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Berisha condemns Amhedinejad's declaration

Berisha condemns Amhedinejad's declaration
In the midst of a strong verbal conflict between Israel and Iran, and the possibilities for a further attack between them, the Prime Minister of Albania has condemned the recent declaration of the Iranian President, Mahmud Ahmedinejad, against the existence of Israel.

Berisha declared that Ahmedinejad is a real threat for the peace in Middle East and considers him a successor of Hitler based on the way he despises the Jewish people.

“With his last declaration, that there will be no place for Israel in the Middle East, the President of Iran showed that he shares the same ideologies with Hitler about the Jewish people and their nation”, Berisha declared.

Berisha said that his stance is an increasing threat for peace and stability in Middle East and all over the world.

“The Nazi and paranoid declarations of Ahmedinejad are a real appeal for stopping at any cost the nuclear program of Iran, as one of the major dangers of the world peace”, the Albanian Prime Minsiter declared.

Youth Albanian in protest against demolition of Museum House, of Korica Autonomous Republic

Youth in protest against demolition of Museum House

The protest was about a reaction against the loss and destruction of the city values.

“The House of the Flag was intentionally demolished under the administration’s nose”, the young protesters say.

Korce, Municipality to rebuild Autonomous Republic House

The loss of another culture monument in Korce has brought the reaction of the Municipality, saying that Mayor Niko Peleshi has expressed the readiness of the Municipality to reconstruct this museum house and return it to the city, with the Municipality’s funds.

The Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports has received the request for allowing the Municipality to reconstruct the house where the flag of Independent Korca was raised, so that they can have it ready on November 28th as a historical and cultural part of the city.

The Municipality has also filed a report at the Korce Prosecution, which  is now investigating to find the persons that brought the building down.

In this house, Themistokli Germenji declared Korca independent on 16 December 1916, but it was destroyed yesterday with heavy vehicles. The loss of such a value was strangely followed by the silence of the owners, some of them are also constructors.

“Kosovo recognition is unacceptable for Serbia”

ŠTRPCE -- Serbian government’s Office for Kosovo Aleksandar Vulin said in Štrpce on Friday that the recognition of Kosovo was unacceptable for Serbia.
Aleksandar Vulin
Aleksandar Vulin
“Serbian state officials will meet with legitimate Albanian representatives,” he added.
“Kosovo is not really a state, but there are the legitimate representatives of the Albanian population, and we will talk and negotiate with them,” Vulin said.

Vulin stressed that the international community must understand that it was time to take responsibility for the power it had in Kosovo.

“With the utmost indignation, we hear daily reports of attacks, beatings, attempted murders, and murder of our returnees, and we cannot understand that the international community and all those who took responsibility for the overall life in Kosovo cannot deliver a single grain of justice,” he pointed out.

Vulin stressed that the Office for Kosovo insisted on increasing the safety and security of all people in the southern province. He will continue his visit to Kosovo on Saturday by visiting Velika Hoča, Orahovac and the Žočište monastery.
In Albanian opinion, appearing for the first time, the existence of independent republics
Autonomous Republic of Korca, put questions about the future of European Albania 
 Albanian public, show indifference to the autonomy of Korica, while nationalist emotions dismisses for the Northen Epirus Autonomy, and Himara
 It seems, for the 100th anniversary of independence, in 28 November, in Albania, will be celebrated historical events are also some related to autonomy within that territory. At least four autonomous republics, have been found within territory to Albania until 1939, The Autonomous Republic of Mirdita, The autonomous Republic of Korica, The Autonomous Republic of Northern Epirus (The Corfu Protocol) and the Autonomy of Himara.

see the reaction of the Albanian opinion.

