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Eliot Engel of Albanian Lobby, heard on hot mic: 'If I didn't have a primary, I wouldn’t care'


Eliot Engel is a great friend, who deserves our respect and ...
His remarks come just weeks before New York’s primary elections on June 23.


06/02/2020 Politico
Rep. Eliot Engel became engulfed in yet another controversy on Tuesday after he was overheard on a “hot mic” saying he only sought press attention at a local event on the unrest over police brutality because of his upcoming primary threat.

“If I didn't have a primary, I wouldn’t care,” the New York Democrat told Ruben Diaz Jr., the Bronx borough president, as he asked for time to speak at a news conference on local vandalism.

The comments — which Engel didn’t know were being recorded by a local television station — quickly went viral. The 12-second clip was viewed more than 700,000 times by Tuesday afternoon. In a statement issued later, Engel clarified that he asked to speak because he wanted to convey that “I care deeply about what's happening in this country.”

“In the context of running for reelection, I thought it was important for people to know where I stand, that's why I asked to speak,” Engel said in his statement. “I would not have tried to impose on the Borough President if I didn't think it was important.”

Engel's remarks come just weeks before New York’s primary elections on June 23, when the House Foreign Affairs Committee chairman will face his most serious threat from within his own party since 2000. His challenger is Jamaal Bowman, a public school principal who has gained significant momentum in his bid to unseat Engel this month.

Engel has represented New York since 1989, and his district now includes parts of the Bronx and Westchester County. It has become a top target for progressive groups like Justice Democrats, who have rallied behind Bowman, arguing that he would better represent the rapidly diversifying district.

The senior Democrat had already come under fire in recent weeks after a report revealed that Engel had not spent any time in his New York district — which has been ravaged by the coronavirus outbreak — since late March.

Engel’s fate seemed to be further in question this week, after another of his rivals from the left, Andom Ghebreghiorgis, dropped out of the primary race and endorsed Bowman in an apparent show of solidarity.

Bowman said Tuesday that he wasn’t surprised by the flub.

“It’s disgusting, it’s abhorrent, it’s unfortunate, and it’s disappointing, but it’s not surprising,” Bowman told POLITICO.

“It just exemplifies and shows everything we already knew,” he said of the hot mic comment. “To say if I didn’t have a primary I wouldn’t care, it captures everything not just wrong with him but the political system.”

Erin Durkin contributed to this report.

Thursday, June 4, 2020

U.S. Embassy in Athens firebombed during protest over the death of George Floyd

U.S. Embassy in Athens firebombed during protest over the death of George Floyd (VIDEO) 6

U.S. Embassy in Athens firebombed during protest over the death of George Floyd (VIDEO) 6

Demonstrators in the Greek capital attacked the U.S. Embassy with molotov cocktails.

The firebombs were hurled during a protest on Wednesday over the killing of African-American George Floyd by police in Minneapolis.

Reuters journalists saw demonstrators throw several flaming objects which erupted into flames on the street towards the heavily-guarded embassy in central Athens. Police responded with rounds of teargas.

The embassy itself was cordoned off with rows of blue police buses.

Demonstrators were holding banners and placards reading “Black Lives Matter” and “I can’t breathe”.

Police sources estimated the number of protesters were more than 3,000.

U.S. Embassy in Athens firebombed during protest over the death of George Floyd (VIDEO) 7

U.S. Embassy in Athens firebombed during protest over the death of George Floyd (VIDEO) 8

U.S. Embassy in Athens firebombed during protest over the death of George Floyd (VIDEO) 9

U.S. Embassy in Athens firebombed during protest over the death of George Floyd (VIDEO) 10

Meanwhile, Greek-American Las Vegas police officer Shay Mikalonis remains on life support at the University Medical Center after being shot in the head late on Monday night in the midst of riots gripping many American cities, as reported by Greek City Times.

The shooting against the 29-year-old Greek-American happened approximately 11:30 p.m. as a group of rioters were throwing rocks and bottles at officers.

A local Black Lives Matter group, responsible for organising many of the protests in the casino city, has been urging people to protest peacefully.

In a bid to quell the violence, U.S. Attorney Nicholas A. Trutanich and U.S. Marshal Gary Schofield said “federal law enforcement will investigate, apprehend, and charge violent criminal instigators and organisers who have taken over peaceful protests and violated federal law.”

Trutanich specifically referenced the shooting of Mikalonis as an example of the type of crimes that could result in much harsher federal charges.

“Last night, violence in Las Vegas resulted in the senseless shooting of a police officer while he was protecting our community,” said Trutanich. “Our thoughts are with the officer and his family. The right to peacefully protest and demonstrate is among the most fundamental rights held by all Americans. Violence and looting not only interferes with that right, bu they also put lives at risk. Defying those peacefully exercising their First Amendment rights, and diverting focus away from the legitimate outrage over Mr. (George) Floyd’s death are unacceptable.”

Thaci refuses to go to Brussels because of Lajcak

Foto: EPA/Petrit Prenaj
The President of the so-called Kosovo Hashim Thaci said today that he won't cooperate with the EU Special Envoy for Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, Miroslav Lajcak.


As he said, he made this decision because Lajcak does not recognize the independence of Kosovo.

"I hope to establish good coordination with Hoti as Prime Minister. I will fulfill my constitutional and legal role, I do not want meetings with Serbian leaders. I have made it known that I will not go to Brussels for talks, because Lajcak has made it clear that he does not recognize Kosovo and I will not take part it in the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina", Thaci told T7 television, as Kosovo online portal reports.

He added that former EU Foreign Minister Federica Mogherini made it known that "Kosovo is an independent state" and that she did not refer to the Kosovo delegation as "Pristina".

"I personally told Lajcak, you will do a good job only if you recognize Kosovo as an independent and sovereign state, Kosovo must first get visa liberalization, in order to restore trust in European institutions", Thaci said.

According to him, Albin Kurti should submit a report to the new Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti about the issues he discussed during these three months with Lajcak and Borrell.

Serbia will be exposed to strong pressure

Screenshot/TV B92
President Vucic said that he won't deal with relations within the Albanian community, it is important for us to get guarantees for Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija.

SOURCE: B92, BETA THURSDAY, JUNE 4, 2020 | 15:58

"We are open for talks. Thaci did all this with the help of the United States and will always ask to talk in their presence. Serbia will always talk, but all those measures that destroyed the possibility of free access to goods and capital must be removed. When that has been done, we will be ready to talk", Vucic pointed out.

"I am not sure whether there will be different political aspirations, often pressures, I hear 100 times that we stop the derecognition campaign - we will do that when you stop the campaign of access to international organizations."

He said that he offered this from year to year, in order to protect the people in Kosovo and Metohija.

"It's easy for us in Loznica or Belgrade, we don't live in Gorazdevac… We don't know how Albanians will treat them."

I do not know how Pristina aspires to be on the European path, yet, on the other hand, it will not talk to European representatives, he pointed out.

"You have to keep in mind that neither Germany nor France will change their position on the issue of Kosovo. The question is what are we going to do. We have to bear the brunt that we betrayed Kosovo, and we returned Kosovo to the table with a smart policy, but at the same time keeping the peace, bringing investors…"

"I don't think it will be easy to deal with the Kosovo issue. There are those who say it will be easy, let them think again. He pointed out that he expects great pressures regarding Kosovo and Metohija, and that is why it is important that we get a strong government after the elections.

"It won't be easy for Serbia," Vucic added, and reiterated that Serbia's voice will have be important in that process.
"We have no objections to the talks we had in the EU, as well as in the talks with Grenell. I always tried to get as much as possible in a peaceful way. If they stop with the requests for admission to Interpol and other organizations, we will stop with derecognition campaign", Vucic said.

President Aleksandar Vucic stated today that Russia is a friendly country to Serbia and that the appointment of Yevgeny Primakov to the position of director of the "Russian Cooperation" Agency will not affect that cooperation.

"Russia is a friendly country to us, that's how it was and it will be such in the future. And none of the irresponsible politicians in Serbia can change that, nor anyone else," Vucic said when asked how he commented on Primakov's appointment, due to the alleged connection with the representatives of Serbian opposition. He said that Russia is much bigger than Serbia, both in terms of population and territory, and that it can appoint whoever it wants.

"They take care of their interests and we have nothing against anything or anyone, Vucic said, adding that it would be "crazy" for Serbia to influence Moscow's decisions. The media in Serbia state that in March last year, in the midst of anti government demonstrations in Belgrade, Primakov offered Vucic to form a technical government with the leaders of the "Alliance for Serbia".

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Kosovo Government elected

Lajme - Bota Sot
Kosovo Parliament voted with 61 votes in favor, 24 against and one abstention, led by Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti.


The new Kosovo Government consists of four vice presidents and 16 ministers.

Besnik Tahiri will be the first Deputy Prime Minister, and the Vice Presidents are Driton Selmanaj and Albulena Balaj.

Furthermore, Goran Rakic will also assume the role of the Deputy Prime Minister, but also the Minister of Local Self-Government.

Greece is making three-pronged diplomatic reactions to Turkish provocations



Step by step, the Greek Prime Minister’s office and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are planning reactions against the new phase of Turkish escalation and provocation, after Ankara announced plans to conduct oil and gas explorations in areas of Greek maritime space.

Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias had back to back meetings on Sunday night and Monday afternoon, where he “locked” the plan for the Greek counterattack against Turkish aggression on three levels, namely the United Nations, NATO and the European Union.

The Foreign Ministry had ready-made twin letters which were sent on Monday to the UN Secretary General, António Guterres, and the General Assembly of the Organization.

Greece, together with Cyprus and Armenia, are putting up diplomatic obstacles for the election of Volkan Bozkir, a Turkish diplomat, to the presidency of the UN General Assembly. While there was initially no reaction when Turkey put up its candidacy in November 2019, Athens is now analysing in detail the reasons for the reversal of the Greek stance through a letter by the head of its Permanent Mission to the UN, Maria Theofili.

In particular, these letters describe the licensing process for Turkey’s energy research in Greece’s maritime space as illegal, while referring to endless Turkish violations of Greek airspace and territorial waters.

In addition, it is recalled that Turkey attempted to weaponise thousands of illegal immigrants on the Greek-Turkish border in Evros in March. At the same time as using illegal immigrants to asymmetrically pressure Greece, Turkey conducted a fake news campaign to defame and discredit Greece, accusing Athens of violating international law and human rights. According to the letter, Turkey’s provocative and aggressive actions against Greece have reached unprecedented levels.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also notified member states of the United Nations Security Council on Turkish delinquency. Dendias intends to inform NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg about Turkish actions, possibly in a letter, while on June 15 he will brief his European counterparts on the latest developments at a meeting of the Council’s Foreign Ministers.

It is more than clear that the Greek government is on high alert and is closely monitoring the progress of the new phase of Turkish provocations.

