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Patriots Club, protest against Minister Ksera: "Stop the Golden Dawn"

Hundreds of Young Patriots Club activists protested in front of the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, for the meeting of Minister Ksera with Greek Golden Down deputy, Kristo Pappas. Activists symbolically placed a tape blocking the entrance to the ministry "Stop the golden dawn in state institutions" while holding hands posters "Outside government friends of the Golden Dawn"

Iron Dome intercepts Gaza missile over Tel Aviv

DEBKAfile Special Report November 17, 2012,

Israeli tanks on standby outside Gaza
 Missile alert sirens were heard across the Greater Tel Aviv area Saturday, Nov. 17, before the explosion caused by Iron Dome’s interception of one of the two rockets incoming from the Gaza Strip to Israel’s largest conurbation for the third day in a row. The second rocket landed harmlessly on open ground.
Hamas claimed to have launched Iran-made Fajr-5 long-range missile against Tel Aviv. The Iron Dome anti-missile battery, the fifth, was deployed for the first time in Greater Tel Aviv that morning as a defense for the Greater Tel Aviv area and Jerusalem.  Jerusalem came within Hamas missile radius for the first time Friday night.
debkafile reported Friday.
Signs of an approaching full-scale war increased Friday afternoon, Nov. 16. The IDF obtained government approval to call up reserves in addition to the 30,000 already approved. Hospitals across the country were placed on emergency footing and patients not needing urgent treatment were sent home. The security cabinet meets urgently after 550 Palestinian rockets fired in three days. Jerusalem and Tel Aviv were targeted Friday by Hamas which reported firing two “homemade M-75” missiles each at Israel’s capital and commercial hub. There were no casualties in either town.
The Jerusalem siren was heard in outlying towns Mevaseret Zion, Motza Ilit, Beitar Ilit, Kibbutz Maaleh Hahamisha, Ora and Har Adar.
Israeli ground forces continue to stand by on the Gaza border awaiting government orders to go in.

debkafile reported earflier Friday: As Hamas government officials greeted Egyptian Prime Minister Hesham Kandil on his arrival for a short visit to the Gaza Strip, Friday morning, Nov. 16, Palestinian rocket crews stepped up their barrage against Israel. After Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu acceded to Cairo’s request to suspend military action for the visit, air strikes were resumed over northern Gaza to counter Palestinians fire across the South: Dozens of rockets exploded in Beersheba, Ashdod, Hof Ashkelon, Ashkelon, Shear Hanegev, Ofakim, Sderot, Eshkol and Kiryat Malachi. There were several panic victims and direct hits to houses.
Thursday night, long-range Fajr rockets exploded in Greater Tel Aviv region, Israel’s urban and commercial heartland (3 million population) – two landing near Bat Yam or the sea and one or two between Rishon Lezion and Palmachim.
IDF armored, artillery and mechanized infantry units continued to stream to the Gaza border Thursday and Friday, gathering at jumping-off positions for crossing into the enclave in the next stage of the operation. Reservists are reporting for duty on the orders the defense minister issued for 30,000 call-ups. They are reporting at schools in various towns which were converted to registration stations.
Schools in the heavily battered south remain closed indefinitely and all locations within 40 kilometers stay on emergency footing for rocket attacks.
The IDF is rushing forward the completion of the fifth Iron Dome battery after the first four stopped some 150 incoming rockets in the last 48 hours.
debkafile:  Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz and the high IDF command are pushing for the ground operation, Stage B of the Pillar of Cloud operation, to start without delay. The prime minister and defense minister prefer to wait.
Thursday night, as the operation wound up its second day, the Israeli Air Force intensified its action, conducting 250 strikes across the territory, supported from the Mediterranean by the Israeli Navy. They targeted rocket-launching positions, stores, silos, arms and ordnance dumps and the eight tunnels snaking under the border fence for use in terrorist attacks and exploding booby-traps.  A generator was hit near the residence of Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh.
Our sources report that Thursday, some international airlines cancelled flights to Israel. International airline officials told debkafile that security in central Israel is uncertain after Palestinian rockets from Gaza reached the Tel Aviv area. They fear Ben Gurion international airport at Lod may be next.
The sources noted that the landing of a rocket in the sea off Bat Yam posed a serious aviation hazard because it occurred under the flight path of passenger planes bound for and departing Israel. Intense Israeli Air Force activity over Gaza was making commercial flights additionally “hazardous if not impossible,” they said.
 Air France was the first to reschedule flights and advise passengers to call in before setting out for their airport of departure.
Also on Thursday, the US embassy in Tel Aviv advised its nationals and staff to avoid non-essential travel to southern Israel and the children of staff to stay home from their schools in the Tel Aviv area.
A skeleton staff would operate the embassy with most of the diplomats and personnel taking the day off and staying home for their own safety, in case Yarkon Street where the building is situated were to come under Palestinian rocket fire.

