Saturday, March 20, 2010

Albania Police Foil Bank Robbery, Kidnap Attempt

Crime scene
Crime scene
Police disarmed and arrested a suspected bank robber who held a teenage girl at gun point for almost an hour in one of Tirana's most populous neighbourhoods on Friday afternoon.

According to police the kidnapper was identified as Romeo Leka, a 25-year old from the region of Mirdita in Northern Albania, with residence in the city of Durres. Leka has reportedly already served time in the US for narcotics trafficking.

Leka held the nineteen year old girl at gun point for nearly 45 minutes after robbing a local branch of Raiffeisen Bank in the crowded Bllok neighbourhood – just outside the president’s office.

Police and special forces units then sealed off the area and were able to get close to the suspect and eventually disarm him, freeing the girl literally from the suspect's hands.

Albania has being plague by a series of bank robberies lately and police have asked for better training of security companies that protect banks

Albanian stalemate can hit EU ambitions: official

Albania must resolve a political impasse on a contested parliamentary election as it could torpedo its aim of joining the European Union, EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fuele said Friday."If the current political stalemate were to persist, it could well prevent Albania from reaching the political standards expected from a country that has applied for EU membership," Fuele said after talks with Prime Minister Sali Berisha.

Albania's ruling and opposition parties have been locked in a dispute over legislative elections held last June, won by the coalition led by Berisha's Democrats.Late Friday, the parliament meanwhile decided -- with 73 votes for in the 140-seat assembly -- to form a commission to investigate the opposition Socialists' claims of vote fraud, but rejected a recount of ballots.

Blendi Klosi, a Socialist party deputy, condemned the decision, warning that the political crisis in Albania "continues and deepens" due to lack of transparency of the election process."The parliament has lost today a possibility to embark on the European train," Klosi said.

Analysts estimated that the parliament session on Friday was the last chance for the opposition and the ruling party to find a compromise.The Socialists, who have 65 of 140 seats, returned to parliament in late February after a seven-month long boycott which blocked the implementation of many much-needed reforms.But they have vowed to stage fresh protests if their demands were not m

"Parliament is a place for dialogue and for the resolution of differences, boycotts have no place in democratic politics," Fuele said during his brief visit to Tirana.After decades of international isolation during communist rule, Albania has set its goal to join the European Union and submitted its candidacy last April."In the interest of their country and its EU integration perspective, Albania's political leaders now need to address this challenge constructively," Fuele said.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Fule in Tirana: If the crisis continues, the integration of Albania in EU stopped

While the majority and opposition in Albania have not yet found the language of understanding, Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighborhood Policy, Stefan Fule, who two days earlier called on the Albanian political leaders to resolve the politic crises before his visit in Tirana, has held its first meeting in country with the head of State, Bamir Topi.

Before leaving the meeting in the capital Tirana, Commissioner Fule distributed through a media announcement, said that parliament is essential for a functional full functioning of democracy.

"If political crises continues, it can really hinder Albania in achieving political standards expected from a country that has applied for EU membership. The Parliament is the place for dialogue and to resolve disputes," the statement noted.

While underscores the need to settle the crisis in the best interest of the country, Fule states that "following the path should be guided by two fundamental democratic principles: respect for the Constitution and transparency"

"Elefteri Ora"

Cooperation after ... but visa for our "friends", Albanians

Greek press about the last visit of Michael Chrysohoides in Tirana

"Okay, we signed the protocol police cooperation with the Albania. Whether it will be respected from Tirana and will see. However, we have very bitter experience", Minister said for the press.

Therefore provides a common database for use by Athens and Tirana, exchange information, of joint police operations (assume something better than those made so far and not release results) was reported by our Minister.

Also the agreement was signed for cross-border cooperation to combat organized crime with Albania. Annyyaw many effort was made to abolish visas for Albanian citizens wanting to travel within the EU

But, Indeed to strengthen his argument and knowing what is next and perceptions, the Albanian minister Basha said that the abolition of visas will help the integration of Albanian immigrants in Greek society.

The argument Chrisochoïdis

According to Michael Chrisochoïdis, the abolition of visas will isolate the circuits of "black criminals" who launder money and traffic in people and criminals in Greece and Albania. When asked about crime in the ranks of Albanians in Greece, Mr Chrisochoïdis said "there is indeed a big increase in crime by foreigners in Greece and the share of the Albanian element is increased to a significant level, since it is a much the number of immigrants living in Greece.

