Friday, October 24, 2008

US taking step to get Albania, Croatia into NATO

"The Guardian", Friday October 24 2008
WASHINGTON (AP) - The United States is taking another step today toward getting Albania and Croatia folded into the NATO alliance. Both countries had been isolated behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War.
President Bush meets today with NATO's secretary-general and will sign so-called accession protocols. They pave the way for final membership in the military alliance.
The White House has invited about 160 lawmakers and other VIPs to the signing ceremony.
NATO leaders agreed at a summit earlier this year in Romania to invite Albania and Croatia into the alliance. However, the alliance rebuffed U.S. attempts to begin the process of inviting Ukraine and Georgia.

Germany, France and some other alliance members opposed that move, fearing it would provoke Russia, which is unhappy with possible NATO enlargement on its doorstep.

Estimate from the Greek minority sources in Albania said that the preferred candidate to the next President of USA, they like Barak Obama than Mack Cain, who is as continuing of Bush strategy for Balkans.

The preference answers for the Greek Minority of Albania are the big difference politics of State Department in Balkan Region between the Independence of Kosovo and other minority issues in Balkan Regiion during the second mandate of the American President George Bush.

Some preferences to Obama the Greeks of Albania are seeing to the contradicts regarding Bush:

Double international standards between Kosovo Independence and The Autonomy of Northern Epirus (The Protocol of Corfu 1914)

The Human Rights in Albania, continue to be a "democratic" illusion particularly for the joint Albania to NATO and EU.

Even is making a great propaganda to joint to NATO, Albania continues to violate politic elections propriety standards and liberty religion.

Albania continues to violate the human rights and to not recognize the existence of the multi ethnic democratic values

The Greek Minority of Albania (Northern Epirus Region) means that Barak Obama is preferred for president of USA also by absolutely opinion in Europe particularly in Balkan Region.

The Greek Minority of Albania means totally that the Greek American lobby full support to vote Barack Obama.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


According to the Greek organisation of Albania estimates there are thousands of Greek American citizens from Northern Epirus (Southern Albania) which is refering the Journalist Lambros Papantoniou, asking the Spokesman of State Department for the rights of American citizens with Greek origin to take their properties in Southern Albania.

Papantoniou is refereeing a Memo between Albanian State and USA about the civil rights especially for the properties of American citizens who are interested to take them according to Albanian Constitution and laws the properties of family generation.

This is the second debate of the veteran Journalist for Balkan Issues in State Department Lambros Papantoiou who accuses over all the Sali Berisha Regim in Albania supported by the President Bush.
On 2004, the US Secretary Collin Pawell after a request takeen for propriety ritghs of greek american citizens by Northern Epirus Federation, sent message to the US Embassy in Tirana to observer the property situation particularly in Himara Region.

The Pan Epiriotic Federation of America has expressed his opinion on last resolution for the civil and politic rights of the Northern Epirus people.

Six months ago the US Republican Congressman Gus Biliarakis sent letter to the Secretary of the State Condolesa Rice especially for the propriety rights of the Greek minority claiming his old origin from Northern Epirus.

A numerous personalities of US from northern epirus origin are directly interested for the properties of their fathers such are former Director of CIA George Tenet, former Candidate for President of USA Michail Dukakis, the multimiliarder Spyros Llatsis and thousands other Greek American citizens from Northern Epirus that live in USA.

Daily Press BriefingRobert Wood, Deputy Spokesman Washington,

DCOctober 23, 2008INDEX:

Mr. Lambros.

QUESTION: On Albania. Mr. Wood, in response to my yesterday question regarding property rights of the Greeks in Northern Epirus, I got the following message over the phone from the Department of State: “This is a matter between the Government of Albania and people with interest in pursuing these claims. For information on this, Mr. Lambros, we will refer you direct to the Government of Albania.” I’m wondering why you are not involved in the framework of property and human rights for which the U.S. Government is very concerned, preparing, actually, an annual report.

MR. WOOD: Mr. Lambros, again, as the press guidance mentioned, this is a government between – this is an issue between the Government of Albania and those who have an interest or claims to this issue. I don’t have anything more on it for you.

QUESTION: A follow-up?
MR. WOOD: Sure.

