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Last developments in Balkan

Hungarian leader: Belgrade pushes separatism

NOVI SAD -- Constant accusations of separatism coming from Belgrade could lead to those in favor of separatism in Vojvodina to organize, says an ethnic Hungarian leader.

"It seem as if someone from Belgrade is working on it on purpose, to really have a radicalization of the political and wider public in Vojvodina and to really have those in favor of secession organize," Jožef Kasa, the honorary president of the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians (SVM), was quoted as saying.

But, he continued, "this issue" would not be initiated by the province's ethnic minorities; rather, Kasa said, it would be done "by the Serb youth when they've had enough of the constant reexamining of loyalty of Vojvodina residents to the state of Serbia and of the foul accusations of separatism."

Kasa also said that "although Belgrade is always talking about Vojvodina's secession", this region in fact "never wanted to secede from Serbia".

As for the draft statute of the province, currently in parliamentary procedure after a year of political wrangling, Kasa said "it misses its essence", and that is the province's "source income".

"That's the key issue. And we're listening to the stories that Belgrade should give us something. That's not true, we're giving to Belgrade. Vojvodina residents make income and pay taxes to the central coffers, from which we must get back the share that belongs to us. That's the essence".

But Kasa believes there can be no full autonomy for Vojvodina within Serbia, until there are "constitutional changes".

"The Constitution that is in force was made in haste and without a public debate, that us, without a democratic procedure. And for this reason it cannot be said it has a legitimate basis," he was quoted as saying

Alternate FM Droutsas holds talks with Tirana mayor

TIRANA - Alternate Foreign Minister Dimitris Droutsas met on Saturday with main socialist opposition leader and Tirana Mayor Eddy Rama, concluding his contacts with the Albanian political leadership.

During the meeting, Droutsas presented to Rama the Greek initiative concerning the political aim of incorporating the Western Balkans in the European Union in 2014.

"Greece is a reliable ally and partner for Albania and in this course democracy, in the entire spectrum of procedures, is of great importance," he said.

On his part, Rama briefed Droutsas on developments in Albania which, at political level, are characterised by his party's refusal to accept the results of the June elections.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Albania opposition protests alleged vote fraud

November 20, 2009

TIRANA - Thousands of supporters of Albania's opposition protested Friday outside the main government building to demand a probe into allegations of vote rigging. The protest follows the narrow election victory of Prime Minister Sali Berisha's conservatives June 28.

The Socialist opposition has boycotted the parliament since the election and called for a re-count in several areas. The government says a re-count would be illegal. The conservatives and their allies control 75 of parliament's 140 seats; the Socialists and an ally control 65.

The rally, the last in a series of weekly protests since early October, will continue until Sunday, with Socialist lawmakers and supporters planning to pass the night in tents they will pitch around Berisha's office. A dozen opposition politicians spoke to thousands of protesters, who held up banners demanding a recount.

Socialist leader Edi Rama vowed to maintain the opposition boycott of parliament until the 'transparency of the June 28 vote" is secured. "If the ballot boxes are kept closed by force, we will forcefully demand that the government holds early elections," Rama said. "The free world has found an answer for regimes that refuse to listen — popular protest."

Friday's rally clogged traffic in the capital. International monitors said the June elections failed to fully meet international standards. The United States embassy, in a statement, called upon "all Albanians, both those participating in protests and those responsible for maintaining order, to exercise their rights and responsibilities calmly and respectfully."

Rama said Socialist lawmakers and supporters, including some 2,000 registered party volunteers, would continue the protest around the government building.

"This protest has just started," Rama said.

Alternate FM Droutsas holds talks with Albanian FM

TIRANA - Alternate Foreign Minister Dimitris Droutsas, during his visit to Tirana on Friday, discussed with the Albanian leadership all issues concerning the two countries, heightening with the presentation of the Greek initiative "Agenda 2014."

"My presence here underlines the importance that we attribute to bilateral relations and to the European course of Albania," he said after his talks with his Albanian counterpart Ilir Meta.

Referring to reformist efforts for the country's approach to the European Union, he expressed satisfaction, stressing that despite the obstacles "all the political forces have committed themselves to its European course, the implementation of the principles and values of the European family."

Replying to the Greek initiative on the European incorporation of the Western Bakans with 2014 being the political and symbolical milestone, the Albanian foreign minister said that "we are very pleased for the dynamic impetus that the government of G. A. Papandreou wants to give."