They are not asking anything?

The Greek newspaper asks Christoxoides that Tirana must tell us how is possible that many Kalashnikovs found here in Athens, linked with Albanian extremist and criminal groups?

According to "Elefteri Ora", the Albanian police are corrupted and send with falls passports element of Albanian extremist to establish in Greece, a center composed from member of UCK.

"Of course, if you know something about the action of the UCK and the various offshoots of here, it would be to tell us everything", writes "Elefteri Ora" to the Greek Interior Minister Christoxoides.

«OMONOIA» support Greece solidarity fund


The President of "Omonia", Vassilios Bollanos

The initiative for the voluntary collection of donations which will be exclusively allocated for the reduction of Greece’s public debt, under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Greece, Mr. Karolos Papoulias is welcomed by the Greeks of Albania.

In response to the invitation of the World Council of Hellenes Abroad (SAE) towards Hellenes worldwide to support the campaign for the “Solidarity Fund of Greece”, which was established as a result of the initiative by the Speaker of the Greek Parliament, Mr. Philippos Petsalnikos, the President of “Omonoia” the Greeks Organisation of Northern Epirpus and Mayor of Himara, Mr. Vassilis Bolanos, addressed a letter to the President of SAE Mr. Stefanos P. Tamvakis.
“We salute your effort.

We strongly support this act in those difficult times for our birthplace. We are certain that with everyone’s efforts, every citizen can contribute to this account by making a relative deposit”, Mr. Bolanos stresses in his letter.

Greek -Turkish relations

Escalation of Turkish Provocations

As reported in the previous post the Greek Coast Guard helicopter fleet recently became operational and started patrolling for illegal immigrants in the framework of the FRONTEX Poseidon operation. Several media outlets in Greece today report that this morning a Greek Coast Guard helicopter found itself on the receiving end of an interception by F-16s of the Turkish Air Force. The Greek helicopter had taken off from Kos Island at 06:13 and discovered a group of 59 illegal immigrants at sea east of Fournoi Island. The helicopter had been receiving the usual threatening messages from a Turkish radar station on the opposite coast, claiming that the helicopter was flying in Turkish airspace.

At 06:57 Turkish fighters took off from Dalaman Airbase and reached Samos Island at 07:08. Greek fighters were scrambled from Limnos and reached the scene as the Turkish fighters were approaching the Greek Coast Guard helicopter. The Turkish F-16s approached the helicopter to one nautical mile and with a vertical separation of 1,000 feet. As the Turkish fighters were taking position against the helicopter the Greek interceptors locked on to them after which the Turkish fighters disengaged.


Former President of the Pan Epiriotic Federation of USA Michalis Servos, writes for the Albanian leaders: "Encyclopedia and the Albanian nationalist platform, violates the rights of the Greek minority in Albania"

Photo: During Epirus Convention prize for Nicholas Gage in 2007, by President of USA Pan Epirotic Federation Mihalis Servos and Former US President Candidate Michail Doukakis on the right

To President of Albania
Bamir Topi

Prot. No. 1503-20010

Your Excellency
Mr. President

As you know, the Academy of Sciences is the most important scientific institution in the country. The main objectives of the Academy is undertaking and publication of studies and research in various fields of science, cooperation with the network of institutions and other scientific institutions and universities in Albania, the participation of the scientific potential of a variety of activities, the formation procedures to obtain scientific degrees and titles, the organization of national and international activities, the creation and strengthening relations and cooperation with foreign academies.

After the change of regime in the country, the system collapsed when the Labor Party, believed that the College will work performed independently, without engaged in nationalist movements outside any framework of cooperation and sincere friendship.

In 1998 came the publication of the book College Nationalism Platform to solve the "Albanian question", which is characterized by irredentism, as it supported the" union of all Albanians to a nation state, while the limits of "Albanian national historic site" spread well beyond the areas inhabited by Albanians in the former Yugoslavia, to include the "major CHAMOURIA (until Preveza), Kastoria and Florina.

The same practice is followed and the new version of the Academy of the Albanian Encyclopedic Dictionary. In two volumes have been released Albanian Encyclopedic Dictionary repeats the allegations of Albanian origin and nationality of Arta, Ioannina, Preveza and Igoumenitsa areas, according to the dictionary, were ceded to Greece by the development of Greek-Albanian border.

