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Turkey preparing for an attack against Greece?

Although the Turkish political leadership is trying to convince Greece of its benevolent intentions, its acts ultimately betray the reality of its true visions. So after the start of deliveries of the first 52 offensive amphibious bridges Samur FNSS which can erase from the map in a few minutes the obstacle called Evros River and the acquisition of dozens of armored demining vehicles type Keiler, the Turkish Armed Forces completed receiving a few days ago 40 heavy HGMS (Heavy Ground Mobility Systems).
Thanks to these HGMS the Turkish engineering corps can prepare the ground for the transportation of tanks or other heavy vehicles on the opposite bank of the river Evros, while of similar importance is the use of these system for landing operations for which the Turkish Army gets constantly trained opposite the Greek island of Chios.
These heavy HGMS were ordered to the British company FAUN MV Ltd. and Iveco in 2008 costing 21.5 million.
They were delivered only, and we emphasize that, to the engineering units of the 1st Army in Eastern Thrace. The HGMS of the British company can withstand vehicles with weight exceeding 70 tonnes, even on soft ground (eg, river bank or shore) and they are carried on the truck Trakker 8 × 8 of the Italian company Iveco. They are easy to use thanks to the simple laying system that these trucks have.
The walkways are made of high strength aluminum alloy 54.7 meters long and 4.5 meters wide, and their total area reaches 228 square meters.
It is worth noting that this acquisition is the second of the Turkish army, since a few years ago had acquired another ten of such systems. The continued insistence of Turkey to acquire offensive systems for crossing barriers and removing obstacles as well as systems that facilitate the handling of heavy armored vehicles have a single purpose to prepare the Turkish Armed Forces to carry out offensive operations.
While the Greek political and economic elites praise Erdogan’s government, the leadership of the Turkish Armed Forces with these armament programs is methodically preparing for the implementation of invasion plans or at least for the intimidation of the Greek government.
Hopefully, after the explanations requested by the Greek government from Turkey regarding the statements of the former Turkish Prime Minister Mesut Yilmaz on the arsoning of Greek forests by agents of MIT will also seek new explanations by the Erdogan government why Turkey during the recent years is systematically buying military equipment for overcoming water obstacles.
A couple of videos with the HGMS received by Turkey and the Samur bridges.


Friday, December 30, 2011

Albanian Nationalists of RBA make balance: "We won battle with Census"
30/12/2011 11:00

RBA makes balance: We won battle with Census
The Red and Black Alliance made a balance for 2011, considering it as the most popular in history.

The RBA leaders declared that the objectives for the next year will be made public in Kruje on January 17th, which coincides with the death of the National Hero, Gjergj Kastrioti Skenderbeu (Scanderbeg). According to the RBA, the goal of this movement will continue to oppose the anti-Albanian politics.

“We will oppose any anti-Albanian politics. On January 17th we will be in Kruje, will commemorate Skenderbeu and will declare the objectives for the future of Albanians. The objectives will be published in Kruja, the home of Skenderbeu. The giant flag will climb the Kruje Castle and 2012 will be the end of the anti-Albanian world`”, says the RBA declaration.

During this declaration, the RBA leaders did not leave without mentioning the population registration process.

“We won the battle with the Census, and the Constitutional Court overthrew the shameless Albanians”, the RBA leaders declared.

