Saturday, June 7, 2008

Exchange of fire outside the home of Prime Minister of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci
Pristina: Unknown armed attempted to penetrate yesterday evening in the home of Prime Minister of Kosovo, Chasim Thatsi. Followed by an exchange of fire with bodyguards and escaped unknown, but one of them believed to be injured.

The security department of Thatsi, who was not present at that time at home, he saw the would-be attackers when they reached the second floor balcony. The incident occurred at midnight, Greek time, the district Armperia Pristina. At home were the wife and his son Thatsi.
Papandreou to French leader: "Kosovo, no peace contribut in the region"

ANA: Main opposition PASOK leader and Socialist International (SI) President George Papandreou conveyed a letter to visiting French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Friday, in which he expresses his concerns over current developments in the western Balkans. Papandreou addressed his letter to the French president in view of France's assumption, next month, of the six-month European Union rotating presidency.

The Greek political leader said, in his letter, that whatever solutions "are to be given to the region's problems they should not reproduce new tensions and nationalistic practices." Papandreou also notes in his letter that the "unilateral declaration of independence by Kosovo and its recognition by some EU member-states in violation of the principles of International Law and UN Security Council's resolutions and without a previous decision by the EU's 27 member-states, does not contribute to the region's stability."

Friday, June 6, 2008


The newspaper "Gazeta Shqiptare" writes under the titlle; Nicholas Gage suports Bollano, "Berisha has not changed"
Tow pages has been signed in the newspaper to the head of Pan Epiriotic Federation of the World Nicholas Gage (Gatzogianis) and his old realtions with Albanian State since 1991.
In the center of the comment is very cleare a declaration of the Pan Epirotic Federation of America and the World, to take in consideration the total suport for the Mayor of Himara and the leader of Greek Minority Vassilis Bollano by albanian PM Sali Berisha "who continues to be still not changed to persecute the greek leaders of Greek Minority of Albania".
"Gazeta Shqiptare" known as strong atni hellenist rethoric regarding the greek albanian relations, writes particularly for last incidents with Mayor Bollano and Argjirokaster Prefect Ksera calling the albanian parliament to the penal procedure against tow greek leaders.
The newspaper analise also writes for the relations between Berisha and Nick Gage during a visit of PAOKA leader Gage with PM Sali Berisha in 2006 and the promeses of Berisha for General Popullation Counting in Albania.
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Cypriot Foreign Minister visiting Albania

6 June 2008 17:08 FOCUS News Agency

Tirana. ‘Cyprus opposes the independence of Kosovo and will not recognize independent Kosovo’, the Albanian news source, citing the Foreign Minister of Cyprus Markos Cyprianou, who is visiting Tirana.

During a meeting with the Albanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Lulzim Pasa, Cyprianou said that on this issue the Government of Cyprus cannot have the same opinion as the Albanian government.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008





The Panepirotic Federation of America, the World Council of Epirotes Abroad, and the Panepirotic Federation of Europe denounced the Albanian government of Prime Minister Sali Berisha for indicting Vasilios Bolanos, the mayor of Chimara in Northern Epiros, for removing road signs in his region that did not identify areas in Greek as well as Albanian.

Prosecutors filed charges against Bolanos on May 28 accusing him of abuse of power for removing signs last December that were not bilingual, Mr. Bolanos, who is also president of Omonia, the human rights organization that represents the ethnic Greek minority in the country, removed the signs saying that they should have been in Greek as well as Albanian.
“Indicting Vasilios Bolanos now that he has been elected president of Omonia for actions that occurred last year is a blatant effort to intimidate him not to protest too loudly about continued abuse of the Greek minority by Albanian authorities,” said Fotios Galitsis, president of the Panepirotic Federation of America.

“The flimsy charges against the Mayor are not worthy of a country that wants to join the European Union,” said Chrysostomos Dimou, president of the Panepirotic Federation of Europe. He noted that all countries in Europe except Albania have signed a Council of Europe agreement that calls for bilingual signs in areas where ethnic groups in a country are concentrated.

“Albania has been promising since 1991 to sign the agreement but has yet to do it, which shows clearly that Albania refuses to grant rights to its minorities that are common in all democratic countries,” said author Nicholas Gage, president of the World Council of Epirotes Abroad, which unites Epirot communities throughout the world.

The Albanian government’s own State Committee on Minorities has repeatedly urged Prime Minister Sali Berisha to sign the agreement, but he has refused to do it so far, according to Menelaos Tzelios, head of the political action committee of the Panepirotic Federation of America. Mr. Berisha was president of Albania in 1994 when he ordered the arrest of five leaders of Omonia on false charges of espionage. They were convicted and sentenced to long prison terms but were released after 10 months as a result of an international outcry against the injustice.

Mr. Berisha’s relentless efforts to persecute the Omonia leaders on patently false charges ultimately undermined his international standing, especially in Washington, and he fell from power in 1997. He moderated his stance, declaring that Albania’s minorities were an asset for the country, and his party won the 2005 elections, returning him to power.
“The attempt to persecute Bolanos now on such bogus charges, coupled with his refusal to sign the Council of Europe agreement, shows that Berisha has not learned as much from his past mistakes as he should,” Mr. Galitsis said. “Washington, Europe and the rest of the world should take notice and we will do everything we can to make sure they do,” Mr. Gage declared .