Also strong is the forgery and appropriation of Greek history, particularly in relation to the continent, while slandering the attitude of the Lexicon to the Greek minority. The dictionary has different approaches for the identification of the Greek minority, nor the role of the Albanian state.

At this point in stating "Dropoli" area with a Greek population, a region where the Hoxha regime, recognized as a minority area and propaganda was the symbol representing the whole of the Greek minority, the Greeks are not considered indigenous without specifying when installed. Also, the dictionary states that the residents of two villages in the region, and Frastani Liougkari are Albanian nationality.

For other areas of Greek population, such as Finiki, the Alice, the Divri the bike, not listed, The Greek, while indicating that the population belongs to the Greek minority.For the population of Livadia, no mention of the Greek nationality, while the same shall apply to the area of Himara which is a timeless view of the Albanian nationalist policy.

Also trying to illustrated that areas with a Greek population, was pronounced the Albanian history, the names of the Albanians were given in Greek villages, with Albanian names given by the Labor Party of Albania. The dictionary does not mention the personalities of the Greek minority and the sparsity of a form, or referred to originate from a family with parents of Greek nationality, or presented as Albanians.

Ladies and gentlemen

The letter is intended to make known a matter concerning the activities of the Academy of Sciences to the Greek history and the presence of Greeks in Albania. Nationalism is a bad adviser, particularly in the Balkans, after many years and lead to bloody conflicts.

Therefore within your remit will ask you to take the necessary steps to delete the above references from the texts of the Academy, and ensure that the future will not be repeated.

Michael Servos
American Hellenic Institute


Prime Minister of Albania

President of the Albanian Parliament
Albanian parties
Albanian Parliament

Skopians wants minorities in Bulgaria, Greece; new paragraphs in census

Bulgaria is not preventing an association of Macedonians in Bulgaria from registering as a political party. They are refusing to do so, Bulgaria's Prime Minister claims

Skopian organizations OMO-Ilinden and Vinojito, which pretend to represent the so-called Slavic Macedonian minority started a joint campaign against Bulgaria and Greece, Skopian "Vecer" newspaper writes.

Unregistered OMO Ilinden-Pirin considers that Bulgaria “must recognize slavo Macedonian language and nation as a factor for the establishment of good neighbor relations,” before offering contract for friendship.

On the other hand Vinojito asked the international community “to force Greek government to take measures on keeping human rights of Macedonians”. The Austrian-Slavo Macedonian Committee for Human Rights and Slavo Macedonian International Movement for Human Rights jointed the claims of Vinojito.

"Vecer" read further those two organizations censured in a declaration the refusal to register the “home of Slavo Macedonian culture” in Lerin as well as the incidents during the presentation of Greek-Macedonian dictionary, caused by the nationalist organization “Zlatnata zora”.

Vinojito is also protesting against some passages in the report of the U.S. State Department.

EU's Fuele wants better political climate in Albania

TIRANA, Albania -- EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fuele urged Albanian politicians to resolve the ongoing stalemate as soon as possible. The call came in a statement issued by the EU delegation in Tirana, ahead of Fuele's planned visit Friday. "I will call on all political leaders to work together so that Albania can fully embark in the reforms necessary for ... its European aspiration," Fuele said. He was referring to a parliamentary boycott that the opposition Socialist Party (SP) partially ended recently.

European Parliament Raporteur on Visa Liberalisation Tanja Fajon also appealed to the SP on Wednesday to participate fully in parliament. Speaking from Strasbourg, she urged lawmakers to demonstrate political maturity as the country's EU visa liberalisation process enters a crucial phase. Though the SP officially ended its six-month boycott over what it views as manipulated elections in June 2009, members have only attended sessions selectively.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Albania Press Review - March 18, 2010

Tirana | 18 March 2010 |
Albanian newspapers
Albanian newspapers


The majority in parliament, headed by the Democratic Party of Prime Minister Sali Berisha, pulled the secret service bill from the parliamentary agenda following requests from the US and the opposition for an international legal review.


Albanians sentenced in Italy for various crimes will have the option of serving their prison time in Albania.


A much debated bill for a parliamentary investigative commission into the disputed June 28 elections will be voted on the floor of the assembly today.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Greek KFOR military base in Kosovo to close

The command of NATO's KFOR multinational force in Kosovo on Tuesday announced the closure of the Greek military camp "Megas Alexandros", where the Greek contingent in KFOR has been based until now.

A KFOR spokesman said the closure of the Greek camp was part of an overall restructuring.