Minorities say Albania discriminates against the right to nationality

Minorities in Albania plan to challenge the Constitutional Court decision to make the category "nationality" unconstitutional in legal and civil registries, as well as on census forms.
By Klaudija Lutovska for Southeast European Times in Prespa -- 30/12/11
photoEdmond Temelko, leader of the Macedonian minority in Albania. [Klaudija Lutovska/SETimes]
Ethnic minorities in Albania -- Macedonians, Greeks, Serbs, Montenegrins, Vlachs, Roma and Egyptians -- announced they will pursue a lawsuit at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, following Albania's Constitutional Court ruling last week to erase the category "nationality" in legal and civil registries.
The court determined that "nationality" is not necessary to include on the census forms to enumerate the population in Albania.
A particular bone of contention is erasing "nationality" in the official books documenting birth, including for already recognised minorities like the Greeks in the south of Albania and the Macedonians in the Mala Prespa area.
The Albanian court acted on the legal challenge issued by several local judges as well as the Red and Black Alliance, one of the main opponents of recording ethnicity and religious identity in the Albanian census that took place last October.
"Some artificial Greek minority is going to ask for special status, maybe for a percentage in parliament or government," said Albania's Higher Council of Justice deputy head Kreshnik Spahiu. The Council is chaired by President Bamir Topi to monitor the judiciary.

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Berisha answers Dimas: Census and administrative elections, the successes of my government

Asked by Greek Foreign Minister Stavros Dimas, about the failure of the Census in Albania and  for the possible that the Greek ethnic minority feels threatened, the Prime Minister of Albania, Sali Berisha, responded:

Berisha makes balance: 2011, full of achievements
“The Census was held in full freedom. 99 years after the creation of the state, Albania has today the best image of the national and material existence. For the first time, the Albanians were registered with the most advanced technology of the time. The first results are historical and confirmed that this country si progressing quickly. Confirmed that the Albanians have built houses for themselves in these 10 years, more than any other nations in 290 years”, Berisha declared.

Berisha also mentioned the May 8th elections, another culminating date for Albania’s political life during this year, with strong clashes between the majority and the opposition.

“In the May 8th elections, regardless the turmoil attempts, the constitutional order of the country prevailed together with the citizens’ right to evaluate every vote. The constitutional institutions passed one of the most serious tests for every democratic country, due to the razor-sharp difference. The directives of the Commission of Venice and the OSCE/ODIHR confirm that right stance that we held by defending the principles that never can be violated. There might have been any slight legal gap, but not in the principles that we cherish. The fact is that these elections are the first in the history of this country that have been evaluated as competitive and transparent”, the PM declared.

"Greece, has obligation with Constitution to help, all Greek citizens living inside and outside its territory"

"Cold Water" in Vlora, Residents organize protection for property
Paco family, are required to land hijacked

Owners of land, known as Paco`s family income all from Greece to celebrate the end of the year, equipped with a building permit, and a Supreme Court ruling in April of this year, are being protected property facing armed soldiers of the Guard of the Republic.

Not known what size will be taken of conflict, but the Greek Embassy in Tirana, is following with attention the case, which is taking place two years after Paco`s family, are also with the Greek citizenship.


Properties of the dual albanian and Greek citizenship in Vlora, still blocked by the Government
High Court gives the right even Patsos family, with Greek citizenship, would take property, while the government arbitrarily blocks itInstitute of execution, enforcement requires a court decision to Patso family properties, and governmental authorities in Vlora residence, do not accept.

Greek Embassy in Tirana, about Vlora event, is following the developments, although Patso family has complained to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece, at the time of Dora Bakogianis

According to the Newspaper "Shekulli" a decision of the Supreme Court of Albania, part of the territory known in "cold water" in which being built new apartment block, belongs to the family of Greek citizenship, Patso the origin from Himara.

But police in the presence of the Execution's Office and government authorities in Vlora residence, refused to hand over territory belonging to the 90 years, to Patso family.

Meanwhile, regarding the event in Vlore, the Greek Embassy in Tirana, is not pronounced yet, but will be interested in the Foreign Ministry of Tirana, to explain about the blocking of property of a citizen with Greek citizenship, says the source from embassy.

Tow years ago:

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The big Scandal notes to Athens to protect his conpatriotes and their proprietes in Albania. VLORA: GREEK OLD OWNERS CRASH WITH ALBANIAN GUARD AUTORITYESThe Albanian newspaper "SOT" writes about the incident between realy owners and the autority of Governament resitence of Vlora.................