QUESTION: I'm wondering why it's so difficult to discuss the matter
With Sali Berisha government, who is not another Emver Hotza to begin with and is not acting under Hitler, Mussolini or Mao Tse-tung but he is an elected democratic leader, very loyal to President Bush.?
MR. WOOD: I don’t have anything further for you on it, Lambros. Sorry.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Northern Epirus American citizen for their proprietes in Albania.

Daily Press Briefings : Daily Press Briefing - October 22 Wed, 22 Oct 2008 15:25:14 -0500

Daily Press Briefing Robert Wood, Deputy Spokesman Washington, DC October 22, 2008 MR.

WOOD: Lambros Papantoniou, sure.
QUESTION: On Albania. Mr. Wood, numerous American citizen of Northern Epirus origin attempted, in accordance with Albania law, to reclaim their properties. They followed the DOS advice and existing Albania law. Up to the present and after 12 years of efforts, not a single person succeeded in getting the properties back. Is the Department of State prepared to request the Albanian Government to respect its own law?

MR. WOOD: I don’t know. I’ll have to look into that for you, Mr. Lambros. I'm`ll have to look into it.

QUESTION: You don’t have anything on it?

MR. WOOD: No, I don’t have anything on that at the moment.

QUESTION: Another issue?

MR. WOOD: Another issue? Sure.

QUESTION: Yes, FYROM. A classified DOS document published in Athens proves a secret cooperation between U.S. and FYROM on the name issue. The submitted proposal by Ambassador Nimetz have been suggested by Department of State and was mentioned in a letter sent here at the State Department by your Ambassador to Skopje. Your diplomat has said that the so-called language and nationality would be dealt without participation of Greece. Any explanation,

Mr. Wood? For what language they are talking about? For the Bulgarian one they speak ?

MR. WOOD: Well, Mr. Lambros, I’m not going to comment on an internal State Department cable. But our position on the Macedonia name issue is well known.

QUESTION: May I have a follow-up?

MR. WOOD: Sure.

QUESTION: The last proposal was rejected once again by Skopje. I’m wondering if Secretary Condoleezza Rice is concerned since U.S. want FYROM to become a NATO member in December and another Greek Veto is waiting in the corner?

MR. WOOD: Mr. Lambros, I think we’ve spoken on that issue many times here from the podium.
Balkan Region Stabillity

Serbia, cooperation with U.S. continuing

Photo AP: Michael Mullen and Zdravko Ponoš
20 October 2008

VS Commander-in-Chief General Zdravko Ponoš says that military relations with the U.S. must continue to develop for the sake of regional stability.He said that despite the fact that the two countries had completely opposing positions regarding Kosovo, cooperation was necessary.
After meeting with Admiral Michael Mullen, the U.S. chairman of the Joint Chiefs-of-Staff, Ponoš reiterated that relations between the two countries had been bad during the 1990s, but that much had been done since 2003 to improve those relations. Ponoš said that despite political differences, economic and cultural relations between Serbia and the United States were continuing, adding that he did not see why military relations should not develop further.

McCain's Edge in Albania


By Patrick O’Brien
Obama would probably be the clear victor if the American election were held in Europe. But in little Albania, McCain would probably win. Albanians tend to view both candidates through the double lens of support for Kosovar independence and support for Albania's integration into Western institutions.

Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in February, but the new state's struggle for legitimacy is far from over. Since both Albania and Kosovo are predominantly ethnic-Albanian, the Albanian government has been the staunchest supporter of their "brethren in Kosovo".

In such a light, McCain's tougher reputation and- more importantly - his history of supporting Albanians (especially for his support of the bombing of Belgrade in '99) make him seem the more likely candidate to ensure that Kosovo remains independent.The political landscape of the Albanian-American immigrant community is one indicator for this (admittedly close) hypothetical race. Former Republican Congressman Joe DioGuardi, who has Albanian roots, is the founder of the Albanian American Civic League and has long been the most prominent voice of the Albanian diaspora He makes no secret of his support for the McCain campaign.

Patrick O'Brien is an MA student at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. He previously served two years as a volunteer with Peace Corps Albania.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Vlora`s Prosecutor sequesters documents of Himara Municipality

On the way of violence and illegal activity without authorisation of Mayor of Himara Vassilis Bollanos, the police department together with some prosecutors came from Vlora, has sequestered important documents of Municipality activities.