Meta thanked Droutsas for the continuous political support for Albania, even for the success of its accession to NATO and they agreed to close cooperation in the future.

After the foreign minister, Droutsas met with Prime Minister Sali Berisha, Parliament president Josefina Topali and President of the Republic Bamir Topi, while later in the evening he was expected to meet Greek community representatives and Archbishop of Albania Anastasios.

On Saturday morning, before the Greek delegation leaves for Athens, Droutsas will meet Tirana Mayor Eddy Rama.

Note: Since Karolos Papoulias took Tirana in 1986 during dictator regime until now, all Greek Foreign Ministers who have visited Albania, continue to consider the Greek Minority as "Friendly Bridge" between Tirana and Athens, nothing other even the human rights in Albania continue to be a slogan and instrument to manipulate the true inside another reality of Albania, member of NATO and candidate to joint EU.
U.S. Embassy Statement (November 20, 2009)

Washington calls Tirana: Opposite protest must be peaceful

The United States Embassy fully supports the right to freedom of expression and assembly for all people. Such expression should be peaceful and not infringe on the rights of others.

We call upon all Albanians, both those participating in protests and those responsible for maintaining order, to exercise their rights and responsibilities calmly and respectfully.

Continues the violations of Byzantine Churches in Southern Albania

Robbed the iconostasis of the Bizantin Church of Leusës in Permeti

PERMET- Events occurred during late night hours of Wednesday at the Church of Leuses in Permet where so far unidentified persons detonated the door of the church monument of Virgin Mary in Leusë, Permet, and then have naked iconostasis famous for its rare values engraved parts.

After finding, they have gone to the scene of specialized police forces, who are conducting investigations into the case. In a press release, the Orthodox Church of Albania expressed about violating these works often "without find the authors and vandals".

Meanwhile this iconostas considered a masterpiece of applied arts objects of worship in Northern Epirus (Southern Albania) from
year 1817. While the church has become in 1812, and believed that its original building is old and has undergone reconstruction over the years.

In the years 1999-2000, this church was consolidated after scroll and present danger is completely reconstructed, as structure and frescoes, with funds provided by the Orthodox Church.

Patriarch of Constantinople in Cathedral Church immediately after landing on Belgrade Airport

Vartolomey bows to Serbian Patriarch

Vartolomey bows to Serbian Patriarch

Vartolomey, the Patriarch of Constantinople was among the first to arrive in Belgrade yesterday for the funeral of the Serbian Patriarch Pavle. Regardless of the protocol, Patriarch Vartolomey went right from the Belgrade Airport to the Cathedral Church where the body of the Patriarch Pavle is laid. He kissed the Cross and the Bible and held the service.

Tomorrow he shall serve the commemoration service to Patriarch Pavle in front of the St. Sava Temple. As we learn Vartolomey, the Patriarch of Constantinople met with Serbia President Boris Tadic yesterday evening.
After the morning liturgy the body of the Patriarch Pavle shall be taken out of the Cathedral Church. The funeral service shall begin at 11.00 CET in front of the St. Sava Temple, while to funeral shall be held at 13.00 CET at the monastery in Rakovica.

Metropolitan Amfilohije and the Patriarch of Constantinople Vartolomey shall speak in the name of the Serbian Orthodox Church and in the name of the whole Orthodox Church. The top Serbia officials shall attend the funeral, while more than 100 deputies of Serbia Parliament shall attend the service in front of St. Sava Temple.
Montenegrin President Filip Vujanovic as well as ministers of health and culture Miodrag Radunovic and Branislav Micunovic shall also attend the ceremony. The President of Macedonia Djordje Ivanov is expected to come while Greek Deputy Foreign Minister Dimitris Drucas shall represent the Government of Greece.
Top officials of the Republic of Srpska led by Prime Minister Milorad Dodik shall come as well as Nikola Spiric, chairing of the BiH Council of Ministers.

The UNMIK Chief Lamberto Zanier, Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister Cvetan Cvetanov, representatives of the Foreign Ministry of Cyprus, advisors to Croatian President Stjepan Mesic and delegation of Slovenian Government shall also attend the ceremony, as well as the Patriarch of the Albanian Orthodox Church, Mitropolitan of the Orthodox Church of the Czech Republic and Slovakia and Daniel, Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church.