File:Sacred Band Korica.JPG
Epirote Forces 'Sacred Bands' in Koryca

Autonomus Republic of Coric from wekipedia:Autonomous Republic of Korca EnglishFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to: navigation, searchThis is a good article. Click here for more information.Autonomous Republic of Korca EnglishAlbanian Republic Korce1916-1920FlagCapital KorceLanguage (s) EnglishGovernment Not specifiedPrefect of Police [1] Themistokli GërmenjiLegislature members of local government 14History
- Protocol Signed Between the French Colonel Descoins and a group of Albanian Leaders. December 10, 1916
- French army left Korca. June 15, 1920Currency Korce francsThe Autonomous Republic of Korca English (English: Autonomous Republic Albanian Korca) Was established in an Autonomous state 1916, by the local French forces, After the city of Korca Fell under theire control, during World War I and lasted till 1920.Due to Developments in the Macedonian Front of World War I the city of Korca under French control Cham (1916-20). During this time representatives of Korca and 14 French Colonel Signed a protocol Descoins proclaimed the Autonomous Albanian That Republic of Korca under the Military Protection of the French army and with Themistocles as prefect of Police Gërmenji. [2] [3]The new authorities nor the official English Introduced language and Greek schools with Albanian Replaced ones, Which Were forbidden during the Greek Administration of the city. [4] [5] There Was Also a French school in Korce, and one of Its many Was Students Enver Hoxha, [6] WHO Was apprentice (1927-1930) and then teacher (1937-1939). [7] He later Would Become First Secretary of the the Albanian Party of Labour, serving from 1941 until 1985 in the historic death. [ 6]

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Albanian historian of modern times Kristo Frasheri, featuring doubts about the act of declaration of independence
Frasheri: I am convinced that there is an official document declaration of independence of Albania in 1912
In the 100th anniversary of the independence of Albania, still missing its original document

The declaration of Kristo Frasheri , given to VOA Albanian Section
"Professor Frashëri! You mentioned the celebrations in 1937 for the 25th anniversary of independence. That year was published document independence, a reproduction that you spread people then many copies ...
There was postcard or leaflet. Self declaration of independence was reproduced in zinkografinë of the time, very clean, very clear, but with a shortage. I do not know why it happened to absence. Act of Declaration of Independence filled two pages of paper, front and prapashpinën her. Nxuri signatories not all first page. Some of them have signed the document prapashpinën. This site does not Lef Nosi published. For what reason does not know. Perhaps it deemed impossible, or unnecessary. I do not believe there were political reasons, because those who signed the act are behind his friends.
Perhaps unable happened mixture of time?
Perhaps the impossibility mixture of time, or perhaps not take the place, he wanted to publish the declaration of independence at the picture of the participants in the meeting. Near text in a bigger picture is collectively all persons who declared independence. In the picture are also those who signed the letter back, and photographic reproduction of the first page of the document are not naturally firms. In that publication lacks Well, back page that holds an independence firms men.
So I've been careful in this paper my notes to everyone who participated. There are two types of participants, participants who arrived the day of the announcement and signed. Secondly, there were some participants who day late because the situation more complicated. Balkan war was still in its vlagën. And third, a 2-3 refused to sign its because they disagreed with the declaration of independence. They took part in the meeting of the declaration of independence, but did not sign."

See more in Albanian:

Schroeder, Chatzimarkakis Want Greek-Bashing To Stop

Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder wants German critics to lay off Greece. (AFP PHOTO DDP/AXEL SCHMIDT)
Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, and a German Member of Parliament of Greek descent, Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, have called for politicians in their country to stop criticizing Greece’s effort to get out of its economic mess and to be pushed out of the Eurozone if it fails to rein in its deficit and staggering debt.
Germany’s Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schaeuble, and Economy Minister Phillip Roesler, have been roughing up Greece as of late with each new criticism harsher than the one before, and Schroeder and Chatzimarkakis said it’s time to stop as it’s poisoning relations between the countries. Germany is the biggest contributor to two bailouts to Greece totaling $325 billion and German Chancellor Angela Merkel made sure that tough austerity measures were attached, infuriating Greeks who’ve had their pay cut, taxes hiked and pensions slashed.
Schroeder accused Roesler and other of trying to make political gains in Germany by victimizing Greece. “This is totally wrong, I hope Chancellor [Angela] Merkel will make it clear that this is not acceptable,” he said in an interview Germany’s ARD TV. “This stance is putting at risk Europe’s future and the Greeks do not deserve this treatment,” he added.
Schroeder earlier, during an interview with the Greece’s state TV, NET,  urged Berlin to show more solidarity with Greece. “Germany has proven its solidarity (with Greece,) but I was hoping for more,” Schroeder said in comments from the southeastern Greek island of Kos, where he said he was on holiday to show support for Greeks. “If Greece moves forward with its reforms, it must be given more time,” the former German leader added.
Schroeder said the negative comments about Greece were “not conducive to the European idea and will not help the euro,” he said. “Above all, I hope that what I call Greece-bashing stops.” Former Prime Minister George Papandreou reportedly called Schroeder to thank him for his comments.
Chatzimarkakis told Skai TV that leaders of the other 16 countries in the Eurozone who use the euro as a currency should stop piling on as well and an unfairly blaming Greece for the economic bloc’s problems. “Germany is looking for a scapegoat, someone it can punish and Greece is the victim,” said Chatzimarkakis, a member of the pro-business Free Democratic Party (FDP) led by Roesler.
Chatzimarkakis wondered why Greece was the center of attention, when its debt represents less than 3 percent of the total owed by Eurozone countries. Last month, the MEP challenged Roesler after he speculated about a Greek euro exit. Chatzimarkakis slammed Roesler’s comments as “reckless” and pondered: “What planet does he live on?”

