Thursday, December 24, 2009

Naftemporiki: Greeks perceives immigrants as a threat

Every second Greek thinks the presentation of the immigrants in the country is a threat, Greek Naftemporiki newspaper writes, citing a research of the Capa research.

Asked what the immigrants are, 51.6% of the Greeks answered “a threat”, 30.6%-“possibility” and 17.8% has no opinion. Meanwhile, 76.3% of the people think the immigrants in Greece are “too many”, 18.6%-“they are a lots but not too many” and according to 1.6% “they are not so many”.

Referring to the consequences of the participation of the immigrants in Greek society, 57.5% of the Greeks think the immigrants keep the salaries low and are the reason for the unemployment among Greeks. 34.3% think the immigrants contributes to the development of the Greek economy.


Anonymous said...

What side will keep returning of Albanians as Greeks, if they must choose between Albania and Greece in a difficult moment?


Anonymous said...

Always the European prospective, nothing other...