Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Berisha: My government will adopt the territories of Greeks in Himara

The parliamentary commission of agriculture, has concluded that land of Ionian coast, will be taken from residents and will be given lands limited from 300 to 700 square meters per capita.

New anti democratic laws by the Government of Berisha against ethnic Greeks, may open new dangerous discussion, to an ethnic conflict, since redrawn of the lands for the purpose of looting ethnic residents of the territories to be replaced with residents from the north, marks the height of ethnic discrimination

Some days ago, the Greek ambassador in Tirana, had warned Albanian Government that soon will face Greece in the Strasbourg court, for the assimilation of the territories of ancient Greek inhabitants, from the Albanian government, in the southern Albania.

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Anonymous said...

Berisha comes forward again to be confronted with the Greeks, whenever power is fled from his hands ....... apparently will not be easy Berisha passed this time, ....