Serbia, Croatia “see history differently”

ZAGREB -- Croatian President Ivo Josipović has said that it is unrealistic to expect Serbia and Croatia to see some aspects of history the same way.
Ante Gotovina, Ivo Josipović and Mladen Markač (Beta/Hina)
Ante Gotovina, Ivo Josipović and Mladen Markač (Beta/Hina)
He told Zagreb-based Večernji list that he believed that time would come when the two countries would have similar views of political aspects of war.
“There will be viewpoints we maybe won’t be able to agree with but we should find that minimal consensus and that it a will to have peace, reconciliation and respect of every victim,” the Croatia’s president said commenting on the acquittal of Croat Generals Ante Gotovina and Mladen Markač.

When asked whether Croatia “will ever get to hear a true apology from Serbia for its aggressive policy of war”, he said:

“Permanent peace means readiness to apologize, to accept responsibility and honor every victim”.

Josipović said that a society needed to mature enough in a democratic and every other sense in order to make certain gestures.

He added that Montenegro had apologized to Croatia and that former Serbian President Boris Tadić had condemned Slobodan Milošević’s policy, “which was an important gesture and a contribution to reconciliation at the time”.

The Croatian president said that the Hague Tribunal’s verdict showed that there was no joint criminal enterprise and that Croat leaders led by then President Franjo Tuđman had not planned to expel the Serbs.

He noted that the indictment against Gotovina and Markač was a result of “unwillingness to react to the crimes that did happen in Croatia on time“.

Josipović said that Croatia needed to recognize all the victims and continue with positive processes of reconciliation in Croatia and the whole region.

He received the two acquitted generals after they had arrived to Zagreb and said that they “carried the weight of somebody else’s crime”.
File:Albanian dialects.svg
Provincial heroes, could share ethnic Albania

The 100th Indipendence
Day of Albania, is provoking politicaly not only Greater Albania but also a new clash, between north and south

Ismail Qemali            Ahmet Zogu

10 million euro cost for the 100th anniversary Independence of November 28,

King Zogui s backed by Berisha supporters (Ghegs, Dardana), while albanian Founder Ismail Kemal (Tosker, Epiriotes) by Edi Rama supporters in South.

As has been named as the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Albanian state, November 28, is going to share ethnic Albanians, in two traditional, in the north are Geghes and in the South are Tosks.

One of the most active politicians in the history of Albania, Paskal Milo, has accused publicaly the Prime Minister Berisha, that "he divides the country into two parts north and south, attributed to heroes who have no contribution in democracy of Albania".

This campaign which in view holds historic election rates, are joining the population from Kosovo and Macedonia, for which Prime Minister Berisha, under a backgraund historic and political demands to unify political and ethnic electoral factor, all Albanians northern Kosovo and Macedonia, in which recent call yourself as Dardane. As a historical and spiritual leader, has served the King Zogu.

On the other hand, the opposition leader, Edi Rama, has concentrated leftist political forces, in Vlora, which was considered by this political force, as the center of the establishment of the Albanian state, in 100th annyversary of  its creation.

Analysts believe that this historic crash, done in the context of the rewriting of the history of Albania, which has been forged by dictatorial regimes in Albania.

But there are others who believe that the differences with the North and South of Albania, will come the time to be confronted ethnically. In addition to the cultural and ethnic composition, in which the North of Albania, the Albanians of Kosovo and Macedonia they are inclined to own called Dardane, a theory of how the old and new as Ibrahim Rugova former President of Kosovo, which think Albanians union, there is less likely to occur and that the biggest opportunity ethnically belongs union of Dardania.

In contrast to this possibility, the leadership of the Albanian position a background historical connected with communist dictatorship with ethnical culture from Toskeria (Epiriotes), and some political forces created recently as the "Red
& Black Alliance" and the Cam Party, believe that 100 vjterori the establishment of the state of Albania, should be unification of all Albanians syndrome to the Greater Albania, but this strategy is coming back in a war Interior territorial and political, aiming votes from the South of Albania, (Tosks, Epiriotes)

Meanwhile, the only ones that are doing a story critique are some foreign histotriane but also Albanian, who claim that the Declaration of Independence of Albania, is based on false documents and not originals.

