Sunday, December 5, 2010

"Koha Ditore", Kosovo

Koco Danaj: "The arbitrary Division of Albanian territory in 1913, in The Hague next January"

PRISTINA-The International Court of Justice in The Hague could meet to review a case that relates to the Albanians. In January, next year, the director of the Center of Political and Social Prognosis in Tirana, Koco Danaj, will file a complaint with the ICJ, against the London Conference of 1913, in which it was decided the "division of the Albanian territories".
In an interview for "Koha Ditore" newspaper of Kosovo, Danaj has confirmed that he has collected all the material facts and evidence that it conference in which decisions were taken at the expense of the Albanians 103 years ago, is illegal.

For this reason, Professor Danaj will require an opinion of the International Court of Justice if the London Conference, took the "illegal decision" for the Albanian territores.
"While we do say in a democratic way, we will act as the world - in a democratic way. So rule out violence, expulsion war", he said, considering the London Conference in which representatives of Great Britain, Germany, Austria, France and Russia took a decision to recognize the state of Albania declared on 28 November 1912s in today's borders, and other Albanian territories, including Kosovo, remain outside. Albanians from that time were divided into five states".

To change this reality and to create what the professor calls "Natural Albania" Koco Danaj, for what has drafted a platform and a list which have been signed hundreds of Albanian intellectuals from all Albanian territories in October of this year will seek the opinion of the ICJ, the daily "Koha Ditore" said today in Kosovo,,7,42371

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