Everything had been happened last week when the Mayor of Himara Vassilis Bollanos was concluding an official visit in Athens, while in Himara Municipality the Albanian authority had violated the documents including the official protocol.

No any reaction signed until now by the office of Mayor of Himaras Bollanos but sources from Himara said that "the illegal action of Albanian authorities against not only the head of Himara Municipality but also the Chairman of the Greek Ethnic Minority of Albania tells the continuing politically persecution of Tirana against the high represent of Greek Community especially Himara".
Albania's former secret service chief arrested

London /20/10/ 08:18
Photo: Remsi Hoxha

British police have arrested Ilir Kumbaro, the former director of Albanian secret service, accused of kidnapping of Macedonian businessman Remzi Hoxha, news agencies said.

British authorities notified their Albanian counterparts about Kumbaro's apprehension late on Sunday, noting that the apprehension was made upon arrest warrant issued by Interpol.

Kumbaro, alongside Arben Shendzini and Avny Koldashi, former inspectors in Albanian secret service, are accused of abducting Hoxha in 1995.It is not clear whether the then special service and politicians took part in the abduction of businessman Hoxha.

Monday, October 20, 2008

"Balkan politics infected by crime"
20 October 2008
BBC Balkan analyst Misha Glenny says that the Kosovo economy is completely gripped by crime, which has “infected” the political class as well.“The Balkans are a region for the transit of illegal products from the Third World to Europe. Bosnia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Macedonia have the biggest problems with this. They are the victims of political instability,” Glenny said.

Glenny, the author of the book "McMafia", said that the “European Union and United Nations lack experience on how to enter a country with the goal of building it,” but that the EU had had a positive effect with its pressure on the legal system and courts. “It would be stupid to hold the Balkans countries outside the EU,” the analyst said. He said that the Schengen zone facilitated illegal activity, but that having borders was also better for a lot of people dealing in crime as they increased the prices of their goods.

Glenny said that modern crime networks were decentralized and were not organized by hierarchies any more, such as the Sicilian mafia was for instance. “There is no longer a system of godfathers with absolute loyalty and family structures. Networks are formed depending on the product. Partners are sought based on what they wish to smuggle at the time,” Glenny said.
Buthrintus, between tourism and ilegal trafficking

Two Migrants Dead, One Missing in Albania

20 October 2008 Tirana _ A 22-year-old mother and her 3-month-old toddler were killed on Sunday evening as a boat with 24 migrants capsized in the Butrinti lake in southern Albania.
A 17-year-old is still missing and divers were searching for his body on Monday. Four people are in a critical condition and have been hospitalised in nearby Saranda after being rescued by a border patrol boat.

The 24 migrants were trying to reach the Greek border.People-smuggling has been rampant in Albania over the last two decades. Tens of thousand of migrants were smuggled on speedboats across the Adriatic Sea onto Italian shores. However, a three-year moratorium on speedboats imposed in 2005 has substantially curbed the phenomena. Albania’s Interior Minister Bujar Nishani has proposed extending the country’s moratorium on speedboats along its coast in an effort to thwart illegal smuggling.

The moratorium is due to expire in October. The law had affected around 2,000 local speedboat owners, and aimed to stop traffickers in both people and drugs who use speedboats to reach the shores of Italy and Greece.The only small motorised vessels allowed to venture out into the sea from Albanian shores are police, customs and fishing boats, and foreign-owned tourist yachts.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

U.S.A. - F.Y.R.O.M. Secret co-operation

"Ethnos tis Kyriakis" newspaper revealed a classified document of state Department that proves a secret co operation between US and Skopje on the name issue. Athens reacts strongly. According to the article the proposal submitted by the UN special negotiator Mathew Nimetz had been suggested by the US Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was recorded in the letter sent by the US ambassador in Skopje last June.

The letter was received by State Department, the Security Council and the US General Headquarters. The US diplomat provocatively notes that the issue of the language and nationality will be handled without the participation of Greece using internal UN documents.Athens reacted strongly.

The representative of foreign affairs’ ministry Mr. Giorgos Koumoutsakos, in his statements said that Greece has a clear stance. First of all, the negotiations will take place only within the framework of the UN and secondly the Greek position proposes a compound name geographically oriented.