But the paradox lies in the fact that the Albanian factor in this 100th annual, is so united ethnically and equally divided, for which it is thought that the Greater Albania, may be an illusion for the union but also the risk of partition of the country, if the powerslarge and the Balkan factor, do not tolerate regarding the modern concept of the united Europe.

Problematic element to which Brusselles and Washington is concerned, is the inclusion of extreme nationalism as a philosophy, to win the parliamentary elections, which are to be held next year, a danger that populist, which is also intended assimilation of Greeks living mainly in the South, robbed of their property and paving with Greece, a new geopolitical conflict, under territorial consequences between Greece and Albania.

Friday, November 16, 2012

KSF participating in Albania celebrations

Kosovo's inclusion is part of bilateral co-operation that Kosovo is developing with neighbouring states.
By Muhamet Brajshori and Ivana Jovanovic for Southeast European Times in Pristina and Belgrade -- 16/11/12
photoA unit of 65 Kosovo Security Force soldiers will participate in the Tirana military parade on November 28th. [AFP]
A Kosovo Security Force unit will march in the military parade in Tirana on November 28th to celebrate the centennial anniversary of Albania's independence.
"In honor of Flag Day and the 100th anniversary of Albania's independence, the Kosovo Security Force (KSF) has begun to prepare a quad formed specially in honor of this event," Ibrahim Shala, KSF ministry director of public information, told SETimes.
Sixty-five soldiers have already been chosen to participate in the Tirana parade, he said.
Shala explained the Kosovo soldiers will parade in a new uniform designed according to NATO standards. "[B]ut they have a Kosovar identity which makes them distinct from other countries' armies."
Shala said the move is part of bilateral co-operation that Kosovo is developing with neighbouring states.
"We have a co-operation agreement between the two [defence] ministries of Kosovo and Albania. We also have co-operation agreements with Montenegro and Macedonia," Shala said.
But the inclusion of KSF forces in an Albanian parade is raising concerns in some quarters.
Velibor Stevic, president of the Security Committee of the Strength of Serbia Movement BK, a coalition partner of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party, told SETimes that Albanians in Kosovo are "planning to combine Kosovo and Metohia and Albania to create a Greater Albania. The presence of the KSF at Albania's military parade in Tirana proves this."
Orhan Dragas, director of the International Security Institute in Belgrade, disagreed.
"[T]he Kosovo Albanians are only supporting their mother country. The two countries have no ambitions to form a union, but do have ambitions to rule the small markets," Dragas told SETimes.
Albania is a NATO member; most countries in the region are either members or part of NATO's Partnership for Peace programme, said Goran Petrovic of the Social-Democratic Party of Serbia, a coalition partner.
"Kosovo Security Forces' presence in the Tirana parade does not represent a risk for regional security and stability since Kosovo will not attack Serbia's south, nor will Albania attack Macedonia," Petrovic told SETimes.
Tirana, Athens: US Embassies in alert

Athens: Communication which advises and warns American citizens visiting Greece that may be victims of racist attacks issued by the U.S. embassy in Athens. The statement said that there is "increasing harassment and unprovoked .. Violent attacks against persons because of their appearance, are perceived as foreign immigrants.

  "Nationals of the U.S. most likely be those who have African, Asian, or Spanish origin who visiting Athens and other major cities." Simultaneously, the U.S. embassy in Athens invites citizens of the country to take all necessary security measures and continually updated in order to remain safe.

 U.S. Embassy Tirana, Warns Citizens: Beware, there may be violent protests for light water

U.S. Embassy in Tirana has published a guide for American citizens in our country, which warns that there may be violent protests due to power outages.

Safety message said: "The U.S. Embassy in Tirana inform American citizens that are expected to have constant power cuts across the country during the following days and perhaps longer. According to media reports, power outages will affect public services, including water supply. This can lead to the reduction of water supply to all affected areas.

In recent months, protests across the country have escalated, including the blocking of roads as a result of power outages. Projected cuts public services can lead to further protests and demonstrations.

