Monday, August 13, 2012

Vlore's gift for Ismail Qemali
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Vlore's gift for Ismail Qemali
For the 100th year of independence, the City of Vlore will have a seven meters high statue of Ismail Qemali, placed at the Skele Square, where used to the statue of Hysni Kapo, one of the communist leaders.

Artist Zeqi Alizotaj is concluding the statue that will be ready soon.

“Ismail Qemali doesn’t have a statue in Vlore. There is only the independence monument. This is the first statue that will be built for him”, Alizotaj declared.

The expenses will be paid by the Vlore Municipality.

“This is an investment with the funds of the Vlore Municipality. We held a competition for this project on January”, declared Arben Beqiri, vice Mayor of Vlore.

Meanwhile, the government is planning to place another statue of Ismail Qemali in a public area in Tirana. It might be the statue that today stands at the National Museum, created by sculptor Odise Paskali.

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