Albania Ordered to Pay $20 Million to GE

Tirana | 17 March 2010 |
Albania railway station
Albania railway station
A court in the US District of Columbia ordered on Wednesday the enforcement of a $20.6 million (€15 million) judgment against Albania over its annulment of a 2003 contract with GE Transport. The petition was filed by General Electric, GE, to enforce the ruling of an arbitration court in Rome, which had found the government of Albania in breach of the €74.71 million contract signed in September 2003.

The right-wing government of Prime Minister Sali Berisha rescinded the contract with GE in 2005, claiming the project implementation price was exorbitant and that Albania could not afford it.

The project aimed to modernize the Tirana-Durres railway segment, known also as the electric train, which would have been linked with Mother Theresa International Airport.

GE petitioned the case in the International Court of Arbitration in Rome in 2006, which found in favor of the plaintiff.

It is not clear if today's ruling will be enforced immediately, however the verdict comes at a bad time for the Albanian government, which is under pressure from the International Monetary Fund to curb its looming budget deficit.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tensions Greek - Turkish navy

Turkish frigates undisturbed in the Aegean?

Intense discussion and questions about the purpose behind causes the Greek form of the new Pentagon challenges implemented by Turkey, sending systematically and with great frequency over the last four months of the warships 'nostril' Athens-Sounion.

Yesterday for the 11th time from 7 November 2009 - and 6th in 2010 - a Turkish corvette passed without any apparent reason, the strait between the Sounion and Kea (Kea) and through the Straits of Kafireas headed for the North Aegean and the Dardanelles.

In all cases, the boats run by Ακσάζ naval base at the height of Rhodes and the only difference with the "pointless wanderings of" that other pass west and east of Kea other.
A similar challenge was made on 14/1/09 and in the exercise when the frigate "Turgut Reis" had come to the limits of the Saronic Gulf, when he returned to the Dardanelles when he became Greek protest.

Questions for spying

The identical method of performing their movement corvettes and frigates to Turkey, and the high frequency, have cast doubt on the Greek side, besides the obvious political challenges may be lurking and planning for espionage activities.

The possibility was reinforced according to sources in the Navy and that one of the 11 "undue wanderings" of this 22-December the vessel was "Tsantarli" which has become a vessel of war and electronic eavesdropping by the Turkish Navy.
... Before about two years ago, on January 20, 2008, the ship had reached 7 miles off of Kimi in the exercise and enforcement, as evidenced by instruments (sensors) that was open, espionage activity ...

The makers of Defense to monitor separately the new form of challenge in Turkey are trying to see who is regular if it is "in the making" any other claim.The makers of the Navy to analyze services step by step as to whether there are other elements that affect the rules of innocent passage beyond that these voyages not serve the movement from one to another open sea, as required by international regulations.

The Minister of National Defense said yesterday, after meeting with the President of LAOS Karatzaferis - that is a "limit" case of innocent passage monitored, as all events in the Aegean, "the strategy calm and vigilant in the required.
Mr. Karatzaferis said that such moves pose potential risks.

Monday, March 15, 2010

SHISH law: NATO against the Albanian government

UPDATE-After the U.S. appeal against changes in the SHISH law (Albanian Secret Service), the office responsible for coordinating NATO's global security, called the Albanian government to stop the approving process vote by parliament.

Through a letter, NOS has asked the Albanian government for law changes SHISH must first pass on this office. The office in question consists of three branches, the general orientations, safety and security intelligence for defense.

Request that means before NATO expertise for such changes, which have found opposition from the opposition in the country and internationally.

Meta: President Tadic, welcome in Albania

UPDATE - Deputy Prime Minister, and Foreign Minister Ilir Meta said today that President Boris Tadic is welcome to visit Albania. He came in a press conference after the visit to Serbia. According to Meta, Albania and Serbia to cooperate despite differences that have about this issue. "Kosovo has the country in the European Union as well as the other countries of the region," he said.

"We have diametrically opposite positions on Kosovo's independence after the Serbian state has declared that it will never recognize Kosovo's independence, but on the other side as well as in Serbia share the same opinion that our common future in the European Union" Meta said.

During his stay in Belgrade, with Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic, Meta said that "in Albania there is a Serb minority, a minority who is not registered so far in Albania. For this issue Meta said that "we are open for registration on ethnic basis. Every citizen should express free his ethnic affiliation.

