Saturday, December 26, 2009

Unions warn of general strike

After 15 January, large protests in all Albania

TIRANA-Syndicate Unions, call upon the Albanian Government, to get their complaints into consideration, up to date January 15, 2010, to perform an assistance plan for union workers and their families.

They threatened today in a press conference giving ultimatum; In case of not fulfilling their demands, the unions warn for starting large protests.

"We discussed today the economic and social situation in the country and managed with a common conclusion, that our common position will be supported by protests.
These requests will be submitted to the government tomorrow, "said union leader Fiqiri Xibri.

The unions want the government to improve labor code and the creation of the Labour Courts, which will function together with the administrative courts.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Tadić meets with Serb leaders from region
25 December 2009 | 09:18 | Source: Tanjug
BELGRADE -- President Boris Tadić says Serbia strongly and sincerely supports sovereignty and integrity of all countries in the region.

Tadić with regional Serb leaders (Beta)
Tadić with regional Serb leaders (Beta)

Speaking in Belgrade late on Thursday after his meeting with leaders of Serbs from the region, he pointed out that this is a premise for conducting a principled and consistent policy in Kosovo and Metohija.

Serbia's support for other countries' integrity and sovereignty means that Belgrade is not giving up on its own territorial integrity in Kosovo and Metohija, which has been brought into question by the attempted secession of the southern province.

"We expect our compatriots to be loyal citizens in all countries of the region where they live, but also for those countries to respect European democratic standards and ethnic community rights as they preserve their language, integrity and culture," said Tadić.

He went to no say that there are countries where our script and language are being repressed, and that Serbia will fight for the rights of our compatriots in an open dialogue.

He also stated that the meeting focused on economic connections, as a basis for stability in the region.

Tadić said that European future was a priority in conducting the foreign policy of Serbia in this region.

Serbia Changes Border Requirements

Belgrade | 24 December 2009 | Bojana Barlovac
Map of Montenegro
Map of Montenegro
As of January 1, Montenegrin nationals up to 14 years old who intend to travel to Serbia will require passports, while those aged 14 to 18 will need to present either a passport or ID card. Serbia's daily, Vecernje Novosti, reports that the decision was made by the Serbian Interior Ministry, according to a statement released from the Montenegrin Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Montenegrin Ministry of Foreign Affairs is reportedly surprised by the decision and will ask for its postponement. Zeljko Stamatovic from the ministry said that such a decision "wasn't necessary at all."

"It is surprising that it has been issued before the forthcoming holidays, keeping in mind the crowds at the border crossings during that period," Beta news agency quoted Stamatovic as saying.

He added that Serbia has not made any precedent to Montenegro, as the decision applies to the nationals of all neighbouring countries. However, Montenegro will not introduce reciprocal measures to Serbian nationals, according to Stamatovic.

According to Radio Free Europe, the Serbian embassy in Podgorica will also ask the Serbian Interior Ministry to postpone the implementation of the border crossing requirements until after the New Year and Christmas holidays.

"We hope that the implementation of these regulations will be delayed, but for now we do not have that information," Serbian Consul Aleksandar Djurdjic told Radio Free Europe.

The solution of the Albanian political crisis, is deeper than what appears


"Korrieri " & "TEMA", Newspapers

Two major Albanian newspapers, critical of the regime of Sali Berisha, "Korrieri" and "TEMA", have published an opinion written by me, about the political crisis that has included Albania. Newspapers emphasize that the crisis that has included Albania, is dimensional and is deeper than what appears.

The analyze, includes three arguments, that risk for destabilizing the country, watching phenomena with critical eye, that Albanian governments, require long cover the agony true that Albania is experiencing today.

Author order three phenomena that are inevitable, leading the country in deep crisis with its crisis of votes free, private property crisis and the crisis of "national identity". Of the three, only the first is considered as priority by the Albanian opposition, while two others, are consequences of bad governance that Albanian politics since 1990.

The battle for free vote, protest slogan of the opposition, is the main pillar of democracy, which has led Albania in composing the two governments, protected by multinational forces, the Government of the Stability of 1991, and "government of national reconciliation" of the year 1997. In Albania, the inclusion of political crisis, is expected to exceed the government composition again by a third time ....