Outgoing ambassador: Serbia is different country now

BELGRADE -- Your country is today different than when I first came here, says outgoing German Ambassador Wolfram Maas.
Wolfram Maas (FoNet, file)
Wolfram Maas (FoNet, file)
“The political stability is better and the change of the ruling majority is an evidence of maturity,” he added.
Maas will after five years in Belgrade go to Belarus.

He said he was satisfied with his results in Serbia, stressing that Germany had invested EUR 1.5bn in Serbia during his mandate, which was 50 percent more than earlier.

“Even though we first had an economic crisis and then the debt crisis in the EU, we have had a constant growth in investments. Besides, German business circles see Serbia as an investment destination,” Maas said.

He stressed that the Serbian political scene had developed and that the country’s main priority was further EU integration, adding that a national consensus had been reached on the issue.

When asked whether Priština’s threats that it would stop the negotiations with Belgrade would affect Serbia's EU integration, Maas said that it was an obligation of both Belgrade and Priština to find a reasonable solution.

“The European Council’s conclusions from last December are very clear. Neither side can expect progress in the European agenda without readiness for a dialogue. I am optimistic about the continuation of the dialogue. Frankly, you do not have an alternative. You are neighbors, whether you like it or not and the EU has a strong interest to have a stable and prosperous region and this is possible only if all countries in the region find a way to have normal relations and to cooperate,” the outgoing ambassador stressed.

Commenting on combat against corruption, Maas said that it was necessary since it was costing Serbia a lot.

“Everything that is taken that way is in the end taken from the citizens,” he concluded.
US Ambassador: Today's Secret Service, not like '90s

Arvizu: Today's Secret Service, not like '90s
After a meeting that lasted more than 60 minutes with the opposition leader, Edi Rama, the US Ambassador, Alexander Arvizu, commented for the first time the replacement of the Secret Service Director, Bahri Shaqiri, when he was asked by Top Channel about the US position on this development.

The US diplomat gave maximal evaluations for the work done by Bahri Shaqiri, the discharged Director.

“The US sincerely owes Mr. Shaqiri for the characterized relations. According to the US perspective, he was a determined partner and helped building a strong cooperation between our services. We are very grateful for this. As regards his replacement, we think the changes are good, because a state official must not stay too long in one duty”, Arvizu declared.

Arvizu underlined that there were no preliminary consultations with the Prime Minister or President Nishani for the replacement of Bahri Shaqiri with Visho Ajazi. Arvizu sent a clear message not only to the new Secret Service Director when he said that the Albanian intelligence service today is not like the 90s, when Ajazi was part of it.

“What’s important, according to the US perspective, we have received guarantee from the Prime Minister and other people that the strong institutional cooperation with the Secret Service and the US will continue, and we are grateful for this. This is very important for our bilateral relations and also for the region. It is very important for the Secret Service to advance. We have worked a lot to develop this institution and make it be where it is today”, Arvizu declared.

“As regards the new Director, I haven’t met him yet but I will meet him after the holidays. I can say that he has inherited a much different institution from the one that was in the ‘90s. Today it is not the SHIK of the ‘90s, but the Secret Service of 2012. Albania was not a NATO member at that time, and this is very important for the Secret Service Director, as it was for Mr. Shaqiri. Being a NATO member is critically important for the Secret Service that will hold an activity with the continuity of Albania’s status as a NATO member”, the ambassador underlined.