Pentagon chief Esper opposes Trump plan: 'I do not support invoking the Insurrection Act'

In this March 18, 2020, photo, Defense Secretary Mark Esper speaks as President Donald Trump listens during a press briefing with the coronavirus task force, at the White House in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci) **FILE**

In this March 18, 2020, photo, Defense Secretary Mark Esper speaks as President Donald Trump listens during a press briefing with the coronavirus task force, at the White House in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci) 

By Ben Wolfgang - The Washington Times - Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Wednesday he opposes using the Insurrection Act to deploy active-duty troops to American cities to quell riots and protests, and he sought to distance both himself personally and the military as a whole from controversial events Monday night outside the White House.

In a hastily arranged press conference at the Pentagon, Mr. Esper said the use of active-duty troops should be a “last resort” for the country, and he does not believe such a course is necessary or appropriate right now.

President Trump earlier this week threatened to invoke the 1807 law if governors do not activate National Guard forces to control crowds and stop widespread looting. Protests have gripped much of the country following last week’s death of George Floyd, a black man, during a confrontation with Minneapolis police.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Ποιους χρηματοδοτεί το ίδρυμα του Σόρος -Και το δήμο Αθηναίων μεταξύ άλλων

Ο μεγαλοεπενδυτής Τζώρτζ Σόρος -Φωτογραφία: AP Photo/Francois Mori

Ο μεγαλοεπενδυτής Τζώρτζ Σόρος -Φωτογραφία: AP Photo/Francois Mori


Χιλιάδες, ίσως και εκατομμύρια δολάρια ξοδεύει κάθε χρόνο το ίδρυμα του επιχειρηματία Τζορτζ Σόρος στα Βαλκάνια.

Ο μεγαλοεπενδυτής - που ήρθε ξανά στην επικαιρότητα μετά τις καταγγελίες Καμμένου στο υπουργικό συμβούλιο - με το Ίδρυμα του «Open Society Foundations» προσφέρει χορηγίες και υποτροφίες καθ’ όλη τη διάρκεια του χρόνου σε οργανώσεις και άτομα που μοιράζονται τις ίδιες αξίες με το Ίδρυμα.

Το «Open Society Foundations» περιγράφει την αποστολή του ως εξής: «Εργάζεται για την οικοδόμηση ενεργών και ανεκτικών κοινωνικών που οι κυβερνήσεις τους είναι υπόλογες και ανοιχτές στην συμμετοχή όλων των πολιτών».
Στην Ελλάδα ο Δήμος Θεσσαλονίκης, αρκετές οργανώσεις που λειτουργούν για την προστασία των προσφύγων και των αιτούντων άσυλο αλλά και η ελληνική κοινότητα LBGTQ έχουν λάβει ως χορηγίες χιλιάδες δολάρια. Το ίδιο συνέβη και με οργανώσεις υπέρ των ανθρωπίνων δικαιωμάτων και της προστασίας των προσφύγων στα Σκόπια.

Νικήτας Κακλαμάνης: Και με το δήμο Αθήνας συνεργάζεται ο Σόρος

Παράλληλα ο αντιπρόεδρος της Βουλής και βουλευτής της ΝΔ Νικήτας Κακλαμάνης, δήλωσε πως «όλη η προπαγάνδα των Σκοπιανών στο εξωτερικό χρηματοδοτείται από τον Τζορτζ Σόρος», ενώ αποκάλυψε δε πως το ίδρυμα του μεγαλοεπιχειρηματία έχει συνεργασία και με τον δήμο Αθηναίων.

«Ξοδεύει όχι χιλιάδες, εκατομμύρια δολάρια» είπε και πρόσθεσε: «Και με το δήμο της Αθήνας έχει συνεργασία το ίδρυμα Σόρος».

Οπως δήλωσε ο αντιπρόεδρος της Βουλής και βουλευτής της ΝΔ σε ραδιοφωνική του συνέντευξη στον Xfm 9,43: «Δεν το έχει κρύψει ο συγκεκριμένος τύπος ποτέ ούτε την φιλοσκοπιανή του διάθεση, ούτε ότι θέλει να ελέγξει μέσω του άφθονου χρήματος που ρέει από την τσέπη του -το οποίο δεν ξέρουμε και πώς το απέκτησε - και να προσπαθεί με διαφόρους τρόπους να επηρεάσει» είπε χαρακτηριστικά και πρόσθεσε: «Ολη προπαγάνδα των σκοπιανών στο εξωτερικό χρηματοδοτείται από Σόρος. Δηλαδή, τι πιστεύετε, ότι ξαφνικά τον έπιασε ο πόνος τον κ. Σόρος για τους φτωχούς του δήμου της Αθήνας και της Θεσσαλονίκης;» διερωτήθηκε ειρωνικά.

Ερωτηθείς για το πώς συνεργάζεται το ίδρυμα Σόρος με τον δήμο Αθηναίων απάντησε: «Αυτό που υποτίθεται είναι τα συσσίτια».

Ποιοί πήραν χορηγίες στην Ελλάδα για το 2016

Ο Δήμος Θεσσαλονίκης έλαβε 224,581 δολάρια για ένα διάστημα 8 μηνών προκειμένου να κάνει ενέργειες για την φιλοξενία και την στήριξη προσφύγων.
Το «Ελληνικό Συμβούλιο για τους Πρόσφυγες» έλαβε 300.000 δολάρια προκειμένου για ένα διάστημα 20 μηνών να παρακολουθεί την διαδικασία ασύλου και την κατάσταση της υποδοχής στα σημεία εισόδου-εξόδου των μεταναστών.
Το «Ελληνικό Κέντρο Ανθρωπίνων Δικαιωμάτων» εισέπραξε 394.514 δολάρια προκειμένου να παρέχει νομικές και άλλες ουσιαστικές πληροφορίες στους πρόσφυγες για μία περίοδο 20 μηνών.
Το «Ελληνικό Φόρουμ για τους Πρόσφυγες» έλαβε 100.000 δολάρια προκειμένου μέσα σε 13 μήνες να αναπτύξει συστήματα όπου οι πρόσφυγες θα αλληλοβοηθούνται.
Ο «Σύνδεσμος της Ουκρανικής Διασποράς στην Ελλάδα – Ουκρανική Ελληνική Σκέψη» έλαβε 24.927 δολάρια για την επικοινωνιακή στρατηγική του.
Η ελληνική κοινότητα LBGTQ Αthens εισέπραξε χορηγία 54,996 δολαρίων για έναν χρόνο και το Κέντρο Δημοκρατίας και Επανασυμφιλίωσης για την Νοτιοανατολική Ευρώπη έλαβε 26.000 δολάρια για 11 μήνες.
Το 2016 το «Ινστιτούτο Χρηματοπιστωτικής Σκέψης και Οικονομικής Έρευνας και Πολιτικής» στα Σκόπια έλαβε 99.641 δολάρια για τρία χρόνια.
Η «Επιτροπή του Ελσίνκι για τα Ανθρώπινη Δικαιώματα στην Δημοκρατίας της Μακεδονίας» πήρε 67.885 δολάρια για την βελτίωση της διαφύλαξης των δικαιωμάτων των μεταναστών και των αιτούντων άσυλων στην πΓΔΜ.

Turkish claims are increasingly moving west – From Kastellorizo ​​to Crete

Turkish claims are increasingly moving west - From Kastellorizo ​​to Crete 2

The fact that Turkey is taking advantage of turmoil as an opportunity either to invade foreign lands, creating perfectly expanded Turkish influence, or to blackmail, should now be obvious.

When Erdoğan visited Somalia in 2011, as Prime Minister at the time, he was the first foreign leader to set foot in the war-torn African country in decades, and he also became the first NATO leader involved so overtly in the Libyan conflict.

In 2020, Ankara is trying to escalate tensions on a number of external fronts with the ultimate goal of not fully controlling them (which would be virtually impossible) but being able to adequately control them through proxy governments for the benefit of its own interests.

Even in the current “turmoil” in the energy market amid the coronavirus pandemic (falling oil prices, uncertainty about the economic viability of a series of energy projects, etc), Turkey has rushed to use it as an opportunity by threshing alone – with its floating drilling rigs – in the waters of the Eastern Mediterranean in the temporary absence of other competing interests.

Turkish “interest”, however, is finally moving further west, leaving behind the Cypriot Exclusive Economic Zone and now has its eyes set on Rhodes, Karpathos, Kasos and the southeastern coast of Crete.

For years Ankara appeared to be stretching claims between the 32nd (32 ° 16’18 “E) and 28th meridian (28 ° 00’00” E), i.e. from Cyprus to Rhodes, thus erasing the impact that Kastellorizo would have in the case of a jointly agreed drafting of maritime demarcations in the Eastern Mediterranean.

In fact, starting in the summer of 2008 (July 30) and until 2012, Turkey would proceed with a series of pirate moves, assigning unilaterally much of the Eastern Mediterranean to the Turkish State Oil Company (TPAO) for research, while in September of 2011 it would also sign its own, illegal, maritime zone demarcation agreement with the pseudo-state of the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus” that is not recognised by a single country in the world, besides of course Turkey.

By 2020, the data seems to have changed. The TPAO appeared a few days ago to have divided a large part of the Greek continental shelf and to claim (from Turkey, not Greece) the required “permits” to conduct seismic surveys. They would be conducted in Greek territorial waters off Crete, Kasos, Karpathos and Rhodes, thus reflecting in practice the Turkish position that the Greek islands (even the large and inhabited ones) do not have a continental shelf as confirmed by the United Nations Charter Law of the Sea..

Turkish Energy Minister Fatih Donmez himself had said he would prepare the ground, saying on May 29 that TPAO might begin exploring for hydrocarbons within the next three to four months in Greek maritime space. It should be noted that TPAO has reportedly submitted a request to the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood Government of National Accord (GNA). Six months after last November’s Turkish-Tripoli memorandum, Ankara is now determined to strengthen its presence both in Libyan territory (with weapons systems, mercenaries, military advisers, military vehicles, drones, etc.) and around the Libyan coast (with frigates, etc.).

Πύρρος Δήμας: Οι χρυσές αναμνήσεις, οι οδυνηρές απώλειες και η καινούργια ζωή στο Σικάγο


Κορυφαίες λύσεις απολύμανσης και απόλυτης υγιεινής

01/06/2020, 08:30
Ο χρυσός Ολυμπιονίκης ανοίγει την καρδιά του στην Έλενα Κατρίτση, στην εκπομπή «Προσωπικά» την ερχόμενη Κυριακή 7 Ιουνίου, στις 16.00 στην ΕΡΤ1

Ο Πύρρος Δήμας καλεσμένος της Έλενας Κατρίτση, περιγράφει «Προσωπικά» μια ζωή γεμάτη θριάμβους, επιτυχίες, αποθέωση αλλά και αγωνίες, απογοητεύσεις και μεγάλες απώλειες. Ειλικρινής, αυθόρμητος και συναισθηματικός, ξαναζεί εικόνες που ξεχώρισε, στιγμές που τον καθόρισαν και μιλά για τους ανθρώπους χάρη στους οποίους έγινε αυτό που είναι σήμερα.