American citizens suddenly remember that all gatherings and demonstrations have the potential to become confrontational and to escalate into violence. You should avoid confrontation and areas you care if you're at the gatherings, protests or demonstrations. "

Serbia downgrades ties with Hague to "technical"

BELGRADE -- The Serbian government met on Friday in Belgrade and decided to reduce its cooperation with the Hague-based UN war crimes court to a technical level.
Rasim Ljajić addresses reporters in Belgrade (Tanjug)
Rasim Ljajić addresses reporters in Belgrade (Tanjug)
The decision came as the tribunal acquitted two former Croatian army generals in an appeals process, overturning the verdict that found them guilty of committing war crimes against ethnic Serbs in Croatia.
Minister Rasim Ljajić, who also serves as head of the National Council for Cooperation with the Hague Tribunal (ICTY), made the announcement in a news conference after the government session today.

He explained that on PM Ivica Dačić's initiative, his cabinet considered political and legal implications of the acquittal as the first item on its agenda.

The government concluded that the tribunal, instead of serving justice, once again caused the pain to the victims of the so-called Operation Storm - the 1995 Croatian army and police onslaught against that country's Serb areas.

"This ruling is a slap in the face of international justice and the process of reconciliation in the region, and will not contribute to an overall normalization of relations between the states and the peoples in the region of the former Yugoslavia," said Ljajić.

The government today also removed all items from its agenda that were meant to allow for documentation to be submitted to the Hague Tribunal. However, the minister noted - "this does not mean that Serbia is ending its cooperation" with the court.

Rather, it will now be conducted "on a technical level".

The Hague Tribunal was due to organize a conference in Belgrade on November 22, but in the wake of today's acquittal, none of Serbia's state officials would attend, Ljajić also revealed. Serbia also decided not to offer "any sort of logistical support" in order to organize the conference.

Meanwhile, the tribunal said that it "regretted to inform" that the conference in Belgrade had been canceled, while "a new date would be announced as soon as possible".

Ljajić explained that Hague Judge Fausto Pocar, who was against the acquittal of Ante Gotovina and Mladen Markač, had canceled his participation in the conference as well.







Czech CEZ Cuts Power to Albanian Waterworks over Unpaid Bills

Czech power utility CEZ AS (BAACEZ.PR) Friday said its Albanian unit CEZ Shperndarje has cut off electricity supplies to Albania's state-owned water treatment utilities due to unpaid bills totaling 38 million euros ($48 million).

Earlier in the month CEZ, operating across eastern and central Europe, said it would likely exit Albania having this year already piled up $189 million in operating losses from unpaid power bills in the Balkan nation.

"We face no other option now than cutting off water works from our electricity supplies," CEZ said.
The company made no further comment about exiting Albania altogether but said it "could no longer tolerate such behavior" by its clients there.

CEZ Shperndarje operates power distribution networks in Albania and said it was ready to renew its supplies to Albania's water treatment utilities only when they pay up their power debts.
CEZ, active in Albania since 2009, has been negotiating with the Balkan country's government over the terms for settling unpaid bills.

Hague Tribunal acquits two Croat generals

THE HAGUE -- Croat Generals Ante Gotovina and Mladen Markač have been acquitted on almost all counts of the indictment for crimes against Serbs by the Hague Tribunal.
Ante Gotovina and Mladen Markač (Beta/AP)
Ante Gotovina and Mladen Markač (Beta/AP)
The court has proposed that the two generals be released immediately.
The Hague Tribunal delivered the final verdict at 9:00 on Friday.

After having read the initial verdict, the defendants’ appeal and Appeals Chamber’s conclusions, presiding Judge Theodor Meron said that the defendants had been acquitted on almost all counts of the indictment.

The Appeals Chamber found Gotovina and Markač not guilty of persecution, deportations, killings, crimes against humanity, pillage, violation of the laws and customs of war during and after the Croat military Operation Storm in August 1995.

They were only found guilty on the third count of the indictment – that Gotovina was aware of the crimes and that he should have investigated the incidents, which he failed to do, according to the court.

The Appeals Chamber upheld the court’s initial ruling that Markač had created an atmosphere of impunity by failing to investigate the crimes committed by the special police units and therefore incited them to commit crimes.

This is the final verdict of the Hague Tribunal in the case against the two Croat generals.

Gotovina and Markač were originally found guilty of expulsion, deportations, inhumane treatment, killings, pillage of public and private property and wanton destruction of Serb towns and villages during and after the Operation Storm in the summer of 1995. Gotovina was sentenced to 24 and Markač to 18 years in prison on April 15, 2011.

General Ivan Čermak was acquitted and the prosecution did not file an appeal.

