Saturday, March 14, 2009


TIRANA; 25-27 MARCH 2009


Meeting in Athens for the Northern Epirus

On Sunday 15 March at 10.30 am hotel Titan (52 University, Athens) will be meeting on «Developments in the Balkans and Northern Epirus in Albania and Greece, Prospects and priorities ».

The extraordinary meeting is Organized by northern epirus associations: Association of northern epirus, Northern Epirus Forum, Himara Union, Youth of Northern Epirus , O.S.E.V. «Agios Kosmas», Association DELVINO & Saranda, E.K.A.V.I., Movement for the regeneration of Northern Epirus ecct.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Berisha firms the join of Tirana on Islamic Corporate giving exclusively priority in favor of Islamic Bank

According to the Albanian newspaper “Libertas” about the tour of Prime Minister Sali Berisha in Qatar referring that, Tirana is opened to the Islamic Conference supporting agreements on economic and investments field in Albania.

In addition, with Sheik of Qatar met PM Berisha asking the assistance of Islamic countries to solve the serious economic problems facing Albania. The Albanian prime minister said that both sides agreed that Qatar will send a delegation to the Albanian capital to strengthen bilateral economic relations.

"I am suprised that my visit to Qatar will be followed by a visit by the Emir in my country," said Berisha. Earlier, Albania and Qatar signed a joint-operation, technical, financial and commercial sector. More agreements are expected to be signed in Tirana. Berisha also called on Arab businessmen invest in Albania and especially in the tourism industry!
In the shops of Albania clothes Stolen of last December rots

in Lazarati! If you are wondering where did all those goods which disappeared in the twinkling loot held on «nights Alexis» (through the broken branches in the center of Athens), the answer is: in the bazaar stolen by revealing Albania.

According to investigation of the newspaper "Express" all the spoils of "protesters" last December in Greece are transported to neighboring countries and sold in «dream» prices in a hotel situated in the village Lazarati between minority village Dropoli and Gjirokaster!

The hotel has been transformed to the free market, with costumes of the really cost EUR 600 in Athens to sold only 50 euros in Albania!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

U.S. President Barack Obama to attend March 25 national anniversary event

Photo: Archbishop Demetrios of America honored the two national co-chairpersons of “Greek-Americans for Obama”, State Treasurer from Illinois Alexi Giannoulias and Eleni Tsakopoulos

The Archbishop of America Demetrius will again be heading this year the expatriate Greeks who will be attending the event to be held at the White House on March 25, to honour the national anniversary of Hellenism.

The 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, is expected to speak of the values of Greek Democracy and Independence, as well as of Greek-U.S. relations. The Archbishop will be speaking on behalf of the expatriate Greeks, after previously holding a private conversation with President Obama.

The guests will include leading members of expatriate agencies, American government officials and Congress members of Greek origin, as well as Greece's ambassador in Washington, while the presence of Greek government and Parliamentary representatives cannot be ruled out.
Kosovo Battle Moves to Maldives

The recognition of Kosovo’s independence by the Maldives has created a furore in this small chain of Indian Ocean islands. After a good of lobbying by Kosovo politicians, the Maldives recognised the country on February 19. But just two weeks on, President Mohamed Nasheed has ordered police to investigate allegations that government officials were bribed to bring this about.

An alleged bribe of $2 million, according to media in the Maldives, was delivered by a Kosovo businessman, Behgjet Pacolli. Pacolli, head of the New Kosova Alliance party, AKR, the first public figure to announce recognition by the Maldives, has firmly denied the allegation. “This is speculation made up by the Serbian government,” he told Balkan Insight.

Pacolli, who has been publicly announcing and promoting himself as a lobbyist for Kosovo’s recognition, especially in Middle Eastern and Central Asian countries, said that he was facing an active counter-lobby from the Serbian side. “Serbia is lobbying against Kosovo’s recognition in the same countries where I am [working],” Pacolli said.

He noted that a 21-member delegation from Serbia, led by the Centre for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies, CANVAS, had lobbied Maldives opposition groups to bring about a cancellation of the recognition of Kosovo.

Berisha calls Islamic countries for help

Qatar, Albania sign pacts to boost ties

HH the Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani receiving the visiting Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha at the Emiri Diwan yesterdayBy Nour AbuzantQatar and Albania yesterday reiterated their resolve to strengthen relations in all fields, especially in the economic sector.

Addressing a joint press conference with Prime Minister and Foreign Minister HE Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor al-Thani, the visiting Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha said his country might get a loan from Qatar for infrastructure development. The Qatari premier said that the visit of the Albanian leader further strengthened the strong relations between the two countries.

The premier said that both sides agreed that Qatar would send a delegation to the Albanian capital Tirana to strengthen bilateral economic relations.The Albanian premier said he came to Qatar holding a strong desire to strengthen the relations between the two countries, adding that his talks with HH the Emir and the premier were very fruitful.“I am happy that my visit to Qatar would be followed by a visit by HH the Emir and the Qatari premier to my country,” he said.Earlier, Albania and Qatar signed agreements for co-operation in the technical, economic and trade fields. More agreements are expected to be signed in Tirana.

The Albanian premier said that his country would soon open an embassy in Doha, urging Qatari businessmen to invest in his country.“There are many Qatari companies working in the tourism sector in Albania and they are achieving quick progress.”He said that his country welcomed Qatari companies working in the energy, health and education fields.