Mr. Dimou, who is the WCEA vice president, said all major Epirote organizations have sent Mr. Bolanos pledges of support and were coordinating efforts to reverse the injustice against him.
Mr. Tzelios said the Epirote leaders met in New York last Sunday to forge a common strategy on the Bolanos persecution and to finalize plans for the first convention of the World Council of Epirotes Abroad to be held in Ioannina, the capitol of Epiros, from July 24 to 27. The group was formed by Epirote groups in all five continents in 2006.

2 June 2008
For more information contact: Menelaos G. Tzelios
11-25 30th Avenue, L.I.City, NY 11102
Tel. 718 809-4005 FAX 718 956-9583

Photo: The Atorney Ina Rama and US Ambassador Withers

PM Berisha and former DM Mediu “target” by General Attorney.

A special meeting held by US Ambassador J. Withers with Albanian General Attorney Ina Rama signed a “closer cooperation” between the “wars against corruption system” in Albania the must problematic country of Europe.

J. Withers expressed to Attorney Rama powerful helps to the every person with “immunity” accused by Office of the Persecutor Authority who abused under the “Parliamentary immunity” to confront with public accuses or to deviate the Tribunal Authorities.

According to Albanian Press, Prime Minister Sali Berisha and the ex Defenses Minister Fatmir Mediu are under inquiring of General Attorney for Gerdeci Tragedy where dead 26 and wounded more 300 persons after the massive blast of March 15, 2008.

After the request of General Attorney addressed the Speaker of Albanian Parliament Jozefina Toppali for the immunity of Fatmir Mediu, also the Head of Republican Party, nothing has made progress, while US Embassy is very preoccupied for the diplomatic “transparence” of Albanian parliamentary speaker Topalli and PM Berisha.

According to “New York Times” more 40 $ million aid finances by US Defense Department to bay Albanian munitions for Afghanistan Army, results “missing” by politic corruption of Tirana.
Sarkozy: France solidarity with Greece On the issue of the name of FYROM

Exclusive interview with the French leader in «Kathimerini» France «is and will remain solidarity with Greece» the issue of the name of Skopje assures the chairman of the French Republic Nicolas Sarkozy, in an exclusive interview to «K». The commitment of Mr. Sarkozy is of particular importance as the country takes over from July 1 the EU presidency, during which they discussed the integration of Macedonia.

Two days before the important visit to Greece, the French president speaks for the excellent level of cooperation between the two countries but also for its relations with Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis, who stressed that «is not just a partner but a friend »And noted that they have common views on many issues.
Mr. Sarkozy arrives in Athens Friday and will meet with President of the Republic, the Prime Minister and political leaders, while will speack to the Hellenic Parliament, the first foreign leader to the 21 st century. The last set was a similar reception was the former U.S. president, George Bush in the summer of 1991

Monday, June 2, 2008

US Archbishop Demetrios Meets With Patriarch Alexy of Moscow

MOSCOW -- Archbishop Demetrios of America and the members of the official delegation of the Archdiocese were received by Patriarch Alexy of Moscow and All Russia on Tuesday May 27th at the Official Patriarchal Residence inside the Danilovsky Monastery, the first Monastery founded in Moscow.

Before the 1:00 p.m. meeting with the Patriarch, the Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate had arranged with the government for the Archbishop and the delegation to receive a private tour of the Grand Palace inside the Kremlin. This vast palace contains the official government ceremonial halls that have been used for state occasions throughout Russian history, as well as the private apartments of the Tsars and their royal chapel.

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Blood, Kalashnikovs and fraud in FYROM elections

Kosovo went to vote with identity cards" ... FYROM

"Easy yesterday roads in Kosovo. Even restaurants and cafes serving roads remained closed. It is Sunday thought. The Kosovar Albanians met, but we explained that their compatriots were transferred to Skopje to vote, with buses and private vehicles. The fact was known even in the Greek Kosovo Force, taking part in NATO and has been entrusted with the responsibility of security. In Greek check point, just outside of Vitina, which is roughly half an hour from the borders of FYROM, we were assured that there was no traffic on the roads by 10 am on Sunday, and had great movement and early Saturday".

Elected representatives, municipal representatives of the southern Kosovo to us clarify that the areas south of the border are a natural follow-up, because all the villages are purely Albanian consider that it has not resolved the issue of borders, so assert northern part of FYROM. However with official diplomatic sources, many of the Kosovars Albanians managed to obtain two passports and two identities, production ... Tetovou - one of Kosovo and one of FYROM. They are included in the lists and participate in the vote. The city of Tetovo and Kumanovo villages is the natural follow-up who feel they belong and their support with their votes. Also, Kosovo Albanians have gone to the Albanian Gkostivar region, which is more remote from the borders but is inhabited by their compatriots.

More about article…in Greek newspaper:,id=6684712,14248360,28442408,52705448

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Declarate of Greek FM Dora Bakogianis about elections in FYROM

"We suggestions for more aggressive in the regular issue of the name of FYROM next time" receives from the diplomatic strains Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis.

"And how could it be otherwise when the sixth election in Skopje marked by widespread violence and fraud, when 25% of the population of multicultural state threatens to armed rebellion, leading to de facto pooling, where black has reached 60% when essentially "kept alive" FYROM with the support of Soros and ... Greek companies".

Actually Skopje have all the characteristics of a "failed state". The "failed" (failed states), "weak" (weak), "unstable", "under collapse" (failing) states are a "black hole" in the international security system and Greece is already face such a situation on its borders. Let us be ready for the next day and let us be more careful about the name that will give to a country tomorrow, there will be no ..."