Θυμάται τον πατέρα του, Βίκτωρα, που τον στήριζε σε κάθε του απόφαση: «Ήταν πάντα δίπλα μου. Μου έστελνε το γραμματάκι του κάθε μήνα, τη σοκολάτα του, γλυκά, καραμέλες… Είχα αγώνα στην Κορυτσά; Ερχόταν και προσπαθούσε να βρει το καλύτερο κρέας, την καλύτερη μπριζόλα. Να φάει το παιδί που κάνει πρωταθλητισμό… Στα όνειρά μου ήταν πάντα δίπλα. Και όταν του είπα «κοίταξε να δεις, θα στείλω τον Οδυσσέα στην Ελλάδα πρώτα και μετά θα φύγω κι εγώ. Μπορεί να γίνει οτιδήποτε με εσάς εδώ». Εκείνος μου απάντησε: «Να μην σας νοιάζει, να φύγετε! Εκείνο το τρίμηνο δεν κοιμόμουν. Πεταγόμουν στον ύπνο μου».

Δύο χρόνια συμπληρώνονται από την ημέρα που η σύντροφος και μητέρα των παιδιών του, Αναστασία, έφυγε χτυπημένη από τον καρκίνο. Μια αρρώστια που την πολέμησε ως το τέλος, δίνοντας δύναμη, όπως έκανε πάντα, σε όλη την οικογένεια. Μόνο κάποια στιγμή λύγισε: «Είχε γίνει το χειρουργείο και κάθε βράδυ έκλαιγε. Ξύπνησα ένα βράδυ και της είπα: “Αυτό δεν μπορούμε να το συνεχίσουμε άλλο”. Μα, μου λέει, θα πεθάνω. Λέω, κανένας δεν ξέρει πότε θα πεθάνουμε. Έχουμε τέσσερα παιδιά. Πες μου, τι κάνουμε. Και εκείνη την ώρα μου απαντά “θα το παλέψουμε”. Και από τότε, μέχρι το τέλος, ήταν παλικάρι. Τώρα που βρίσκομαι σπίτι, θυμάμαι μόνο τις καλές στιγμές. Πολλές φορές νομίζω ότι θα τη δω μπροστά μου»

Ακόμη, ξαναζεί τις σπουδαίες στιγμές του ως αθλητής και στην ερώτηση αν υπάρχει περίπτωση να ξαναδούμε μετάλλια και επιτυχίες όπως στο παρελθόν, απαντά: «Έχουμε τη δυνατότητα να ζήσουμε ξανά αυτές τις στιγμές, όμως ας μην ξεχνάμε ότι η κινητήρια δύναμη του αθλητισμού είναι το χρήμα. Παλαιότερα υπήρχε προϋπολογισμός 3 εκατομμύρια σε μια ομοσπονδία, τώρα είναι 300.000 ευρώ. Ούτε το ένα δέκατο…»

Ο Πύρρος Δήμας μοιράζει πλέον τη ζωή του ανάμεσα στο Σικάγο -όπου εργάζεται ως τεχνικός διευθυντής της Ομοσπονδίας Άρσης Βαρών των ΗΠΑ- και στην Ελλάδα, καθώς είναι πρόεδρος της Ελληνικής Ομοσπονδίας Άρσης Βαρών.

Σήμερα, όλη η ζωή του είναι τα τέσσερα παιδιά του. Η Ελένη, ο Βίκτωρας, η Μαρία και ο Νικόλας: «Όλα αυτά που περάσαμε, τα περάσαμε μαζί, σαν μια γροθιά, και έτσι έχουμε μείνει. Μέρα παρά μέρα, έχουμε συνάντηση στο Skype. Βλεπόμαστε και τα λέμε, όπως θα ήταν μια οικογένεια στο ίδιο σπίτι. Κι ας είμαστε μακριά».

Monday, June 1, 2020

White House: Antifa will be declared a terrorist group

The American Ministry of Justice has decided to treat the Antifa organization as a domestic terrorist group, the White House announced tonight


White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany said at a press briefing that there was enough evidence that the Antifa organization was responsible for the violence during protests in cities across the United States, which erupted after the murder of African-American George Floyd during a police action.

McEnany said that additional federal forces would be deployed throughout the United States in response to the protests, "Voice of America" reports.

She pointed out that US President Donald Trump met today with the Ministers of Defense and Justice, Mark Esper and William Barr, with whom he discussed the engagement of additional security forces.

Trump stated on Twitter yesterday that the United States will mark Antifa as a terrorist organization.

As the Voice of America explains, Antifa is an acronym for the political movement of antifascists whose political beliefs are based on the idea of the left, sometimes even the extreme left.

Their political activities include supporting the population they consider disenfranchised and opposing the enrichment of corporations.

Some organizations that belong to that corpus of ideas use militant tactics to spread their beliefs.

George Soros is 89 years old, but by gosh, before he dies, he’s going to see to the internal destruction of America.


George Soros, Founder and Chairman of the Open Society Foundations, looks before the Joseph A. Schumpeter award ceremony in Vienna, Austria.  (AP Photo/Ronald Zak, File)
George Soros, Founder and Chairman of the Open Society Foundations, looks before the Joseph A. Schumpeter award ceremony in Vienna, Austria.  (AP Photo/Ronald Zak, File)

By Cheryl K. Chumley - The Washington Times - Saturday, January 25, 2020

At least that’s how it seems.

How else can we listen to his words in Davos, Switzerland, track his funding of American political races and pay attention to what he says about President Donald Trump, capitalism, and the leftist causes he backs and the leftist Open Society Foundations he runs, and come to any other conclusion?

In the last few years, Soros has taken to trying to take over local law enforcement agencies by pumping massive amounts of money into candidates he favors in key district attorney races.

“George Soros’ quiet overhaul of the US justice system,” Politico reported, way back in August of 2016.

It continues in present day.

“PAC funded by George Soros pumps nearly $1 million into local races for prosecutor,” The Washington Post reported in June, about the money from the Justice and Public Safety PAC that went to the left-leaners of both Arlington County, Virginia, and Fairfax County, Virginia, commonwealth’s attorney races.’

General Floros’ message in Turkey: We are ready to crush anyone who underestimates us

General Floros' message in Turkey: We are ready to crush anyone who underestimates us 2

General Floros' message in Turkey: We are ready to crush anyone who underestimates us 2

General Konstantinos Floros sent a strong message to Ankara during a Commemorative Prayer for Fallen Paratroopers, which took place at Vouliagmeni, saying that those who “underestimate us are making a mistake.”

Specifically, the Chief of General Staff, referring to the special forces, stated that “the ties of those who serve or have served in the Special Forces are indestructible and are never broken. We are the descendants of easy and brave warriors. Our glorious heroic tradition must continue. Especially at this time of year, when the clouds in our neighbourhood are getting thicker and the geopolitical chessboard is on fire, we are moving forward with unbeatable will, inspired by their example and the ultimate sacrifice of our heroes, ready to crush any fatal crash that will happen and who underestimate us.”

In the report he made to the special forces and their contribution to the homeland, the Chief of General Staff noted that the Special Forces were and remain the sharpened spearhead of our Armed Forces.

The General also explained the changes he has made to the Greek military since being put in charge.

“Feeling the importance of the mission that will be called to fulfil in a complex and highly demanding business theatre, from the first moment I took over the duties of Chief of General Staff, I set as a priority their modernisation based on autonomy in means and staff and speed in decision making and execution. In this context, the Council of Leaders of the General Staffs has already approved the establishment of an interdisciplinary Special Warfare Command, the strike force of which will continue the continuation of the tradition of the fighters we honour today, the most selected of the three Branches,” he explained.

The ceremony was also attended by the Minister of National Defence Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos, Deputy Minister of National Defence Alkiviadis Stefanis, the Chief of General Staff Lieutenant General Haralambos Lalousis and representatives from political parties, local government and the church.

The Paratroopers fought both inside and outside the borders of Greece and fell heroically fighting defending the values, the ideals, the traditions and especially the freedom of Greece.

The Minister of National Defence said “with today’s modest ceremony we pay our due respects and bow to the Greek Paratroopers who added with their blood their own page in the glorious and long-standing Greek history.”

“It is the duty of all of us to fight for the ideals, security and independence of the Country, so that their sacrifices become even more valuable,” he added.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

“Διεθνείς Αλλαγές, οι ελληνοτουρκικές σχέσεις και η υπόθεση του Έβρου”- Άρθρο του Ν.Κοτζιά

Από Militaire News -31/05/2020 | 16:33

Το κείμενο του πρώην ΥΠΕΞ Νίκου Κοτζιά που ακολουθεί δημοσιεύτηκε στα ΝΕΑ . Συμπληρώθηκε με ένα υστερόγραφο κριτικής της λάθος σύγκρισης της πολεμικής της δεξιάς στη Συμφωνία των Πρεσπών με την κριτική στη κυβέρνηση της ΝΔ.