The Russian Orthodox Church shall be represented by Philaret, Mitropolitan of Minsk and Exarch of Belaruss. Bishop Irinej is also expecting a high delegation of the Roman Catholic Church. The Pope Benedict XVI has appointed Cardinal Angelo Sodano as his reparesentative at the funeral of Patriarch Pavle.
The Holly Athos monasteries have appointed its official delegation of three archimandrites.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Vangelos Doules calls early politic elections

Chairman of HRUP Vangelos Doules today asked Prime Minister Sali Berisha to be prepared to take place in early politic elections as a result of the inevitable political crisis in Albania.

According to opposition television "Vision Plus", Doule will support the opposition protests that will take place in Tirana and all the country.

Vangelos Doules opposition represents the electorate who represented the Greek Community inside Ononia and HRUP.

Greek Interior Minister Michalis Kristohoidis declares on Greek state TV: In Tirana shops sold goods looted by the violent demonstrations in December last year in Athens
Shared interests foster Belgrade-Tirana ties


While polar opposites regarding Kosovo's independence, Albania and Serbia are forging a closer relationship based on issues of mutual concern, such as EU integration.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Το Αλβανικό μίσος και η Ελληνική αφέλεια

Ανατρίχιασα όταν διάβασα ότι οι ιστοσελίδες Αλβανικών εφημερίδων και τα ηλεκτρονικά σημειωματάρια των Αλβανών είναι γεμάτα από Αλβανικό μίσος. Αυτό έγινε με αφορμή τη δολοφονία ενός Χειμαριώτη ομογενή από έναν Αλβανό 24 χρονών. Οι διαφορές θύματος και θύτη ήταν οικονομικές. Ο δολοφονημένος ήταν εργοδότης του Αλβανού δολοφόνου του. Το έγκλημα ήταν ειδεχθές και αποτρόπαιο, αλλά οι Αλβανοί το θεώρησαν...... ηρωική πράξη και άρχισαν να συμπαρίστανται στον συμπατριώτη τους. Μάλιστα, μερικοί θεώρησαν ότι πρέπει ν’ αναρτηθεί η φωτογραφία του δολοφόνου πλάι σ’ αυτήν του Εθνικού τους ήρωα Καστριώτη. Τα συνθήματα που κατακλύζουν τις ηλεκτρονικές σελίδες και μιλάνε για τον καλύτερο Έλληνα που είναι ο ψόφιος και άλλα ανατριχιαστικά. Είναι γεγονός ότι στην Αλβανία θεωρούν τους Έλληνες ως τους χειρότερους εργοδότες και μιλάνε με τα χειρότερα λόγια. Είναι οι άνθρωποι που τους δεχθήκαμε στη χώρα μας, που χωρίς να μας ρωτήσουν εισέβαλαν στη χώρα μας. Τους δώσαμε δουλειές, πράσινες κάρτες, σχολεία για τα παιδιά τους και τους συμπεριφερθήκαμε με καλoσύνη.
Αλλά ουδείς ασφαλέστερος εχθρός εκ του ευεργετηθέντος αχαρίστου.
Θέλουν να δουν τους Έλληνες νεκρούς. Κατόρθωσαν με τις διώξεις, τις φοβέρες και τους εκβιασμούς ν’ αποψιλώσουν από τη Βόρειο Ήπειρο τους γηγενείς και αυτόχθονες κατοίκους της, που δεν ήταν άλλοι από τους Έλληνες. Ν’ αφήσουν μερικοί ψευτοκουλτουριάρηδες τις αιτιάσεις ότι τους έφερε ο Σαμαράς. Ο Σαμαράς, ως Υπουργός Εξωτερικών, είπε στους Βορειοηπειρώτες: Τώρα, μπορείτε να έρχεστε ελεύθερα στην πατρίδα. Δεν είπε: Αλβανοί, μπείτε στην Ελλάδα κι αλέστε και αλεστικά μη δίνετε. Να σταματήσει αυτό το παραμύθι, όπως και το παραμύθι των Τσάμηδων.
Θυάμιδες είναι αρχαίον Ελληνικόν φύλον που κατοικούσε περί τον Θύαμι (Κάλαμα) ποταμό. Αυτοί το έκαναν Αλβανιστί Τσάμηδες. Δεν κατοικούσαν πριν την Τουρκοκρατία στην περιοχή. Η Ήπειρος από αρχαιοτάτων χρόνων – άπειρος χώρα – εκτεινόταν από του Ακτίου έως του Γενούσου Ποταμού και των Ακροκεραυνίων όρεων. Ήταν μία και ενιαία και όχι διαιρεμένη όπως σήμερα, γιατί έτσι το ήθελαν οι μεγάλοι «φίλοι» μας.
Γιατί έφυγαν οι Τσάμηδες στην Αλβανία, δεν τους συμφέρει να το συζητούν δημόσια. Συνεργάσθηκαν με την Ιταλική Milicia και τη Γερμανική Γκεστάπο και πρόδιδαν τους Έλληνες. Αυτοί είναι υπαίτιοι για την εκτέλεση των 38 προκρίτων της Παραμυθιάς. Το έσκασαν στην Αλβανία που ήταν προτεκτοράτο των Ιταλών για να γλυτώσουν.
Αλλά, αυτοί είναι οι Αλβανοί. Είναι σαν τα φίδια που τα κρατάς στον κόρφο σου τον χειμώνα για να σε φάνε το καλοκαίρι. Απορώ γιατί δεν βρίσκεται κανένας με άντερα να τους τα θυμίσει αυτά, γιατί θεώρησαν τη σιωπή μας αδυναμία.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Alternate FM Droutsas to tour Western Balkans
Μικρότερα γράμματα