The private property crisis in Albania and Private Enterprise in general, have gone in international reviews. The phenomenon of property, particularly in south of the country, has forced the Greek Ambassador in Tirana to declare that, "The properties of ethnic Greeks, will go to Strasbourg" which means that Tirana should be responsible for the discrimination of the ethnic Greek community in Northern Epirus.

The issue of third and was considered difficult, is' crisis of national identity Albanians. In this prism, deliberately blocking the Albanian government and this current one, the census, in which the declared nationality and religion, Tirana could bring in a rough situation with Skopje, for which Athens can react with hard. The deadlock of civil and political rights to Northern Epirioteas in Albania, can also bring Albania blocking all its efforts in the EU.

A solution might be for this purpose, provision of dual citizenship may be soon for the Northern Epirioteas by Athens, which can bring important geopolitical developments in Albania, before than Brussels will opens the yaw for Tirana for visas.

But besides this, Albania has problems with justice and corruption in all its system, including local authorities which have grievances, but the most important is that the economic crisis, can quickly knock during 2010, as a result of Greek influence in crisis of economies of Balkan countries, including Albania.

It is very important to understand why the crisis in Albania are more serious than they appear in Appearance, consequences of which make unavoidable, bringing a new solution, as always imposed by big powers, like or not the Albanians ....

Albanian opposition leader to sue prime minister over slender

Tirana. Leader of opposition Socialist Party of Albania, Edi Rama, is to sue Prime Minister Sali Berisha over slender and insult, the Macedonian Radio Television /MRT/ reports.

This is the second claim filed by the Rama family, after Edi Rama’s mother – Aneta, filed recently a claim against Berisha, too.

Not long ago, Sali Berisha accused Rama of being the head of the mafia in the country, of torturing his former wife, not recognizing his son for 19 years, as well as of being popular with the nickname of “the naked politician” because of his nudist photos spread in the public area.

Edi Rama`s mother Aneta (Koleka) is from Himara, his parents have origin from Vuno village.
World Security Network reporting from London, December 24, 2009

Dear Stavro Marko,

The World Security Network Foundation wishes you and your family from the Palace of Westminster in London: for the Christians - Merry Christmas - for the Muslims (belatedly) - Eid Mubarak - for the Jews - Happy Chanukah - for the Hindus - a joyous Makara Sankaranti - and to all a peaceful Holiday Season and a Happy New Year of 2010.

The greatest danger confronting our world is moral relativism-the great challenge to all traditional values, which ultimately denies every absolute value. No longer able to believe in God and without religious grounding, it clings nihilistically to pure opportunism and materialism.

The more materialistic our societies become, the more soulless they are. In prosperity lurks a spiritual vacuum.

The human brain has, of course, recognizable boundaries in thought, analysis and evaluation. There remain many inexplicable phenomena-a fourth-dimension so to speak that should humble us all.

We know that our cosmos has an end, however we cannot find it.

We know that there is love, although we can not measure it.

There are things which cannot be registered rationally and intellectually. This applies above all to absolute values which, through misanthropic systems of thought, either denied or even carried out ad absurdum as the practice of Nazism and Communism has shown.

The worst part of the loss of belief is not that people no longer believe, rather that they are ready to believe everything and to fill their spiritual void with everything-even the inhuman.

Humanity has a deep inner-desire for absolute values, not merely the material and transcendental.

In the absence of positive deeper values, emotions and inspirations, we surrender the world to the power of negative influence.

Only a spiritual, responsible elite can fill this spiritual vacuum and confront the dangers of moral relativism. (see

The World Security Network team wishes you and your family:

for the Christians - Merry Christmas
for the Muslims (belatedly) - Eid Mubarak
for the Jews - Happy Chanukah
for the Hindus - a joyous Makara Sankaranti

and to all a peaceful Holiday Season and a Happy New Year of 2010.

May God bless you!

Dr. Hubertus Hoffmann
President and Founder
World Security Network Foundation

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sejdiu urges Vatican recognition of Kosovo

On the occasion of the feast of Christmas, President of the Republic of Kosovo, Fatmir Sejdiu has sent His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI the warmest congratulations.

President Sejdiu once again expressed gratitude for the continuous efforts for peace of Pope Benedict XVI and has asked His Holiness, to take into consideration the demand for recognition of the Republic of Kosovo.

"Recognition of the Republic of Kosovo from the Vatican is expected with impatience by all people of Kosovo, which, as always, is a rare example of coexistence, of harmony and tolerance between people of different ethnicities and religions".

