Thursday, July 17, 2008


The Head of the Court of vlora and Persecutor Office of Vlora`s Region is became strong brunch of Democratic Party. The Head of Vlora`s Court Artur Malaj and Persecutor Skender Dautaj, are linked politically to condemn rebelion against Sali Berisha on 1997, when for the albanian citizen with greek origin, they use national rethoric to discriminate and condemn member of Greek Community of Himara Region.

The Tribunal of Fieri some days ago decided to condemn the Head of the Court of vlora, Artur Malaj after the proces which Malaj was accused by advocate Sazan Aliko for discrimination of his family. Aliko former Head of Court of Vlora, maried years ago with a girl by the greek origin from Dropulli, accused Malaj for discrimination and human rigths violated against his family. On a secret report that Malaj sent to albanian superior authority, expressed his opinion to Aliko motivated as “on the interest of National Security”.

The Superior Counsil of Tribunal of Albania, some months ago, exclused four Judges by the Apeal Court of Vlora, all with greek origin, motivated for “corruption and misteake procedures of the proceses”. Also the Court of Vlora is in the first fase of the penal process to condemn 10 albanian citizens with greek origin from Himara Region, after a protest held at front of Police Departament of Himara. In center of accuses against they are the words used: “we want greek polices not albanians to protect us”.

Five years ago 5 of Himara citizens are condamned all togather 15 year by Court of Vlora headed by Artur Malaj after they protested with greek flags against violation of votes during local elections of 2003. Hunders of vlora`s citizen by greek origin most part from Himara, have oppened penal proces against Proprierty Regional Office of Vlora, after they "have lost" the original documents or have falsified them.

Vlora, the centre known as Avlona, an old byzantin point on the west south part of Albania, near Adriatic Sea, is populated for the seconde time after 1991, by thousands people come from other region of Albania. The half of popullation is in emigration, Greece and Italy, when the city is composed in majority by communities of orthodoxes, labes and chames. In 1997 the anti pyramidal protests of Vlora People bring the large “Civil War” on the albanian territor between southern (tosks) and northern (geghs) communities. Now Vlora is became a strong center of tourism in Albania but also a protagonist of varius international economic interests such are AMBO and Gazprom.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Arrest Albanian who made photos to the “Araxos Air Base” of Patras

Photo: the greek skuadron fighters

We spent three days since to “target” that illegal immigrant who was an appropriate means of penetration of foreign intelligence services and yesterday's publication of the greek newspaper "Proto Thema" confirmed the above saying.

Specifically is arrested a person of Albanian nationality to photografe facilities of the Araxos air base (the seat is 116 Combat Wing). This period is ongoing work to construct a Government hall and maintenance for the 335 and 336 Squadron and public hall engines, under the host of 30 new fighter Advanced F-16 Block 52 +. In 336 M gathered around 50 A-7E & TA-7C Corsair II and the D-7I & TA-7H of 335 M have been withdrawn.

It is recalled that the PM 116 had been aiming to sabotage the May 2003 when they found metal objects in aircraft engines at least three A-7, with then-A & JUL to talk about «treason» and «dishonesty». The publication also refers to military cooperation Ankara - Tirana but also the strategic importance of 116 PM.

No any response from albanian authorities about misterios imigrant who may be an espionage profferssionist linked with turkish intelligence said the greek newspaper.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


“Very preoccupied” the Albanian PM to visit Himara this week even dozens of himarotes with Greek origin are under penal accuse by the Tribunal of Vloraa`s district as protagonist of an peace protest against Himara Police Departament.

Berisha is planning to visit himara Region to inaugurate some Greek investments of the region such as the national way Saranda Vlora and water resource center of Drimades. Some information said about “very preoccupation of PM Berisha” to show “good sentiments” between Greek Albanian relations, but in reality the people of Himara Region “has finished the love” with his government even the Human Rights Party, one important electoral member of coalition of Albanian government continues to be in alliance with Berisha.

According to information, Berisha is playing the “Last Show” with the Greek American Lobby and the Greek Government of Kostas Karamanlis, to claim the trip in Himara region as diplomatic visit, but in fact the Greek Albanian relations has begun another start.