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Processs penal for the president of "Omonia" Bollanos urge member of albanian parliament,when the President of HRUP Evangelos Doules sends message to Tirana: "DON`T TUCH THE GREEK MINORITY"

Tirana. Members of albanian parliament particolarly part of minorance groups called yesterday the albanian authority to take under arrest the President of the Greek Politic Organisation "Omonia" Vassilis Bollanos.

According to geopolitic analists the clima after the declaration of Omonia for six point conditions to the greek parliament for agreement stabilisation process of Albania to joint to EU, is becoming one of most national albanian rethoric since the agravation of the relations of 1994 beetwen Athens and Tirana.

The orientation of the albanian media to the albanian nationalism began with the declaration of PM Sali Berisha who called the requests of Omonia as "Extremism rethoric" which composes the consecuenses of a situation instabille regarding the relations between greeks and albanian.

MP Spartak Ngjela called the albanian authorities to arest the mayor of Himara and president of the greeks of albania Vassilis Bollanos when spoken for individual attacks against Bollanos noting: "if the government does not make the costitutional obligations against Bollano, I call every albanian to make any duty towars national interests to Bollano and others" said Ngjela.

Imediate has been the reaction of the HRUP Evangelos Doules, which called the albanian politic "to have attention" their declarates accussing the albanian extremist as "very dangerous for the relations between Athens and Tirana".


For the analists its very interesing the "albanian pragmatism" but also very dangerous to understand the apmlification of albanian propaganda against the greek minority and the human rights to the demonisation of the greek factor in Albania. The foreign obsservers are investigating a similar proces both in FYROM, but in Albania the agressive national rethoric and hate is target no to the greek investiments but to the leader the Greek Ethnic Minority.

The target adreesed to Vassilis Bollanos and the demonisation of the greek factor is linked geopoliticaly firstly for the riots and protests in Greece, which is considering as "Albania of 1997 by albanian media" and second for the "albanian national cause" to protect every efforts to divide albanian territory by anemies serbs and greeks.

Annyway Tirana is waiting for ratification from the greek parliament tow mostly important decision of the modern history , joint to NATO and the agreement stabilisation process with EU, when the albanian economy is totalny linked with greek investiments and albanian emigrants in greece.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fears of New Ethnic Conflict in Bosnia

The New York Times

SARAJEVO, Bosnia and Herzegovina — Thirteen years after the United States brokered the Dayton peace agreement to end the ferocious ethnic war in the former Yugoslavia, fears are mounting that Bosnia, poor and divided, is again teetering toward crisis.

On the surface, this haunted capital, its ancient mosques and Orthodox churches still pocked by mortar fire, appears to be enjoying a renaissance. Young professionals throng to stylish cafes and gleaming new shopping malls while the muezzin heralds the morning prayer.

The ghosts of Srebrenica linger — recalling the worst massacre in Europe since World War II — but Sarajevans prefer to talk about President-elect Barack Obama or the global financial crisis.

Albania now pulling its 218 troops out of Iraq

TIRANA, Albania (AP) — Albania's Defense Ministry says the country is pulling its 218 troops out of Iraq. Albanian troops have been serving in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul since 2003.

Defense Ministry spokeswoman Albana Mustafaraj said Thursday the unit has ended its mission and will return home. She said Defense Minister Gazmend Oketa participated in a ceremony in Mosul where the Albanian flag was lowered.

Albania also has small army units in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Chad. The predominantly Muslim nation was invited to join NATO in April and expects to become a full member next year.

Himara - Χειμάρρα - Chimera: In Video from ERT 3#links#links#links

Himara - Χειμάρρα - Chimera: In Video from ERT

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The "Kakomea Issue"

The villagers of Nivitsa, Lukovo Municipality, lost the "Tribunal Battle" with Government, based under the falls history of Albanian State.

The most important chapter of the Tribunal Decision of Tirana to favorise the Government was the historic issue and the origin of documents of villagers.

The Tribunal of Tirana, considers Albanian State before invasion of Ottoman Empire, after the Nivitsa community presented the old origin document of Ottoman Period as owners of Kakomea before the Independence of Albanian State of 1912.
See more original text in Albania.
The Newspaper "ETHNOS"


Not only on the national road Himara - Saranda, but also on the Christian Churches of the region of Himara are written national slogans against the religion sentiments of the population of the zone.

"A dangerous-climate is created in Southern Albania, (Northern Epirus) and especially in Himara. Last week, the Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha condemned as «extremist rhetoric» the declaration of the Mayor Himara (and chairman of the "Omonoia", the Greek politic organization in Albania) Vassilis Bolanos, to the Albanian media, which asked the Greek government not to approve the Agreement Association of Albania with the EU", notet the greek newspaper "ETHNOS".

According to Albanian press referring to the Omonias six points, Mr. Bolanos as president of the Greek Organisation addressed Tirana the constitutional requirement to recognize the Autonomy of Northern Epirus, including a large territory in southern Albania where the Greeks are in majority.

The national rhetoric started by MP Berisha calling as extremist the President of the Greeks of Albania Vassilis Bollanos, has raised continuing a national campain movement in Albania firstly from the media, which is observing by geopolitics experts as critic faze very dangerous to inspire paramilitary groups such happened in Kakomea last month, to confront seriously with the population of the area inhabited in majority from Greeks.

One year ago a christian orthodox Church in Himara called "Saint Pandelimon" has been destructed with explosive by persons unknown from Albanian authorities, when the most dangerous incident is signed month ago in Himara Town known by experts as terrorist act killing a resident with Greek origin.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Vote on Albania Lustration Bill Postponed

Tirana 16 December 2008

Sali BerishaAlbania’s parliament has postponed a vote on a lustration bill on senior administration figures, which has come under harsh criticism by the US, the opposition and interest groups.

The voting of the bill was postponed by the majority on Monday to make way for the new amendments. The United States embassy in Tirana criticised the bill on Tuesday and ask for more debate with the assistance of international experts.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Obama's basketball pal for governor?
2010 Close ties could give Giannoulias an edge

Photo: State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias (left) was with President-elect Barack Obama on Election Day. They got acquainted while shooting hoops at the University of Chicago. Obama backed his primary bid for treasurer.

State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, a protege of President-elect Barack Obama, is gearing up to run for governor in 2010, sources close to Giannoulias say.

Giannoulias has stepped up fund-raising and hopes support from the African-American community will give him an advantage over the other big-name candidate angling to run in the Democratic primary: Attorney General Lisa Madigan.



While Greece is passing a hard period by strikes and riots, the Greek President Carolos Papulias sends strong message to the Greek people. "The time in Balkan Region is to be united for Greek national interests".
Meeting in Athens with Bolano - Ntoule
With lot of interest and a good patriotic climate held the open debate organized by the Northern epiriotic Associations in Athens with the President of OMONOIAS, Vassilis Bolanos and chairman of HRUP, Evangelos Ntoules.

The discussion was moderated by journalist and former MP Sophia Voultepsi. Members also attended the PASOK MP Michalis Pantoulas, Athanasios Plevrios of MP LAOS and who always honored such events. The northern epiriotes associations in Athens through their representatives stressed once again their full support to the twin-OMONIA KEAD.

Proposal to create common agenda and more frequent contact with the presidency of OMONOAS-KEAD made by the chairman of Ne.V, Efi Seliou. During the meeting where present member of the greek parliament from ND, PASOK and LAOS.

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See video by investigative TV Channel in Greece: