Friday, July 4, 2008


The daughter of Berisha, Argita Maltezi is coppering with Foreign Companies to sell Ionian Coast in Northern Epirus. The foreign Company “Best Property Albania" represented by David Hentsell, is one of some contractors which cooperate with the “Legal Office of Maltezi Group”.

Not only “Mediterranean Club” is collaborating with the daughter of Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha, Argita Maltezi but one important issue to sell proprieties and lands in Albanian Riviera is denounced in Albanian Parliament by the represent of Socialist Party Erion Brace. He accused the Prime Minister Berisha to corrupt politically and economically foreign companies in collaboration with “Legal Office” of his daughter Argita Maltezi.

The accuses of Brace to the PM Berisha was directly for “Best Property Albania" which collaborates with Maltezi as priority to sell propriety and lands of tourist zones of Albania.

According to information the most important lands and proprieties which are target to sell are during the Albanian Southern Ionian Coast, known geopolitically as Northern Epirus territory, populated by Greeks. It’s very known the efforts of Albanian Mafia to conquest lands and proprieties of Hellenic population in Southern Albania under the model of “Northern Cyprus”. Some times the leaders of the Greek communities and municipalities are denounced the efforts of Albanian Government which supports Mafia Groups to conquest lands of Greek Community.

One more important accuse made by the Socialist Party in Parliament directly to the PM Berisha who is favorizing foreign companies such is the new office opened in Tirana, the “Best Property Albania" represented by David Hentsell. Some days ago the Vlora`s Periphery Council approved for the second time the “Kakomea Project Beach” to beginning way of the project in collaboration with “Club Med”. According to Brace the daughter of Berisha is linked directly both “Club Med” and “Best Property Albania".

The last movement to conquest the Ionian Coasts populated by Hellenic people, is denounced time ago by tow important mayors of Hellenic Community in the region: the Mayor of Himara Vassilis Bollanos and Lukovo Vladimir Kumis, who accused directly the Prime Minister Sali Berisha and Albanian Mafia supported by the Albanian Tribunals.

One month ago the much known Albanian publicist Fatos Lubonja, accused Albanian Mafia supported politically by the Prime Minister Sali Berisha to conquest lands and proprieties of Ionian Coast. Lubonja refers a TV debate with presence of Tourism Minister of Albania Ylli Pango and the Director of World Bank Project for Ionian Coast Jamarber Maltezi (son in law of Prime Minister Berisha) who declared for developments of Ionian Coast constructing “Tourist Villages” on the lands of Himara peoples.

Lubonja comments that the attacks against the Mayor of Himara Vassilis Bollanos and the Greek minority of this zone made by Albanian media linked with politic mafia which are exactly the idea to ocupet lands and to construct “tourist perandory” under the developing tourist villages such are Kakomea and Draleas..

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Vlore. Vassilis Bollanos the very known Mayor of Himara and the President of the Greek Minority of Albania has been present today during the first seance of Tribunal of Vlora District for the greek leanguage road tabels accused by the albanian governmanet.

Bollanos expresed his oponence at front of Tribunal as responssabile of autonomus territor of Himaras Municipality which dominated by strong old presence of greek minority (according to Municipality estimate, about 85% of Himara region is inhabited by the greek old popullation).

He said during the seance that the Albanian Government and Counsil of Europe have an agreement to respect the minorities and ethnic groups in all albanian territor where they liveing. Also Bollano espresed his oposite for the ritght of Municipality according to the albanian laws to put the road tabels as autonoms territor of Himara`s municipality.
Albania is confronting by strong oposite for the rights of the Greek Minority regarding the nationalist sentiments based under the slogan of the "Greater Albania" while the greek american lobby and members of American Congress urge to State Departament to obsserver strongly the human rights of Albania.

Monday, June 30, 2008

"Albania will not regonize the serbian Parliament of Mitrovica", FM Basha said

Question for Minister Basha: We notice a tendency for the establishment of parallel institutions in Kosovo. What’s your comment on this?