Η απόσυρση των ΗΠΑ από τη διεθνή πολιτική σκηνή, σημαίνει ότι ο «παραδοσιακός παίκτης» στην περιοχή «απουσιάζει». Το ΗΒ ασχολούμενο με το Brexit και την υγειονομική κρίση συμβαδίζει προς μια ιδιόμορφη προσωρινή απομόνωση. Η ανερχόμενη μεγάλη δύναμη, η Λ.Δ. της Κίνας, δεν έχει προς το παρόν ισχυρά συμφέροντα στην περιοχή. Και πλην του πεδίου της Οικονομίας δεν προβλέπω να αποκτά την επόμενη δεκαετία. Η ΕΕ είναι παράλυτη από την ανικανότητα και ανεπάρκειά της να διαχειριστεί παραγωγικά τις πολλαπλές κρίσεις της. Τέλος η Ρωσία έχει ως κύρια επιδίωξη να αποσπάσει την Τουρκία από το ΝΑΤΟ, χωρίς, όμως, να μπορεί να αποκτήσει μια ουσιαστική φιλία μαζί της.
Η σύντομη σκιαγράφηση της στάσης των σημαντικότερων παικτών παγκοσμίως, οδηγεί στο απλό συμπέρασμα ότι στη διεθνή σκηνή και στην περιοχή μας υπάρχουν κενά ηγεμονίας και ηγεσίας. Κενά που προσπαθούν να καλύψουν και να αξιοποιήσουν περιφερειακές δυνάμεις, όπως είναι η Τουρκία.
Στις μεταβατικές εποχές που προκύπτουν από τέτοια «κενά», ενισχύεται ο ρόλος της γεωπολιτικής. Σημειώνω ότι σήμερα η γεωπολιτική δεν αναφέρεται μόνο σε ζητήματα όπως το έδαφος, οι πρώτες ύλες, ο έλεγχος τρίτων. Αναφέρεται και ως προς τις ροές, ιδιαίτερα των νέων τεχνολογιών, κύρια της ψηφιακής, όπως πλατφόρμες και δίκτυα. Ακόμα και οι πόλεμοι ακολουθούν «νέους κανόνες» με σημαντικότερο εκείνον που διεξάγεται στον κυβερνοχώρο.
Από τα πιο πάνω, εξάγω δύο συμπεράσματα για την Ελλάδα: πρώτον, η αναβάθμιση της γεωπολιτικής σήμερα, γίνεται με διαφορετικό περιεχόμενο και τρόπο από ότι στο παρελθόν. Δεύτερο, όποιος μένει κολλημένος σε ορθά σχήματα της δεκαετίας του ενενήντα, αδυνατεί να αντιληφθεί τη σημασία της τροποποιημένης γεωπολιτικής και δεν μπορεί να κατανοήσει επιθετικούς παίκτες, όπως την Τουρκία, που επιδιώκουν την γεωπολιτική τους αναβάθμιση.
Προκειμένου η Τουρκία να πετύχει τους στόχους της, αναλύει προσεκτικά τις αδυναμίες των κυρίαρχων ελίτ της χώρας μας. Την ανικανότητα και τους ερασιτεχνισμούς της κυβέρνησης της ΝΔ. Παρατηρεί με ενδιαφέρον την προκλητική αποστασιοποίησή της από τα «κυπριακά προβλήματα». Η ΝΔ θυμίζει σήμερα την ΕΡΕ της δεκαετίας του πενήντα, όπως την περιγράφει ο Σεφέρης σε κείμενα αναφοράς του στο Κυπριακό. Η Τουρκία εντυπωσιάζεται από την αδυναμία των σημερινών υπευθύνων της ελληνικής εξωτερικής πολιτικής να κατανοήσουν την μέθοδο και την πολιτική των Τούρκων σε Αιγαίο και Ανατολική Μεσόγειο. Καταγράφει με αυξανόμενη ικανοποίηση την προσπάθεια της Αθήνας να υποβαθμίζει τις προκλήσεις της Τουρκίας, ακόμα και να τις δικαιολογεί.
Η τουρκική πολιτική, αναθεωρητική, νευρική, και επιθετική, έχει ορισμένα γεωπολιτικά χαρακτηριστικά που φαίνεται να αγνοεί η σημερινή κυβέρνηση. Πρώτον, η Τουρκία ακολουθεί εδώ και δεκαετίες ένα σταθερό σενάριο: αμφισβητεί τα δικαιώματα της Ελλάδας σε συγκεκριμένες περιοχές. Κατόπιν τις γκριζάρει. Αμφισβητεί την ελληνικότητά τους και στη συνέχεια λαμβάνει μέτρα αποτροπής εξάσκησης από την Ελλάδα των διεθνών δικαιωμάτων της που απορρέουν από το Διεθνές Δίκαιο. Στη συνέχεια, τρίτον, εμφανίζει τα γκριζαρισμένα «μέρη» ως δικά της. Ταυτόχρονα, φορτώνει την ατζέντα των διμερών σχέσεων με όλο και περισσότερες αμφισβητήσεις και προκλήσεις. Τώρα πρόσθεσε και τον Έβρο.
Εκείνο που ενδιαφέρει την Τουρκία είναι να δημιουργεί τετελεσμένα με την εφαρμογή τριών κανόνων: α) Επίκληση του διεθνούς δικαίου με τρόπο στρεβλό και αποσπασματικό. β) Προώθηση των επιλογών της μόλις διαπιστώσει κενά στη διεθνή πολιτική σκηνή. γ) Επίσπευση υλοποίησης των σχεδίων της όταν αντιμετωπίζει στην Ελλάδα μια φοβισμένη, υποχωρητική και ανίκανη κυβέρνηση όπως αυτή της ΝΔ. Οι αυξανόμενες προκλήσεις της μόνο τυχαίες δεν είναι.
Με βάση τα πιο πάνω πλαίσια κινείται η Τουρκία στον Έβρο. Αμφισβήτησε έμπρακτα τα ελληνικά σύνορα και το ξέρουν όλοι οι εμπλεκόμενοι. Τόσο στον αέρα, όσο και επί εδάφους. Σε αυτές τις παραβιάσεις η Ελλάδα δεν αντιστάθηκε ως όφειλε. Επέτρεψε χασκογελώντας να προστεθεί μια ακόμα αμφισβήτηση, άλλο ένα γκριζάρισμα. Η κυβέρνηση έχει την τάση να ενδίδει και αποδείχτηκε πολύ μπερδεμένη και σε σύγχυση. Έτσι, μετά την Κύπρο και το Αιγαίο αποκτήσαμε προβλήματα και στα ηπειρωτικά εδάφη μας. Στο σχέδιο της Τουρκίας, στη συγκεκριμένη εποχή, η ελληνική κυβέρνηση απάντησε μόνο με επικοινωνιακά τεχνάσματα προκειμένου να μη χαλάσει η εικόνα της, όχι, όμως, με πραγματική πολιτική.
Προσωπικά θα συνιστούσα στην κυβέρνηση να προσπαθήσει, επιτέλους, να κατανοήσει τον τρόπο που σχεδιάζει η Τουρκία την πολιτική της και πώς μεθοδεύει την υλοποίησή της. Να αποκτήσει ένα στρατήγημα για την αντιμετώπιση αυτών των μεθοδεύσεων. Πυρήνας του πρέπει να είναι οι σαφείς κόκκινες γραμμές και η πρόβλεψη αντιμετώπισης τουρκικών παραβιάσεών τους. Να ενημερώσει για αυτές τις «γραμμές» την ίδια την Τουρκία και τη διεθνή κοινότητα. Οι καλές εξηγήσεις ίσως να γίνουν κάποτε φιλίες. Οι υποχωρήσεις γίνονται δουλεία.
Να πάψουν οι αρμόδιοι κυβερνητικοί να μιλούν τόσο πολύ. Να μελετούν και να σκέφτονται περισσότερο καθότι δεν γνωρίζουν το αντικείμενο. Στην εξωτερική πολιτική μιλά κανείς λίγο, προκειμένου να ακούγεται, και να έχει χρόνο να αναστοχάζεται και να προωθεί συγκροτημένα μία στρατηγική.
Να πει η Κυβέρνηση στον ελληνικό λαό με σαφήνεια, α) το περιεχόμενο των δύο διαβημάτων όπως ζήτησα εδώ και δέκα μέρες, β) να γνωστοποιήσει τις συντεταγμένες στον Έβρο όπως τις καθορίζει το διεθνές δίκαιο από το 1926 και να τις υπερασπιστεί. γ) Να κάνει ουσιαστική αυτοκριτική για τις ανευθυνότητές της. δ) Να μεταβεί Επιτροπή της Βουλής των Ελλήνων στο σημείο όπου έγιναν τα επεισόδια και να διατυπώσει τα συμπεράσματά της σε επίσημη έκθεση. Στόχο της να μάθει η ελληνική κοινωνία όλη την αλήθεια. Τότε θα δούμε και ποιος παράγει fake-news.

ΥΓ1 Ουδέποτε η αριστερά θα μπορούσε να κάνει σε κυβέρνηση της ΝΔ ανάλογη κριτική όπως έκανε η δεξιά στις Πρέσπες. Όποιος πιστεύει κάτι τέτοιο και κάνει ανάλογες συγκρίσεις είναι λάθος. Όπως λάθος είναι και η γενικότερη φράση «εμείς δεν κάνουμε κριτική όπως μας κάνατε». Διότι πολλές πλευρές της δεξιάς δεν έκαναν «απλά» κριτική στις «Πρέσπες». Εκαναν πολεμική. Διατυπώσανε απειλές, εκβιασμούς, προσπάθησαν να εξασκήσουν σωματική βία, να κάψουν κατοικίες, έστελναν αίματα, σφαίρες κάθε μεγέθους. Να προσπαθεί κανείς να συγκρίνει την αριστερά με όλα αυτά, πέρα που δεν γνωρίζει από ήθος της αριστεράς, σημαίνει, ακόμα, ότι δεν πήρε χαμπάρι ή δεν τον ενδιέφεραν το τι πραγματικά γινόταν στην εποχή των «Πρεσπών». Για αυτό επαναλαμβάνω το νέο μοτίβο ορισμένων, ότι το να κάνουμε κριτική στην ασχετοσύνη της ΝΔ και στην ενδοτικότητά της οδηγεί σε ανάλογες συμπεριφορές με όσα έκαναν τμήματα της δεξιάς σε βάρος της εξωτερική πολιτικής μας, μπορούν να ειπωθούν μόνο από εκείνους που και τότε ήταν ενάντια στην εξωτερική πολιτική μας και συμβάδιζαν με τη διαπλοκή.

Lake Skadar, Montenegro and Albania

Lake Skadar, Montenegro and Albania

February 21, 2020

Dark and light sediments swirl around in the center of Lake Skadar, the largest lake on the Balkan Peninsula. This pattern captured the attention of an astronaut onboard the International Space Station (ISS).

Lake Skadar is a karst lake that straddles the border of Montenegro and Albania. It is an example of a cryptodepression, where parts of the lakebed extend below sea level. The curved, spine-like ridges running parallel with the southern shore are part of the Dinaric Alps, which are comprised mostly of easily erodible rocks such as limestone, dolomite, and other carbonates.

The swirling plume in the center of the lake is likely the mixing of sediment that has been transported downstream from higher elevations via snow-melt water and other mountain runoff. A major source of this sediment inflow comes from the Moraca River; its wide delta occupies much of the Montenegro shoreline. Smaller river deltas along the northern edges of the lake also contribute sediment. The Drin River and the Bojana River converge just south of the ancient lake-front city of Shkodër, which lies on the small delta of the Kir River. The lake and these rivers all ultimately drain into the Adriatic Sea.

As with many large freshwater lakes near cities, many of the native plants and animals in Lake Skadar became endangered due to human activity. Montenegro has since made the western portion of the lake a national park, and Albania declared its section as a nature reserve. Both efforts were made to protect many species of birds, microorganisms, and aquatic life, including eels, snails, and endemic fish species.

Astronaut photograph ISS062-E-40353 was acquired on February 21, 2020, with a Nikon D5 digital camera using a 400 millimeter lens and is provided by the ISS Crew Earth Observations Facility and the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit, Johnson Space Center. The image was taken by a member of the Expedition 62 crew. The image has been cropped and enhanced to improve contrast, and lens artifacts have been removed. The International Space Station Program supports the laboratory as part of the ISS National Lab to help astronauts take pictures of Earth that will be of the greatest value to scientists and the public, and to make those images freely available on the Internet. Additional images taken by astronauts and cosmonauts can be viewed at the NASA/JSC Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth. Caption by Sara Schmidt, GeoControl Systems, JETS Contract at NASA-JSC.

Germany: U.S. Ambassador Richard Grenell’s Legacy of Success


Richard Grenell arguably has done more than any other American official, with the possible exception of U.S. President Donald J. Trump, to call out the duplicity, hypocrisy and recklessness of Germany’s foreign policy establishment.

