Monday, June 30, 2008

"Albania will not regonize the serbian Parliament of Mitrovica", FM Basha said

Question for Minister Basha: We notice a tendency for the establishment of parallel institutions in Kosovo. What’s your comment on this?

Minister Basha: The parallel structures have received a clear answer from Brussels and New York as well. They are totally illegitimate. In substance these are an ugly posing of certain circles of Belgrade, a self-ridicule of Belgrade and of Serbs in Kosovo, who’s future is in Kosovo, as a minority group, which based on Ahtisaari Plan enjoys the greatest rights ever historically known in our region and beyond.

In this context, the European future of Kosovo and we hope of Serbia and the entire region, will be safer when the neighboring countries will adopt stances based on mutual respect towards each other integrity and they will cooperate for the fulfillment of common goals of EU integration of all the countries in the region, including Kosovo and Serbia. In terms of new additional discussions between Pristina and Belgrade for Kosovo status I think that in this respect the answer to this is very clear: these discussions have already finished, they have produced a reality, - Kosovo is today an independent state, internationally recognized.

But do the neighbors have to talk to each other? I think yes. Surely, based on reciprocity and mutual respect, neighbors should share opinions on other issues, but the very issue of Kosovo status is closed and I don’t think that the UN Secretary General has on his agenda the opening of discussions between Pristina and Belgrade on this topic

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