Minister Basha: The parallel structures have received a clear answer from Brussels and New York as well. They are totally illegitimate. In substance these are an ugly posing of certain circles of Belgrade, a self-ridicule of Belgrade and of Serbs in Kosovo, who’s future is in Kosovo, as a minority group, which based on Ahtisaari Plan enjoys the greatest rights ever historically known in our region and beyond.

In this context, the European future of Kosovo and we hope of Serbia and the entire region, will be safer when the neighboring countries will adopt stances based on mutual respect towards each other integrity and they will cooperate for the fulfillment of common goals of EU integration of all the countries in the region, including Kosovo and Serbia. In terms of new additional discussions between Pristina and Belgrade for Kosovo status I think that in this respect the answer to this is very clear: these discussions have already finished, they have produced a reality, - Kosovo is today an independent state, internationally recognized.

But do the neighbors have to talk to each other? I think yes. Surely, based on reciprocity and mutual respect, neighbors should share opinions on other issues, but the very issue of Kosovo status is closed and I don’t think that the UN Secretary General has on his agenda the opening of discussions between Pristina and Belgrade on this topic

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Kosovo Serbs convene parliament

MITROVICA, June 28 (Reuters) - Serbs in Kosovo were due to convene their own parliament in the divided city of Mitrovica on Saturday in a fresh challenge to the authority of a state that only a vast minority of states in the world recognize as independent. Only few countries have recognized Kosovo as an independent state while vast majority of the world refuses to recognize its illegal status. The assembly has no executive authority, but reflects a deepening ethnic partition of Kosovo since its Albanian majority declared independence from Serbia in February, backed by the West but opposed by Belgrade and its ally Russia.

Its establishment coincides with St Vitus Day, or Vidovdan, when Serbs mark the 1389 battle at the heart of Kosovo which is their Jerusalem. The epic defeat to the Islamic forces of Ottoman Turks remains the pivotal event in Serb history. After decades of ethnic cleansing of Serbs, today ninety percent of Kosovo's 2 million people are Albanians. Their declaration of independence after nine years as a ward of the United Nations is a challenge to the international order, very charter of the United Nations, constitution of Serbia and numerous international treaties since the 19th century that define Kosovo as an integral part of Serbian territory.

NATO troops, including British reinforcements brought in at the end of May, manned checkpoints in armoured personnel carriers on roads leading to the capital, Pristina.
Hundreds of Serb attended a religious service in the monastery town of Gracanica, and will travel north past Pristina to the site of 1389 battle later in the day, before the parliament sits in Mitrovica. The assembly brings together local Serb officials from across Kosovo. It has no real executive authority, but will help "coordination" between Belgrade and the Serbs, officials say.
Kosovo's U.N. governor, Lamberto Zannier, has played down its significance, saying the assembly is merely "symbolic" and would change little on the ground. A U.N. spokesman said it was "not very serious" since it had no operational role.

But Kosovo Albanian leaders have condemned the move as a provocation. "It is an attempt to destabilise Kosovo," the so-called Islamic president of the separatists Fatmir Sejdiu said this week. The north, which backs onto Serbia, is beyond the institutional reach of Pristina and currently out of bounds for a new European Union police mission looking to take over law and order duties from the United Nations. Serbs have rejected Kosovo's secession. They are boycotting the police force and courts, and in February burned down customs points on the northern border with Serbia. Kosovo has been recognised by 43 states, including the United States and most of the European Union. Russia backs Serbia in its rejection of independence as do over hundred other states in the world.

Continues the "Domino Efect" on Balkans......

After Kosovo indipendence on february and serbska parliament of Mitrovitsa in the end of June, other minorities groups are waiting to claim their autonomy in Balkan Region. Step by step the albanians of FYROM and Preshevo (Southern Serbia) are preparing to claim autonom territorial which may bring new dimenssion to prepare geopolitic changes on Balkans.