Regarding the integration of Kosovo, he stressed that "Kosovo has its leaders who are active in increasing the number of knowledge around the world, but Albania remains committed to contribute in this direction".

Sofie, strong pressing for Bulgarian minority in FYROM

Bulgarian offensive for Spaska Mitrova

“There is no Brussels without Spaska. Sofia repeated its message again. You should reform your judicial system or we will block your path to the European Union”. This is what was noted in a material of Skopie Alfa television entitled “Bulgarian offensive for Spaska”.

The television reported further the Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov threatened that if the judicial system of FYROM is not equalized with the European Bulgaria will not support FYROM’s accession to the EU. “Regarding to the actions taken by Skopje authorities – yes, this is an independent judicial power.

However, my clear position was announced through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well, noting that until they do not equalize their judicial system with the European requirements it [judicial system] will not be supported,” said Borisov, as quoted by Alfa.

The television noted the statement was made during the meeting with the Bulgarian EU Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva. “She did not want to comment the issue because this is not in her competence but said that both countries should have the will to improve good relations,” Alfa noted.

The television stressed that Bulgarian MEPS asked for a meeting with the EU Commissioner for Enlargement Štefan Füle.

Albania Marks Second Deadly Blast Anniversary

Tirana | 15 March 2010 |
The army depot blast in Gerdec
The army depot blast in Gerdec
The Socialist opposition and relatives of victims marked on Monday the second anniversary of a deadly blast in the village of Gerdec, only ten kilometres outside the capital Tirana.

The explosion on March 15, 2008, killed 26 people, wounded over 300 and left thousands of others homeless.

Speaking at the base of the crater created by the explosion of more than 700 tones of dynamite, Socialist MP Namik Dokle claimed that those responsible for the tragedy were still at large and in politics.

“That crater is not only a crater of pain but also a crater that symbolises those who created this tragedy trying to make profit from the lives of people,” said Dokle.

Twenty-nine people have been indicted over the explosion, among them former senior officials of the Defence Ministry. The charges range from abuse of power to murder.

The indictees include former Army Chief of Staff Luan Hoxha, General Shpetim Spahiu and General Zija Bahja. All have denied any wrongdoing.

Among the officials indicted is Fatmir Mediu, current minister of the environment and the leader of the Republican Party. The indictment charges Mediu with abuse of power related to his role as defense minister in the previous government of Prime Minister Sali Berisha, which was in power at the time of the explosion.

However, on September 15, 2009, the Supreme Court suspended the criminal case against Mediu just hours after he was sworn in as minister in the new government.

The judicial panel accepted his lawyers' request that the case be suspended. Mediu's defence team argued that their client again enjoyed parliamentary immunity after having secured a seat in parliament in the June 28, 2009 parliamentary elections as leader of the Republican Party.

Mediu’s party won only one seat in parliament, securing little more than one per cent of the popular vote.

The prosecutor contested the request but the Supreme Court panel, headed by Justice Besnik Ymeri, ruled in favour of Mediu.

Estimates published by the Albanian government say the explosion caused more than €20 million in damage to the surrounding area. According to the emergency services, 400 houses were totally destroyed; 188 were severely damaged; 200 sustained major damage; and 1,600 others were slightly damaged.

The explosions began when workers were moving stocks of old Chinese and Soviet shells stored at the base, a central collection point for the arsenal amassed by the communist-era dictatorship of Enver Hoxha.

Albania had been trying for years to dismantle the obsolete arsenal, which was one of the conditions for the country’s successful entry into NATO.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Albania opposes violence in Kosovo”

14 March 2010 Source: Danas, Tanjug

BELGRADE -- Albanian Foreign Minister Ilir Meta said that Albania opposes the use of force against Serbs in northern Kosovo.

Ilir Meta (Tanjug archive)
Ilir Meta (Tanjug archive)

He said that the situation in Kosovo must be normalized, but exclusively through dialogue and cooperation with the Serb community for economic and social development.

Meta told daily Danas that Albania opposes speculations of any border changes in the region, or any “territorial exchange” between northern Kosovo and the Preševo Valley region.

He said that Kosovo is the only issue that Belgrade and Tirana do not agreed on.

“With everything else we have reached total agreement. We decided to improve cooperation with Serbia in all fields, and we are very dedicated to doing so,” Meta said.

“We have already proposed seven bilateral agreements and we hope that the officials of our two governments will sign them as soon as possible in Belgrade of Tirana, it doesn’t matter,” Meta said.

