Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Three-month military service for North epirotians

Issues relating to military obligations of the Greeks from North Epirus to acquire Greek citizenship regulates decision of the Minister of National Defense Ev. Meimaraki taken at the recommendation of the competent military issues from Secretary of State for Defence K. Tasoula.

According to the Minister of National Defence the Greeks who have Albanian citizenship and acquire under the current legislation the Greek citizenship will have the opportunity to serve three-month military service. In this way the Greeks of North Epirus gain the same treatment with Greeks from the the former Eastern bloc countries or Turkey.

Ev. Meimarakis briefed yesterday northepirotians representatives. The meeting was attended by State Secretaries of Interior, Public Administration and Decentralization A. Nakos, I. Kasimis Foreign and National Defense K. Tasoulas.


On 25 to 27 July 2008 took place in Ioannina 1 st Conference of the World Council of Foreign Ipeiroton. The conference dealt with the question of Northern Epirus and adopted the following resolution.

“We Representatives continental organisations around the world, meeting at 1 Congress of the World Council of Foreign Ipeiroton from 25 to 27 July 2008. Without the contribution and cooperation of representatives of Voreioipeirotikou Hellenism, we examined the current situation and circumstances under which the Greeks living in Albania, saying that”:

1. The Greeks of Northern Epirus are indigenous people of the region with historical presence 3000 years.

2. The Greeks of Northern Epirus is an integral part of universal Hellenism.

3. We recognize that some efforts have been made by the Albanian government to improve living conditions of the Greeks of Northern Epirus.

4. There is even Albania occasionally climate of insecurity and intimidation against the Greeks of Northern Epirus.

5. The Greeks of Northern Epirus at times do not feel safe at home and do not always enjoy basic human rights they deserve under bilateral and international treaties.

We, the representatives in Congress of Northern Epiriotas Abroad decided:

1. We condemn the climate of insecurity and intimidation that prevails at times against the Greeks of Northern Epirus and the whole of Albania.

2. We urge the Albanian Government to respect and restore to the Greeks of Northern Epirus and Albania across all educational, religious, political and cultural rights which arise from bilateral and international agreements, signed by representatives from the day the recommendation of the State 1913, including the right of national self-determination.
3. We urge the Albanian Government to allow full freedom in the functioning of Aftokefalis Orthodox Church of Albania and returned the immovable property illegally kateschesan the communist regime and the governments by the Church. We support our Aftokefali to the Orthodox Church of Albania and Archbishop of Tirana and All Albania, Mr Anastasio.

4. We urge the Greek government to provide financial support for teachers of the National Minority Greek.

5. We urge the Greek government to provide financial support and loan guarantees to those who voreioipeirotes want to return to his home city, with a view to open a business or craft, thus aiming to develop SMEs, and increased manpower.

6. We urge the Greek government and Greek people throughout the world to promote the economic development of Northern Epirus with investment and infrastructure in order to remain home of the Greeks there.

7. We urge representatives of the European Union discuss the integration of Albania within to stop all negotiations until the prosecuting authorities of Albania stop the prosecution of those who complain Voreioipeiroton and the deprivation of their right, as in the recent case of the prosecution intervention in Flounder.

8. We urge the Albanian government to withdraw the unfounded and ridiculous indictment of five convicted Himarrioton.

9. We urge the Albanian government to return captive by the previous regime stationary property to the Greeks and their beneficiaries to stop the illegal award of property to third parties, as in Flounder in Pogoni and Aliko.

10. We support us with «Omonia» and his party Human Rights Association (KEAD) as the champions of Voreioipeiroton Albania.

11. We appeal to all Voreioipeirotes who lose their Albanian citizenship as launch procedures for unification. 12. We urge the Greek government to definitively settle the issue of granting pensions to OGA Voreioipeirotes residing permanently in separate homelands.

Monday, July 28, 2008


Albania in "shock". The "Senate" of Vlora University" decided to stop the name of Hero of Indipendence Ismail Qemali.

With 8 votes against 6 the Indipendente Senate of Vlora University decided yesterday to stop the name of the Heroes of Albanian Indipendence Ismail Qemali. The decision has shoked the albanian governament and all the albanian nationalism which are preparing to counter offenssive this "abssurd decision" of Vlora`s Students.

In fact the Prime Minister Sali Berisha had urged the Police Authorities to arrest decides of protesters of Vlora 1997 known as the "Rebelion of 1997" where Albania split in tow partes, between southern and northern, when according to albanian annalists the politicaly develompments from Vlora are annalysing the scandal against hero of albania indipendence as a geopolitic moviment for albanian state.

According to information the decision of majority of Senate, was "against Ismail Qemali name because he has nothing made for civility and prosperity of the town.