During this Friday morning, Arvizu met the Albanian President, Bujar Nishani, and Prime Minister Sali Berisha, to who he presented his vice ambassador, Henry Jardine. Arvizu confirmed that during these they also discussed about the replacement of the Secret Service Director.

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Samaras Readies to Visit Merkel, Hollande to Make Greece’s Case

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’ brief summer vacation is just about over
Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, struggling to get a consensus in his shaky coalition government for another $14.16 billion in cuts and austerity measures he’d vowed to avoid, will take his case to German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin on Aug. 24. The next day he will visit French President Francois Hollande.
Before that, Samaras was scheduled to meet in Athens with Jean-Claude Juncker, chief of the Eurozone, the 17 countries that, including Greece, use the euro as a currency, and try to convince him that Greece is doing all it can to bring down its fiscal deficit.
Germany is Europe’s largest contributor to a first series of $152 billion in rescue loans for Greece and a second bailout of $173 billion that is on hold until Samaras makes more budget cuts and administers more reforms, although he reportedly will ask Greece’s lenders – the Troika of the European Union-International Monetary Fund-European Central Bank (EU-IMF-ECB) for a two-year extension to meet the fiscal targets it has set.
The pay cuts, tax hikes and slashed pensions the Troika insisted upon have worsened a five-year-long recession, putting 1.15 million people out of work and shrinking the economy by 6.2 percent in the second quarter. The Troika also wants Greece to start repaying its second bailout – if it’s released at all – in 2016, but Samaras wants that pushed back to 2020.
He will have a hard sell as many senior members in Merkel’s ruling Christian Democratic Union (CDU) have lost patience with what they said is Greece’s unwillingness to make reforms and they want the bailouts to stop and for Greece to leave the Eurozone. A Greek government official told Reuters that, “Our priority is to regain our credibility by showing our determination.” Hollande, elected on the same day in June that Samaras’ New Democracy Conservative party also won, but without enough of the vote, forcing him to form a coalition, has said that Greece has no choice but to administer more austerity although he campaigned on an anti-austerity platform.
When he returns, Samaras will find a hostile domestic audience as he tries to prepare Greeks, already crushed by austerity measures, that he’s going to put more on them, although he said during his campaign ahead of the June 17 elections that he would not. Samaras and his reluctant partners, the PASOK Socialists of Evangelos Venizelos and the Democratic Left of Fotis Kouvelis, under recently promised Greeks there would be no more pay cuts, tax hikes and slashed pensions but the government is set to deliver more deep cuts in pensions.
Berlin insists that Athens honor its pledges but was open to discussion, German government spokesman Steffen Seibert told reporters. Asked about a two-year extension, he said: “The Chancellor will of course first listen to what Mr. Samaras has to say about the situation in Greece and about the implementation of its program. For her, as for the rest of the German government, the agreed memorandum of understanding which sets out what the Greeks must achieve and which remains valid for us, forms the basis for working together with or helping Greece.”
But even if he gets the extension, Samaras’ government then would have to raise from $24.6-$61.7 billion but said it would not ask the Troika for assistance. Reuters said EU officials are working out a “last chance” for Greece to reduce its staggering $460 billion debt and bring its deficit, now at 9.1 percent, to 3 percent within two years, a goal many analysts said cannot be achieved.
Arben Xhaferri's funeral

Arben Xhaferri's funeral
Thousands of citizens have given the last farewell to the founder of the Democratic Party, Arben Xhaferri.

The last homage were paid at the Albanian Democratic Party headquarters. The procession continued to the main square of Tetovo, where citizens joined the crowd to honor the Albanian political and intellectual.

Thousands of citizens were present, together with high rank politicians from Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo.

The Cultural Palace in Kosovo held a ceremony where was commemorated the life and the works of Arben Xhaferri. The leader of the Albanian Democratic Party, Menduh Thaci, declared that with the death of Xhaferri died a great Albanian heart in Macedonia.