We pray in Kosovo the year 2010, which with a special decree of the Year, I have spoken to Mother Teresa, along with the Cathedral with its name, which will open in Pristina, bring us the blessing of our country by the Holy Father and Your Headquarters, said the congratulatory message by Kosovo President, Sejdiu.

Vatican, does not know the Kosovo independence.

Naftemporiki: Greeks perceives immigrants as a threat

Every second Greek thinks the presentation of the immigrants in the country is a threat, Greek Naftemporiki newspaper writes, citing a research of the Capa research.

Asked what the immigrants are, 51.6% of the Greeks answered “a threat”, 30.6%-“possibility” and 17.8% has no opinion. Meanwhile, 76.3% of the people think the immigrants in Greece are “too many”, 18.6%-“they are a lots but not too many” and according to 1.6% “they are not so many”.

Referring to the consequences of the participation of the immigrants in Greek society, 57.5% of the Greeks think the immigrants keep the salaries low and are the reason for the unemployment among Greeks. 34.3% think the immigrants contributes to the development of the Greek economy.

Albanian Paradoxes!

Albania Gifts 400,000 Euros to Serb Enclave

Tirana | 24 December 2009 |
Slobodan Petrovic and Sali Berisha
Slobodan Petrovic and Sali Berisha
After a meeting with representatives of the Serb minority in Kosovo, Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha announced on Thursday the gifting of a 400,000 euro grant to the community of Gracanica. Berisha held a joint meeting with Slobodan Petrovic, head of the Serbian Liberal Party in Kosovo, where he expressed his government’s desire for improved ethnic relations within Kosovo.

The Albanian premier also announced that he had invited Serbian President Boris Tadic for an official visit to Albania and the two governments were working out the details.

“President Tadic and I value developing the relationship between our two countries in order to open a new chapter,” Berisha said during the press conference. “President Tadic is welcome in Albania and I must say we are working on his coming visit, an invitation which he has gladly accepted,” Berisha added.

Petrovic praised the grant for the Gracanica municipality as “More than a symbolic gesture… sending a positive message for the citizens of Albania, Kosovo and the region.”

Albania-Serbia relations have enjoyed a sort of honeymoon period in recent months, despite holding completely opposite views on Kosovo’s unilateral declaration of independence.

In a meeting in October, Albania’s Foreign Minister Ilir Meta and his Serbian counterpart Vuk Jeremic, agreed to strengthen cooperation between their two countries.

The joint press conference followed a regional conference of the so-called Visegrad states in Budapest on Tuesday.

While the countries hold opposed views on Kosovo’s independence, the Albanian minister underlined that “Kosovo’s future, similar to the future of the region, is European.”

Tensions between Tirana and Belgrade flared in August after Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha spoke of the “national unification” of regional Albanians during an interview with a local broadcaster.

The statement elicited a protest note from Serbia’s Foreign Affairs Ministry, which described the comment as “provocative and a breach of its [Serbia's] sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

Kosovo declared independence on February 17, 2008, and has been recognized as a sovereign state by 63 countries, including the US and a majority of the EU. Belgrade maintains that it remains an integral part of Serbia.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Albanian crises, implicates FYROM

Skopje.The idea of the leader of the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia (SDSM) Branko Cvrenovski to form oppositional front is good, but unrealizable, because Cvrenovski has no one to form the front with, political analyzers say, Macedonian Vreme, newspaper writes.

The analyzers noted in would be even harder for Cvrenovski to find partners in the Albanian bloc, which is necessary pre-condition in the clash with VMRO-DPMNE.

Cvrenovski has announced several times in public all oppositional parties to unify and to oppose to the policy of Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski. Thus Cvrenovski met leaders of several political parties, including Tito Petrovski (New Social Democratic Party), Menduh Taci (Democratic Party of Albanians) and Imer Selmani (New Democracy).

Leaders have agreed Macedonia needs to access NATO and the European Union but have had different visions of the common actions and the formation of an oppositional bloc.
Ahmedi exerts pressure on Gruevski name dispute to be resolved as of March

The name issue to be resolved in the next three, not six months to unblock Macedonia’s integration process in the European Union and NATO and to strengthen the VMRO-DPMNE-Democratic Union for Integration (DUI), said leader of the DUI Ali Ahmeti, Macedonian Vreme newspaper writes.