Closely related to the defense spending issue is Germany’s increasing energy dependency on Russia…. while the United States is spending billions of dollars annually to defend Europe against growing threats from Russia, German energy policies are increasing Russia’s grip over Europe.
Grenell’s greatest achievement during his roughly two years as ambassador was his tireless pursuit of the American interest and his unwillingness to appease Germany’s anti-American establishment.
On April 30, 2020, after years of equivocating, the German government announced a compromise measure between German lawmakers who want to take a harder line against Iran and those who do not. The ban falls far short of a complete prohibition on Hezbollah and appears aimed at providing the German government with political cover that allows Berlin to claim that it has banned the group even if it has not.
“With @RichardGrenell, Germany is losing one of the best US Ambassadors to our country ever. Whether it was pressure to stop NordStream2, rethink German-Iranian regime (love) affairs or increase our defense expenditure – he was always on point and acting in the best interest of the United States and Germany. THANKS SO MUCH!” — Julian Röpke, political editor of Bild, Germany’s largest newspaper

Richard Grenell is stepping down from his role as U.S. ambassador to Germany. The move ends one of the most effective American ambassadorships to Berlin in recent memory.

Grenell arguably has done more than any other American official, with the possible exception of U.S. President Donald J. Trump, to call out the duplicity, hypocrisy and recklessness of Germany’s foreign policy establishment.

On a wide range of geopolitical issues — from relations with China, Iran and Russia to anti-Semitism, climate change, defense spending (NATO), energy dependence (Nord Stream), globalism, Hezbollah, Huawei and mass migration — Grenell embarrassed German leaders by showing that their words and actions do not match.

The greatest point of contention in U.S. relations with Germany is Berlin’s refusal to honor its pledge to spend 2% of its GDP on defense. Germany, the largest and wealthiest country in the European Union, currently lacks a functioning Air Force and Navy and is completely dependent on U.S. security guarantees. Germany’s unwillingness to pay for its own defense has led to charges that it is “free-riding” on American security. Grenell consistently drew attention to this untenable arrangement, much to the anger of German elites.

Closely related to the defense spending issue is Germany’s increasing energy dependency on Russia. Despite opposition from the United States and 15 European countries, Germany is determined to complete the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline, which will further increase Russia’s leverage as an energy supplier to Europe. Grenell placed a spotlight on the inherent contradiction that while the United States is spending billions of dollars annually to defend Europe against growing threats from Russia, German energy policies are increasing Russia’s grip over Europe.

Grenell’s skillful use of Twitter enabled him to bypass Germany’s mainstream media and offer an alternative to the official narratives parroted by Germany’s political and media establishment. German elites frequently responded with ad hominem attacks; Grenell remained above the fray and stayed focused on the policy issues.

Grenell’s greatest achievement during his roughly two years as ambassador was his tireless pursuit of the American interest and his unwillingness to appease Germany’s anti-American establishment.

Cliff Sims, a former advisor to President Trump, encapsulated the essence of Grenell’s diplomatic style:

“The mandate of a diplomat is usually to be diplomatic. Trumpian foreign policy is obviously more confrontational. Ric is willing to be publicly confrontational with his host country if it’s in America’s national interest in a way that is not typical historically but directly reflects the way Trump operates.”

Thomas Jaeger, a political scientist at the University of Cologne, said that Grenell has had an important impact on shaping the public debate in Germany:

“He had no qualms about putting the German government under pressure in public, which might not have always been the smartest thing to do. But everyone knew Trump listened closely to him. I think they could have used that connection a lot better. In any case, Grenell has been highly effective in getting Germany to talk more about defense spending and about the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. The public opinion on those two issues has changed, and Grenell certainly had a role in that.”

Following is a brief selection of Grenell’s tweets, statements and interactions with Germany’s political establishment on a variety of issues:

On May 8, 2018, Grenell’s first day as U.S. Ambassador to Germany, he made a splash with a tweet that the Trump administration was serious about enforcing sanctions against Iran: “As @realDonaldTrump said, US sanctions will target critical sectors of Iran’s economy. German companies doing business in Iran should wind down operations immediately.”

The tweet, which came after President Trump announced that he was pulling the United States out of the Iran nuclear deal, was greeted with indignation:

Former German Ambassador to the United States, Wolfgang Ischinger, tweeted: “Ric: my advice, after a long ambassadorial career: explain your own country’s policies, and lobby the host country – but never tell the host country what to do, if you want to stay out of trouble. Germans are eager to listen, but they will resent instructions.”
Green Party lawmaker Omid Nouripour said: “Good cooperation means that one does not drive a highly aggressive, ruthless policy towards our security interests and before you even arrive here, you threaten the German economy. It’s simply not a tone of cooperation and we have to say so very clearly.”
The then leader of Germany’s Social Democratic Party, Andrea Nahles, added: “It’s not my task to teach people about the fine art of diplomacy, especially not the U.S. ambassador. But he does appear to need some tutoring.”
Grenell responded by tweeting that what he wrote was “the exact language sent out from the White House talking points & fact sheet.”

After former German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel insinuated that the United States was no a friend of Germany, Grenell tweeted:

“Gabriel is now in Iran meeting with the regime to talk about doing more trade deals…. this after an Iranian ‘diplomat’ was arrested in Germany for giving an explosive device to 2 people on their way to blow up a convention in Paris.”

Grenell also said that months of pressure from the United States led Germany finally to ban Iran’s Mahan Air, which is linked to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-Qods Force (IRGC-QF). German officials countered that they took the initiative on their own.

Grenell was tireless in his efforts to pressure the German government to outlaw Hezbollah — Arabic for “The Party of Allah” — in Germany. On December 19, 2019, the German parliament, known as the Bundestag, approved a three-page resolution — “Effective Action against Hezbollah” — that called on the German government to ban the activities of the Iran-backed Lebanese terrorist group on German territory. According to the Bundestag, a complete organizational ban of Hezbollah is (supposedly) impossible because the group’s structures in Germany are “not currently ascertainable.”

On April 30, 2020, after years of equivocating, the German government announced a compromise measure between German lawmakers who want to take a harder line against Iran and those who do not. The ban falls far short of a complete prohibition on Hezbollah and appears aimed at providing the German government with political cover that allows Berlin to claim that it has banned the group even if it has not.

The ban does not require the closure of Hezbollah mosques or cultural centers, nor does it require that members of the group be deported. The ban also does not prohibit Hezbollah operatives from travelling to Germany.

Grenell has been an indefatigable supporter of Israel. Germany claims that the security of Israel is a fundamental element of its Staatsräson, or “reason of state.” German foreign policy, however, is decidedly anti-Israel. Grenell frequently reminded German leaders that their words and actions regarding Israel do not match.

In recent years, Germany has approved scores of anti-Israel UN resolutions. In May 2016, Germany voted in favor of an especially disgraceful UN resolution, co-sponsored by the Arab group of states and the Palestinian delegation, that singled out Israel at the annual assembly of the World Health Organization (WHO) as the world’s only violator of “mental, physical and environmental health.”

Much of Germany’s political establishment appears to be fundamentally anti-Israel. In March 2019, for instance, the Bundestag overwhelmingly rejected a resolution by the Free Democratic Party (FDP) to urge Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government to reverse its anti-Israel voting record at the United Nations.

In February 2019, on the 40th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier congratulated, “also in the name of my compatriots,” the Iranian regime, which openly seeks Israel’s destruction. The move was defended by much of the German establishment as “diplomatic custom.”

In February 2020, Grenell rebuked the German government for its plans to celebrate the founding of the Islamic Republic of Iran:

“Germany has a moral responsibility to say to Iran very firmly and clearly that it is unacceptable to deny basic human rights to your people, or kill protesters in the streets or push gay people off buildings. Celebrating the regime’s ongoing existence sends the opposite message.”

In response, Steinmeier’s office announced that it would not send the Iranian regime a congratulatory email on the anniversary of the revolution — but then “accidentally” sent it anyway.

President Trump’s Middle East Peace Plan
On January 28, 2020, the Trump administration unveiled its Middle East peace plan. The proposal was widely criticized in Germany. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said: “Only a negotiated two-state solution, acceptable to both sides, can lead to a lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians.”

Bundestag member Norbert Röttgen tweeted: “The so-called #PeacePlan is to the detriment of #Palestine and presented as an ultimatum depicts a setback in the conflict. It is primarily a contribution to the ongoing election campaigns in the #USA & #Israel and a welcome diversion from domestic crises in both states.”Grenell replied: “Abbas is in his 15th year of a 4 year term. The US didn’t cause this conflict but we are trying to solve it. Maybe some help?”
The director of the German Institute for International and Security Affairs, Volker Perthes, tweeted: “#Trump’s ‘deal of the century’ is essentially a reflection of Netanyahu’s ideas for #Israel’s relation with Palestinians, packaged as a US ‘peace plan’. Don’t take it lightly though. It will shape developments on the ground, as well as international law debates and practice.”Grenell replied: “Europeans who criticize this good initiative from the sidelines, while failing to offer any ideas of their own should be dismissed and ignored for wanting the failing status quo. Less talk, more action.”
In June 2018, a month after assuming his ambassadorship, Grenell, in an interview with Breitbart, said that he wanted to empower European conservatives:

“I absolutely want to empower other conservatives throughout Europe, other leaders. I think there is a groundswell of conservative policies that are taking hold because of the failed policies of the left.

“There’s no question about that and it’s an exciting time for me. I look across the landscape and we’ve got a lot of work to do but I think the election of Donald Trump has empowered individuals and people to say that they can’t just allow the political class to determine before an election takes place, who’s going to win and who should run.

“That’s a very powerful moment when you can grasp the ability to see past the group-think of a very small elitist crowd telling you you have no chance to win or you’ll never win, or they mock you early on.”

Grenell’s seemingly innocuous comments stoked hyperbolic outrage:

Martin Schulz, a former leader of Germany’s Social Democratic Party, said: “Grenell does not behave like a diplomat, but like a far-right colonial officer.”
Left Party lawmaker Sahra Wagenknecht called for Grenell’s expulsion: “Anyone who, like US Ambassador Richard Grenell, thinks that he can determine who governs Europe, can no longer remain in Germany as a diplomat.”
A parliamentarian for the Social Democrats, Johannes Kahrs, tweeted: “If this is how it was said, then this man should leave the country.”
Sevim Dagdelen of the opposition Left party described Grenell as Trump’s “regime change envoy.”
The Trump administration has repeatedly urged Germany against allowing the Chinese telecommunications company Huawei to participate in its next-generation mobile network. The U.S. government has warned that Beijing could use Huawei technology to conduct espionage or cyber sabotage.

The President of Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service, Bruno Kahl, also advised against a role for Huawei. “Infrastructure is not a suitable area for a group that cannot be trusted fully,” he said.

In February 2020, after China threatened to retaliate against German carmakers, German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ruling conservatives announced a compromise measure that stopped short of banning Huawei.