“It’s true what I have always said. This is the first text that I am writing on my own. All further text that I have read in public have been written by Arben Xhaferri. Speaking about Arben Xhaferri in these difficult moments for everyone might be difficult, because his life speaks for him, his work, his devotion and vision that he had for the Albanians wherever they live. The love and respect of Arben Xhaferri leave marks in our hearts and thoughts. He will always be in my heart, the heart of the Albanian Democratic Party and the heart of all Albanians”, declared the leader of the Albanian Democratic Party almost in tears.

With the death of Arben Xhaferri, his family has lost a guide while the Albanians have lost their reference point, declared Vjosa Xhaferri, the niece of the late. “No one more than us, your close people, know your idealism. You were among the people who gave more than they took, same as the renaissance men but in another period. Together with your family today are the friends, the collaborators and the politicians”.

The former leader of the Democratic Party of Albania, Arben Xhaferri, died this Wednesday after a cerebral hemorrhage.

He was treated at the Neurology Clinic of Skopje for seven days and even underwent a special treatment, but without success. E commemorative meeting was held at the Tetovo Palace of Culture, while the funeral was held at 13:30.

Xhaferri was born in Tetovo on 24 January 1948. He graduated in the Tetovo high school and the Belgrade University. He has worked until 1990 at the Prishtina Radio Television for the cultural program.

He was elected for the first time as MP in the second Parliamentary elections in Macedonia, as leader of the Democratic Party. In 2001 he was among the figures who signed the Ochrid Agreement. Xhaferri has been considered as one of the biggest Albanian intellectuals.

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Serbs should create joint policy, RS president says

BANJA LUKA -- Republic of Srpska (RS) President Milorad Dodik has said that a joint Serb policy for the region should be created.
Milorad Dodik (Tanjug, file)
Milorad Dodik (Tanjug, file)
He added that protection of Serb interests would be the topic of his meeting with Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić in Banja Luka in September.
"A story has come up, that there are Montenegrin Serbs, Bosnian Serbs, Croatian Serbs and who knows what other types of Serbs. It is essentially one people - the Serbs. I am not a Bosnian Serb," Dodik told RTRS on Tuesday.

He stressed that the voice of RS had to be acknowledged in all international appearances by Bosnia-Herzegovina.

"RS has to have its say, otherwise Bosnia-Herzegovina cannot survive. If the policy of ignoring RS prevails, we have nothing to wait for here. These people have nothing to wait for," Dodik stated.

He described the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina as shackles when talking about Bosnia-Herzegovina's EU integration, explaining that RS was moving forward much faster.

According to Dodik, it is not relevant that member of the European Parliament Hannes Swoboda claimed there could not be two paths towards the EU.

Swoboda, a social democrat from Austria, said the ideas about separate paths for RS and the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina were pure fantasy that would never come true and did not contribute to progress.

President Papoulias Booed at Assumption Church in Arta

Greek President Karolos Papoulias – as he was at other Greek holidays as the government is cutting back people’s pay, raising taxes and slashing pensions during an economic crisis – was booed again at a public appearance, this time at the religious ceremonies at the Koimisis tis Theotokou (Assumption) Church in Theotokio, Arta, on Aug. 15, where churchgoers had gathered to celebrate Virgin Mary’s Day.
They reacted furiously when they saw Papoulias enter and verbally assaulted him, and police had to arrest one elderly person who would not stop shouting at him. One yelled: “You convicted the people to death!” The President remained calm and did not react and stayed until the end of the service.
Speaking to reporters later, he ignored what had happened and said only that, “It’s a great day for Orthodox Christianity. It’s a day of faith and hope that we can – in unity – overcome this crisis and better days will come for the tested Greek people.” Although his office is mostly symbolic and he has no real powers, he made no mention of plans by the new coalition government headed by Prime Minister Antonis Samaras to impose another wave of austerity measures on beleaguered Greeks, including a 50% reduction in the lump sum retirees are supposed to receive and further pension cuts and measures against the poor.
Himara, Guma ceremony, the Deputy of Golden Down: Here is the Greek Land

Albanian Newspaper

But the Greek PM, Kristo Papa, declared that it has one Epirus, although, one it is free and one, is still occupied

For the Albanian newspapers, calling this declaration as a historical scandal

In commemoration of Aristotel Guma. "The Albanian newspaper" reveals footage where Greek Parliament deputy, issued  by Christo Papa in Himara. The Member of the neo-Nazi party "Golden Dawn", has been present at the ceremony held on 12 August in the coastal town.