He said that Albania is very interested in signing an agreement with Serbia for abolishing the visa regime between the two countries.

Speaking about Tirana’s stance on Kosovo, Meta said that “Albania supports a European Kosovo, and such a Kosovo must be founded on improved inter-ethic relations and a better integration of the Serb community. The Albanian government has the goal of financing concrete projects in the new municipality of Gračanica, in which mostly Serbs live,” Meta said.


Turkish superiority in the Aegean

In times of crisis so deep it sounds almost could. But the reality is that after the long break arms and now the financial collapse are now creating the conditions for collapse and defense of the country. And the results may prove not only far more painful for Greece but fatal to its existence as a balance military power between Greece and Turkey from 2015 onwards will be by far the worst in modern history of Greece and Turkey both quantitative-and-above all quality.

You just yesterday that Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said to-obviously for reasons of internal power balance with Turkish generals that the equipment-destroying countries and should find a way to reduce the country but doing exactly the opposite: this time is development most armament program in the history of Turkey.

So very soon Greece will be more vulnerable to Turkey more than any other time in the 20th century, except during the period of the collapse of the junta in the summer of 1974. This time, however, will not be 'instant' vulnerability due to a temporary building, but scrapping the overwhelming advantage of an established power in Ankara.

Marine power

Upon completion in 2015 after the large Aircraft armament programs that are already in progress that Turkey will have to first definite advantage at sea with what this may mean for a country which receives such strong pressure on some of the rocks and sea areas.
It is often that Turkey "and other fronts. In reality, however, has no front that require fifth-generation fighter aircraft or, much more fleet with the power and potential that currently builds.

What is described in a few years ago the former head of the Turkish Armed Forces Hilmi Ozkiok, father of the new naval doctrine in Ankara, and recently reiterated by its current successor General Basmpoug speaking officers in the Navy in the naval port Golcuk: «On aftokratoriesi naval power is extremely important.
The Navy has played a big role in the prevalence and primacy of Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, Great Britain and the United States. At all events, if today the sea power is an important time, tomorrow will be five. In the Aegean have been problems and solve them we need a strong Navy.

The analysis of the structure of naval forces to build the neighbor fully supports these views.
In fact, Turkey is creating not one but at least three independent fleets will soon be able to act independently of each other, to make exclusions marine areas, islands and islets and cut off sea routes at the same time in different points of the Aegean. Furthermore, the new Turkish maritime forces, focusing on the new corvettes and frigates of the Turkish fleet, may, when acting to protect their forces very effectively in many zone defenses mile. . Obviously what they learned from the Turks is not the Imia not to repeat but they must be able to resume much more effectively on multiple fronts simultaneously, which would be practically impossible to deal with the Greek fleet to the existing structure forces of.

The air power

At the same time the already overwhelming volume emerging Turkish superiority in air and especially to introduce the fifth generation fighter type Stealth will make the concept of air past violations.
Not because the Turkish air force, armed with the fifth generation aircraft, will cease its violations, but because the Greek armed forces would be technically unable to attend the traces of Turkish fighter in the Aegean, except when the pilots would want.
Turkey is one of the countries participating in the program combined the JSF, including present and Israel and Great Britain, despite the fact that the country is the second co-producer of Eurofighter.
With orders exceeding 4000

The introduction of the Aegean on behalf of the Turkish armed forces will create unprecedented circumstances divide power between the two countries at the same time will be soundly defeated every sense of the quantitative balance of power. And that even the fifth generation aircraft, but simply by the number of upgraded F16 will now have the anchor, which noted that it supported the Turkish factory, with all that implies for their operational capacity.

Albanian police seized over 670kg of marihuana

Albanian police seized 676kg of marihuana in the village of Lukovo near the town of Saranda, Albanian press reported.

Two people in which cars the drug was found were arrested.

Probably the marihuana is grown in Albania. According to the initial information it was prepared to be transported to neighbor countries.

Former Albanian PM criticizes Meta’s visit

Former Albanian prime minister Pandeli Majko said that Albanian Foreign Minister Ilir Meta’s visit to Serbia came at the wrong time.

Majko said, according to the MakFax agency, that the visit served Belgrade more than it did Tirana, because nothing was achieved in the problems related to the independence of Kosovo.

Several smaller opposition parties in Albania also criticized the visit, as well as political analysts who saID that the visit “only helps Serbia’s position in its stern stance towards Kosovo.”