Alternate Foreign Minister Dimitris Droutsas will carry out a tour of Western Balkan countries from Wednesday to Friday to promote the political target of European integration for the countries in the region by 2014, a "bold but feasible milestone," according to an announcement by the Foreign Ministry.

Then Mr. Droutsas will visit the capital of Montenegro, Podgorica, where he will meet with the political leadership while that afternoon will go to Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The meetings in Sarajevo will be completed on Friday the 20th morning.

The tour ends with the visit of Deputy Foreign Minister in Tirana on the same day.
In his meetings, o Greek Deputy Foreign Minister will have the opportunity to discuss with the leaders of the Western Balkans the Greek initiative to revitalize the inclusive map of Southeast Europe with Agenda 2014.

The Balkans are a top priority of Greek foreign policy and o political goal of European integration of countries in the region by 2014 is a milestone but bold and feasible. The adoption of this landmark, and the symbolism of completing 100 years after the outbreak of World War II can serve as a catalyst for the European perspective of Western Balkans to follow the strategy adopted in Thessaloniki on the Greek Presidency of the European Union in 2003.

NATO chief urges EU to help with Greece-Turkey disputes


BRUSSELS, Belgium -- NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said on Monday (November 16th) that EU members should help settle disputes between Greece and Turkey that hamper a deal for improving security situation in Afghanistan.

NATO member Turkey is vetoing formal relations between the Alliance and the EU, which prevents NATO from providing protection for EU trainers deployed in Afghanistan. Furthermore, Ankara does not recognise the Greek Cypriot government in Nicosia, although Cyprus is an EU member.

Speaking at a joint meeting of all EU defence and foreign ministers in Brussels, Rasmussen stressed that improving relations between NATO and the EU is a priority for him.

Interew of Vassilios Bollanos to "Ethikos Kiriks" Newspaper

Albanians push FYROM to fix name with Greece

Goodbye FYROM, We are Joint the"New Albania"

Nov 15, 2009

Macedonia’s ethnic Albanians are urging the government to reach a deal with Greece over the name issue that has dogged the two neighbors for the past 18 years, local media reported.

The ethnic Albanian Democratic Union for Integration (DUI), a junior partner in the coalition government, has set a deadline for its senior ethnic partner, the Democratic Party for Macedonian National Unity (VMRO DPMNE), to solve the ongoing spat until December.

Macedonia hopes to get a date from the December EU council to start its EU accession talks, a decision that needs consensus from all 27 member states. Greece, a full member of the EU, threatens to block the move if a solution for the name row is not reached.

Last year, Athens blocked Skopje from entering NATO due to the same reason, insisting that Skopje’s official name, “the Republic of Macedonia,” implies its territorial claims toward Greece’s own northern province, also with the name of Macedonia.

After the blockade, the DUI has given the center-right VMRO DPMNE party a free hand to deal with the name issue. However, the ethnic Albanians have made it clear that their patience will not last forever.

If there is no solution until December, “Albanians will enter NATO and EU without Macedonians,” DUI’s parliament member Rafiz Aliti said Monday, without clarifying whether that would mean that the DUI considers leaving the government or other radical steps.

VMRO DPMNE has so far reacted only by saying it would not succumb to ultimatums when issues of national interest such as the name problem are concerned.