Αλβανοί χτίζουν ριβιέρα στη Βόρειο Ήπειρο με καταπατήσεις και Καλάσνικοφ!

Albanian Riviera, building in Northern Epirus with abuses Kalashnikov!


- Rapture of properties of the Greeks in Himara with the complicity of the Albanian Authorities 

- To protect the business interests, they have been employed gunmen who guard with Kalashnikov under construction tourist facilities!

BY JOANI SYMEONIDIThe wall that separates the free Cyprus from the occupied territories is not the only one left in Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall, these days twenty-three years ago. On the coast of Himara, Northern Epirus, individuals with tolerance - support the Albanian Authorities have installed a fence to block access of the Greeks in the region both at sea and their properties. The Greek fortunes have gone long targeted by the Albanian government, which is trying to usurp and divide the elite of the Albanians.

 For protection, even business interests, which want to create the beautiful valley of Kakomaias-ends in an emerald beach of Ionian Sea-, the so-called "Albanian Riviera", have even recruited gunmen whoGuard with Kalashnikov monstrous villas and other tourist facilities under construction! Note, however, that the structures are idle due to lack of financial resources, although it appears to have been active even the World Bank ...supporter.The "Current" information that the disputed area, which covers a total area of ​​hundreds of thousands of acres, was recently governmental committee to monitor implementation of the 7501 Act, which attempted usurpation of the Albanian state property in Northern Epirus, the Archdiocese of Albania and Greek communities.In 2004, the Albanian government leased for ninety nine years 700 acres in the construction company "Rini8G3" which is rumored to have an open line of communication with the same Prime Minister of Albania, Sali Berisha.

 The general secretary of the Union Himariotes, Spyros Koutoulas, however, points out in "Hot 'how many times the Albanian underworld people say they have a strong" back "inside the Albanian government and abroad gimmicky, but this applies to ."Deterioration population"In July 2008 for Northern brought before the courts, based on the title deeds held by their ancestors along with other supporting documents. Albanian courts, however, rejected their cases, while the same fate had lodged appeals that were rejected by veviasmenos 'fetched' causally. Judges often arguing that the title deeds were invalid since they were vested during the Ottoman occupation, which ended in 1912 but just ...By Law 7501 Albanians seeking to give the land of Himara, like Aliko beach, Examiliou, Palermo Dralaiou and Yala, those who have worked for the communist regime in collectives. The committee found the area examined how much land will be left over from distribution to reach the Albanian state, and this in turn assign the interlocking interests.

 Many areas also identified military to easily confiscated.According to what the "Current" Mr. Dimitri Perdikis, president of the Movement for the Renaissance of Northern Epirus of the Greeks who had been displaced by the communist regime are entitled to only a few of the areas left behind: "The rest will be given to Albanians Intertwined in order to alter the demographic composition of Northern Epirus ", adds Mr. partridges.Within this move and the intention of the Albanian authorities, including information the "Current" to publish details of the recent census, according to which the Greek minority will occur three times as many of them actually apegrafisan to be seen how respect for human rights ..."They can not take away Moss our rights"The Northern not remain with folded hands, although the courts have vindicated only in one case, in Yalta, which involved a daughter ambassador. For example, in coastal Svernetsi a purely Greek village situated near Vlora, residents have risen, while the elder, George Soumpasis sent a letter of protest (photo) on March 23, 2012, addressed, among others, the Albanian Prime Minister Berisha and general Advocate of Albania, Ina Rama. Behind the seizure of the property of the Greeks there is alleged that the businessman Artur Ceuta, which has its headquarters in Florida, but has very good relations with the Albanian establishment.

 This was also evident from admission to the first stage of the judicial authorities of questionable legality in Turkish documents submitted himself and deposits perjury.In his letter Mr. Soumpasis also says the problems began from 2000 onwards, while adding that the Albanian government took advantage of the fact that many had migrated from North Epirus to Greece in order to convert their plots in government, calling it the "orphans." The elder of Svernetsiou, who had sent a similar letter in 2005 virtually nothing, seek the assistance of the authorities to solve the problem, typically emphasizing that he and villagers have rights that no one can deprive them.

Preportr: Albania and Kosovo divided by Serbia

  Picture: FOCUS News Agency

16 November 2012 FOCUS News Agency
Home / Southeast Europe and Balkans
Tirana. Albanian media comment on Kosovo-Albanian separation by Serbia in several events, which were supposed to be common in the year of the 100th anniversary of the Albanian statehood, Preportr informs.
On 12 November Kosovo boycotted the scientific conference in Tirana on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of its founding, attended by representatives of foreign countries, including Serbia.