He has used this opportunity to declare that Himara is Greek land and that the mainland is one. "In many cases say that the blood must blood be the last and wish to be so, but this land, Himara Greek soil, has shown ever and ever that there are always heroes, and always gives her sons best sacrifice for freedom ", - said before the tomb, of Aristotel Guma, the Greek member parliament.

see more the reaction ofcomments linked with article on Gazeta Shqiptare
latest news
300 boys and girls from the Himara Region, serving to the Greek special forces

But they are concerning for their properties attacked by the Albanian Mafia

like Greek special forces to be educated, since 20 years, mostly serving in Corfu

Even this
year, the Greek government has granted 100 scholarships for students from Northern Epirus, to continue military academies in Greece

"We are concerned with our families and properties in Himara," said a boy to SManalysin, who came in his house, in Himara, for holiday, which serves Greek special forces intervention in Corfu.

But he does not hide the fact that hundreds of boys and girls from The Himara Region for 20 years in a row, like the educated in military academies in Greece, the fact that today they constitute about 300 police and military, mainly in the Greek Navy's special forces.

But in the conversations between their concern is the fact of installation of the Mafia in the Himara Region, which constitutes the greatest concern of these 100 years history. Neither at the time of Enver Hoxha dictatorship, The Himara region has suffered so much, is grab the properties with the help of the Albanian state, said another citizen from Himara immigrants in Greece.

La Repubblica Says “Germans Bid Adieu to Greece”

Germany is pushing Greece toward an exit from the Eurozone of the 17 countries that use the euro, the Italian newspaper La Repubblica has reported, fueling speculation that despite bailouts Greece’s economy cannot be saved.
“Germans are about to say adieu to Athens while big banks and political parties regard the Grexit quite possible, ” the paper reported. La Repubblica’s correspondent in Berlin wrote that, “German politicians suggest that Greece is an already lost cause and ask the European Central Bank to support common currency in compliance with Bundesbank demands and avoid buying weaker countries’ bonds.”
The report continued that that high-level bankers have begun working on a plan focused on following 12 to 18-month-long developments and that, “‘Bavarian vultures’ policy towards Greece, that is trying to prevent other countries from following in Greece’s footsteps, and to punish Greeks, appears as a threat for everyone right now. For some ‘vultures,’ their victory in the 2013 German elections is totally worth a Grexit.” The report concluded that German conservative politicians often refer to a possible new powerful currency, a German-Dutch version.
Greece is under pressure from international lender to make another $14.16 billion in cuts and impose more austerity measures to insure the continuance of bailouts that are propping up the country’s economy, which is staggering under $460 billion in debts, and as the new coalition government of Conservative New Democracy Prime Minister Antonis Samaras faces the prospect of social unrest as it prepares more Draconian measures for Greek workers, pensioners and the poor.
(Source: Proto Thema)
Archbishop of Albania, Dr Anastasios of Tirana, calling for unity in the day of Saint Mary, in Drymades of Himara

Except, Christian holidays, the Archbishop Janullatos, urged Orthodox believers, to protect family and the community assets.

Archbishop Janullatos to himariot people:"Are many outside forces, to robbing our riches and properties, ranging from the Monastir here, but we must resist. Remember that you did resist to the dictatorships stronger, so you should arrange unity, and you have to win over evil. "

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"Talks with Priština to be raised to higher level"

BELGRADE -- Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić stated on Tuesday in Belgrade that the ongoing Belgrade-Priština talks "will be taken to a higher level".
The new negotiating team will take over full responsibility for further resolution of the situation in Kosovo and Metohija, he said during his meeting with Austria's outgoing ambassador to Serbia, Clemens Koja.
Koja expressed support for Serbia's efforts to continue the negotiating process with representatives of the interim authorities in Priština, reads a press release isszed by the president's press service.

Nikolić received a farewell visit from Ambassador Koja, who voiced belief that Serbia has future in the European Union and supported Belgrade's efforts to continue talks with Priština.