In response, Grenell tweeted:

“@realDonaldTrump just called me from AF1 and instructed me to make clear that any nation who chooses to use an untrustworthy 5G vendor will jeopardize our ability to share Intelligence and information at the highest level.”

The tweet elicited a series of responses:

Left Party lawmaker Steffen Bockhahn tweeted: “Mister Ambassador, you should know, that parliamentarians are free in mind and in decision. In old Europe we want it like that and we like diplomatic diplomats. It makes real and open-minded conversation much easier. Regards!”Grenell replied: “You want a US that doesn’t pressure you to pay your NATO obligation, looks the other way when you buy too much Russian gas, doesn’t demand you take back your Nazi prison guard living in NYC, accepts your higher car tariffs and still sends 50,000 troops to your country.”
Bundestag member Alexander Graf Lambsdorff tweeted: “Is there a US vendor the President would care to recommend instead? Does he have a list of ‘trustworthy vendors’? Which criteria does he apply to determine ‘trustworthiness’?”Grenell replied: “It’s odd that you don’t think about European solutions. Do you take any responsibility or just blame the US?”
A director of the French search engine Qwant, Guillaume Champeau, tweeted: “According to the U.S. ambassador to Germany, the U.S. is threatening to withhold [intelligence] information from states that have Huawei in their 5G infrastructure.”Grenell replied: “According to this guy, the US doesn’t get to react to policies we find dangerous. I find it offensive that you think the US cooperation must stay the same no matter what you do. We call that taking us for granted.”
German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier, a close confident of Chancellor Angela Merkel, created a false equivalency between the United States, which guarantees Germany’s security, and China. On a television talk show, he suggested that American telecommunications companies posed just as much of a security threat as ones from China.Grenell responded that Altmaier’s comparison was “an insult to the thousands of American troops who help ensure Germany’s security and to the millions of Americans committed to a strong Western alliance. These claims are likewise an insult to the millions of Chinese citizens denied basic freedoms and unjustly imprisoned by the CCP [Communist Party of China].”
Defense Spending
At a NATO summit in Wales in 2014, members agreed to meet a goal of spending at least 2% of their GDP on defense within the next decade.

On March 18, 2019, German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz announced that Germany would not be spending two percent of its gross domestic product (GDP) on defense. He said that the share of defense expenditure in GDP would rise to 1.37% in the short term, but decrease to 1.25% by 2023. Chancellor Angela Merkel had pledged to increase spending to 1.5% by 2024.

Grenell responded:

“NATO members have clearly committed to moving towards two percent by 2024 and not moving away from it. The fact that the Federal Government is even considering reducing its already unacceptable contributions to military readiness is a worrying signal from Germany to its 28 NATO allies.”

The deputy speaker of the Bundestag, Wolfgang Kubicki, called for Grenell to be expelled from Germany:

“If a U.S. diplomat acts like a high commissioner of an occupying power, he will have to learn that our tolerance has its limits. It is no longer tolerable that the US ambassador intervenes again in political questions of the sovereign Federal Republic. Germany should not tolerate this improper behavior for reasons of self-respect.”

The SPD parliamentary director, Carsten Schneider, also rejected Grenell’s criticism: “Mr. Grenell is a total diplomatic failure. With his repeated clumsy provocations, Mr. Grenell damages the transatlantic relationship.”

In November 2019, German Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer said that Germany would not meet its NATO defense spending target until 2031.

Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline
Grenell worked tirelessly to stop the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline directly linking Russia to Germany. The €9.5 billion ($10.5 billion) pipeline would double shipments of Russian natural gas to Germany by transporting the gas under the Baltic Sea. Opponents of the pipeline warn that it will give Russia a stranglehold over Germany’s energy supply.

On December 20, 2019, President Trump signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the annual defense spending bill, which included Nord Stream 2 sanctions language. The measure previously cleared the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate by overwhelming margins. The American sanctions forced Switzerland’s Allseas Group SA, which was laying the sub-sea pipes, to abandon work, throwing the project into disarray.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas tweeted: “European energy policy is decided in Europe, not in the US. We reject external interference and extraterritorial sanctions.”

Grenell, in an interview with Bild, the largest-circulation newspaper in Germany, responded:

“This is a longstanding US policy that goes back to the Obama administration. The goal has always been for diversification of Europe’s energy sources and to ensure that not one country or source can build up too much influence on Europe through energy….

“Fifteen European countries, the European Commission and the European Parliament have all expressed their concerns about the project. We have been hearing from our European partners that the United States should support them in their efforts. That is why the sanctions are a very pro-European decision. Currently, there is a lot of talk in Germany about being more for Europe and we believe that when it comes to Nord Stream 2, we have taken an extremely pro-European position. I’ve been hearing all day from European diplomats thanking me for taking this action.”

Richard Herzinger, political correspondent for Die Welt, wrote in support of Grenell:

“U.S. Ambassador Richard Grenell said that the Washington sanction decision against the Russian-German Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline was ‘a very pro-European decision.’

“American interest in the European gas market is certainly not entirely selfless. In principle, however, Grenell is absolutely right when he rejects the accusation that the sanctions are directed against Europe.

“The German government, most recently in the person of Finance Minister Olaf Scholz, incorrectly presents the U.S. punitive measures as an attack on pan-European energy sovereignty. In truth, it is more Berlin itself that isolates itself in Europe with its stubborn adherence to Nord Stream 2.

“A number of EU governments, especially Poland and the Baltic States, welcome U.S. intervention as a long-awaited step against the expansion of German-Russian energy cooperation, which they see as an eminent threat to their security. The German energy special route has also been met with great skepticism from the EU Commission and the European Parliament, which has spoken out explicitly against the construction of Nord Stream 2.

“Incidentally, the U.S. sanctions are by no means a further outflow of anti-European affectations from Donald Trump. Rather, they were imposed by the U.S. Congress — with an overwhelming majority that includes both Democratic and Republican members. Such punitive measures had already been considered at the time of Obama’s presidency.

“Today, many Europeans believe Washington’s intervention is the last hope of stopping the pipeline project that would dramatically increase Europe’s dependence on Putin’s Russia.”

On May 26, Grenell announced that the United States was preparing additional sanctions to prevent completion of the pipeline. “Germany must stop feeding the beast while at the same time it does not pay enough for NATO,” he said. The German financial newspaper Handelsblatt described the new sanctions as Grenell’s “farewell greeting” (Abschiedsgruß).

Nazi War Criminals
In August 2018, Jakiw Palij, a 95-year-old Nazi collaborator who had lived in New York City for decades, was deported to Germany. Despite a court ordering his deportation in 2004, past American administrations were unsuccessful in removing him. Under orders from President Trump, Grenell secured Palij’s deportation to Germany. Palij died six months later.

On January 10, 2019, Grenell tweeted:

“Former Nazi prison guard Jakiw Palij has died in Germany. I am so thankful to @realDonaldTrump for making the case a priority. Removing the former Nazi prison guard from the US was something multiple Presidents just talked about – but President Trump made it happen.”

In an interview, Welt am Sonntag asked Grenell: “You have introduced a very direct way of communicating with your German audience. Are you surprised by the critical reception?” Grenell replied:

“I’m not surprised at all. I think that the American style has always been different from the European one. And it’s OK to have different styles. I’ve always thought that I would be judged by the political class on the progress I make. For too long, we have ignored some problems.

“One example of this is over the Nazi prison guard Jakiw Palij, who had been living in the US and who we wanted to be returned to Germany for a very long time. I was told that the Germans simply didn’t want to make this happen, which I didn’t find to be true — after pushing harder on this topic and after raising it at every meeting across all levels of government. So, is my style more pushy? I believe it is. But it also helps to reform our relationship and make it deeper and stronger.”

In March 2020, a US immigration judge ordered Tennessee resident Friedrich Karl Berger, who served as an armed guard at a Nazi concentration camp during World War II, to be deported to Germany. With Grenell no longer ambassador, it remains unclear if Germany will take Berger back.

North Korea
Grenell was instrumental in closing a hostel in Berlin that is owned by the government of North Korea. The Cityhostel Berlin funneled approximately €450,000 ($500,000) a year into the coffers of the regime of Kim Jong Un in violation of UN Security Council sanctions.

On January 28, 2020, a Berlin Administrative Court ordered the hostel to be shut down. Grenell tweeted:

“US Embassy Berlin has been hard at work getting this hotel shut down. It seems like a no-brainer to us. North Korea is under UN sanctions and the Germans are the Chair of the UN enforcement committee.”

Farewell to Germany
On February 20, 2020, President Trump installed Grenell as the acting director of national intelligence. Grenell was to fulfill his new duties while continuing in his role as ambassador. Almost immediately, German leaders complained that the lack of a full-time ambassador signalled that the United States was downgrading its relationship with Germany.

Bundestag member Alexander Graf Lambsdorff said that the additional post was an “upgrade” for Grenell, but a “downgrade” for Germany: “Even with the greatest effort, it is not possible to coordinate 17 intelligence agencies while maintaining German-American relations.”

Johann Wadephul, Bundestag member for the Christian Democrats, added: “Especially in these times, the transatlantic relationship needs a full-time ambassador.”

A foreign policy spokesman for the Social Democrats, Nils Schmid, said that the fact that Grenell would continue the post of ambassador from Washington was “an expression of a disdain for Germany.” He added: “U.S. President Donald Trump should appoint a successor who does not make one-sided propaganda, but also campaigns for German positions in Washington.”

On May 24, the German newspaper Die Welt, citing the German Press Agency, reported that Grenell would be stepping down. The announcement generated a range of responses, including:

A fellow at the German Marshall Fund, Noah Barkin, tweeted that Germany would breathe a “sigh of relief” at Grenell’s departure. Grenell replied: “You make a big mistake if you think the American pressure is off. You don’t know Americans.”
German Bundestag member Andreas Nick, tweeted: “For a generation, each and every US Ambassador I got to know personally – career diplomat or political appointee alike – used to leave his post as a highly respected figure and trusted friend of Germany. Now someone leaves issuing threats as if he were representing a hostile power.”Grenell responded: “You always wanted me to stop asking you publicly to pay your NATO obligations and calling for an end to Nord Stream 2. But these are US policies. And I work for the American people.”
Bundestag member Alexander Graf Lambsdorff admitted that Grenell will be missed because of his authenticity and closeness to President Trump: “In Ambassador Grenell, you knew what the American government thinks and how it acts.”
Julian Röpke, political editor of Bild, Germany’s largest newspaper, tweeted: “With @RichardGrenell, Germany is losing one of the best US Ambassadors to our country ever. Whether it was pressure to stop NordStream2, rethink German-Iranian regime (love) affairs or increase our defense expenditure – he was always on point and acting in the best interest of the United States and Germany. THANKS SO MUCH!”
Soeren Kern is a Senior Fellow at the New York-based Gatestone Institute.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Ο τουρκικός στόλος στο Ιόνιο – Ναύσταθμο στον Αυλώνα παραχωρεί ο Ράμα στον Ερντογάν

ΠΡΟ εξαιρετικώς ανησυχητικών εξελίξεων ευρίσκεται η Αθήνα, η οποία -ως συνήθως- επικεντρώνεται στα τρέχοντα προβλήματα και αφήνει άλλα να υποβόσκουν. Το χειρότερο είναι ότι τα προβλήματα αυτά εξελίσσονται και ξεσπούν σε κάποια στιγμή οδηγώντας σε ανεξέλεγκτες καταστάσεις. Προ τέτοιων προβλημάτων ευρίσκεται σήμερα η Ελλάς, κινδυνεύοντας να υποστεί στρατηγική περικύκλωση από την Τουρκία, η οποία εκμεταλλεύεται καταστάσεις και επιρροές που ασκεί σε χώρες της Μεσογείου και των Βαλκανίων. Οι κινήσεις αυτές είναι απολύτως προβλέψιμες. Όμως η χώρα μας τις υποβαθμίζει και προσποιείται ότι τις αγνοεί, μέχρι την ημέρα που οι καταστάσεις δεν θα της αφήνουν πλέον αυτό το περιθώριο.

