the US out of the war. US President Franklin Roosevelt, in perhaps the most memorable speech of his political career, strongly called for help to the besieged people of Europe. When your neighbor’s house is on fire and you have a water hose, he said, you don’t wait and argue; you give him the water hose and help him fight the fire. The Hellenic government and people acted today in the spirit of Roosevelt and all freedom-loving people in the world. Such help, which only a few years ago may have seemed unthinkable, continues to strengthen the growing bond between Israel and Greece, between the Jewish and Hellenic people. We are both small minorities threatened to be engulfed by a sea of radicalism in our region. With their rich heritage and history, both the Hellenic and the Jewish people fought for three thousand years to preserve their own identities and cultures. Today’s help will not be forgotten. Israelis salute the help of the Greek government, army and authorities, and the bravery of those Greek pilots and firemen who came to us in our hour of need. Well done, friends!

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The 8-th Motorization of the Greek Army on Greek Albanian Border, to retired by the front

Athens; "The Greek Army, no border with Albania"

The Metropolitan Arbishop Konitsas Andreas, against Athens Decision.

The Greek Ministry of Defence is preparing to make big curbs costs within the constraints of the Troika. Among the plans is the abolition of military units on the border particularly with Albania, (Yugoslavia and Bulgaria) and under the new defense doctrine of the "north border risk" has been eliminated.

The Metropolitan Dryinoupolis, Pogoniani and Konitsa Andreas, has been against and made the following statements: "Lately, a rumor, mean that it nightmarish, runs across the border of my Province Epirus. The rumor says that the 583 Infantry Battalion of 8 th Division, shortly Konitsis repealed.

Also the residents of this areas who are at risk of becoming prey to gangs of illegal immigrants, are out of control during cross borders.

Floods Force Evacuations in Bosnia, Albania

Published December 06, 2010

| Associated Press

TIRANA, Albania -- NATO countries rushed to aid flood-stricken Albanians with helicopters, food and clothing on Monday, while Bosnian authorities appealed for calm as villagers were evacuated from the country's river valleys.

For a whole week, people across Albania, Bosnia, Serbia and Montenegro have struggled with a torrent of floods experts have called the worst in a century. In Bosnia, three people were killed over the weekend in a landslide unleashed by heavy rain in the northern town of Tuzla.

Italy delivered 25 tons of food and clothing on Monday for some of the 12,000 people evacuated from flooded areas in northwest Albania after it appealed for help from NATO allies. NATO has also sent five helicopters to assist the Albanian army and police in rescue missions.

"The situation is difficult because of flooding from Shkodra Lake, combined with the banks of several rivers bursting. I fear this effort with be one for the long term," Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha said.

The Bosnian army, police, volunteers and divers have helped evacuate about 3,600 people from their homes in Bijeljina in the country's northeast over the past three days. Rescuers also used boats to deliver food and drinking water to suburbs that had lost electricity, drinking water and phone lines.

Authorities have built dams in Bosnia to stop rivers breaking their banks, but water has instead seeped from underground, flooding vast plains.

In Bijeljina, Police had to separate two arguing groups after a village discussion boiled over into violence on Sunday as those in favor of releasing pressure on a dam by tearing it down fought with those who wanted it to remain.

Aleksandar Dzombic, a minister in the regional government, appealed for calm on Monday.

"People should stop making things worse and rather coordinate their actions with the government, or they may endanger evacuation routes for other villages," he said.

Authorities in Serbia and Montenegro also had to evacuate thousands of people, but reported Monday that the situation is improving.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Serbia's Albanians Insist On Flying Tirana's Flag

New National Council of Albanians in the south insists on right to fly Albanian flag, defying Belgrade's demand that they choose a different emblem.

Bojana Barlovac

Ethnic Albanians in southern Serbia are on collision with Belgrade over use of a flag by their new National Council. The Council wants to fly the flag of neighbouring Albania.

But Serbia's Law on the Protection of Rights and Freedoms of National Minorities says that symbols of national minorities cannot be identical to the flags, symbols or emblems of another state.

Baki Rehxepi, head of media in the National Council of Albanians, said they wanted to use the existing Albanian flag rather than invent a new one. "I don't see one reason why we shouldn't use the Albanian flag," he told Balkan Insight.

The question of the use of the Albanian flag comes up every year on November 28, when Albanians in southern Serbia mark Flag Day, their national holiday.
Ethnic Albanians in South Serbia want to use Albanian flag as their symbol

From 1968-1989, and from 2000 to date, ethnic Albanians have celebrated the day with a special ceremony, flying Albanian flags from town halls in their strongholds of Bujanovac, Presevo and Medvedja.

Like other ethnic minorities in Serbia, ethnic Albanians obtained the right to establish a National Council under legislation adopted last year.

The Albanian council, formed in June, has no legislative authority but enjoys broad competences over the use of symbols and over cultural, educational and language matters. National Councils also have the right to access funds and set up their own media.

According to Rehxepi, the department for symbols within the council has just been formed to discuss the flag issue.

Serbian officials say they have no objection to a flag that resembles Albania's, so long as it is not identical. "Such a solution does not prevent the selection and use of traditional symbols that are similar to the symbols of other states," ministry of human rights officials told Balkan Insight.

Riza Halimi, the only ethnic Albanian MP in Serbia's parliament, said he doubted that Albanians in the south would agree to fly anything other than the Albanian flag, a double-headed eagle on a scarlet background.