The reason for that, based on public declaration of the Kosovo Academy of sciences and Arts, is the attendance at the conference of the current deputy president of the Serbian Academy of science academic Ljubisa Rakic, who was one of the authors of the infamous project “SANU Memorandum” drafted in 1986, which formed the ideological base and paved the road for Milosevic repressive policy and the bloody wars in former Yugoslavia since 1987.

In official letter to Tirana, the President of the Academy for Sciences and Arts academic Hivzi Islam justifies the Kosovo non-participation in the event, reminding that "for
the same reason the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts did not invited the Serbian Academy and even the Montenegrin side, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of its founding last year”.

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Energy Security in the Eastern Mediterranean (Agenda)


Stratfor on Energy Security in the Eastern Mediterranean

Stratfor’s Vice President of Global Analysis Reva Bhalla discusses energy security in the eastern Mediterranean and how it fits into the broader geopolitical strategies of Israel and Turkey.

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Remains of King Zog repatriated from France to Albania

King Zog's remains are carried from his grave at Thiais, south of Paris, 14 November The exhumation was accompanied by full military honours

Related Stories

The remains of King Zog, Albania's former monarch, are being repatriated from France more than 50 years after his death, French media report.
They are being flown back to the small Balkan state after being exhumed at Thiais cemetery south of Paris, French broadcaster RFI said.
Around 100 people reportedly attended the ceremony in the cemetery.
Critics accuse Albania's government of seeking to make political capital out of the former king.
His remains are due to be put on show in the capital Tirana before being placed in a newly built mausoleum for the royal family.
Albania is currently celebrating the centenary of its independence from the Ottoman Empire.
King Zog, whose original name was Ahmet Muhtar Bej Zogolli, proclaimed himself monarch in 1928 but fled in 1939 as Italian dictator Benito Mussolini's Fascist troops invaded Albania.
In exile, he lived for years in England, then Egypt, before settling in France where he died in 1961.
His only son, Crown Prince Leka, died last year after failing in his efforts to restore the monarchy in Albania.
His grandson, Prince Leka, currently serves as a political adviser to Albanian President Bujar Faik Nishani.

First three Gaza missiles hit Tel Aviv. Israel drafts 30,000 reservists

DEBKAfile Special Report November 15, 2012, 8:17 PM (GMT+02:00)

Israeli leaders decide enough is enough
The first three Palestinian missiles reached the Tel Aviv conurbation, Gush Dan, Thursday night, Nov. 15. shortly after a long-range missile exploded in Rishon Lezion southeast of Tel Aviv and sirens sounded in outlying towns of Holon, Ness Ziona, Gan Raveh and Beer Yacov. None report casualties or damage. Defense Minister Ehud Barak has ordered 30,000 army reservists drafted. The IDF spokesmen earlier reported units of the elite paratroop and Givati Brigades were mustering outside the Gaza Strip on the second day of Israel's counter-terror operation Pillar of Cloud.
From debkafile's earlier report Thursday:  As the rockets kept coming through Wednesday night – and the first three fatalities Thursday morning, Nov. 15 - the cautious lift in Israeli spirits generated by the death of Ahmed Jabari, who fashioned Hamas into a paramilitary machine of terror, and the destruction of dozens of missile sites in Gaza, gave way to resignation for a long haul before southern Israel is free of its decade-long rocket nightmare.
Thursday morning, a rocket from Gaza killed three Israelis in Kiryat Malachi. By then, some 120 rockets – mostly targeting the major towns of Beersheba and Ashdod, but also smaller locations – had followed Jabari's death. Iron Dome intercepted 27.The first reserve units had been mobilized for possible ground action in Gaza to supplement the air offensive against the Palestinian missile arsenal.
 But Operation Pillar of Cloud’s first part showed a favorable balance: Palestinian missile fire was as erratic as ever, although intense; Iron Dome filtered out the rockets aimed at Israel’s major towns; Israeli casualties were relatively low though painful; and the enemy in Gaza was decapitated – for now.
But most of all, the Palestinians and their allies in Tehran and Hizballah suddenly discovered that the old IDF had come roaring back.
In the only former major Israeli operation in Gaza, Cast Lead (late 2008, early 2009), the IDF was slow, unwieldy and unfocused. Its counter-terror offensive was foreshortened by heavy diplomatic pressure before achieving anything, owing to the government’s lack of resolve. In the 2006 Lebanon War, the army was stalled before developing an effective tactical offensive.
The IDF of 2012 is in a different class, recalling its rapid-fire performance in the Six-Day War then fought on multiple fronts.
In just a few hours late Wednesday, Nov. 14, Pillar of Cloud achieved more than Cast Lead managed in weeks: It was driven by clockwork, integrated intelligence by the Shin Bet and Military Intelligence, precise, surgical air force strikes and a command-and-control with fast reflexes which recalled Israel’s military skills of 45 years ago.
The rapid destruction of scores of Fajr-3 and Fajr-5 rockets, whose respective ranges of 45 and 75 kilometers placed Israel’s heartland in line of Palestinian strikes, compared with the destruction of the Egyptian air force on the ground in the early hours of the 1967 war, rather than the bombardment of Hizballah’s long-range missiles in 2006 which failed to draw its sting.
In 1967, the Egyptian army had to fight in Sinai without air cover. In 2012, the Hamas rulers of the Gaza Strip were stripped of their key commander and terror strategist and lost substantial, though not all, its missile arsenal.
Wherever Operation Pillar of Cloud goes next – and the IDF is preparing for a long, hard haul – Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz deserve kudos for their performance thus far.
It may be said that Israel’s Gaza operation did in fact start on Oct. 24 in Sudan with the attack on the Yarmouk complex manufacturing Iranian missiles near Khartoum. Former Military Intelligence chief Amos Yadlin Wednesday confirmed debkafile’s exclusive report that the factory had housed the emergency reserve stocks of the Palestinian Hamas and Jihad Islami in the Gaza Strip.
Its destruction contributed to their loss of infrastructure.
The tough part of the Israeli operation to eliminate the terrorist war peril hovering over southern Israel from the Gaza Strip is still to come. For now, Hamas is at a loss for a strategic answer to the IDF offensive – unless one is provided by Tehran or Hizballah coming to its rescue.
Newsmax Headlines