Πλησιάζει η ημέρα αυτή όσον αφορά στην Αλβανία, η οποία είναι σχεδόν έτοιμη να ενεργοποιήσει την βάση Πασά λιμάνι στον κόλπο του Αυλώνος για το τουρκικό ναυτικό, με το οποίο έχει από χρόνια συμφωνία στρατιωτικής συνεργασίας. Αυτό σημαίνει ότι πολύ σύντομα, μπορεί να δούμε τουρκικό στόλο να εξορμά από εκεί και να ελέγχει το Ιόνιο. Δεδομένου μάλιστα ότι πλησιάζει την ολοκλήρωσή της η ναυπήγησις του τουρκικού αεροπλανοφόρου «Anadolu» μπορεί και αυτό να το δούμε να ναυλοχεί στον Αυλώνα και να συντονίζει από εκεί κινήσεις των άλλων τουρκικών πολεμικών.

Πώς έχουμε επιτρέψει να συμβεί αυτό; Για ποιόν λόγο δεν έχουμε ασκήσει την επιρροή που μπορούμε για να υποχρεώσουμε την Αλβανία να αναστείλει αυτά τα σχέδιά της; Τα Τίρανα ευρίσκονται στην φάση να ζητούν ενταξιακές διαπραγματεύσεις με την Ευρωπαϊκή Ένωση. Την προσπάθειά τους αυτή μπορεί ευκόλως να παρεμποδίσει η Αθήνα. Είναι μέλος της ΕΕ και έχει δικαίωμα ασκήσεως βέτο. Και όμως ούτε κάν το έχει επικαλεσθεί. Αφήνει την Αλβανία να γίνεται ενεργούμενο της Τουρκίας του Ερντογάν χωρίς να αντιδρά.

Και να σκεφθεί κανείς ότι έχουν προηγηθεί ενέργειες της αλβανικής κυβερνήσεως εις βάρος της ελληνικής μειονότητος της Βορείου Ηπείρου. Η Αθήνα αδιαφόρησε, όπως αδιαφόρησε και για την δολοφονία του ομογενούς μας Κωνσταντίνου Κατσίφα. Ακόμη παλαιότερα, δεν είχαμε αντιδράσει στην άρνηση της Αλβανίας να αποδεχθεί την οριοθέτηση των θαλασσίων συνόρων, όπως είχε συμφωνηθεί από τα Υπουργεία Εξωτερικών των δύο χωρών.

Υπάρχει δηλαδή μια κλιμάκωσις ενεργειών τις οποίες επιτρέψαμε. Συμβαίνουν χωρίς να αντιδρούμε. Και ενώ θα μπορούσαμε να έχουμε προχωρήσει στην επέκταση των χωρικών υδάτων στο Ιόνιο, ακόμη έχουμε μείνει στα λόγια. Απεναντίας θα πρέπει να θεωρούμε βέβαιο πως η Αλβανία θα προβεί σε διαμαρτυρίες, αν προχωρήσουμε. Πόσο μάλλον αν έχει και τον τουρκικό στόλο στο Ιόνια να την υποστηρίζει.

Στην τουρκική τακτική της στρατηγικής περικυκλώσεως της χώρας μας έχει προστεθεί το τελευταίο διάστημα και η Λιβύη. Μια χώρα με την οποία κάποτε είχαμε ειδική σχέση. Που όμως τα τελευταία χρόνια αγνοήσαμε τα προβλήματά της. Αφήσαμε την Ιταλία να ποδηγετήσει την ευρωπαϊκή πολιτική αναγνωρίζοντας την κυβέρνηση του Σάρρατζ. Και θυμηθήκαμε ότι υπάρχει η Λιβύη, μόνον την ημέρα που ο Σάρρατζ υπέγραψε με τον Ερντογάν το περίφημο μνημόνιο για την οριοθέτηση θαλασσών που δεν τους ανήκουν. Μέχρι τότε η Λιβύη ήταν ένα πρόβλημα, που νομίζαμε πως δεν μας αφορά. Πιο κοντόφθαλμη στάσις, δεν μπορούσε να υπάρχει…

Μπορεί αυτήν την περίοδο ο Σάρρατζ, με την ενεργό συμμετοχή των τουρκικών δυνάμεων, να έχει εδαφικές επιτυχίες, αυτό δεν σημαίνει όμως ότι επεκράτησε οριστικώς. Ο λιβυκός εμφύλιος έχει εξελιχθεί σε μια διελκυστίνδα, η οποία θα κρατήσει πολλά ακόμη χρόνια. Και ο Σάρρατζ θα συνεχίσει να ελέγχει ένα μέρος του εδάφους της χώρας, στο οποίο για την ώρα περιλαμβάνεται και η αεροπορική βάσις Αλ Ουατίγια, η μεγαλύτερη της Λιβύης. Η βάσις αυτή, μπορεί να αποτελέσει ορμητήριο για την τουρκική αεροπορία και τα σχέδιά της για έλεγχο και επιτήρηση της κεντρικής Μεσογείου. Το λιμάνι της Τριπόλεως είναι ήδη άτυπη βάσις έξω από την οποία τα τουρκικά πολεμικά ενισχύουν την προσπάθεια του Σάρρατζ. Και βεβαίως μπορούν να διεξαγάγουν και τις δικές τους επιχειρήσεις.

Η Ελλάς και οι θάλασσές της υφίστανται την τουρκική πίεση από τρία σημεία. Από την ίδια την Τουρκία, από τον Αυλώνα της Αλβανίας και από την Λιβύη του Σάρρατζ. Ο αντίπαλος του τελευταίου Καλίφα Χάφταρ ενισχύεται πράγματι από την γειτονική Αίγυπτο. Μια χώρα με την οποία μας συνδέουν φιλία και κοινά συμφέροντα. Και η οποία αδυνατεί να κατανοήσει την υποχωρητικότητα που επιδεικνύουμε. Και ίσως εκεί, στον προβληματισμό της αυτό, ευρίσκεται η ερμηνεία του γεγονότος ότι ακόμη δεν αποφασίζει να υπογράψει μαζί μας οριοθέτηση των θαλασσίων ζωνών που ανήκουν στις δύο χώρες.

Πηγή: Εστία

Ο Τραμπ και το Πεντάγωνο έθεσαν σε ετοιμότητα το στρατό για τις διαδηλώσεις!

Από Militaire News -30/05/2020 | 22:04

Το Πεντάγωνο ανακοίνωσε σήμερα ότι έχει θέσει στρατιωτικές μονάδες σε ετοιμότητα τεσσάρων ωρών, σε περίπτωση που ζητηθεί η συνδρομή τους από τον κυβερνήτη της Μινεσότα για την αντιμετώπιση των ταραχών που συνεχίζονται εδώ και τέσσερις ημέρες μετά την δολοφονία του άοπλου μαύρου Τζορτζ Φλόιντ από λευκό αστυνομικό στην Μινεάπολις.

Το Πεντάγωνο διευκρινίζει σε ανακοίνωση ότι μέχρι στιγμής δεν υπάρχει αίτημα του κυβερνήτη της Μινεσότα για συνδρομή του στρατού προς την Εθνοφρουρά της πολιτείας.

Primis Player Placeholder

Παράλληλα, ο υπουργός Δικαιοσύνης των ΗΠΑ Ουίλιαμ Μπαρ δήλωσε ότι «εξωτερικά ακραία στοιχεία και ταραξίες» έχουν οικειοποιηθεί τις εκδηλώσεις διαμαρτυρίας στις πόλεις των Ηνωμένων Πολιτειών.

«Ομάδες εξωτερικών ακραίων στοιχείων και ταραξιών εκμεταλλεύονται την κατάσταση για να υπηρετήσουν την δική τους χωριστή και βίαιη ατζέντα», δήλωσε μπροστά στις κάμερες ο υπουργός Δικαιοσύνης.

«Αποτελεί ομοσπονδιακό αδίκημα να διασχίζει κανείς τα σύνορα των πολιτειών ή να χρησιμοποιεί διαπολιτειακές υποδομές για να υποκινεί ή να συμμετέχει σε βίαιες εξεγέρσεις και θα εφαρμόσουμε τους σχετικούς νόμους», προειδοποίησε.

Ο Τραμπ απειλεί ανοιχτά με επέμβαση του στρατού

Ο Aμερικανός πρόεδρος Ντόναλτν Τραμπ διεμήνυσε στις αρχές των αμερικανικών πολιτειών και πόλεων να σκληρύνουν κατά πολύ την στάση τους κατά των διαμαρτυριών εναντίον της αστυνομίας, διαφορετικά θα επέμβει η ομοσπονδιακή κυβέρνηση, χρησιμοποιώντας και τον στρατό και προχωρώντας σε συλλήψεις.

«Φιλελεύθεροι Κυβερνήτες και Δήμαρχοι πρέπει να τηρήσουν ΠΟΛΥ σκληρότερη στάση, διαφορετικά η Ομοσπονδιακή Κυβέρνηση θα επέμβει και θα κάνει ό,τι πρέπει να γίνει, και αυτό περιλαμβάνει την χρήση της απεριόριστης ισχύος του Στρατού μας και πολλές συλλήψεις», απείλησε ο Τραμπ με ένα ακόμη tweet.

Wizz Air to open base in Albania's Tirana

Wizz Air to open base in Albania's Tirana
AuthorDragana Petrushevska

May 29, 2020 16:08 EEST

Wizz Air to open base in Albania's Tirana Author: Wizz Air. License: All rights reserved.
TIRANA (Albania), May 29 (SeeNews) - Hungarian low-cost carrier Wizz Air said on Friday that it will open a new base in Albania's Tirana with three new aircraft on July 1.

The airline will launch 15 new routes from the Albanian capital, the company said in a statement.

The carrier will also open new bases in Italy's Milan, Cyprus' Larnaca and Ukraine's Lviv on July 1, according to the statement. 

