Friday, November 27, 2009

Nicholas Gage at the top of the Greek American lobby for support of Antonis Samaras cantidature for president of "New Democracy Party"

Niko Gatzogianis also, is expected to visit Tirana to the next days


The very known of Greek American Lobby and especially of PanEpiriot Federation of America, has arrived in Athens with aim to support of his old friend, former foreign minister Antonis Samaras in the campaign for president of the New Demcracy Party.

Gage coming to Athens in support of Samaras, for the major issue in which includes a new interest for Greek national issues including Northern Epirus. As advisory of Prime Minister Mitsotakis Nicholas Gage together with the General Nicholas Grilakis and Foreign Minister Anton
is Samaras , have opposed a decision of Kostandinos Mitsotakis about important issues of Greek foreign policy in the years 1991 - 1993, regarding particularly FYROM and Albania (Northern Epirus).

According to information Niko Gatzogianis will visit Tirana after Athens and will participate in a symposium on human rights which will hold in December in Tirana.

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