Turkish Anarchists Wanted To Travel To Greece To Receive Training On Constructing Explosives!

Turkish leftists were arrested at the Constantinople Airport on Wednesday while preparing to travel to Greece, in order to be trained on how to create explosives" (!!!), claim Turkish authorities. And all this several days before Greece gets set to commemorate the anniversary of November 17.  A report on Greece's said that the two leftists were arrested by Turkish intelligence services (MIT) just minutes after check in.

Greek authorities are well aware of the links that the far-left anarchist organizations in Greece have with other foreign organizations. Despite the reports from Turkey, one must also not rule out the possibility that the two anarchists who were arrested in Turkey were not only coming to Greece to be trained (as claimed by MIT), but maybe they were really planning to participate in anarchist attacks involving explosives as well.

A report on defencenet -which also featured this story- said earlier on Thursday afternoon that because of the the current economic and social conditions in Greece (which we all know have been hit hard by the economic crisis), an explosive hit, or a  spectacular bombing by anarchists would have created a sensation, not only in Greece but also throughout Europe. They also revealed another interesting bit of information, the report said that ahead of some of the larger demonstrations that were held in Greece over the past few years, officials had arrested dozens of such foreigners, and/or left-wing anarchists, which, it underlines, also participated in these protests.

The report even noted that authorities are very familiar with the militarization and  equipment of these far-left anarchist groups. Revealing some leaked information, the report even shockingly said that these very same leftist groups traveled to Lebanon several years ago in order to receive training in the manufacturing of explosives.

Defencenet then pointed to several press reports that were published a little over two years ago in the Greek media claiming that about 25-30 Greek citizens, which the report underlines maintain close relations with other anti-authoritarian organizations, travelled to the Middle East (or specifically during the period late 2009 early 2010). Once there they linked with specific networks of Islamic organizations whose operations cannot really be determined (simply put, groups that are involved in very suspicious operations). Following this development, Greek security forces and intelligence services, but also to the Greek foreign ministry as well were quickly informed. Interestingly, Israeli and American authorities were also briefed right away.

Once there, adds the same report, the young anti-authoritarians (or Greek leftists) apparently received training in the use of weapons as well as studied the methods used by Islamist groups (we guess in combat). In partnership with organizations such as "Hezbollah" (which the report added acted as educators), Greek anti-authoritarians allegedly learned how to use small arms such as AK-47 Kalashnikovs, and RPGs.