"This [issue] will be a tough task for the Council, taking into consideration that ethnic Albanians got used to using the Albanian flag in Serbia for years," Halimi told Balkan Insight. Albanians in the neighbouring Macedonia and Montenegro routinely use the Albanian flag as their symbol, he noted.

Terror suspects charged

ANA-MPA/Six suspects formally charged on Sunday on terrorism charges who were arrested the previous day in a coordinated police operation asked for and received a stay of testimony to Tuesday by the examining magistrate who has undertaken the case file.

The six are charged with three felonies: participation in a terrorist group, aggravated arms possession and acquisition and possession of explosive materials. The specific terror group has not been named, pending completion of ongoing investigations by the police counter-terrorism squad.ana-mpa

The arrests came in a coordinated police swoop on terror hideouts in the wider Athens area, Agrinion in central Greece and Siteia on the island of Crete on Saturday.


11,000 evacuated from homes in Albanian floods

More than 11,000 people were evacuated from their homes in Albania due to floods that have hit the country in the past week.

Albania flooding
The flooded area in Shkodra district, 75 miles (120 kilometres) northwest of the Albanian capital, Tirana, along the Drini River delta Photo: AP

In Bosnia, a woman was killed on Sunday in the northern town of Tuzla when her home collapsed after a landslide triggered by heavy rains.

"The situation is critical and there are still regions in the northern part of [Albania] that are isolated" due to floods, a civil service spokesman Leonard Olli said.

Some 7,500 houses have been damaged and 2,600 were completely flooded, he said.

Main entrances into the northern town of Shkodra were still blocked on Sunday while several parts of the town where the water level is higher than two meters (3.2 feet) have no electricity.

At least 1,400 police and soldiers have been deployed in the northern region to help with the evacuation of residents and to secure food for them.

Albanian authorities on Saturday called for NATO'S help to be able to cope with the situation.

"Turkey already sent overnight to Albania three helicopters with a medical team and humanitarian aid while two other helicopters have arrived on Sunday from Greece," Mr Olli said.

Foreign Minister Edmond Haxhinasto on Sunday called a meeting with EU and Nato ambassadors to Albania to ask for their countries' help.

In neighbouring Montenegro, the situation was still serious on Sunday in the region of Lake Skadar, on the border with Albania and around the capital Podgorica.

More than 1,000 soldiers were called to help the population.

In Plavnica, near Podgorica, Nikica, a two-tonne hippopotamus, had to leave her flooded pen in a private zoo, after a similar evacuation in January floods.

The border river Drina between Serbia and Bosnia has begun to decrease while the waters of the Sava river in the northwest continued to threaten surrounding areas.

In Bosnia, thousands of people have been evacuated due to the floods in the past week, notably in the east and south.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

"Koha Ditore", Kosovo

Koco Danaj: "The arbitrary Division of Albanian territory in 1913, in The Hague next January"

PRISTINA-The International Court of Justice in The Hague could meet to review a case that relates to the Albanians. In January, next year, the director of the Center of Political and Social Prognosis in Tirana, Koco Danaj, will file a complaint with the ICJ, against the London Conference of 1913, in which it was decided the "division of the Albanian territories".
In an interview for "Koha Ditore" newspaper of Kosovo, Danaj has confirmed that he has collected all the material facts and evidence that it conference in which decisions were taken at the expense of the Albanians 103 years ago, is illegal.

For this reason, Professor Danaj will require an opinion of the International Court of Justice if the London Conference, took the "illegal decision" for the Albanian territores.
"While we do say in a democratic way, we will act as the world - in a democratic way. So rule out violence, expulsion war", he said, considering the London Conference in which representatives of Great Britain, Germany, Austria, France and Russia took a decision to recognize the state of Albania declared on 28 November 1912s in today's borders, and other Albanian territories, including Kosovo, remain outside. Albanians from that time were divided into five states".

To change this reality and to create what the professor calls "Natural Albania" Koco Danaj, for what has drafted a platform and a list which have been signed hundreds of Albanian intellectuals from all Albanian territories in October of this year will seek the opinion of the ICJ, the daily "Koha Ditore" said today in Kosovo,,7,42371

Flooding forces evacuations in Albania

By the CNN Wire Staff
December 5, 2010
A man rides his bicycle in Shkodra district, some 75 miles (120 kilometers) northwest of Tirana, on Wednesday.
A man rides his bicycle in Shkodra district, some 75 miles (120 kilometers) northwest of Tirana, on Wednesday.

(CNN) -- Torrential rains have forced the evacuation of 12,000 people from their homes in parts of Albania as floodwaters wash over roads and cause massive landslides, the country's government said.

More than 2,500 homes have flooded and more than 13,900 hectares (34,500 acres) of land are underwater, according to a statement from Albania's president after a late-night government meeting Saturday.

Officials have declared a state of emergency in affected areas as rains triggered massive floods, the statement said.

Albania's official ATA news agency described the situation as "critical" Saturday, with many major national roads impassable. Troops and police were assisting in rescue efforts, ATA said.

Residents in at least one neighborhood in the northwestern city of Shkoder were forced to use boats to travel, ATA said.

Alban Thika, who took pictures from a rescue helicopter used to distribute food to isolated homes, told CNN's iReport that nearly a quarter of the city had flooded after three weeks of heavy rains.

"If you look through the pictures, you would think there is a sea, but it's all land covered with water," he said.

Albania has asked for assistance from NATO, Thika said, but more aid is needed.

"These people are all stranded. They're getting very little help," he said.