Monday, March 15, 2010

Meta: President Tadic, welcome in Albania

UPDATE - Deputy Prime Minister, and Foreign Minister Ilir Meta said today that President Boris Tadic is welcome to visit Albania. He came in a press conference after the visit to Serbia. According to Meta, Albania and Serbia to cooperate despite differences that have about this issue. "Kosovo has the country in the European Union as well as the other countries of the region," he said.

"We have diametrically opposite positions on Kosovo's independence after the Serbian state has declared that it will never recognize Kosovo's independence, but on the other side as well as in Serbia share the same opinion that our common future in the European Union" Meta said.

During his stay in Belgrade, with Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic, Meta said that "in Albania there is a Serb minority, a minority who is not registered so far in Albania. For this issue Meta said that "we are open for registration on ethnic basis. Every citizen should express free his ethnic affiliation.

Regarding the integration of Kosovo, he stressed that "Kosovo has its leaders who are active in increasing the number of knowledge around the world, but Albania remains committed to contribute in this direction".

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