In case the problem is not resolved by the end of March, Ali Ahmeti will announce to Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski he is leaving the coalition, said resources of the newspaper said.

According to them despite the differences in the approach towards the name issue DUI and VMRO-DPMNE has not agreed under several other issues, which has shown the intolerance between different structures of the two parties.

Albania crossed by "the language of hatred"

Debate and threats, in Parliament

A member of JUP (Cham Community Party) Dashamir Tahiri, responded to reply the Chairman of HURP, Vangelos Doules for Cham issue, then tried to use force against him, inside of the Albanian Parliament.

Bodyguard, quickly intervened to avoid a clash, which has warned it could become an ethnic incident.
In Addition, today, Albanian opposition leader Edi Rama, has warned that Albanian society and opposition, could go to civil disobedience, if the parliament will approve laws that are contrary to the constitution and especially with local autonomy and Private Enterprise.

Albania's Berisha accused of libel

Albania -- Opposition Socialist Party (SP) leader Edi Rama filed a lawsuit on Tuesday (December 22nd) against Prime Minister Sali Berisha, accusing him of libel.

Rama says Berisha has "repeatedly and publicly offended" him. Late last month, Berisha gave a long speech in parliament, including what he described as the "untold truth" about Rama's personal life.

Rama refuted all of Berisha's claims as lies. It is now up to prosecutors to decide whether to accept the lawsuit.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Greece; Citizenship for Albanian emigrants and northern epirotes

Papandreou holds his promise for dual citizenship for northern epirotes

A series of draft laws and regulations of the ministries of Interior and Infrastructure where discussed from the Papandreou Cabinet. The focus of the meeting, was the bill for the acquisition of Greek nationality by second generation immigrants, born and attended schools in the country.

As the chairman of the Parliament Foreign Commision F. Petsalnikos welcoming students of School of Intercultural Education Acharnon to visite Parliament, the Greek citizenship shall be acquired by children who have attended three primary schools in our country or a total of 6 years in Greek education.

As for adult immigrants, they acquire Greek citizenship after five years legal residence in Greece."The passage of the bill ensures that all pupils have equal opportunities and rights," said the chairman of the House addressing the students.

More specifically,at the Ministerial Council where discussed:

- The bill for a vote of expatriates living in Greece for three years and immigrant residents in the next elections for Local Government

- The return citizenship to children of migrants born in Greece.

On the vote to expatriates and immigrants will meet immediately after the Council of Ministers, the IPR of the Interior and Decentralization ministry.

moree see:

Berisha: My government will adopt the territories of Greeks in Himara

The parliamentary commission of agriculture, has concluded that land of Ionian coast, will be taken from residents and will be given lands limited from 300 to 700 square meters per capita.

New anti democratic laws by the Government of Berisha against ethnic Greeks, may open new dangerous discussion, to an ethnic conflict, since redrawn of the lands for the purpose of looting ethnic residents of the territories to be replaced with residents from the north, marks the height of ethnic discrimination

Some days ago, the Greek ambassador in Tirana, had warned Albanian Government that soon will face Greece in the Strasbourg court, for the assimilation of the territories of ancient Greek inhabitants, from the Albanian government, in the southern Albania.

Arber Xhaferri: political crisis, endangering Albanian sovereignty

"If deepened, Albania added to the list of failed democracies"

"Shqip" Newspaper

A powerful and dramatic alert comes in the ears of Albanian politicians through a mind of intellectuals and prominent politicians in all territories inhabited by Albanians. It is about Arben Xhaferri, who in an exclusive interview for "Shqip" newspaper in Tirana, calls to the Albanian politics in these difficult moments of political conflict.

In a detailed scanner that makes the political situation, known politician and publicist claims that "The situation created, there is no other solution that could work in the long run. But not only that. If this crisis will be deepened, Albania would eventually ranked on the list of countries where democracy has failed, the list of states that do not function. Analysis of Mr. Xhefarri is quite clear: the elections of 28 June has a popular verdict has not given the power to govern only one political forces, but has a clear willingness for a new point between Albanians, governance of together.

Having entered the details of a legal agreement between two political forces in the country, Mr. Xhaferri stated that it must necessarily sit at the table the main protagonists of the Albanian politics, so Berisha and Rama. This is also for another reason, as it is reactivated claims that Albanians do not have constituent skills. But, for intellectual Arben Xhaferri, imtas all this is not simply a problem of policy and is not guilty.

