Sunday, November 11, 2012

British soldiers' memorial ceremony in Tirana

44 British soldiers have been killed in Albania, during 1944-46

TIRANA - This morning is holding a memorial ceremony in honor of dead British soldiers during World War II. The ceremony was held at the British and Commonwealth Memorial, located in Tirana Artificial Lake Park in n auspices of the British Embassy in Tirana.

Present at the ceremony were the president of the country Bujar Nishani, Prime Minister Berisha, Assembly Speaker Topalli, Albanian and other prominent personalities of British military of the two countries, etc..

Albanian state dignitaries and those British, as well as all participants in the ceremony, first held a minute of silence in honor of the fallen British and, later, developed homage and placed wreaths at the memorial British.

Memorial ceremony held not only in Tirana but also in other countries of Europe s, where British soldiers have given their lives during World War II. These ceremonies take place each dated November 11, at 11, a symbolic set by Great Britain, in honor of Memorial Day for its fallen in this war.

Note: Two albanian standards with NATO allies. Unlike ceremony of the Greek soldiers fallen in Kelcyre, where Albanian nationalists protested to the families of the fallen in the battle of the Italian Greek War in 1940, calling the Greek soldiers as "invaders", with British soldiers, happens allotherwise, even were the presence of the Prsident Nishani, the Prime Minister Sali Berisha, and the Speaker of parliament, Topalli.

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