The Athens Polytechnic uprising in 1973 was a massive demonstration of popular rejection of the Greek military junta of 1967-1974. November 17 is currently observed as a holiday in Greece for all educational establishments; commemorative services are held and students attend school only for these, while some schools and all universities stay closed during the day. The central location for the commemoration is the campus of the Polytechneio. The commemoration day ends traditionally with a demonstration that begins from the campus of the Polytechneio and ends at the United States embassy, and later anarchists take over and create chaos all over Athens.

The student uprising is hailed by many as a valiant act of resistance against the military dictatorship, and therefore as a symbol of resistance to tyranny, but it is certainly not a symbol for chaos. On that note, and after this frightening (and shocking) report, we here at HellasFrappe extend the hope that this year's commemoration will be peaceful and not once again be blackened with the anti-authoritarian chaos.

Municipal Workers Break into German Conference, Clash With Police (VIDEO)

Protesters broke into a conference center and clashed with police in Thessaloniki on Thursday morning after gathering in order to demonstrate against the presence of a German government official. The municipal workers pushed and threw coffee on a German diplomat who arrived to attend the conference of Greek and German mayors being held in Greece's second largest city. They protesters, together with unionists, then forced open shutters and entered the conference center, where they clashed with riot police. A German deputy labor minister who was appointed special envoy to Greece, Hans-Joachim Fuchtel, was also attending the event.

Priština "to seek dissolution of institutions in north"

PRIŠTINA -- The Kosovo Albanian authorities from Priština will during the next meeting in Brussels "demand" that Belgrade dissolve its "parallel structures" in the north.
This is according to the Albanian language daily Express, which also noted that Priština "no longer denies that the area will be a topic at the meetings".
In addition, Kosovo Premier Hashim Thaci is planning to seek the execution of a deal on an integrated line crossing administration from Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dačić as they meet again, which is expected in early December, the Beta news agency is quoting the article.

On the other hand, Thaci's deputy Hajredin Kuci has said that "Kosovo officials had no idea when Brussels would bring the topic of northern Kosovo to the negotiating table".

Serbs are the majority north of the Ibar River. They reject both the unilateral declaration of independence made by ethnic Albanians almost five years ago, and the authority of the government in Priština.

Navy could send warships to impose Syria no-fly zone


HMS Illustrious
The flotilla from the The Response Force Task Group will include the helicopter carrier HMS Illustrious
Royal Navy ships could be stationed off the Syrian coast as part of a campaign to impose a no-fly zone.
Britain might also supply anti-aircraft systems to rebel fighters and give support to Gulf states and other nations already giving them weapons.
At a meeting of the National Security Council today, David Cameron, senior ministers and defence chiefs were expected to discuss a range of military, diplomatic and humanitarian options to stop thousands more people dying in Syria this winter.
Aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious and assault ship HMS Bulwark are in the Mediterranean and could quickly be deployed to Syria. Typhoon jets would almost certainly play a role in an Allied operation to impose a no-fly zone. However, any military action to topple president Bashar Assad is unlikely without US involvement because Syria has an extensive air-defence system.
Members of Britain’s armed forces could instead be sent to help avert a humanitarian disaster among thousands of refugees on Turkey and Jordan’s borders. Last week, after Mr Cameron visited a UN-run refugee camp in Jordan, he said: “What we’ve done so far is not working.”
Although ministers were not expected to make any major decisions on intervention in Syria at today’s meeting, a senior government source stressed that he believed military action was now more likely following the US presidential election.
Syrian opposition leaders are due in London tomorrow for talks, amid renewed efforts to create a unified alternative to Assad.
Pyrros Dimas brings the issue of school of Himara in the Greek Parliament

To the Minister of Education, Religion, Culture and Sports, Constantine Arvanitopoulos
Points questions about the private school of the Greek National Minority in Himara HOMER:
1) You need to put one directly and the second Director from Greece who has experience in educational matters. (Albanian law allows up to two directors to the minority schools).
2) You need to appoint four other minimum, teachers of skills and qualifications required for the operation of seven classes that exist today.
3) There is at least a kindergarten teacher.
4) You need to build new classrooms directly necessary for the smooth running of the school.
5) You need to upgrade the curriculum, tailored to the needs of time and place.

With this e-mail look for support in the difficult struggle against the AlbanianOur state, which does not calculate and is indifferent to our good since we are Greeks. We did not put it down. Resist and we are proud to be Greek. All we want is to support us. Give a chance tolearn every Greek struggle for what.