Xhaferri is clear in his vision which says that "When a society, go to find answers to problems is in itself creates a deep crisis that takes, the form of state does not. Perhaps this statement seems trite, in deviations within the findings for other, diverse, typical of societies in transition. But criticism that finds that a system does not work means that a country as a whole has failed, position, opposition, parliament, judiciary, prosecutors, NGOs to, then public ethics, etc.

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Bulgarian developments

The Switzerland of the Balkans

by Francesco Martino

Premier Bulgarian Boyko Borisov announced it would support the idea of Ataka nationalist movement to promote a referendum darkness of the news in the Turkish language, broadcast on national television since 2000.

A perfect metaphor, used and often abused by politicians in the region to promise prosperity and good administration, all seasoned with strong ethnic tolerance. But times change and politics, as well as metaphors, they adapt to new circumstances.

Perhaps inspired by a controversial referendum on minarets, held recently in Switzerland, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov announced on 17 December that it intends to call the people to the polls to decide whether or not overshadow national TV news about the Turkish language in Bulgarian station.

more see:

Monday, December 21, 2009


Justice and Unity Party: "Greek Government to improve injustices against Chams"

For the first time that cham community, is implicated directly to menace the Greek Community Represent in Albanian Parliament. Sure, the political incident may take other sentiments on parallel ethnic conflicts, even Europol and NATO, control every think about Albanian paramilitaries groups, in all Albanian territory

Justice and Unity Party (Cham Community Parliamentarian Party) in a media statement says that "Cham Community with the Albanian people, want integration of the country than others.

"European Integration for us means freedom of movement. It means the legal framework and justice for past crimes by the enemies of humanity, that inspires Evangelos Dules as the Nazi collaborator Napoleon Zervas", said in a statement JUP's.

The Cham Party accuses Mst. Dules as politician that is against European integration of Albania. "You Mr. Dule, are against the European integration of Albania, because it will become, without cards in hand pressure to Tirana, and Albanians will soon gain to have the right to move without visa in Europe", said the statement of JUP.

For the first time that cham community, is implicated directly to menace the Greek Community Represent in Albanian Parliament. Sure, the political incident may take other sentiments on parallel ethnic conflicts, even Europol and NATO, control every think about Albanian paramilitaries groups, in all Albanian territory.

Idrizi: will solve the national issue of Chameria

Tirana, , 30.11.2009

Shpetim Idrizi, elected as a member of SP and party representatives already JUP is sworn as a deputy in Parliament of Albania. In the speech held by the Assembly podium, Idrizi said that the party represents the main aims of resolving national issue and priority Cham issue.

"We intend to resolve the matter, and Cam will work to give due weight and importance to the community. We propose that our diplomacy to negotiate amendments to the 1980 Greek law, so we seek repatriation of lost rights and not simply compensation properties - Idrizi said, expressing confidence that the Greek Prime Minister Papandreou will implement the best tradition of the Greek left, who started with the removal of Albania from the list of enemy countries and will provide solutions to issues Cam.

"If we do not see progress in this direction will take these issues on the international tribunal," he said, adding further that requires approval of a resolution for this issue.

Meanwhile, the Albanian government has sought deployment, memorial where lie the remains of over 2000 Chams; allocation of funds for house museums for Hasan Tasimit.

Further Idrizi has pledged cooperation with all MPs and has given assurances to the adoption of any law that aims to integrate the country. "Compass is our national interest and for this we will cooperate with all who have the same interest with us" - he said


Thaci: Macedonia has no future without Albanians

DPA leader Menduh Thaci on Sunday has once again repeated the party's position that directs that no Albanian would not have Macedonia. He made these comments during the conference RDSH VIII, in which, Krenar Lloga is re-elected chairman of the youth of this political entity.

"There is no other future Macedonia, Macedonians have no future only to create another joint state with Albanians, or does not have nor state nor nation, nothing. There will be Macedonia, without decision-making by consensus, the decision should be and joint decision between Albanians and Macedonians and eventually forget Tito project.

Gruevski project that will now raise the Macedonian Orthodox Slavic state on the Albanian lands without clearly defined constitutional legal status of Albanians here we can not talk to perspective ", emphasized Thaci, adding that Congress DUI first day is characterized as a graveside ceremony, tragic and ridiculous.