"We see the potential to re-stimulate demand for low-cost travel and contribute to the vital recovery of tourism in these markets. With our new health and safety protocol designed to ensure that our customers and crew can fly safely, we are able to offer more affordable travel opportunities on our extensive network," Wizz Air CEO Jozsef Varadi said. 

Wizz Air's flights connect Tirana to Austria, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Italy, the UK, Hungary, France, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic.

Balkans in "Fire 2020", , the lost voice of Greek Lobby for Northern Epirus..


Press Releases | Panepirotic Federation of America

In Himara, bulldozers destroy properties and, build houses for Muslim Albanians. They are the oligarchs who have in their hands the political power, position and opposition, which, under the pretext of Tourism Development (The National Issues Strategy, Greater Albania), are expelling the Greeks from Himara. 

The Albanian people have a weak memory. Yes, we bring a fact, one year before the start of the Civil War in Albania in 1997. Here is how strong the Greek Lobby was in the USA, seeing the violation of human rights and freedoms in Northern Epirus, Southern Albania, Congress, Senate and President Clinton's staff estimated that Berisha's regime should end.

We bring you this message from 1996, to understand that time is running out and the arrogance, the absolute power of Rama, is between Dictator Hoxha and Berisha's Totalitarian System.
Archive 1996.


Isuf Hajrizi (ICK) (96-06-23) reports from Washington, June 21 Several circles in the United States continue to launch attacks against President Sali Berisha and the DP since the May 26 polls.

In an evidence (the second of this kind within this week) provided to the U.S. Congress on Wednesday, some of the biggest opponents to the policy of the Albanian President and government in America accuse the president of "flagrant violation of the electoral law" dubbing him "eater of the Albanian people's rights and freedoms" and "ruiner of democracy in Albania".

In the evidence initiated by the democrat Congressman from California, Tom Lantosh, testify Nicholas Gage, chairman of the Pan-epirus Federation in the U.S. for the defence of the rights of the Greek minority in Albania, Bianca Jagger, human rights activist and wife of the renowned rock-'d- roller Mick Jagger, Fred Abrahams, human rights adviser in the Human Right Watch/Helsinki and Gramoz Pashko, founder of the Democratic Alliance Party.

The evidence which, according to a participant, should have been called "Let's attack Berisha to death", was completely unilateral. The round table lacked witnesses to defend the DP and President Berisha. Not because someone of the president's suite would not be allowed to testify in his defence, but because there was no anyone to undertake it. Also, lacking were community members who would oppose the international organisations experts by providing adequate facts.

In this way, the witnesses freely threw stones at the Albanian President, not fearing anyone from the other side to oppose them.

"The continuation of the Sali Berisha regime will ruin any hope of the Albanian people to see a genuine democracy in their own state and will eventually cause the loss of many American lives striving to stop it", Gage threatened. Grieving for the Greek minority rights in Albania, Gage said that the Berisha government is carrying out "a kind of peaceful ethnic cleansing of the Greek people in Albania".

"For the sake of ethnic harmony in Albania, for the sake of stability in the Southern Balkans, for the sake of the loss of Americans' lives the conflict would cause there, but above all , for the sake of human dignity, I hope you will do everything possible to stop Albania's advance towards autocracy, so that democracy be rooted for the first time in the history of this country, and guarantee the full rights of the Greek minority", Gage urged the president of the Committee of Organising Commission, Lantosh.

Gage has been backed up by Congressmen Lantosh against the Abanian government. The congressman from California has himself criticized the policy of the Albanian government on the eve of the elections concerning the Greek minority in Albania. The main reason hiding behind Lantosh's motive on Albania is believed to be the very powerful Greek lobby in America which has included Lantosh and others in the Congress, as well as Gage's close ties with the most powerful people in the U.S. administration. A month ago, Gage was not allowed to enter Albania as a persona non grata.

Gage was accompanying Congressman Lantosh, who, after visiting Greece, crossed into Albania (while Gage was stopped at the border). When coming back to the Congress, Gage complained to the Secretary of State and his congress colleagues regarding the human rights of the Greek minority people in Albania, not at all mentioning the severe treatment of Albanians in Greece, where they not only are deprived of the minority rights but often have to change their name for the sake of staying in that state.

One of those who presented himself as "a victim of beating" was the DAP leader, Gramoz Pashko. He confessed "police brutality" and of being beaten during the electoral process.

Many activists of the Albanian-American community and American analysts of the Albanian policy hold that the reason for Albania's being attacked so much of late is the lack of a real Albanian lobby in the United States.

Friday, May 29, 2020

Grenell: "I can't wait to continue mediating regarding Kosovo issue"

The Special Envoy of the U.S. President for the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, Richard Grenell, spoke out and sided with Kosovo President Hashim Thaci.


Grenell said that everyone should respect the decision of the Constitutional Court on the decree of President Hashim Thaci pertaining to the appointment of Avdullah Hoti as the Prime Minister Designate of the new Kosovo Government, Koha reports.

Richard Grenell said that "he cannot wait to continue working with Kosovo".

"The Constitutional Court has made a decision. In order to ensure peace and stability and support the integrity of Kosovo's judicial system, everyone must respect the court's decision. I can't wait to continue my work with the people of Kosovo and their government," Grenell said.

A press release said that the Constitutional Court unanimously ruled that a new government can be formed without dissolving parliament, adding that the temporary ban has been lifted allowing Hoti to form his cabinet. The Kosovo Constitutional Court upheld President Hashim Thaci's appointment of Avduallah Hoti as Prime Minister Designate.

The Constitutional Court assessed that the President acted in accordance with Article 82, Paragraph 2 of the Constitution regarding the mandate given to Avdullah Hoti to form the Government of Kosovo.

Helicopters from the USA are added to the Albanian Air Force


The Minister of Defense, Olta Xhaçka and the Ambassador of the United States of America in Tirana, Yuri Kim, signed today the acceptance contract for the equipping of the Albanian Air Force with "Black Hawk" helicopters, at the Farka air base.

"This is another example of how Albania buys capacity and not just equipment. These Blackhawk Helicopters and their joint funding show that, day by day, Albania is becoming an even more capable ally of NATO and a stronger security bastion in the region and beyond. The United States and Albania stand "side by side" today, we will stand "side by side" tomorrow and all the future that comes next. Thank you for allowing me to join you today. I look forward to seeing this amazing place from the air as soon as they arrive, ”said Ambassador Kim during her speech at the signing ceremony.

The project to equip the Air Force with these helicopters took off a year ago during Minister Xhaçka's visit to the New Jersey National Guard.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Αλβανία: Ανοίγουν από 1η Ιουνίου παραλίες και σύνορα


Ο Πρωθυπουργός της Αλβανίας Edi Rama δήλωσε την Τετάρτη ότι «αυτή θα είναι η τελευταία εβδομάδα των κόκκινων περιοχών κι αυτό το Σαββατοκύριακο θα είναι το τελευταίο με απαγόρευση της κυκλοφορίας πέρα ​​από τα όρια της οποιασδήποτε κόκκινης ζώνης».

«Η Αλβανία σήμερα, είτε τους αρέσει είτε όχι, είναι το success story μεταξύ πολλών άλλων, στο χάρτη αυτού του παγκόσμιου πολέμου. Θα το κάνω και πρέπει να κάνουμε το καλύτερο δυνατό ώστε η επιστροφή στην ομαλότητα να μην είναι μπούμερανγκ, αλλά η ομαλοποίηση να συνεχιστεί », είπε ο Rama.

Ο Αλβανός Πρωθυπουργός τόνισε επίσης ότι, «Τη Δευτέρα 1 Ιουνίου, θα ανοίξουμε τα νηπιαγωγεία και τους παιδικούς σταθμούς». «Θα ανοίξουμε τα χερσαία σύνορα της χώρας, θα επιτρέψουμε την κυκλοφορία των αυτοκινήτων σε όλη τη χώρα και φυσικά θα ανοίξουν οι παραλίες. Όμως, δεν θα επιτρέψουμε σε κανέναν ιδιωτικό φορέα εκτός από ξενοδοχεία να τοποθετήσει ομπρέλες και ξαπλώστρες χωρίς την ειδική άδεια που θα κυκλοφορήσει αυτές τις μέρες, μαζί με το έντυπο αίτησης για τις οντότητες. Περισσότερες λεπτομέρειες την Παρασκευή, όταν θα εκδοθεί και η επίσημη εντολή των υγειονομικών αρχών», δήλωσε ο Rama.

Ζητώντας από τους πολίτες να είναι προσεκτικοί, ο Rama είπε ότι «εγώ και αυτή η κυβέρνηση θα συνεχίσουμε να δουλεύουμε μέρα και νύχτα, και πολύ σύντομα θα σας παρουσιάσουμε το Γενικό Σχέδιο Οικονομικής Ανάκαμψης, το οποίο διαμορφώνεται με τη φιλοδοξία ότι όχι μόνο εμείς εξαλείφουν τις συνέπειες αυτής της εποχής της κόλασης, αλλά επίσης να αναδύονται πιο δυνατά από αυτό το απρόβλεπτο συλλογικό πόνο»

Montenegro has expanded the list - it opened borders for the so-called Kosovo

The Government of Montenegro published on Twitter an expanded list of countries for whose citizens the country's border is open to include the so-called Kosovo.


The National Coordination Body for Infectious Diseases (NCT) announced on Thursday night that, at the suggestion of the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro (IJZCG), it decided that from June 1, foreigners are allowed to enter Montenegro, without quarantine and self-isolation, if the rate of active cases of coronavirus is less than 25 per 100.000 inhabitants in the country of which the foreigner is a resident and in the country from which the foreigner enters Montenegro, it was announced on the official Twitter profile of the Government of Montenegro.

It is stated that there are 11.99 cases of infection per 100.000 inhabitants in Kosovo and Metohija.

It has been announced that the list will be updated on a weekly basis, and there are currently 26 countries on it, including the so-called Kosovo, which Montenegro recognizes.

Kosovo Constitutional Court: New Government and No new elections


Relations between Kosovo and Serbia under the Kurti's government

The Constitutional Court of Kosovo has ruled unanimously that the country does not go to the polls after a no-confidence motion, but paves the way for the formation of a new government.

The judges have also decided on the deadline for the mandate holder to form the government, but 7 judges have voted in favor, 2 have voted against.

President Thaçi on April 30 mandated Avdullah Hoti from the Democratic League of Kosovo to form a new government, and the Vetëvendosje Movement asked the Constitutional Court to assess the constitutionality of the president's action.

All political parties except Vetëvendosje have demanded the formation of a new government, while emphasizing that they will accept any decision of the Constitutional Court.

Vetëvendosje Movement, meanwhile, wants the country to go to the polls, while its chairman, Albin Kurti, has said that this party will respect the decision of the Constitutional Court, while such a thing will be an interpretation of the Constitution.

Prior to the Constitutional Court's decision, VV activists staged a one-on-one protest in the central squares of Pristina on Thursday afternoon, demanding new elections.

Political rivals said the protest was pressure on the court, but this was rejected by Vetëvendosje.