Saturday, August 18, 2012

“Kosovo recognition is unacceptable for Serbia”

ŠTRPCE -- Serbian government’s Office for Kosovo Aleksandar Vulin said in Štrpce on Friday that the recognition of Kosovo was unacceptable for Serbia.
Aleksandar Vulin
Aleksandar Vulin
“Serbian state officials will meet with legitimate Albanian representatives,” he added.
“Kosovo is not really a state, but there are the legitimate representatives of the Albanian population, and we will talk and negotiate with them,” Vulin said.

Vulin stressed that the international community must understand that it was time to take responsibility for the power it had in Kosovo.

“With the utmost indignation, we hear daily reports of attacks, beatings, attempted murders, and murder of our returnees, and we cannot understand that the international community and all those who took responsibility for the overall life in Kosovo cannot deliver a single grain of justice,” he pointed out.

Vulin stressed that the Office for Kosovo insisted on increasing the safety and security of all people in the southern province. He will continue his visit to Kosovo on Saturday by visiting Velika Hoča, Orahovac and the Žočište monastery.

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