The Albanian premier said that HH the Emir and the premier showed great interest in the gas to liquid project in Albania which was a huge project “and Qatari investors are welcome”. The Albanian premier said that both Qatar and Albania agreed to facilitate the issue of visas for their citizens.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The new scenario risk to come back 15 years ago when the leader of the Greek Ethnic Minority was condemned by albanian tribunal

March 15, a protests in Athens will joint the northern epirotean association in Greece in an extraordinary meeting on the situation of Greeks in Albania, while just this day in Tirana the Albanian opposition will protest against Berisha government for the anniversary of "Gerdec blast".

Meanwhile the Greek American lobby has prepared a great protest to U.S. Department which must take powerfully consideration of the detention of Greek leader from the regime of Sali Berisha to discriminate the population of northern epirioteas in Albania.

A week ago, Deputy Greek Foreign Minister Varvitsiotis called Tirana to take measures for the problem of the rights of Greeks in Albania including properties. The case of Vassilis Bollanos can not stand indiferent by Athens, which some weeks ago approved for Albania the agreement to join NATO organisation, but without respects of the human rights of the Greeks in Albania the agreement could be considered failed.

15 years ago the regime of Sali Berisha, has influenced to the Tribunal to condemn 5 members of the Greek organization "Omonia" including its leader, which resulted to create a serious crisis beetween Greece and Albanian . Actually the scenario brings again to condemn and persecute the personalities of the Greek minority in Albania, which risks of blocking of Albania's perspective to the organization of NATO next summit in April.

Against the Greek ethnic minority Tirana continues to have pressure for assimilation by Albanians following the publication of the last census population by Tirana a month ago. According to recent statistics that the Greek minority in Albania compost only 1% percent of 4.2 million of Albanian population. Sources from the Greek American lobby said for the number of the Greek population in Albania is more 700 thousand people called northern epirioteas.

see also:,,HRW,COUNTRYREP,ALB,4562d8b62,3ae6a7e58,0.html

Albania aiming for June EU petition

TIRANA (AFP) – Albania is determined to submit its candidacy for European Union membership in June despite the global economic crisis and uncertainty about EU enlargement, Prime Minister Sali Berisha said.

In an interview with AFP, Berisha said an agreement “in principle” has been reached with the Czech EU president for Albania to apply for membership before its June 28 parliamentary elections.

“We agreed on submitting the request,” he said, noting that 96 percent of Albanians back their once-communist nation’s EU ambitions.EU Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn has told Albanian news media that smooth conduct of the elections, in line with European criteria, is essential before Tirana can present its candidacy.

It would then be up to the 27 incumbent EU member states to unanimously approve the candidacy. Negotiations with the European Commission – the bloc’s executive arm – would follow.Albania is already on the threshold of joining NATO next month – a landmark that Berisha called “the biggest event for my country after independence” from the Ottoman Empire in 1912.

Since the demise of communism in the early 1990s, all elections in Albania – a predominantly Muslim nation of 3.6 million that remains one of Europe’s poorest countries – have been disputed and marred by incidents.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The Vlora`s Prosecutor wanted sentence for one year imprisonment for the president of the Greek Minority of Albania Vassilis Bollanos

One year in prison has wanted the albanian prosecutor in Vlora district for the president of the Greek minority of Albania and the mayor of the Himara Municipality Vassilis Bollanos.

The trial against the member of the Greek minority including the president of the Greeks of Albania Vassilis Bollanos continues to be object against the human rights of the Greek minority in Albania.

The ethnic Greek mayor of Himara Municipality in Southern Albania has been charged for removing road signs in his area and demanding they include Greek place names, officials prosecutor said before the trial. Sokol Malaj, the lead regional prosecutor, said Vasil Bollano had overstepped his authority and his actions disrupted traffic on a roughly 60-km (40-mile) stretch of road.

But any thing were replaced by the advocate of Bollanos saying that the only responsibility according to Albanian Constitution for the regional road singles is the Municipality.

Georgios Karatzaferis, Important meeting with Albanian Ambassador Vili Minaroli

Meeting with the Ambassador of Albania in Athens, Vili Minaroli had yesterday at the offices of LAOS, the chairman of the party George Karatzaferis. Mr Karatzaferis, there proposed issues that unite the two nations, but obstacles and problems and therefore «looking through dialogue to reduce what could hinder come closer to one country to another».

The chairman of LAOS stated that some proposals made for «the meeting will allow for greater issues between Tirana and Athens», as he noted. George Karatzaferis is a politician with great vision, understanding the problems of politics of tow countries and has a very informed about the relations between Albania and Greece for the rights of the Northern Epirus Issue.

The Albanian ambassador has praised his clear and honest attitude of the President of LAOS for the integration of Albania to the EU and NATO. From his part Mr. Minaroli thanked Mr. Georgios Karatzaferis to have positive views of the Albanian immigrants living in Athens.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Vice Foreign Greek Minister Miltiadis Varvitsiotis calls the Albanian authorities to be guaranteed for the properties of the Greek minority

According to a interview on the Albanian newspaper "Koha Jone" V/F Greek minister Miltiadis Varvitsiotis calls the Albanian government to respect the property right of the Greek ethnic minority in Albania.

Varvitsiotis noted that: "we have approved the agreement with Albania to joint NATO and BE but unfortunately we are observer that the practices of Albanian authorities still not realised reforms on the Field of human rights especially for the properties of the Greek ethnic minority, that live historically in Albania"

One day befor, Trasparence International Albania, has publiced a repoprt about the property right in albania. According to repport 60% of albanians continues to have problems with properties, as important issue for corrupsion.

World Bank panel inspetcion report critics albania for a "dangerous strategy" that be adapted to the Ionian Coast especialy in Himara Region to destructe houses and investiments of villagers of Jali.