The Austrian ambassador also pointed to historical ties "between Europe and Serbia", and added that Austria will keep supporting reforms on Serbia's EU path, said the statement.
RBA: Albanian border should not be touched
Top Channel TV

RBA: Albanian border should not be touched
The Red and Black Alliance reacted after the declarations of the Foreign Minister, Edmond Panariti, for the TAP pipeline project that might demand the implementation of the maritime border agreement with Greece.

The RBA declared through a press release that the Constitutional Court decision for the water agreement with Greece speaks clearly.

“The maritime pact with Greece is anti-constitutional and the Constitutional Court decision is not negotiable. Panariti and Avramopulos should not dare touch the borders of Albania”, the RBA declared.

The political group led by Kreshnik Spahiu has warned that if this will happen, the governments of both countries will face massive protests of the Albanians.

“The border cannot be sold for gas pipelines. The national treason continues”, the RBA declared.

According to him, Greece is used to extortions and Prime Minister Berisha made no exception to this phenomenon.

“It’s a national shame that on the 100th year of independence we are negotiating the agreement with Greece”, the press release declared.

Explosive thrown at Serb restaurant in Kosovo

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA -- Unidentified persons threw an explosive device at a Serb-owned restaurant in northern part of Kosovska Mitrovica a little before midnight.
No one was injured, but the blast caused material damage.
The owner of the restaurant is a Serb, who lives in an apartment above, and at the time of the attack there were no guests in the restaurant so no one was injured.

The restaurant is located in the multi-ethnic neighborhood Bosnjačka Mahala.

The town itself is divided along ethnic lines - and physically by the Ibar River - into the norther, mostly Serb, and southern, ethnic Albanian parts.

The restaurant's glass doors and windows were shattered last night, while residents who live nearby went out in the streets, Tanjug's on-site reporter said. The blast was strong, and could have been heard in most parts of the city.

Members of the Kosovo police (KPS) were investigating the scene.

Kosovska Mitrovica Mayor Krstimir Pantić strongly condemned the bomb attack, stressing that this was done by people who were troubled by peace, and wished to intimidate Serbs in this manner.

Pantić said in a statement for Tanjug that the attack took place "after KFOR commander Erhard Drews' statement that the barricade on the main bridge in Kosovska Mitrovica needs to be removed".

“This incident proves that the situation is completely unstable and that citizens are not safe. It is mere luck that no one was injured,” Pantić said.

Earlier on Monday evening, unidentified persons assaulted an ethnic Albanian, "leaving him with serious injuries", Kosovo Police Regional Spokesperson Besim Hoti said.

Hoti told Tanjug that the incident took place in the neighborhood Tri Solitera, northern part of Kosovska Mitrovica, around 18:30, when a number of persons attacked the ethnic Albanian.

He said that the motives were unknown, and that the Kosovo police from northern Mitrovica launched an investigation.

The Tri Solitera neighborhood is a suburb in northern part of the town that is home to both Serbs and ethnic Albanians.

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Albanian Mafia is preparing to rob Panormo (Porto Palermo)

Castle built in the territory of Himara by its people, are privatized by the Albanian mafia boss, initially propagating, absurd values ​​of contemporary art

, thought to privatize, originally passed by the Ministry of Culture, in possession

Another attack was madeto  ​​the Himara Region, to be robbed of historical values​​, after attempts to privatize the property of its people, by the Albanian Army.

The Ministry of Culture of Albania, has passed in the tender, fortress of Panormo (Porto Palermo) for dishonored them initially as "property of contemporary art", and then, to open the way to the Albanian Mafia, to totally privatization process.

Powerful activation of the Albanian Mafia, knows no boundaries in the Himara Region, which are included penetrating to the Himara Municipality Council and local political exponents.

Meanwhile, it is very disturbing that "Omonia" very concerned for the registration of the Greek population in The Himara Region, has not given any explanation for the looting of properties of the Himara people, for which sources indicate that exponents of "Omonia" are totally in charge, to the absolute power, from  Tirana and its Mafia.

