Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Serbian autonomy in northern Kosovo may opens Ilirida!

Autonomia serbe në veri të Kosovës "zgjon" Iliridën!

Mitrovitsa autonomy, a Domino Efect in Balkan Region 

President of DUI, Ali Ahmeti considers that the territorial and political autonomy for Serbs in northern Kosovo can have its impact in Macedonia. That if the Serbs in northern Kosovo gain territorial and political autonomy that both would have a domino effect in neighboring countries, namely Macedonia.

During a meeting with the Albanian diaspora in Vienna, Ahmeti said that is split Kosovo crisis can be recovered in the Balkans conflicts.

"In this case, as the example of Kosovo as a sensitive issue. Yeah changed the borders of Kosovo and passed some of it, I tell you that the risk is too great, because no one can give guarantee that the domino effect is not can also occur in Macedonia, "said Ahmeti, announces Zhurnal.

According to experts and political analysts will not be territorial and political autonomy for Serbs in northern Kosovo, but their rights will be under the Ahtisaari plan and the same will not compromise the integrity of the newest state in Europe.


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