Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Arber Xhaferri: political crisis, endangering Albanian sovereignty

"If deepened, Albania added to the list of failed democracies"

"Shqip" Newspaper

A powerful and dramatic alert comes in the ears of Albanian politicians through a mind of intellectuals and prominent politicians in all territories inhabited by Albanians. It is about Arben Xhaferri, who in an exclusive interview for "Shqip" newspaper in Tirana, calls to the Albanian politics in these difficult moments of political conflict.

In a detailed scanner that makes the political situation, known politician and publicist claims that "The situation created, there is no other solution that could work in the long run. But not only that. If this crisis will be deepened, Albania would eventually ranked on the list of countries where democracy has failed, the list of states that do not function. Analysis of Mr. Xhefarri is quite clear: the elections of 28 June has a popular verdict has not given the power to govern only one political forces, but has a clear willingness for a new point between Albanians, governance of together.

Having entered the details of a legal agreement between two political forces in the country, Mr. Xhaferri stated that it must necessarily sit at the table the main protagonists of the Albanian politics, so Berisha and Rama. This is also for another reason, as it is reactivated claims that Albanians do not have constituent skills. But, for intellectual Arben Xhaferri, imtas all this is not simply a problem of policy and is not guilty.

Xhaferri is clear in his vision which says that "When a society, go to find answers to problems is in itself creates a deep crisis that takes, the form of state does not. Perhaps this statement seems trite, in deviations within the findings for other, diverse, typical of societies in transition. But criticism that finds that a system does not work means that a country as a whole has failed, position, opposition, parliament, judiciary, prosecutors, NGOs to, then public ethics, etc.

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Anonymous said...

Albania risks division. Xhaferi say this clearly, which has provided Macedonia (FYROM) before.