OMONOIA Measures the Size of Greek Minority in Albania

 0  5
 0  9 The Democratic Union of the Greek Minority (DEEM) – Omonoia, a social, political and cultural organization in Albania that promotes minority rights for the Greek National Minority in the south – has formed a special committee to record the exact number of Greek nationals.
All necessary measures for the registration have been taken and the process which was initiated in July is expected to have been completed by Christmas. The database will be updated on a regular basis, noted the announcement. The DEEM program aims at collecting valuable data for ethnic Greeks, so as to enhance the rights of the minority members.
The organization, which guarantees confidentiality and professionalism through the process, is calling all Greek nationals of Albania to participate at the Greek minority registration. Omonoia also offers an online registration method at:
18-year-old girl kills 45-year-old man

18-year-old girl kills 45-year-old man
The residents of the Kerrabe commune, near Tirana, witnessed a murder foretold. The 18 year old Nazmije Visha, from Vile village, killed this midnight the 45 year old Fiqiri Muca, after a mysterious intimate history that might have started when the girl was just 14.

The victim from Burrel, who was a married man, was a friend of the teen’s family, since her sister was married with his brother. Police thinks to resolve the contradictory details of this crime based on a report that took place last month, when the media announced the disappearance of Nazmie Visha, and when her mother tried to commit suicide.

The teen was found in Burrel and she declared that she had been abducted by Muca, and that he had kept her in a forest through force. But the teen withdrew the charges, saying that she went with him on her own will. This was enough for the Burrel police to close the case.

“She left two months ago and was abducted for 11 days in a forest. We thought that he had done something to her, because she didn’t phone us. She was taken there and she had no other choice, because the roads were blocked”, declared the cousin of the author at that time.

After this, the teen was living with her grandparents in Kerrabe, for being protected from any possible attack from Muca. The girl was engaged with another man in the meantime, and it seems that this had made Muca more aggressive.

On the night of the murder, Muca has arrived with a taxi at her village, and his intention was probably to abduct the girl again.

The police says that the teen has shot the man with a gun by even following her in a field, 500 meters from her door.

“He abducted her and she feared for her life, because he had threatened her that he would kill her family members and burn her house down. She has been engaged lately and her fiancé was going to marry her despite everything that happened. She was abducted two months ago from her house”, says her cousin.

Vlore's gift for Ismail Qemali
Top Channel TV

Vlore's gift for Ismail Qemali
For the 100th year of independence, the City of Vlore will have a seven meters high statue of Ismail Qemali, placed at the Skele Square, where used to the statue of Hysni Kapo, one of the communist leaders.

Artist Zeqi Alizotaj is concluding the statue that will be ready soon.

“Ismail Qemali doesn’t have a statue in Vlore. There is only the independence monument. This is the first statue that will be built for him”, Alizotaj declared.

The expenses will be paid by the Vlore Municipality.

“This is an investment with the funds of the Vlore Municipality. We held a competition for this project on January”, declared Arben Beqiri, vice Mayor of Vlore.

Meanwhile, the government is planning to place another statue of Ismail Qemali in a public area in Tirana. It might be the statue that today stands at the National Museum, created by sculptor Odise Paskali.

In Memorian of Aristotel Goumas in Himara, tow years after............

Sunday, August 12, 2012

New Book: The 100 anniversary of the Revolt of Himara, from Ottoman invasion

Albin Kurti: Tirana to be involved in dialogue
11/08/2012 21:20

Kurti: Tirana to be involved in dialogue
Although he is against the political dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, the Self-Determination Movement, Albin Kurti, asked Albania’s inclusion in the dialogue.

In an interview for Top Channel Kurti says that Tirana has an obligation for all Albanians outside its borders.

“Kosovo has arrived at this point of success thanks to the sacrifices and the resistance on the name of the nation. As consequence, the independence of Kosovo should be in function of the nation. I understand the government of Kosovo that cannot keep a more radical position than the government of Kosovo, but Albania has constitutional obligations for the Albanians who live abroad”, declared Albin Kurti, leader of the Self-Determination Movement.
Kurti criticized Kosovo’s Prime Minister for his intentions to enter in dialogue with the former collaborators of Milosevic. He didn’t exclude protests as part of the opposition’s reaction.

“The end of the supervision is not making Kosovo more sovereign. The international protectorate will now enter inside Kosovo’s institutions. UNMIK, KFOR and EULEX will all be here”, Kurti declared, by going even further:

“I believe that this is part of a scenario where Kosovo will enter in political dialogue with Serbia without any conditions. The government has turned Kosovo into something to make a profit from, because it considers it as an old merchandise”, the SD leader declared.