Ethnic Albanians make up a quarter of the two million people living in the western Balkan country. The EU and NATO prospects of the country are seen by observers as the strongest ties that bond the Macedonian majority and the Albanian minority. Without that, some fear the ethnic tensions of the past might return.

Top Pentagon official in Athens

The gamut of Greek-US relations in the defence and global security sectors were on the table of discussions in Athens on Monday between Alternate DM Panos Beglitis and visiting US Assistant Secretary of Defense Alexander Vershbow, with an emphasis on regional developments in the Balkans and SE Europe.

Beyond developments in the wider region, however, the Greek side also reportedly presented the high-ranking US official with statistical evidence pointing to continued Turkish military provocations in the eastern Aegean, with Beglitis emphasising that “we will not tolerate any behaviour by Turkey that continues to violate international treaties and International Law …

“We will not discuss anything if everyone does not accept the reality in the Aegean, which is expressed by International law.”

Speaking later at a press briefing at the US embassy in Athens, Vershbow, a veteran US Foreign Service envoy and former US ambassador to NATO (1998-2001), said that the situation in the eastern Aegean “… is certainly an issue that is of concern to the United States and I think it is of concern to other allies.

We continue to encourage both Greece and Turkey to try to find diplomatic solutions to the problems that have led to some of the tensions surrounding these issues, and surrounding the overflight issue, in particular.”

After Greece, Albania seeks another water Sea conflict with British Government

Albanian Historians, London require them to reopen the issue of the "Corfu Incident" in 1946

Naval mines are placed by order of Enver Hoxha from Yugoslavian warship, while Albania claimed that protect its maritime border.

London publishes confidential reports about its mission warships in the "Corfu Channel", by propagating that "Tirana is istaling a terrorist state, being kidnapped territories which do not belong to her."
EU FMs agree to proceed with Albania's EU membership bid
EU FMs agree to proceed with Albania's EU membership bid

Foreign ministers of the European Union (EU) on Monday agreed to proceed with Albania's bid to become a member of the 27-nation bloc, but it's only the initial step for the country to be formally admitted as a member of the EU.

The next step is for the European Commission, the executive arm of the EU, to decide whether the Balkan country is ready to start the membership talks. After being allowed to start the talks, the country can become an official candidate and then it needs a series of political and economic reforms to meet the standards set by the EU.

In a report released last month, the European Commission has urged Albania and other Western Balkan countries such as Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Montenegro to conduct further political or social reforms in order to come close toward the 27-nation bloc. "The Council reaffirms that the future of the Western Balkans lies in the European Union," said a statement released by the ministers who are convening a two-day meeting here.

"It is noted that a country's satisfactory track-record in implementing its obligations under a Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA), including trade related provisions, is an essential element for the EU to consider any membership application," the statement added.

The EU signed the SAA with Albania on June 12, 2006 and the agreement entered into force on April 1, 2009. And on April 28, 2009, Albanian President Bamir Topi and Prime Minister Sali Berisha presented the country's application for EU membership.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Albanian opposition leaders stage protest


TIRANA, Albania -- Mayors and senior municipal officials in the opposition Socialist Party (SP) protested outside Prime Minister Sali Berisha's office Sunday (November 15th), citing government threats to reduce the authority of local leaders.

SP leader Edi Rama, who is also the mayor of Tirana, slammed Berisha for "systematically striking" local leaders by interfering with their competencies. He invited all Albanians to sign a petition urging Berisha to stop his "anti-democratic, anti-constitutional and anti-legal policies".

Rama also announced a series of conditions the government must meet by December 5th, or face more radical protests.
Greek police arrest prisoner who escaped by helicopter
Europe News

Athens - Greek police on Monday said they have arrested a convicted murderer who escaped from a maximum security prison by helicopter earlier this year.

Officials said Albanian national Alket Rizaj was arrested near the Greek capital Athens following his daring jail break. One of Greece's most notorious criminals, Vassilis Paleokostas, also escaped in the helicopter. He has not been recaptured.

The helicopter landed in the prison yard of Korydallos in February to whisk the two men to freedom. Palaiokostas, 43, was serving a 25-year sentence for the kidnapping of a Greek businessman while Rizai, 35, was serving a life sentence for manslaughter.

The two men had escaped in a similar fashion in 2006 with the help of Vassilis' brother Nikos and were later caught by police in the summer of 2008.

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