Friday, November 27, 2009

Antonis Samaras and the right to have hope

The Northern Epiriotes vote for Antonis Samaras

November 26, 2009

On Sunday, 29/11/2009 held elections for the new leader of New Democracy.

This is an important moment for the Greeks because of this election will not just elected new President of Greece but the elected leader of the opposition and of course the Prime Minister candidate.

The Greeks passed a tough time because of the global economic crisis and many other national problems are accumulated. We see the issue of unemployment affects most every Greek family, problems in education, and social problems every daily.

Within in these difficult times we see a hope in the face of the nominee for President of New Democratic Party Antonis Samaras. Antonis Samaras is a carrier of culture and Hellenism.

We look forward with hope to a better tomorrow for us, our families and all Greeks in Greece, Cyprus and Northern Epirus. We see the face of Antonis Samaras the man who would be elected leader of the Greek people and not the political will is captive of local and foreign interests. We believe that Antonis Samaras could lead to Greece and Hellenism in the way of security, stability, economic prosperity and pride, dignity, prestige, and power politics in international relations of the country.

So we appeal to all Sunday, 29/11/2009 support by voting Antonis Samaras because the knowledge, experience, and vision can give us back the right to have hope in a better future with dignity.

Alexandros Zoulis

President of Foundation Studies for Northern Epirus
Union Voreioipeiroton Cyprus''''The PYRROS"

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