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March 21, 2008

Friday, March 21, 2008


The Albanian opposite continues to intensify the popular request for resignation of Prime Minister Sali Berisha accused for corruption and responsibility of dangerous situation that the country is passing to the new destabilization. NATO needs more troops to be guaranteed the peace and stability of the country.

Today, again the opposite has called the Albanian people to protest in capital, Tirana against the indifference of Prime Minister Sali Berisha, accused for corruption and responsible for Gardeci massacre, after the blast of Military Base near Tirana, where dead 30 persons and other 300 injured.

The Prime Minister Berisha continues to head the Albanian government under the strong pressing of Albanian media, opposition and large opinion particularly in southern of Albania known as supporters of Socialist Party in opposite.

Also today, the President Bamir Topi, headed a special meeting of Albanian National Security saying for any responsibility of the massacre to be inqiuried by Albanian Attorney.

Anywhere, in a decisive moment when Albania is wanting to joint to NATO alliance previsted for next April in Bucharest, the corruption inside Defense Ministry has opened a new big scandal between Washington and Tirana. According to the press, there is directly including the son of Berisha as member of corruption clan which has prohibited an US enterprise to have the right of a military agreement with Albanian authorities to buy Albanian munitions financed by Pentagon.

Seeing the escalation destabilization in Albania, NATO had previsted months ago, to raise the NATO troops in Albanian territory, requesting Albanian government to change the article 12 of Albanian constitution which prohibits the foreign military presence without authorization of Parliament (over 2500 troops).

According to analysis, there are many possibilities that the Albanian stability to lost the control between the government headed by Sali Berisha and politically opposition headed by Edi Rama if the request of opposite for resignation of Prime Minister Berisha to be not realized. The consequences of a new confrontation between northern and southern population such was the Civil War of 1997, would be deviated taking in consideration by more presence of NATO troops if soon as possible the primary objective of NATO for the moment is to raise the troops in Albanian territory.

The Albanian economy is going to high inflation and more of 35% of population live under poverty level. Another risk of destability is the interruption of international football activity of Albania after decisions of FIFA and UEFA where often the matches of national football team, became arena of Albanian nationalism to demonstrate the aspirations inside national stadium.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Photo: The northern epiriotes protest in Athens.

The Greek Ethnic Minority as usually reference of Greek mythic proverb as “Friendly Bridge” between Athens and Tirana.

Bakogianis visits Tirana in a moment very critic for the stability of Albania, after the blast of Albanian military base near capital Tirana. During the meeting with Albanian counterpart Lulezim Basha, nothing has moved about traditionally relations of tow countries. Bakogianis said that “Greece supports the NATO membership of Albania in Bucharest Summit, calling Albania to do mach more efforts for its goals”.

For the Kosovo independence, Bakogianis said: “Athens will not recognize Kosovo independence now, seeing the developments in the region on the bases of the national interests of Greece”.

When Albanian Foreign Minister Basha said for the good relations of Greece as important investitor in Albanian economy, accepted to welcome the old closed discussion of Greek solders cemeteries of WWC, to opens of Greek schools of the Greek minority and for the rights of proprieties of Albanian citizens in Greece based according to laws and Greek legislation.

Note: Since 1986 begining with Karolos Papulias, all the Greek foreign ministers who have visited Albania, have interpreted the rights of the Greek Ethnic Minority as reference of Greek mythic proverb as “Friendly Bridge” between Athens and Tirana. While in State Department the Northern Epirus is became important issue after Kosovo Independence, Athens shows “the last comedy” with Madam Bakogianis visit in Tirana.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Blast in Albania, reaction of State Departament
Daily Press Briefing Index
Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Briefer: Tom Casey, Deputy Spokesman


U.S. Condolences for Those Injured in Explosion at Arms Depot
Resignation of Defense Minister an Internal Matter for Albanians to Address.

QUESTION: (Lambros Papantoniou). On Albania. Mr. Casey, anything to say about the tragic explosion in Albania before yesterday causing 15 deaths, 13 missings and 300 injured? And Defense Minister Fatmir Mediu resigned yesterday instead of Prime Minister Sali Berisha, who is guilty according to the entire Albanian press.

MR. CASEY: Well, first of all, we express our condolences to those who were injured in this attack and to the families of those who lost their lives -- sorry, in this explosion. This was an incident that occurred at an arms depot in Albania. As far as I know, while investigators are still looking into this, this is not something that occurred as the result of a deliberate act or an attack, though again, I would leave it to the Albanian authorities to provide details on that.

In terms of the political implications and the resignation of the Defense Minister, obviously, these are internal matters for the Albanian Government to respond to and to deal with. Certainly, though, it’s important that efforts be made to make sure that these kinds of facilities are secure so that the kinds of incidents that we saw don’t happen.

I do know and I should note, too, that the United States, through the U.S. Agency for International Development, did provide some medical and other kinds of assistance to the Albanian Government to try and help them deal and support some of the injured there.



SKOPIE NESWPAPER "VECER" Calls for greater albania


Monday, March 17, 2008

Albania's Defence Minister resigned

15 body troops dead, 13 missing and 300 injured.

15 bodies have been found and another 13 workers and villagers remained missing Sunday, authorities said.

Health Minister Nard Ndoka said nearly 300 people were injured, including children, and more than 50 remained hospitalized. Eight are in serious condition and are to be transported to Italy for treatment.

Rescuers found three charred bodies in the army depot and the body of a woman in a nearby house Sunday. U.S. soldiers were helping in the rescue effort, and Danish and Norwegian troops also were expected.

Albanian Specialist anunce that more 21 deposite are very high risck to explode if they are not under "strong sorveliance" said the albanian press.

The Deffensse Minister Fatmir Mediu resigned today called for patience and silence. Albanian stabillity is passing a dangerus period last ten days, while the government anunced that more 95% of albanians want the country joing NATO alliance.